Yes, this is the last chapter. This story is complete. However, I am playing with the idea of writing a sequel, but don't hold your breath. It could take me a while to get started.

The Mirror of Erised Chapter Thirty-One By Jewel Little Bird

"Dear Severus,

"Nicole has shown me many Muggle creations that I think you would like. There is something called a television (she calls it a TV for short) which rather makes me think of a Pensieve because of the way it works. She has something called a DVD player, which uses these very pretty and shiny discs to play pictures and sounds on the TV (she calls these things "movies"). There is a movie we saw called "Die Hard" which I think you would enjoy greatly; it's a bit violent, but not much. The man who pretends to be the evil one reminds me of you.

"I went to the hospital yesterday. Nicole says it is necessary to make sure that the baby is healthy (Nicole is my pen pal friend; I think I have mentioned her before). The Muggles have the most interesting device that allows one to see what the baby looks like. I've enclosed one of the photographs the doctor gave me. She says it is too soon to know what sex the baby will be, but I can tell. It's a girl; I think I'll call her Lily. Unless you have an objection?

"I miss you a lot. There are times in the night when I wake up because I reach for you and you are not there. I hope that we will be together soon.

"I love you, Fleur."

Snape re-read the letter over and over again. Fleur had been true to her word and written to him every week; this was the latest letter. Every time he got one, he read it and immediately sent her a reply, though he only signed it, "Severus." None of that "I love you" baloney.

The students were due to arrive the next day. Another summer had dragged past. For once he was looking forward to the school year; he wanted someone to take his frustration out on in the worst way. Preferably Potter; however Weasley or Granger would do just as well.

Unable to stay in his bedroom (memories of the one night he spent with Fleur kept returning), he went out into the hall and began to walk down random corridors and hallways. Before long, he found himself in front of Fleur's old room. Out of curiosity, he said the password and entered.

The Mirror of Erised was still there, covered.

Snape moved in front of it and stared. His hand itched to reach out and take off the covering. He debated the idea in his mind. If he saw Lily, he'd forget about Fleur, he was sure of it... but did he want that? Taking a deep breath, he reached out and pulled off the cover.

There she was.

She was beautiful. She smiled happily and batted her eyes playfylly. Her big blue eyes twinkled at him, and a slender hand flung some of her long blond hair over her shoulder. In her other arm was cradled the child that wouldn't know of him until the threat of Voldemort was shattered forever.

It was too much. Snape sat on the bed and put his head into his hands, too miserable to even cry.


The End.