Hey guys! Welcome to the second chapter of… Unsettled-Settled~ did I forget the disclaimer thingy? 'Cuz I honestly don't really do it cuz, face it. If it were mine, then it would definitely be a 100% MetxThomas instead of JunexDay. Not that I don't support them though. I still do think that they're a very cute couple.

Oh, and did I say that Day and June are minors here? Oh, right, I did. They're in middle school, for god's sake… Oh well. The average age for middle schoolers here in my country is 12~15. How 'bout we make them 15? Fair's fair, I guess.

On to the story~


I make my way to my house as usual, although I can still feel eyes on my back. It's been a few days since it's started, but since I'm not too interested in knowing much, I let them stalk me. But June sure doesn't look too comfortable.

She keeps glancing over her shoulder, just to make sure that there's really no one. "Daniel," she says. I hum in response, loving the way she calls me. Only my family calls me that. And June. Others call me Day. "There's someone over there," she says.

"I know," I say and let out some of my comforting pheromones. I see her tension seeping away, although her weariness is still there. I sigh. "How about we confront them, yeah?" I say, already turning around and suppressing my anger pheromones.

"No, don't," June says, grabbing my hand. "They might want something from you," she says and I realize that she does have a point. I always feel that the stalking would only last until a certain hour; 5 PM, before it stops completely.

"How about we lead them to your house first? Maybe they're seeking help," June says, letting out her calming pheromones which I know is one of her built-in abilities as an Omega. Not many know about her genealogy, though.

Probably brother Metias, but that's it. I swore on the day we became a couple that I would never tell anyone about it. We'd bonded then, but we haven't officially said it to the whole world, mostly because we're minors.

Stupid minor restrictions.

Brother Metias and Mom already knew, and possibly that Thomas guy, but you can never be too sure. "I'm home," I say, hugging my Mom and my brothers before ushering June into my room. "So we just sit here and wait?" I ask.

June nods and sits all prim and proper, like the elite she'd been taught to be. I don't really like it, but that's how the elites work, I guess, and I have to accept it. Especially considering that she's my mate already.

She seems to sense me thoughts, because she suddenly gets up with a frown and then sits in my lap, snuggling into my chest. Thinking that she's doing this with her own will thrills me, and I place a hand on her back.

She purrs contentedly.

"Daniel!" Mom calls, and our attention is drawn. "Yeah, mom?"

"Someone's here to see you!" she says and we look at each other before actually getting up and greeting the 'guest' outside. "Thomas?!" June says and runs up to him. "Don't tell me Metias made you follow us?"

She looks fierce, with her arms crossing her chest and her pout mixing with her anger. The angry pheromones she let out indicates just how angry she is. Thomas doesn't flinch or look away, instead he lets out powerful soothing pheromones that affects even me, let alone June.

"Sorry, June," he says, looking at me. "I need to talk to Day."

"Nuh-uh. Unless you tell me who sent you first."

His growl is enough to make her shy away. It's not the angry kind of growl, but the one that tells you 'This is urgent, and I don't want to waste time with you. No offense.'

I nod anyways. "Come on in," I invite him. He narrows his eyes and adds, "In private."

I raise an eyebrow and gestures him to follow me into my room. "Sorry, June," I hear him say apologetically. Locking the door, I turn to him. "Who sent you?" I ask with a level gaze.

"Jameson," he sighs and I immediately nod, knowing his situation. My family is working hard to the bone just to keep me and my brother in school. Even I help out whenever they need me. But that doesn't matter.

"What did she want?" I sigh. "Some kind of… proposal ring… One you'd use to ask for June's hand in marriage," he says straight out. I nod. So all she wants is a ring? I can give her that. Pulling out a box of rings, I say, "Take one."

He seems to be taken aback by the sheer number of rings I have in the box. Of course, none of these I'd actually use to propose to her, but it'll have to suffice. Jameson is one annoying chairman, after all. I pity him for having to work for her like this, but he needs to stay at school.

He's got potential, as far as I can see.

He takes one of a simple design. The only one that I made to fit her ring finger, but she refuses it, saying that she doesn't want any ring. Brother Metias, on the other hand, was furious when he saw how simple the design is.

It's only got white stones on every one millimeter of the ring. The ring itself is just metal, made to look like a ring. It is beautiful, but very plain, and now I realize why they rejected it so furiously.

"This one should suffice," he says gently, as if talking to a little brother. "Thanks for your cooperation," he says and walks away. I wonder what that is for?


I barely made it in time. Just as I had stepped into my room, the door downstairs opened with a bang. What was weird to me was the fact that there were no shouting's, and that there was only one pair of footsteps.

Hiding the ring in a safe place, I quickly changed into my punching bag outfit, just in time for my mom to come in, waves of angry pheromones making me dizzy. What did I do wrong this time?

I braced myself for another lashing.

I turned to face the clock; 4 AM. It may be early, but it's the time I was usually up and ready to go to school. But no. It's not that I don't want to get up. It's that I couldn't. I suspected a broken rib and leg, seeing how it hurt real badly.

There's no one I can truly rely on at times like this, so I strenuously went ahead and grabbed my phone to text Metias. I couldn't call, my voice was way too hoarse from the screams last night. Yes, it was painful enough for me to scream in pain.

To: Metias Iparis
Sorry, I'm taking a leave from school for a few days.

I sighed and placed my cell phone on my table, thinking about the excuse I can use this time. My relative died? My relative getting married? A fever—no, bad idea. He'd definitely come and visit. Death and marriage could only let me leave for a few days at most. Probably three or four.

But then what? A broken rib and leg don't heal that easily. Plus, even though a broken rib can be covered up if I stand straight, I couldn't bend or do sudden movements. And because of that, I can't cover up my leg (wrap it with splinters, put on supporter) because that would cause me to bend.

I groaned in frustration. That's when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID hoping that it would be Metias. But it wasn't. Picking it up, I sighed.

"Hello, Chairman Jameson?"

"Did you get the ring?" she asked, straight to the point like always. "I did, but I can't go to school," I said. "Why?" she snapped.

Why was she in such a bad mood?

"Broken rib and leg, can't move much," I said honestly. She was silent for a moment. She knew my living conditions, and she knew that my parents wouldn't stop the abuse, even if I was bedridden with more than a few broken bones.

"Get to school within three days," she hissed before clicking the phone off. I sighed and almost put the phone down when another call came in. Without checking the caller ID, I answered it, and with an annoyed tone, "Yes, yes, I'll be back at school within three days."

"… Why do you sound so angry?"

Oh crap. It's Met.

"Ah, sorry, sorry… I thought you're Jameson," I said, forcing a laugh. But that proved to be more painful than I expected. "Are you all right?" he asked me in that worried tone that I'd come to adore. It always hurt me far more when he used that tone, though. Huh, contradictory...

It always reminded me of when I'm pitied because that person saw that I got reprimanded when I did something wrong. By that person, I meant anyone other than Metias. I can't let him see my flaws, you see.

"I'm alright," I sighed, a hand over my broken rib. It was a moment later when he suddenly sounded as if he snapped, "No you're not." I widened my eyes, even though he can't see, and let out a small laugh. Bad move. It hurt like hell.

I growled. "Then don't use that tone when you're speaking to me." I could imagine him flinch when I said those words. Then came a guilty silence and I felt worse than before. "Sorry," he whispered. "It's… It's okay," I said and waited for him to break the silence.

When he didn't say anything, I said, "Met, sorry, but I… I need to go. Chairman Jameson already knows that I won't be at school for a few days, so…"

"I understand. Judging from your voice, I guess you have a fever," he chuckled and I froze. Shoot, I forgot about my hoarse voice. "I'll be visiting you after school, alright?" he said and didn't wait for an answer. My rejection was caught in my throat and I clicked my phone off.

He might've been into my house before, but that was, once again, when my parents were saner. The house was cleaner and more organized. Seeing how it went last night, I just knew that he'd think that a burglar broke into my house and trashed the whole place while I was asleep.

Ignoring the searing pain, I got up and grabbed a broom.

It was a good thing that my mom, at least, remembered to fill up the fridge every once a few weeks. When I went to the kitchen and made myself something, and judging by the looks of it, they were almost rotten.

I quickly made porridge and poured water into milk powder, to help with my calcium needs, seeing the broken bones and all. I went to my room (curse my room for being upstairs) and started to eat like a good boy I am.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in my table and opening a book. It was still 12 PM, so it wasn't until four more hours 'till Metias came.

Time flew by, and I glanced at the clock. It was already three in the afternoon and I closed the book in hand before climbing into my bed. I closed my eyes until I heard a knock on the door. "Must be Met—" I tried to get up, but it seems like pain had chosen the worst possible time to revive itself inside me.

I groaned in pain waited until it went away. I took short, labored breaths before the moment passed. Easing myself into my bed, I wiped the beads of sweat on my forehead and covered myself with my blanket. Maybe I should just ignore him?

I won't be healing by three days, at this rate. The door suddenly burst open, making me flinch. Another bad move. I squeezed my eyes shut in pain before I sighed in relief. "Don't scare me like that," I said angrily towards the Metias who looked worried as hell.

He closed the door with a slam and I could feel anger pheromones radiating from him. I willed him to calm down, and he seemed to relax just a little. "Sorry," he said, sitting in my chair, dropping his bag under the table. "You were letting out distressed signals, so I just…"

"Distressed signals?" I asked, trying to get up, only to get pushed back down by him. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing," he said and leaned on the table, his eyes going over my whole body. I tried to keep my blush at bay, until he sent me a gentle smile, which just made it come out anyway. "Have you eaten?" he asked and I shook my head. "Not since lunch."

"Then it's a good thing I bought this on the way," he said with a smile, taking out some of those luxurious Japanese-style lunch boxes. I got up a little and reached over to accept his offer, but he quickly pulled it away from my reach.

"Not this time, you're not," he said sternly. I frowned in confusion and he laughed. Opening the lunch box, he held out a spoonful of rice and fried shrimp—it seemed—and said, "Aah."

I frowned even more, my blush getting deeper as I realized what he was trying to do. "You're feeding me?" I asked matter-of-factly. "Of course I am," he huffed. "You're sick!"

"… No I'm not," I said quietly. I admit, I do like the attention he was giving me, but not when I'm like this. "Come on, aah," he ordered me, and I reluctantly complied, accepting the spoonful he offered me. A few spoonful's later, the box was empty, and I let out a contented sigh.

Putting away the empty lunch box, he then sat next to me on my bed, making me lean into him. I winced a little as my rib brushed him, and he looked at me strangely. "Sorry, Thomas," he said, and I barely realized what he was doing until his finger brushed my chest ever so lightly, which made me shudder in delight.

Except when he brushed over my broken rib, that is. I heard him growl deeply and I cracked open one eye to look at him. "Why didn't you tell me that you have a broken rib?" he asked sadly. "Why would I?" was an answer I wanted to say, but I knew it would hurt him terribly, so I stayed silent.

"Thomas," he said soothingly. My heart tugged at my conscience to tell him everything, but I kept my mouth shut. No way would I tell him what happened. I shook my head. He sighed. "Are there any other injuries?" he asked.

I could imagine the very wrong conclusions he was making in his head. A fight, an accident, something that happened when doing Jameson's order… The first one would be the closest, but he'd think it would have an involvement with the Colonies kids… probably.

I shook my head. He narrowed his eyes. Damn, why's he sharp today of all days? He then pulled off my blankets and trailed his light feather touch all over my body. I tried to get up and push him away, but he said in a very demanding voice, "Don't move."

I had no choice but to comply. I tried to hide my flinch when his finger brushed over my broken leg, but as I said, he was sharper today (out of all days that he could be sharp enough to notice my feelings for him).

"A broken leg and a broken rib. What else?" he asked, a growl evident in his tone. I shrugged and he seemed to accept it this time. He then pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "What are you doing?" I asked, starting to panic.

"I'm calling an ambulance. I'm not letting you—hello?" He then stepped out of my room and I sighed in relief. It's just a hospital, nothing to worry about. A few minutes later an ambulance came and put me into a stretcher, carrying me into the car and off we went to the hospital.

Metias visited me almost every day, sometimes bringing Day and June. It took me three weeks before the doctor discharged me, telling me to take it easy because a newly healed rib is still weak and that I need to watch my step, seeing my crutch and all.

"That's good," Metias said, walking me back to my house. "What is?" I asked, still trying to get used to the foot crutch. My foot would take longer to heal, the doctor said, because it's been broken several times already. Metias sent me a glare when he knew, and I willed him to calm down again with a sigh.

"We avoided near death, you know?"

"How come?" I asked, not really catching his meaning. "A broken rib may cause death. Didn't you know?" I nodded. "I knew, but mine wasn't that severe anyways," I said, still not catching his drift. He gave me an unimpressed look—which sort of broke my heart, because it made me feel as if I didn't do enough to make him happy—and ruffled my hair like I was a child.

"Something small, if you take it too lightly, can actually become really big," he told me, and I nodded, not quite getting his concern. "Which means," he said, stepping in front of me, "that if you have any kind of problems, any at all, tell me."

I nodded. Not like I'd do that anyways, since the problem had started since before we became friends. He crossed his arms in front of his chest as if reading my thoughts. In my mind right now was the fact that he looked much like his sister when he did that.

"Do you understand?" he said, making me take a step back. He was letting out this Alpha-only pheromones that can make any Beta or Omega submit to him, and I felt as if I shrunk. But I kept my poker face carefully controlled and nodded.

"Now, tell me, why are you letting out distressed signals?" he asked outright. I was taken aback. "I'm not," I said truthfully. He frowned as if scrutinizing me, and I shrunk further away from him, before he gave me a light smile.

"Of course you're not," he nodded and led me back to my house once more.

Once I was at the front gates of my house, I thanked him and opened the gate. "Wait," Metias told me, and I turned, and found myself in warm arms, embracing me. For once, I felt safe.

"Remember," he said, and I heard him inhale my scent gland, making me shudder, "tell me if there's anything wrong… Anything at all, okay?"

I took a deep breath, smelling apples and grapes on him and nodded a little. If I nod any more than that, then I'd be burying myself in the crook of his neck. I let an arm wrap around him as much as I can, returning his hug, before actually separating.

"Good night," he said and walked away. I whimpered when I saw his back retreating, walking further and further away from me. But I steeled myself for what's yet to come.


Hey guys… That was sort of… yeah? I wanted to make Metias push Thomas down, right then and there DX but I guess that'll have to wait. ;) So, what did you guys think? I'm trying to keep the pacing slow here DX

- To be continued -