Warning! This fic contains many dark themes, hence the MA rating. And it's also a boyxboy being MetiasxThomas, if you haven't noticed, so I suggest you to get away from this fic if that's not exactly your cup of tea.

There are some things I also need to explain here;

First, this is an Omega verse or A/B/O verse, or whatever you call it. Here, the norm for an Omega to get a heat is three to five days tops, and each occurs once every two months. So don't expect stuff like lots and lots and lots of smut way too constantly.

Second, the "Republic" and "Colonies" here are, well, school groups, Republics being kids from richer families, and Colonies being from poorer families. I do not intend to poke into real life stuff (like how my underclassman told/huffed me that countries with Republic ideologies are better off than Colonial countries, which I think is not true because how a country fares depends on how the leader leads the country.)

Third, I'll be using a disorder, which I'd call the Aneh disorder (Aneh means weird in my mother tongue and I'm particularly bad at names so I'll do this). This disorder affects Alphas and Omegas alike, although more severe in an Omega's situation.

This disorder happens when an Alpha doesn't really get all hot and stuff when facing an in-heat Omega. And towards Omegas, this disorder happens when they don't get heats since they reach adulthood. I'd say that it sort of affects our Androgens… Like AIS? Something like that only… It's to the more primal level.

Symptoms are that they can control their hormones (or pheromones… I can't differ between the two) since a very early age. It usually happens due to too much pressure, abusive living conditions, and depression since a young age.

In this fic, Betas… are common. More common than Alphas and Omegas. And Alpha female might be rare, though. Yet, Omega males are the rarest of them all. The setting will be… Sometime in the present.

It'll mostly be from Thomas' POV or 3rd person POV, depending on the situation. There might be Day's POV or June's POV, but I don't know. I do intend to have this a bit long, like 40 chapters or so… But I'm still planning. Don't get your hopes up, people! ;)

So, as I was saying, I will try to get this all romantic and fluff and angst and… Huh. Whatever you call it. But once again, don't get your hopes up, because it dark themed. Now, how about we start the story?

- Story Start -