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As a little reminder, the Hatter is in her Eleventh regeneration. She has wavy brown, shoulder length hair, pale skin, almond shaped hazel green eyes, stands around 5'11 with an athlete build. However, with her pregnancy her body shape will obviously start to change. Her features are slightly softer then her previous regeneration with less defined cheek bones, a long, slime nose that curves upwards very slightly at the tip and a short, pointed chin. And when she smiles, a dimple forms in her right cheek. She is also left handed.

Now, as for clothing: The Hatter wears navy blue tights and bright yellow Oxford lace-up shoes, and a black sued, A-line skirt that has white buttons running up the front of it, along with a thick, bright yellow belt and a long sleeved, hot pink top. Pinned to the front of her top, she has a silver, crystal star brooch, over which she wears a black leather biker jacket, her wedding and engagements rings, along with her Gallifrayen necklace. And, to top off the outfit, she wears a hot pink and black, two toned fedora hat. As I mentioned above, the Hatter is pregnant, so any changes to her clothing due to her pregnancy will be mentioned throughout the story, but they should only be very minor changes.

And, without anything further to say…on with the story! :)


The Impossible Astronaut, Part 1

The sun was shining brightly outside, streaming in through the large windows lining the hallway as a man in elaborate Georgian style clothing stormed throughout the grand palace hallways, his guards hurrying along behind him, glaring at everyone that he past as the courtiers hastily bowed and curtsied, scurrying out of his way. He ought to have known not to trust that man and his very strangely dressed wife, who had vanished off somewhere. They had both been far too friendly and nice, the two of them always seeming to be rambling on about complete nonsense. He should have known better, especially when he had noticed that so called 'Doctor' man chatting away to one of his favourite mistresses without his wife accompanying him, for once.

He threw open a door, striding through it and on down the hallway, shoving a servant aside when she failed to get out of his way fast enough, "Out of my way!" he snapped angrily, continuing down the hallway, until he came to a set of double doors. He tried the handle, only to find them locked, and began pounding furiously on them, "Doctor!" he shouted through the doors, "Doctor!" his guards moved forward, trying to shove the doors open, making them begin to buckle as he pulled his sword from its sheath on his hip. He hit the door again, "Doctor! Doctor!"

With one last firm push of his guards, the doors burst open, all of them with their swords drawn and ready to fight as they took in the sight before them. There was a small pile of clothing that had been draped over a small table across from the doorway, easily recognisable as belonging to the Doctor by their curious design. Another table was covered in paintbrushes and paints, while beside that, sitting on an easel, was a still wet painting of the Doctor naked, save for a red cloth that had been painted to preserve his modesty, seeming to be smiling back at the viewer as he held a golden trident, about to be crowned by a small cupid painted onto a sky background. Clearly, he was supposed to be Neptune, the Roman Sea God. And standing in the middle of the room, facing the doorway with a paintbrush still in hand, was none other than his mistress, the artiest of the painting, trying hard to look calm.

The man turned his attention to the women, narrowing his eyes at her, "Where's the Doctor?" he demanded, knowing that he had to be hiding somewhere close by.

She laughed nervously, turning the paintbrush around in her fingers, "Doctor who?"

Her little lie might have very well have worked, had a muffled sneeze not sounded from beneath her many skirts of her dress. All eyes turned in the direction as the women's eyes widened, watching warily as the man stepped forward and used the tip of his sword to lift the edge of her dress, just slight.

The Doctor's head popped out from under it, curled up in a tight ball, still completely naked. He looked up to see the steadily angry and reddening face of the man standing above him, "You know…" he began hastily with a smile, "This isn't nearly as bad as it looks…"

The man didn't seem to agree as he sent the Doctor a glare before storming over to the painting, stabbing it furiously with his sword. The Doctor sighed slightly as two of the guards marched forward and began to pull him up rather roughly. He had been planning to give that to the Hatter as a joke present, knowing she would find it hilarious and probably tease him terribly for it. They both could do with a good laugh lately…

Okay, it was official, the Hatter was going to kill him this time. It had all started after the Doctor had watched a movie about a group of prisoners during WWII who had dug a tunnel to try and escape from their German camp, and decided that he wanted to have a go, too. He had never dug a tunnel to escape from prison before and came to the conclusion that he simply had to try it, at least once. The Hatter, needless to say, really wasn't impressed by the idea, but had reluctantly agreed to humour him and stayed behind in the TARDIS in case something should go wrong, as she was expecting it would, so that she could come and rescue him. What he hadn't quite anticipated was just how hard it actually was to dig a tunnel, and had soon been forced to shed even his tweed blazer and bowtie, completely covered in dirt and cacked on mud, simply wearing a singlet.

"Doctor!" one of the prisoners hissed, sweating and covered in dirt, crawling on his stomach along the tunnel that they had managed to dig thus fair, looking up to where the Doctor had dug a hole above the tunnel, believing that they had gone far enough to escape. He tried to look up through the darkened hole for the other man, "Doctor, what do you see?"

The Doctor's head popped down the hole to look upside down at the man, "Is the Commandant's office painted a sort of green colour with a big flag on the wall?" he asked him, just before a siren went off from above and dogs began barking. He winced slightly, "I think the answer's probably 'yes'".

He was suddenly yanked back up through the hole, finding himself surrounded by the bunch of solders pointing their guns at him, when the sound of the TARDIS materialising sounded over all the noise, the time machine landing around the Doctor as he suddenly found himself lying on the floor of the console room, distantly hearing the shouts and alarms going off outside the doors. He rolled over onto his side, looking up to find the Hatter standing above him, an eyebrow raised and her arms crossed.

"I told you so, sweetheart," she said, shaking her head in exasperation, "Now, please do get up. You're getting the floor filthy and you know the old girl doesn't like that".

He pulled himself up right and looked down at himself, making a face at the dirt covering his body. Yes, she did have a rather good point there…


The Doctor and the Hatter exchanged a grin, sneaking onto the set of Laurel and Hardy's 'Sons of the Desert,' both wearing a fez quite proudly. They ran up toward the camera, waving cheerfully down the lens and smiling broadly, having remembered Rory mention once that he was a big fan of the film, and so they decided to have a bit of fun. They quickly moved back from the camera, falling into step alongside Laurel and Hardy's dance.

Sadly, their fun was cut short when the director finally seemed to realise that there was two extra actors on the set then there should have been, and the Time Lords were forced to run back to the TARDIS, weaving through extras and crew members as they went, managing to get inside the time machine before anyone could catch them, setting off into the Time Vortex.

….…Eye of Orion….…

"Feeling better now, dear?" the Doctor asked as he and the Hatter strolled back towards where they had parked the TARDIS on top of a slope beneath an old tree, their arms linked together.

"Much, thank you," the Time Lady nodded, smiling brightly at him, kissing his cheek. She had woken up feeling terribly sick that morning and hadn't been able to even drink her tea before she had been forced to make a mad dash for the kitchen sink, the Doctor holding her hair back for her and rubbing her back soothingly as she was ill. The morning sickness had kicked in a month ago and had steadily grown worse, now even eating a piece of dry toast wasn't helping to settle the nauseating feeling and she couldn't be in the kitchen anymore when the Doctor was cooking breakfast with how sensitive her nose had grown.

The Doctor had suggested that they should go somewhere nice and calming until she was feeling a bit better, and so they had gone to the Eye of Orion, a planet known for being very calm and relaxing with beautiful, country side-like scenery, the rolling green hills that stretched out all across the planet and even a few stone ruins. In fact, the Doctor's old companion, Tegan, had once described it as being like Earth after a thunder storm and the Time Lady had to admit, she was quite accurate in that description.

"We could stay a bit longer, if you wanted," he said, glancing back to her.

She shook her head, taking a long, deep breath of the fresh air, "No, I think we've spent enough time relaxing here already," she replied, smiling at him again, "Time for another adventure".

He sighed slightly, but the corner of his mouth rose as he did so, "You know, most expecting mothers would love to take the chance to slow down," he remarked.

"How boring. Just because I'm five months pregnant doesn't mean I'm just going to sit back and let you have all the fun. Not a chance. I'll still be up for an adventure even when I can no longer do up my own shoelaces and I look as if I've swallowed a small planet, I just might not be able to run anymore, which means you'll have to carry me".

He laughed, raising his eyebrows, "Oh, will I?"

She paused, turning to face him properly, poking her finger into his chest, "If you think I'm going to go through all this pain and discomfort while you are just going to get off scot-free, you have another thing coming, Mister," she warned him, completely serious.

The Doctor winced slightly at her sharp poke, "I think these hormonal mood swings are more than enough discomfort for me, dear," he muttered to himself, moving to rub his chest. This was the second time today she had gone from being joking to deadly serious in a split second, and something told him that for a women who could already change her moods rapidly before getting pregnant, it was only going to get worse from here on.

"What was that?" she narrowed her eyes dangerously at him.

"Nothing!" he said hurriedly, his eyes widening in alarm. She would murder him if she had heard what he had said, "I just said that you, um…look very glowy today".

The Hatter blinked at him, "'Glowy?'" she repeated, amusement entering her voice as she raised an eyebrow at him.

He frowned slightly, "Isn't that what pregnant women do?"

She stared at him for a long moment before bursting out laughing, shaking her head, "Oh, sweetheart," she giggled, looking back to his genuinely confused expression as she reached up to lightly pat his cheek, "You desperately need to read a pregnancy book…or possibly five. Saying that a pregnant women looks 'glowing' is simply referring to them looking happy, not an actual glow".

"Ah!" he exclaimed, nodding, "That makes more sense".

She laughed again and relinked her arm through his, setting off once more back up the hill and towards the TARDIS. They soon reached time machine, but paused as they found a TARDIS blue envelop had been stuck to the door while they had been away with the Hatter's name printed across it and the number 'one' beneath it. They both looked at each other, surprised and confused as the brunet reached out and took the envelop, using the edge of her fingernail to get beneath the glue sealing the paper shut and messily tearing it open. She pulled a slip of cardboard out to find a set of coordinates had been written across it.

"Looks like we're being summoned," she commented, handing the card to the Doctor so that he could see it, too.

He frowned down at it, "And we both know how well that's turned out in the past," he said dryly, meeting her eyes with a wary expression.


In the end, they decided to go, mainly to see just who would summon them in the first place, and found themselves stepping out of the back room of a small American, 1950's style diner at night time. One side of the room was lined with rows of red leather booths, while on the other side was a long bench with stools tucked beneath it, a young man severing behind it. A large mural had been painted on the back wall of Elvis and the American flag, leaving them with no doubt just what country they had landed in.

The Doctor ordered himself a bottle of coke and the Hatter got a chocolate milkshake, both moving to take a seat in a booth further towards the back of the room, sipping on their drinks as they waited for whomever had summoned them, but when no one showed up, they decided to duck back to the TARDIS to grab their own straws, the Time Lady having grown tired listening to the Doctor whine about not having enough bubbles in his soft drink. Once they had their straws, the Hatter's a bright pink squiggly one, they stepped back out of the TARDIS, the Doctor pushing the door into the main diner open and stepping out, only to pause when they found Amy, Rory, and River standing before them, staring at them, completely stunned.

The Doctor grinned around the end of his own straw that he had sticking out of his mouth, pointing at the three very shocked people in delight. He glanced at the Hatter, who was smiling just as widely and gave them a little wave. They had known that they would be meeting someone, they just didn't expect to see their friends.

"Oh, this is cold," River breathed, her eyes wide as she slowly turned to face them properly, her mouth set in a hard line, "Even by your standards, Doctor, this is cold. Especially for you, Hatter".

"Or, 'hello,' as people used to say," the Doctor smiled, taking the straw out of his mouth.

"Yes, lovely to see you too, River," the Hatter said in a mock offended tone, amused, but her amusement soon faded as she noticed that they all seemed to be looking at them strangely.

"Doctor?" Amy gasped, looking between them, her eyes looking a little red, "Hatter?"

"We just popped out to get our special straws," the Doctor informed them, holding his straw up for them to see, "Mine adds more fizz and the Hatter's looks cool".

"Plus, pretty," the Time Lady added cheerfully, waving her straw around proudly.

Amy slowly began to walk closer to them, looking at them as if she had never seen them before, taking them both in. It couldn't be them, it simply couldn't be. The Doctor wasn't wearing his Stetson and the Hatter's tights were navy blue, not dark purple and if looked closely enough, she could see that she looked just a bit bigger around her stomach area, even her cheeks seemed fuller. They were standing before her, so alive and happy.

She began to circle around them, the two turning on the spot to look at her oddly as she reached up to touch the Doctor's bowtie and the Hatter's hat. The Time Lady was far to confused and concerned by what was going on to scold her lightly for touching her hat, "You're okay," she whispered, shaking her head in amazement, "How can you both be okay?"

The Hatter frowned, growing even more concerned at the fear in Amy's voice, "Hey, come here," she said gently, reaching out and pulling the girl in for a tight hug, "Everything is alright," she assured her, pulling back to put a hand on Amy's cheek, meeting her tearful eyes, "You know us, we're always okay".

"That's right," the Doctor nodded, stepping forward and hugging Amy, too, feeling very worried for why she seemed so upset, "We're the King and Queen of okay. Oh, those are rubbish titles…" he made a face, shaking his head, "Forget that title".

"Yes, please do," the Time Lady agreed, laughing slightly.

He released Amy, "Rory the Roman!" he cheered, moving to throw his arm around Rory, "That's a good title!" he grinned, hugging the rather stunned looking man, "Hello, Rory!"

Rory slowly returned the hug, glancing over the Doctor's shoulder to River, looking unsure of what to do. The Hatter moved forward, pulling Rory in for a hug as the Doctor stepped back, "Are you alright?" she asked, pulling back slightly to eye his face.

"Er…" Rory blinked.

"And Doctor River Song!" the Doctor spun around to face River, the Hatter casting Rory one last look before moving to stand beside the Doctor. He smiled at the curly haired woman, "Oh, you bad, bad girl," he remarked playfully, "What trouble have you got for us this time?"

River suddenly slapped him, hard, making his head snap back away from her, his eyes widening in surprise and pain as he rubbed at his jaw.

"Ah…you wouldn't slap a pregnant women, would you, River?" the Time Lady said warily, taking a small step back from River as she turned her glare on her.

"Count your self-lucky," she muttered, still glaring at the brunet, who was even more confused now.

"Okay…" the Doctor turned back to face River, taking the Hatter's hand, "I'm assuming that's for something we haven't done yet".

"Yes, it is".

"Sounds like it was quite interesting," the Hatter said slowly, unsure of just how she should feel about what they might have done to earn that sort of reaction. The Doctor, yeah, she could see that, but her? What could she have done to upset River so badly?

"I don't understand," Rory shook his head, looking between the Doctor and the Hatter as they both turned to him, "How can you two be here?" he questioned, experimentally poking the Doctor's chest, as if to check he was real.

"We were invited," the Doctor told them, plucking a blue envelop out of River's hand, just like the one they had been left. He looked down at it, seeing that it was just like theirs, save for the number, "Date, map reference," he shrugged, chucking the envelope's onto a table beside him, not finding anything useful, "Same as you lot, I assume, otherwise it's a hell of a coincidence".

Amy eyed the Time Lords, "River, what's going on?"

"Amy, ask them what age they are," River instructed her, urgency in her voice, not taking her eyes off the Time Lords.

"You should never ask a lady that," the Hatter commented in a sing-song voice, trying to lighten the mood. It was really starting to unsettle her just how serious they seemed to be.

"Tell her," she insisted firmly, narrowing her eyes at them, "Tell her what age you both are".

The Doctor pulled the straw out of his mouth, having been chewing on the end, "We're both nine hundred and nine," he replied, gesturing between himself and the Time Lady, "The Hatter only just had her birthday".

The Time Lady grinned broadly, recalling the day, "That was fun," she agreed, nodding happily, "Lots of cake, a food fight…ooh, and then we went dancing in the 1920's to top it off".

"But you said…" Amy began, frowning deeply.

"So where does that leave us, huh?" River demanded, cutting across Amy, growing upset as the Time Lords simply looked at her blankly, completely confused by what was going on, "Jim the Fish?" she waved a hand around at them, "Have we done Jim the Fish yet?"

The Doctor raised his eyebrows, glancing at the Hatter, who simply shrugged, just as clueless as him. He turned back to River, "Who's Jim the Fish?" he asked, slightly amused by the name.

Amy opened and closed her mouth for a moment, before shaking her head again, turning to River, "I don't understand".

"Yeah, you do…" Rory said, moving to wrap his arm around his wife.

"Well, we most certainly don't," the Hatter interrupted, frowning at them all, starting to grow quite annoyed with the lack of answers and confusing reactions they seemed to have towards them. They were clearly missing something big, but what could it possibly be? She narrowed her eyes slightly, fixing them each with a steady, searching look before settling on River, "Care to explain just what we are all doing here?"

River hesitated, exchanging a long and meaningful look with Amy and Rory that certainly didn't go unnoticed by the Time Lords. Slowly, she turned to face them once more, "We've been recruited," she explained to them, nodding to Amy and Rory, seeming to be thinking very carefully about everything she said. The Doctor put the straw back in his mouth, chewing it as he and the brunet listened closely, "Something to do with space, 1969…" she maintained eye contact with Amy and Rory as she continued, almost as if she was telling them to go along with her. The Hatter moved to sit on the nearest barstool, crossing her arms across her chest in annoyance at how they were clearly keeping details from them, while the Doctor turned and began to walk away, "And a man called Canton Everett Delaware the third," she finished.

"Recruited by who?" the Doctor questioned, his back still to them as he chewed on the straw in his frustration.

"Someone who trusts you more than anybody else in the Universe".

He spun back around to look at the Hatter, who blinked, realising what he was thinking, "I didn't do this," she shook her head, rolling her eyes slightly, "For goodness sakes, you know I couldn't have. I'm just as confused by this entire thing as you are, sweetheart".

He eyed her for a moment longer before nodding. She could be a good actress when she tried, but not with him and she wouldn't have done all of this just for a prank. No, she was just as clueless as he was, he could see the frustration and confession written across her face. He pulled the straw out of his mouth and focused on River, raising his eyebrows at her, "Who else could it be?"

River's mouth twitched very slightly, but there was sadness in her face as she simply said softly, "Spoilers".

"Well, that's reassuring," the Time Lady said dryly, sighing heavily as she exchanged a look with the Doctor, both knowing that neither of them were going to get any answers out of River now.


The Doctor and the Hatter danced around the controls, hitting buttons and pulling levers as they moved, Amy leaning over the railings with her back to the rest of the room, while Rory and River stood back on opposite sides of the console, all seeming to be lost in their thoughts, hardly seeming to even be paying attention to the Time Lords. The Time Lady cast Amy's back a worried look, wishing she knew what was going on inside her head to make her seem just so terribly…sad.

"1969, that's an easy one!" the Doctor was saying as he moved around the controls, pulling a lever as he meet the Hatter midway around the controls, "Funny, how some years are easy," he remarked to the brunet, trying hard to hide just how frustrated and annoyed he was about the lack of answers. He didn't like not knowing, especially when they concerned the Hatter, and now that they had a child on the way it was even more important to him that she was safe. He gave himself a shake and moved to lean over the railing beside Amy, who didn't even look at him, "Now, 1482, full of glitches," he said, moving back over to the controls.

"Ah, yes, about that…" the Hatter paused, looking around the Time Rotor to him, her cheeks colouring slightly. She cleared her throat, "I had meant to try and fix that…"

He raised his eyebrows curiously, "What did you do?" he asked, sounding just a little too eager. It wasn't very often he got to learn about a mistake the Hatter had made in the past, she was usually quite good as hiding them from him. Sadly, he wasn't anywhere near as good and she always seemed to know some embarrassing little mistake he had made in the past.

Her cheeks grew darker, "Well, technically, it was all Michael's fault," she said quickly, moving around the console stand beside him, "He…ah…" she coughed, looking away, "Might have spilt a soft drink over my controls while we were going to that era and caused a minor disruption in the Time Vortex during that time period, causing all those glitches. Not only did I spend a week repairing my console, but I also made the rule that no food or drink was allowed in the console room. Ever".

"First you dent the 1980's…"

"That was Max, not me…"

"And now you're telling me that you're the reason trying to get to 1482 is a complete nightmare?"

She sighed heavily, knowing that he wasn't going to let this go, not when she teased him so much for his own driving skills, "Alright, fine," she said flatly, nodding, "Yes, it was my fault. Completely and utterly my fault," she raised her eyebrows at him, "Happy, now?"

He laughed, sneaking a quick kiss, "A little bit," he admitted, and spun away from her, feeling quite proud of himself as he heard her huff behind him. He never could resist getting just a little bit of payback back after all her teasing, but he did have to admit, he did enjoy their banter, even if it ended up embarrassing him more often than not. He began to hit buttons on the controls, moving around them again, "Now, then," he said, growing serious as Amy pushed off the railing and walked down the stairs to sit beneath the glass floor. The Hatter watched her go, concerned, "Canton Everett Delaware III. That was his name, yeah?" he glanced over to River, who nodded in confirmation, "How many of those can there be?"

"Three, apparently," the Hatter smiled at him, amused as he made his way back around to her. She paused, considering it, "Possibly four, if he followed the tradition and names his own son after himself. Well, if he has a son…"

River sighed and shook her in exasperation, walking past the Time Lords, following Amy down to the lower level of the console. The Doctor and the Hatter watched her go, both frowning as they exchanged a look, before turning to Rory, "Rory, is everybody cross with us for some reason?" the Doctor asked him, trying to sound causal and unconcerned.

"I'll find out," Rory said flatly, and headed off after the two women.

They watched him disappear down the stairs, feeling very suspicious and saddened that they're own friends seemed to be so upset and angry with them that they felt the need to hide away beneath the console from them. And they couldn't even try to listen in, not with the glass floor.

"I don't like this," the Doctor muttered to the Hatter, flipping a switch on the controls, throwing another look back towards the stairs that their friends had just gone down.

"Nor do I, sweetheart," she agreed softly, sighing heavily as she moved around to the typewriter, typing something into it, "They're obviously keeping something from us, something very big…"

"And no doubt dangerous," he added, frowning deeply down at the controls, "Whatever it is, it could be very easily putting you and our child in danger".

"I'm more then used to being in danger, and you and I are not nearly naïve enough to ever imagine that our child wouldn't inherit every one of our enemies. In fact, I would say that our child is probably safer right now than it ever will be once it's born and the Universe learns about it," she sighed again, placing a hand on her abdomen, "Will won't be able to keep it hidden for long".

"No," he agreed, stepping closer to her and covering her hand with his own, "But we can protect it…just as long as we know what we need to protect it from," he went on, narrowing his eyes angrily as he dropped his hand, turning back around towards the stairs.

The Hatter winced at his tone, but she didn't blame him in the slightest. She felt exactly the same way he did, because they had far more to worry about now then just their own lives, they also had to think about their child's. She placed a hand on his arm, squeezing it gently, "Please, don't start shouting at them," she urged him warily, "Shouting at them will get us nowhere. We need to remain calm now and, if they won't or can't tell us for whatever reason, then they need to give us some assurance".

He nodded, seeing her point, and ran a frustrated hand down his face, "But why can't they tell us?" he wonder aloud, but she could only shake her head, not having any idea herself, and that was something that made her very, very nervous. He took a deep breath and moved to lie on his stomach, poking his head over the edge of the glass floor to look down at Amy, Rory, and River gathered together beneath. They stopped talking the moment they saw him, "We're being extremely clever up here, and there's no one to stand around, looking impressed," he complained to them, only half lying, "What's the point in having you all?" and with that, he pulled himself back up and stood, moving back over to the controls.

The Time Lady shook her head fondly at him, "Well, aren't you just Mr Charming today?" she remarked, amused, "This is why you get slapped so often, sweetheart".

Rory and River made their way back up the stairs after a moment, while Amy followed soon after, the three of them seeming to have come to some sort of understanding.

"Time isn't a straight line…" the Doctor began, catching sight of them returning, flipping a lever as he spoke, "It's all bumpy wumpy…" the Hatter laughed, hitting a switch as she watched him start to move around the controls, "There's loads of boring stuff, like Sundays and Tuesdays and…" he angrily grabbed a lever, "Thursday afternoons," he ground out, flipping the lever down a little harder than necessary.

"Do be careful, sweetheart," the Hatter scolded him lightly, moving around the controls to lightly pat the lever that he had just flipped rather harshly, earning a soft hum from the TARDIS.

"Sorry, dear," he smiled apologetically at her, before lightly patting the console, too, "Anyway," he cleared his throat, getting back on track, "But now and then there are Saturdays," he eyes brightened with excitement at the idea, much to the brunet's amusement, agreeing with him, "Big temporal tipping points where anything is possible".

"And the TARDIS can't resist them," the Time Lady commented, smiling fondly at the console, reaching out to pat it again, "Just like us, she loves a party".

"So we give her 1969 and NASA," he continued happily, moving around to the Hatter's side, wrapping an arm around her waist, "Because that's space in the sixties, and Canton Everett Delaware the III, and this…" they moved around to the typewriter, the Hatter typing something into it before reaching up to hit a button on the scanner, while the others gathered around them. He grinned up at the screen, "Is where she's pointing".

"'Washington D.C,'" Amy frowned slightly, reading the scanners results, "'April the 8th, 1969,'" she glanced at the Time Lords, "So why haven't we landed?"

They turned around to face them, the Doctor shaking his head, "Because that's not where we're going".

"Oh," Rory blinked slightly, surprised and confused. He didn't think he had heard the Time Lords refuse to go somewhere before when there was a mystery to solve, "Where are we going?"

"Home," the Hatter informed them, before pausing, "Well, what I really mean is that you two are," she corrected herself, gesturing between Amy and Rory.

"Off you pop and make babies," the Doctor agreed, nodding to the startled looking couple, "And you, Doctor Song, back to prison," he pointed to River, letting go of the Hatter's waist to take her hand instead, the two turning away and heading around to the other side of the console, "And us? We're late…" he hit a button as he past the controls, "…for a biplane lesson in 1911".

"Or it could be something else entirely, like knitting," the Time Lady shrugged, reaching across to flip a switch and hit another button, "I was thinking about knitting a baby jumper or something…until I remembered I didn't actually know how to".

"Knitting and biplanes," he waved his free hand around, "One or the other," he flopped down on the jump seat and crossed his legs, covering his eyes, while the Hatter choose to lean against the railing beside him, still holding his hand as she rubbed her forehead warily.

Amy, Rory, and River exchanged a confused look and moved around the controls towards them, not quite knowing what to do.

"Seriously?" the Hatter said after a moment, lowering her hand to look back to them, narrowing her eyes very slightly as the Doctor's dropped his hand from his eyes and onto his knee, "We get a mysterious summons and you thought we were just going to go?" she scoffed, shaking her head as she let go of the Doctor's hand, crossing her arms across her chest, "You really thought we would just simply walk into a situation like that without a care, putting our unborn child possibly in harm's way after all the other times we've been summoned and it's ended badly?"

"Who sent those messages?" the Doctor asked, looking around at them, knowing that they knew very well who, "We know you know, we can see it in your faces," his voice remained light as he continued, but there was an unmistakable warning his tone, "Don't play games with us, not when our child could be at risk. Don't ever, ever think you're capable of that".

Perhaps, if this had happened before, then he and the Hatter would have simply gone along with it all, trusting that their friends wouldn't do anything that could possibly cause serious harm to anyone or the Universe, but not now, not when they had a child on the way that could be put at risk. They couldn't simply walk into things blindly now and trust in their friends judgment, no matter how much they might trust them and know that they wouldn't betray them.

River meet their eyes, her gaze steady, "You've going to have to trust us this time," she told them, keeping her voice calm.

"Trust you?" he looked at her sharply, the Hatter's expression darkening slightly, "Sure…" he almost scoffed and stood, moving closer to River, "But, first of all, Doctor Song, just tell us one thing: who are you?"

"We're well aware that you know us in the future," the Hatter added, her voice sounding surprisingly cool, her arms still crossed across her chest, "That's been perfectly clear to us both for some time now and I must confess, I do have my suspicions, but just who, exactly, are you to us?"

River remained silent, her expression not changing, only her eyes flickered almost nervously between the Time Lords.

"Okay…" he nodded after a moment, eyeing her carefully, "Why are you in prison?" he tried again, "Who did you kill, hmm? Now, I love a bad girl, me…" he glanced back quickly to the Time Lady, who raised her eyebrows back at him. Her First regeneration practically had a panic attack at the idea of skipping class, she would hardly call that version of her a 'bad girl,' more like an academic over achiever with a serious need to let go and allow herself to have fun. Her more recent regenerations, though…they certainly had taken on a more flirty edge. The Doctor turned back to focus on River, "Trust you?" he raised his eyebrows at her, "And with my wife and child, seriously?"

The Hatter's expression soften just slightly as she watched River's face closely, noticing the way she flinched at his last sentence and lowered her gaze from the Doctor's for the first time. There was a flicker of pain and shame, perhaps? It crossed the other women's face so quickly that it was gone before the brunet had enough time to really see it, but she knew that their words had had a far greater effect on River then she was letting them see and she couldn't help feel guilty, not having wished to upset anyone, but they had left them with very little choice.

"Trust me," Amy suddenly said, taking a step forward, casting River a quick, concerned look.

The Doctor remained where he was, staring down River for a moment longer, "Okay," he eventually agreed, and turned to walk over to Amy, the Hatter trailing behind him, not missing the way that River closed her eyes painfully when she thought they weren't looking.

"You have to do this, and you can't ask why," Amy looked between them quickly, her tone firm.

The Hatter frowned slightly, looking at the panic and pain in her eyes that she was trying so hard to hide, "Amy, you do know that you can tell us anything," she said to her gently, reaching out to place a comforting hand on her arm, "Anything at all," the red head swallowed, avoiding the brunet's eyes, "Is someone threatening you?" she asked her, very seriously and concerned, "If they are, tell us and we can help, you know we can…"

"No," she shook her head at once.

The Doctor narrowed his eyes at Amy, "You're lying".

"I'm not lying".

"Swear to us," he demanded, "Swear to us on something that matters".

There was a long moment as Amy looked between them both, a small, soft smile crossing her face, "A scared little girl and fish fingers and custard," she replied quietly.

The Doctor and the Hatter looked at each other, the Time Lady nodding very slightly in agreement, before they both turned back to face the girl, breaking into faint smiles, "Our lives are in your hands, Amelia Pond," the Doctor told her.

The Time Lords moved away and back over to the controls, the Hatter glancing back over her shoulder to see Amy lower her head with a pained expression.

"Thank you," River breathed, but Amy didn't lift her head to acknowledge her. Rory put a comforting hand on his wife's shoulder.

"So!" the Doctor called, clapping his hand, not noticing a thing from around the other side of the console, which was probably for the best, the Hatter thought. He spun on his heels and turned to the Hatter, taking her hand, "Canton Everett Delaware III! Who's he?"

River moved around to the typewriter and quickly set to work bringing the information up on the monitor above them, showing a small picture of a man in his thirties. The Time Lords joined her, looking up at the screen thoughtfully.

"Ex-FBI, got kicked out," River informed them, reading the information.

"Why?" the Doctor questioned, frowning slightly.

The Hatter raised her eyebrows, amused as she read, "He has a few 'attitude problems,' apparently," she said, glancing at him beside her, "Problems with authority".

He smiled slyly, looking at her fondly, "Sounds like someone else I know".

"I'm not that bad with authority figures".

"Romana once band you from her office because the two of you got into a fight, and you accused her of destroying an entire generation of Time Lords".

"Well, she was!" she insisted, her cheeks growing pink, "It was the Time War and she had lowered the age limit for soldiers to two hundred years. That's almost like sending children off to fight! It was ridiculous".

"And then there was all the fights with your Mother…"

"All of which were perfectly justified…"

He shook his head at her, looking highly amused, "I've lost count how many times I've heard you get into a fight with an authority figure of some type," he commented, and that wasn't an understatement, either, "Even people you consider to be friends you've got into fights with".

She huffed, pointing a finger at him, "And you didn't spend half of your Third regeneration fighting with Alistair over something?" she rolled her eyes at him, "Don't pretend as if you're any better at dealing with authority figures, sweetheart."

River cleared her throat loudly, giving the Time Lords a pointed look, though, she seemed more amused then annoyed by their banter. Amy and Rory shook their heads, exchanging a look.

"Ah, yes, sorry," the brunet gave them a sheepish smile, glancing at the Doctor, "We got a little…side tracked," she turned back to River, "Please, go on".

"You two could get side tracked over anything," River remarked, almost fondly, and looked back up to the screen, "Six weeks after Canton Everett Delaware III left the Bureau, the President contacted him for a private meeting," she informed them, glancing back to the Time Lords.

The Doctor frowned slightly, focusing back on the screen, "Yeah, 1969," he nodded, looking to the Hatter, "Who's President?"

"I found it hard to keep track of who was President on Gallifray," the Hatter said, before pausing, scrunching her face up in thought, "But, at a guess…Nixon?" she looked back to River.

River nodded, "Richard Milhous Nixon," she confirmed, looking back to the screen, "Vietnam, Watergate, there's some good stuff, too…"

The Doctor and the Hatter made faces, "Not enough," he muttered.

"Politicisations," the Time Lady grumbled.

"Hippie's!" River playfully accused them.

They both glanced at her, saying dryly, "Archaeologist".

River simply laughed them off, moving back as the Time Lords set to work moving around the controls again, setting up the coordinates, but not taking off quite yet.

"Okay!" the Doctor called once they had finished, clapping his hands as he glanced over to where Amy and Rory was standing, watching them, "Since we don't know what we're getting into this time, for once we're being discreet," he broke into an excited smile, reaching towards a lever. The Hatter raised her eyebrows at his back, deciding to simply humour him. It was more fun that way, "I'm putting the engines on silent".

He pulled the lever down and moved around the console, not seeming to hear the loud wailing sound that filled the room, making Amy and Rory wince, covering their ears at the noise. The Hatter rolled her eyes fondly, more amused then anything as she grimaced slightly at the awful sound, wondering how the Doctor could possibly be so oblivious to it as she leant over the console and flicked a button. The noise was silent immediately.

The Doctor ran back around the console behind the Time Lady, frowning at her slightly, "Did you do something, dear?" he asked her.

"Of course not," the Hatter shook her head, her voice perfectly innocent as she spun back around to face him, trying hard to ignore the knowing smirk on River's face, "Why would I meddle when you are quite capable of driving yourself?"

He eyed her for a moment longer, not seeming to be entirely convinced. He knew that tone, she usually used that when she was humouring people…, "Putting the outer shield on invisible," he announced after a moment, and hurried around to the other side of the console, "I haven't done this in a while," he pulled a couple of levers and twisted a dial, "Big drain on the power".

Rory blinked slightly, "You can turn the TARDIS invisible?" he asked, curiously.

"Ha!" he grinned, and flipped another switch.

The room was suddenly filled with bright lights coming off the roundels on the walls around the room, making the humans wince and narrow their eyes against the sudden glare.

The Hatter scoffed softly, exchanging a highly amused look with River, "So close, but still so far," she murmured, and motioned River to the console, since she was closest to the correct button.

"You find him adorable," River smirked at her, keeping her voice low, "Admit it".

"Oh, I do," she nodded at once, smiling as she glanced over to where the Doctor, completely oblivious, was fiddling with another control, "Why do you think I humour him so much? It's for this very reason".

River laughed softly and moved closer to the controls, pulling down the correct lever as Amy and Rory shook their heads in exasperation. The bright lights dimmed once again.

The Doctor was back around to their side almost at once, narrowing his eyes at both women, highly suspicious by their matching innocent expressions, "Er, did you touch something?" he looked between them.

River shook her head, exchanging a quick look with the brunet, "Just admiring your skills, sweetie," she replied.

He turned his attention onto her, missing the smile that the Hatter hid behind her hand, "Good," he nodded to her, glancing over to Amy and Rory, "You might learn something…"

"How not to drive a TARDIS, perhaps?" the Hatter whispered to River, struggling to hold back a giggle as he turned his back.

"What was that?" he suddenly spun back around to face them, his eyes fixing on the Time Lady, who quickly wiped the smile off her face.

"Oh, I was just saying how handsome you are when you're being all clever," she assured him, giving him a slow smile and stepping forward to kissing his cheek, knowing exactly what to say and do to distract him.

He blinked for a moment before quickly returning her smile, straightening his bowtie smugly, "Yeah?"

"Very much so, sweetheart".

He continued to smile smugly for a moment, leaning closer to her, before Amy cleared her throat loudly. He blushed faintly, remembering what he had been doing before he had been…side tracked, "Right!" he clapped his hands, turning back to the controls, moving around to the scanner, missing the small high five that River and the Hatter exchanged behind his back, "Okay," he twisted a dial on the screen, before hitting the side of the screen when only static appeared. He shook his head, "Now I can't check the scanner. It doesn't work when we're cloaked…"

The Hatter shook her head, amused, mouthing, 'Not quite…'

"Um…" he glanced over to them, "Just give us a mo…" he ran around the console and down the steps, before coming to a skidding halt in front of the doors when he realised that they had hurried after him, save for the Hatter, who had moved to lean over the railing facing the doorway, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" he held up his hand, making them come to a stop, "You lot…wait a moment. We're in the middle of the most powerful city in the most powerful country on Earth…" he opened the door, still looking back to them, "Let's take this slow. Hatter, coming?" he began to step out.

"No, I think you can handle this, sweetheart," the Hatter smiled at him, giving him a little wave. He looked back to her in mild surprise before shrugging, disappearing outside. She sighed and glanced at the others, "He's so going to get tackled".

The Doctor stepped out of the invisible TARDIS, closing the door behind him, and turned around to find himself standing right in the middle of the Oval Office of the White House. He blinked slightly, looking around the dimly lit space, when a ringing noise caught his attention and he looked across the room to see a the President standing before a darkened window, looking out, while another man was sitting in a chair on the other side of the desk, facing Nixon, both men with their backs to the Doctor, seeming to be listening to a tape recorder playing on the desk, from which the ringing noise had come from.

The ringing continued for a moment as the Doctor crept forward, "Hello?" a man's voice came over the recording, seeming to have answered the phone, "Who is this? This is President Nixon. Who's calling? Is this you again?"

"Mister President?" another voice came over the recording, sounding like a child's.

"A child?" the man seating before the desk said, sounding surprised.

The Doctor frowned slightly, knowing that the Hatter would be very concerned when she learnt about this.

"This is the President, yes," the recording continued.

"I'm scared, Mister President," the child said softly, sounding frightened, "I'm scared of the spaceman".

"A little girl?" the seated man remarked.

Nixon shook his head, still looking out the window, "Boy," he corrected.

"How can you be sure?"

"What spaceman?" the Nixon on the recording asked, "Where are you phoning from?" the Doctor reached inside his pocket and slowly, trying desperately not to make a sound, withdrew a notepad and pencil, starting to jot down what the recording was saying, "Where are you right now? Who are you?"

"Jefferson," the child spoke again, "Adams, Hamilton".

"Jefferson, listen to me…" the sound of a phone dial cut off what the recording of Nixon was going to say before the recording ended completely.

The seated man straightened in his chair, looking over to Nixon, "Surely this is something the Bureau could handle, sir," he remarked, not sounding overly concerned.

"These calls happen wherever I am," Nixon informed him, not turning away from the window, "How do I know the Bureau isn't involved?" the Doctor, still taking notes, nodded in agreement with his logic, "I can't trust anyone…" he turned around, only to stop short upon catching sight of a man standing in the middle of his office, scribbling away in a notepad. The seated man noticed Nixon's face and looked behind him, quickly standing to face the man, alarmed.

The Doctor, realising that they had stopped talking, glancing up to them and motioned to them to continue talking, going back to his notepad, jotting down a few more words when he noticed that they hadn't said a word. Slowly, he looked back up to see the two men staring at them, both looking quite alarmed and startled, "Oh!" he exclaimed, giving them a bright smile, "Hello!" he lowered his voice, holding up a hand, "Bad moment…" he began to back away, realising that this might not have been one of his better plans, after all. He pretended to look around, still trying to back away towards the TARDIS, "Oh look, this is the Oval Office! I was looking for the, uh…" he walked into a small table, almost knocking over a lamp sitting on top of it. He quickly grabbed it before it fell, straightening it as he continued talking, "…Oblong room…"

Nixon reached across his desk and pressed a security button.

He followed the gesture, growing slightly nervous now. Maybe the Hatter had the right idea staying safely inside the TARDIS, after all, "I'll…I'll just be off then, shall I?" he gave them a cheerful smile and straightened his blazer, turning around…only to walk straight into the invisible TARDIS, falling backwards onto the ground with a grunt of pain.


"One…" the Hatter began warily, holding up a finger as she stood by the controls inside the TARDIS, Amy, Rory, and River gathered around her, "Two…" another finger, "Three…"

Something hit the time machine from the outside and the entire room shook, jolting them all slightly before they righted themselves. Amy and Rory blinked, slightly startled.

River shook her head, amused as she exchanged a look with the Time Lady, "Every time…"


Outside, the Doctor winced and jumped back onto his feet, holding a hand to his cheek, "Don't worry!" he called through the doors, "It always does that when its cloaked," suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around him from behind, trapping his arms, "Ah, no, don't!" he cried, his eyes widening as he was tackled onto the ground, his face pressed into the thick carpet, and his arm twisted painfully around his back, "No, stop that!"


"Right, then," the Hatter said brightly, moving around the console and grabbing the monitor, wheeling it back around to Amy, Rory, and River, "Let's see exactly what the adorable idiot's gone and done now".

"He said the scanner wouldn't work," Rory frowned at her, confused.

"He did, didn't he?" she agreed absently, grabbing a cable from beneath the controls, pulling it up towards the screen.

"Bless," River commented, amused.

The Time Lady shrugged, glancing back to Rory and Amy, "With the Doctor, you can take what he says about what the TARDIS can and can't do with a grain of salt most of the time…" she connected the cable with the screen and the console sparked as the screen flickered.

Amy and Rory gasped, jumping back.

The images on the screen finally cleared of static, showing the Oval Office and the Doctor being forced down onto the floor by another man, Canton, the Hatter guessed, and he was twisting the Doctor's arm in a rather painful angle behind his back

"Ow!" the Doctor was groaning, his voice muffled into the carpet, "Ow, ow!"

The Hatter sighed, wincing in sympathy for the Doctor, shaking her head at the screen, "I did say he would end up getting tackled".

A door off to the side of the room burst open and several Secret Service agents rushed into the room, the leader with his gun already drawn and aimed down at the Doctor, "Lockdown!" the leader shouted around to the other agents, "Lockdown!"

The Secret Service agents all began to swarm around the Doctor, helping to hold him down as the Hatter typed something into the console and the angle of the camera changed to show a clearer image of the Doctor on the ground.

"Not that!" the Doctor cried out, sounding pained, "Ow!"

"Aren't you going to help him?" Amy asked, glancing at the Hatter.

"Soon," the Hatter replied calmly, seeming completely unconcerned.

The Doctor tried twisting a bit, lifting his head very slightly from out of the carpet, "Hatter, have you got the scanner working yet?" he called loudly, his voice sounding almost strained.

"Of course I do," she rolled her eyes, almost insulted that he would actually ask her something like that.

"Didn't doubt you for a second, dear!" he said loudly, as if he had actually heard her reply, a small smile crossing his face.

"Get the President out of here!" Canton shouted, looking back over his shoulder towards where Nixon was being guarded by two other agents behind his desk, both with their own guns aimed at the Doctor. Nixon opened his mouth, looking ready to protest as the agents began ushering him over towards the door, "Sir, you have to go with them now!" he told the man firmly, seeing him trying to argue.

"Hatter, make her blue again!"

The Hatter laughed slightly, shaking her head fondly as she moved around the console, hitting a button, "So demanding," she said mockingly, more amused then she probably ought to have been, but it was the Doctor. He did this on a regular bases. She pulled one last lever and took the cloak off, before hurrying back around to the screen, not wanting to miss seeing their reaction.

And they didn't disappoint as they all froze, looking up at the blue box as it suddenly became visible before them, letting go of the Doctor in their shock and amazement, glancing at each other as if to check that they were actually seeing a great big blue box. Luckily, their shock gave the Doctor a chance to slip away from them, completely unnoticed.

"What the hell is that?" Nixon breathed, his eyes wide, staring at the TARDIS.

The agents finally seemed to realise that the Doctor had disappeared and looked back down at the floor, before they rose and spun around, finding the Doctor calmly sitting back at the President's desk with his feet propped up on the desk, flipping through a folder.

"Mister President…" he began, mimicking an American accent as he shut the folder. He looked up with a grin and tossed the folder back onto the desk, but his smile dimming quickly as he suddenly found all of the agents, save for Canton, aiming their guns at him.

"Typical," the Hatter sighed, shaking her head at the screen.

"That child told you everything you need to know, but you weren't listening," he continued quickly, looking at Nixon, who was, once again, being shielded by two agents. The Time Lady frowned slightly, wondering just what they had missed and what it had to do with a child, "Never mind, though, because the answer's yes," he clapped his hands together, pretending not to be bothered by the guns still aimed at him, "We'll take the case," he sighed slightly, eyeing the guns, "Fellas, the guns, really? I just walked into the highest security office in the United States and parked a big blue box on the rug?" he raised his eyebrows at them, "Do you really think you can shoot me?"

"That's our cue!" River said, and ran down the stairs and across to the doors, the Hatter right behind her with Amy and Rory following. She threw the doors open and ran out, "They're Americans!" she shouted at the Doctor as the Hatter stepped out behind her, casting the guns a wary look as the agents suddenly turned and aimed them at them.

"Don't shoot!" the Doctor jumped up, holding his hands up frantically, looking hurriedly over to the Hatter as the agents seemed unsure who posed more of a threat, "Definitely no shooting!"

"Nobody shoot us either," Rory called nervously as he and Amy stepped out of the TARDIS, his hands raised and his head ducked, almost as if he was trying to make himself a smaller target, "Very much not in need of getting shot. Look, we've got our hands up".

"Who the hell are you?" Nixon demanded, frowning at the Doctor.

"Sir," Canton held out a hand towards Nixon, seeming to be completely calm and even a little bit amused, "You need to stay back".

"But who are they?" he asked, still frowning, "And what is that box?"

"It's a police box," the Doctor told him, giving him a strange look as he glanced over to the TARDIS, "Can't you read?" he lowered his hands.

"Don't be rude, sweetheart," the Hatter scolded him lightly, because that was exactly the sort of thing he would do when they had a group of twitchy, armed men pointing guns at them. Honestly, he was going to get them all shot.

He flashed her a broad smile before clapping his hand, turning back to the agents before him, "We're your new undercover agents on loan from Scotland Yard," he lied quickly, "Code name the Doctor. That's my partner in all things, code name the Hatter," he pointed at the Hatter, who smiled and gave them all a little wave, "And these are our top operatives," he gestured to Amy, Rory, and River, "The Legs, the Nose, and…"

"Mrs Robinson," the Time Lady cut in, grinning cheekily at River, unable to resist.

River sighed, shaking her head, "I hate you," she mock glared at her.

She continued grinning at her, playfully flicking the tip of her nose, "No, you really don't".

"Who are you?" Nixon asked again, looking back and forth between the strange man and the other four strangers.

"Nah, boring question," the Doctor shook his head, waving him off before pointing a finger at him, "Who's phoning you? That's interesting. Because Canton Three is right, that was definitely a girl's voice, which means there's only one place in America she can be phoning from".

"Where?" Canton questioned simply, clearly interested.

"Do not engage with the intruder, Mr Delaware!" the first agent ordered sternly, keeping his gun fixed on the Doctor, seeming to feel that he posed the biggest threat, after all.

The Doctor hardly even glanced at the agent, not at bothered by the gun, "You heard everything I heard," he remarked, shrugging as he focused back on Canton, "It's simple enough, give us…" he paused, looking over to the Hatter, who held up five fingers with a confidant smile. He returned the smile, nodding to her, "Five minutes, we'll explain," he calmly sat back down behind the desk, looking back to Canton, "On the other hand, lay a finger on me or my friends, especially my wife…" he propped his legs up on the table top, crossing his ankles, a note of warning in his tone, "And you'll never, ever know".

"How did you it in here?" Canton said after a moment, gesturing behind him towards the TARDIS, curious, "I mean, you didn't carry it in…"

"Good, isn't it?" the Hatter grinned slyly, winking as Canton looked back to her.

He smiled slightly back at her, "Love it".

"Do not compliment the intruders!" the same agent as before commanded, adjusting his grip on his gun still aimed at the Doctor, looking very tense and stressed.

Canton ignored him, looking back and forth between the Time Lords, "Five minutes?" he asked, thoughtful.

"Five," the Doctor confirmed with a nod.

"Mr President, that man and woman is a clear and present danger…" the agent began, seeming to come to the conclusion that he needed to appeal to a higher authority then Canton.

"Mr President," Canton cut across the agent, still looking between the Time Lords with a faint, almost impressed smile, "That man walked in here with a big blue box and four of his friends, and that's…" he pointed over to the agent, "The man he walked past," he looked back to Nixon, who was clearly listening, but still looking confused, "One of them's worth listening to. I say we give him five minutes," he shrugged, turning back to the Doctor, "See if he delivers".

"Finally, someone who actually listens," the Hatter sighed in relief, smiling slightly. She was tempted to cross the room to stand beside the Doctor, but she decided that the agents still seemed a little too twitchy with their trigger fingers for her to do that safely yet.

"Yes, thanks, Canton," the Doctor smiled at the man.

"If he doesn't," Canton continued, his tone and expression not changing, "I'll shoot him myself".

His smile faded, exchanging a look with the Hatter, "Not so thanks…." he muttered.

"Sir, I cannot recommend…" the agent tried again.

"Shut up, Peterson!" Nixon snapped at him, and the agent immediately fell silent. He glanced back to the Doctor, eyeing him for a moment before glancing over to Canton with a resigned expression, "Alright".

Canton nodded and turned back to the Doctor, holding up five fingers, "Five minutes".

The Hatter cleared her throat, catching the man's attention again, "Would you mind…" she waved a hand towards the guns still aimed at them, giving Canton a hopeful look, one hand resting almost protectively over her stomach.

"Stand down," he ordered, looking around at the agents. Most of the men still seemed unsure, but one hard look for Nixon and they all lowered their weapons, putting them back inside their holsters.

"Thank you very much," the brunet grinned broadly, very relieved that she didn't have to worry about sneezing now and ended up shot, though she wouldn't put it past some of the agents to still whip out their gun if she did so while standing beside the President. She calmly weaved through the men and came to stand behind the desk with the Doctor, draping an arm over the top of the chair to rest on his shoulder.

The Doctor smiled up at her, grabbing her hand and kissing it quickly, before turning back around to focus on Canton, sitting up straighter in the chair and lowering his legs back onto the ground, "We're going to need a SWAT team, ready to mobilise," he told them, talking fast as he reached over to fiddle with a phone. The Hatter shook her head and lightly hit his hand away from it, giving him a pointed look as he sheepishly focused back on the men before him, "Street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee…"

"Jammy dodgers," the Time Lady added eagerly, "Twelve would be nice, along with a couple of green apples," she sighed, shaking her head, "I've got the worst craving for green apples".

He clicked a finger at her, breaking into a broad grin at the thought of his favourite biscuit, not at all surprised by her other request for green apples. She had been having a green apple with practically every meal for the past month, "And a fez," he turned back to the men, pausing in consideration, "Make that two fezzes," he tapped his fingers on the desk top in excitement.

Canton simply looked between them for a moment, "Get them they're maps," he said, before pausing, glancing at the Hatter's hopeful expression and the way she had a hand resting on her stomach, noticing a very small bump. He sighed slightly, "And one green apple".

The Time Lords looked at each other, the Hatter grinned broadly at the fact that she was still getting an apple, while the Doctor simply looked disappointed. She shook her head fondly at him and leaned down, kissing his cheek happily. Well, he had to admit, he would take a kiss on the cheek from the Hatter over a fez or SWAT team any day.

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