The Mirror of Erised Chapter One By Jewel Little Bird

Severus Snape stalked down the halls, his cape billowing behind him like a black flag of doom. The new school year would begin the next day with the arrival of the students, and he was trying very hard not to think about another year facing that goddamned Potter. Honest to God, he wanted to kill that boy....

He passed by an open classroom door, and glanced at it only momentarily. He froze a few feet away from it, then slowly turned around, walked back, and opened the door. For a moment, he could only stare. Inside the classroom, right near the window, was a huge, full-length mirror.

It had been four, going on five, years since he had seen the Mirror of Erised, and truth be told, he was scared of it. Dumbledore had not lied when he said that the mirror showed the deepest desires of anyone's heart. When Snape had first looked into it, he'd nearly had a heart attack.

As he stared at the mirror (angled so that he couldn't see his reflection properly), he was vaguely aware of the battle going on in his mind. Part of him wanted to turn and run back to his office like crazy and never set foot near this room again, but a much stronger part wanted very badly to walk up to that mirror and look into it again. For what felt like hours, but couldn't have been more than a few minutes, he just stood in the doorway, staring at the mirror. Then, almost unwillingly, he walked into the room, closed the door behind him, and looked properly into the mirror. He wasn't close enough, so, he stepped nearer until he was.

It was just like the first time. There she was, standing just to his side, as beautiful as the last time he saw her. His heart was most certainly doing a fantastic feat of aerobics in his chest. Longingly, he placed his fingers against the mirror, right where her face was. She smiled and tilted her head, making it look as if she were pressing her cheek against his hand. His throat closed, wishing that she were here beside him. He had always loved her, he could never hate her, but he could hate the man she'd married instead....

If she and her husband had lived, though, Snape knew that he would've tolerated the git... if only for her sake. If they had lived, Snape would've been content to leave them alone... if she only asked. They had not, though. Snape didn't care about her husband, but he cared for her, and he'd never forgive Voldemort for killing her. Never.

Snape gazed at her reflection, taking in the details of her face, every hair, every dimple. He'd always wanted to be the one to hold her in his arms, run his fingers through her beautiful red hair, but as long as she had been happy, he was content. Her eyes looked cheerfully back into his, almost playfully, and he couldn't help but think that he missed those eyes, those beautiful green eyes....

If only Harry had not gotten her eyes, it would've been so much easier to hate the boy. That he looked like his father from a distance helped very much, but every time Snape saw his eyes, he had to make them hateful, otherwise he'd see her eyes looking back into his. If Harry lived through what was coming, then Snape would gladly try never to see him again. If the boy did not live, though, then Snape did not want to have nightmares of the boy's eyes filled with terror as he died. He had nightmares enough of what she must have looked like when Voldemort killed her.

Closing his eyes, Snape placed his forehead against the glass of the mirror (he didn't remember getting this close; how had that happened?); he wanted so much to just reach into the mirror and somehow pull her out, but magic could only do so much....

"Lily," he whispered under his breath, longingly.

Someone cleared his throat. Snape jumped and flipped around, realizing too late that there were tears running down his face. Dumbledore was at there, alone. Snape wiped his eyes as quickly as he could with his sleeve, hoping that they were not too red. It'd be embarrassing if he ran into one of the other teachers and they asked him what was wrong.

Thankfully, Dumbledore did not make any remarks about the tears. He said, instead, "Go back to the dungeons, Severus. The students will be arriving tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll want to get your things ready."

Snape nodded, and quickly left the room, ready to run once he was out of Dumbledore's sight. He paused long enough to turn and as the Headmaster, "Why is the mirror there?"

"I had to temporarily move it so that it wouldn't distract the house- elves as they cleaned. It will not be here tomorrow."

Snape continued down the hall, and the second he turned the corner, he fled. He would always hate James, he would always hate Harry, but he loathed Voldemort, and would never forgive him for what he did.

He'd never forgive Voldemort for killing Lily.


End of Chapter One