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It was a night normal and current in the bustling planet Coruscant, people enjoyed the night, in one of the private rooms of the Galactic Senate, a man with expensive clothing and an air of royalty noted the slums of the city with disgust, criminals of all kinds, locals that instilled lust of men and things even worse as the slave market, the irony is that all this happened in front of the Jedi Temple, headquarters and place of residence of the Jedi Order, the so-called the guardians of peace and justice, the man was Palpatine, Senator of Naboo, although he was also known as Darth Sidius, an sith apprentice that sought the ultimate collapse of the Jedi Order along with his master Darth Plagueis in secret, suddenly he felt something very powerful through the Force, albeit it was brief he was able to track the source in the forest planet of Kashyyyk.

-(What should you do?, perhaps it´s nothing or perhaps it´s, the best is to investigate and not risking)-thought Darth Sidius

At the same time, in Kashyyyk, two human children ran and played with the young wookiees, the oldest of them had short hair blond and black eyes, the youngest had the hair very short almost balder and brown eyes, both wore the same suit (Prologue: TFU), suddenly the children stood and looked up at the starry sky in trance as if they saw something beyond the physical, but quickly continued playing and having fun.

In another part of Kashyyyk, more specifically in a hut secluded of the wookiees villages, two self-exiled Jedi Knight felt the Dark Side approaching them, one of the Knights was a man with the dark hair graying and brown eyes wearing a suit with brown and green hood with brown boots and black armbands, his name was Kento Marek, the other Jedi Knight was a woman of great beauty, had blond hair tied in a ponytail long and part of the hair covered one eye (Hairstyle: Ino Yamanaka(s)), wore a black top (Top: X-23(MvC3)),in the arms, near the wrists had four white belts,the bottom consisted of a combination of skirt and dun shorts, finally wore high black boots with white laces and a fabric in the area of the knee of the same color (Boots: YunaPsychicer (FFX-2)) and the traditional brown jedi overtunic, her name was Mallie Marek, wife of Kento, both fall in love and left the Jedi Order, self-exiling due to that love was forbidden, they hid on Kashyyyk because it was quite far from the rest of jedi also Wookiees were great friends of both.

-Kento, do you feel that?-asked Mallie

-Yes, it is awful and I do not like it, we have to prepare ourselves-replied Kento

At that time the two children appeared and ran blithely toward adults who smiled a little to be almost demolished by the small missiles, after recovering the small event, Mallie asked maternally:

-Ike, Galen, do you have fun?

-Yes, mom-answered the two children at the same time

-I am pleased now go to bath and then the bed-said Mallie

The children began to complain, saying something like it was too early and had no sleep, but they objection collapsed when the younger of the two, Galen yawned deeply and scratched his eyes, so both compete to see who gets there first..

While this was happening a ship was approaching Kashyyyk, the ship was a prototype spy known as Scimitar or Sith Infiltrator, shortly after the ship landed in an isolated area of forested planet, the ramp went down and from it came out a hooded man with dark clothes, the hooded man opened his communicator in which appeared the hologram of a hooded figure with only half visible face

-What your bidding, master?-asked the hooded man

-Darth Maul, my apprentice, you must find the source of the disturbance in the Force-replied the hologram

-Shall be done,master-said Maul and communication ended

Darth Maul walked slowly, looking for the source of the disturbance, using the Force as a sonar to locate potential enemies, he suddenly ignited his lightsaber and blocked a shot blaster aimed at his head, the sith saw a few Wookiees in distance with crossbows, while others approached him armed with Ryyk knives, prioritized the Wookiees with crossbows knowing they were the most dangerous because of the distance, pushing his way through hordes of Wookiees with knives, using the Force Push and his lightsaber masterfully, finally reached the position of said Wookiees they tried to get away to regain the upper hand but were quickly killed by Darth Maul, after dealing with the natives with crossbows, he took care of the rest.

At the same time that the sith was making his way through the planet, in the hut, Kento and Mallie were discussing the strategy to defeat the presence of the dark side, unfortunately both were aware of the possibility of the death in battle, so that the strategy itself was that one of them will face the enemy and the other flee with Ike and Galen to save them.

-I should be the bait, Mallie-said Kento

-Not, I'll do it-said solemnly Mallie

-But what happens with our children?, they need the love of a mother-said Kento

Mallie said nothing, just watched the bedroom door of her children, her back to her husband, in an instant she used the hilt of her lightsaber to knock Kento, then knelt and kissed him lightly on the lips.

-(Sorry, Kento but it is my duty as a mother) she thought Mallie

Back to the Sith, Darth Maul continued killing his Wookiees enemies, using the same strategy, first the Wookiees with crossbows and then the rest, of course this became increasingly difficult because the Wookiees learned quicklywhen he ended the last group, he felt a presence approaching his position an incredible speed, Maul decided to hide and ambushing his future opposition, it turns out that his enemy was a pretty powerful jedi, but it was not what his master described him.

Darth Maul leapt from hiding, igniting the two blades of his lightsaber at the same time in the air and came down on the jedi, hoping for a quick death, however the jedi gave a backflip while igniting her lightsaber in an instant the red sword of sith and orange sword jedi clashed, after breaking the blockade, Darth Maul pulled the hood down, revealing a Zabrak man, had red skin with black tribal markings, the eyes of a sickly yellow, small horns arose all over the head, then took off overtunic to facilitate movement, his enemy imitated him and both launched a Force Push at the same time, which caused the two were moved back a little.

-You are quite powerful, Jedi, but it is not enough for defeat me-said Darth Maul

-Maybe you're more skilled than me at the use of the Force and the lightsaber, but I possess a strength that you know not, sith-said Mallie

-We will see when i destroy you-said the zabrak

Suddenly, Mallie launched towards her enemy, using the Force as impulse and the lightsaber in what was known as the reverse grip shien, not falling behind, the Zabrak also launched towards his opponent, they collided again, but this time, Mallie used the position of the crash to her advantage and tried to decapitate the Sith, Maul foreseeing the imminent danger separated and taking advantage of the imbalance of his rival, gave a powerful Force Push, the jedi went flying and hit a nearby tree, she recovered quickly and used the tree as a springboard, in the air she placed her lightsaber downwardly, trying to impale her opponent, but Maul used the Force to throw the body of one of the dead Wookiees, Mallie dodged nimbly, twisting her body, causing that his attack failed, still in the air, Mallie threw her lightsaber hitting the ground, bouncing to the sith, Maul moved his head at the last moment for the lightsaber passed long, which it did but left a imperceptible mark on the cheek, taking advantage of his opponent was unarmed, the Zabrak he launched furious against her, but Mallie dodged his attack, jumping and using the shoulder of his opponent as a support, quickly she recovered her lightsaber and retaliated, but her opponent blocked her first three attacks and dodged the fourth, twisting and standing behind her, before Mallie could react, the sith attacked with deadly blows that could not dodge (Movi: Final Proxy / Maul (Ex. + Fault)) and fell heavily.

After defeating the Jedi, Maul moved on, using the trace of his recent victim, meanwhile, Kento woke up, trying to remember how was knocked unconscious and suddenly felt the death of his wife through the Force, also felt the presence of the Dark Side approaching at an alarming rate, slowly went to the room of their children and found that they were asleep, but Galen moved in bed sporadically, closing gently to avoid disturbing his sons, left the cabin, waiting, not have to wait long, his opponent appeared with his lightsaber on and some blood and some cuts on his clothes, Kento ignited his blue lightsaber and walked slowly toward the Zabrak who said:

-Another jedi?, interesting, but neither you are what I am looking for

-I do not know what you are looking for, but you will not have the opportunity to find it-said Kento

Kento used a Force Push also moved the earth (Movement: PS2 / Wii), the Zabrak jumped and threw the double-bladed lightsaber, the jedi dodged and used the Force as impulse, seizing the opportunity, Kento gave a slash pointing the legs of his enemy, but he eluded only producing a small burn seared on the left leg Zabrak, again with the lightsaber in his hands threw Kento, turning on himself and upside down (Movement: Proxy / Maul), the jedi jumped on the Zabrak and fell between the cottage and his enemy, slowly a blue aura began to form around Kento, Darth Maul suddenly felt a powerful presence and asked:

-There is someone very powerful near, Where are you master?

-He's not here, I'm just...-Kento was interrupted when her son, Galen was in the doorway of the hut

-Dad, what happens?-asked Galen half asleep

-It´snothing happens, go inside, quick-shouted Kento

At that time, while Kento was distracted, the aura disappeared due to loss of concentration, Darth Maul used the distraction and in one swift movement, stabbed Kento at heart, as he turned back after this Darth Maul approached the frightened child after witnessing the death of his father and felt the boy was what he was looking for, then he took Galen to his ship, on the way the child became frightened, especially when crossing with the body of his mother, in the ship Darth Maul, he contacted his master, Darth Sidius.

-Master, I found the source of the disturbance, it seems that it was the son of two jedi-explained Maul

-My apprentice, show me the child-said Sidius

Then, Darth Maul communicator put at the height of Galen.

-What's your name, boy?-asked Sidius

-Galen, Galen Marek-responded Galen scared

Then Sidius told Darth Maul:

-Maul, bring here, will be a powerful sith and a new assassin

-Understood, master-responded Maul

Then Darth Maul addresed Galen:

-Come with me, future assassin

Galen having no other option, he followed Darth Maul into a room, where there was only one bed, a small closet with tattered clothes and offline android.

-What is that?-asked Galen looking the android

-Is your training droid, called Proxy-responded Maul

-Training droid?, I'm going to train?asked Galen innocent

-Right, I'll train you to become a sith, so from now on call me master understand?-explained Maul

-Understood….., master-said Galen

-I´m warning you, it will be very hard-said Maul

So, Galen Marek, in the custody of Darth Maul began training to become a powerful sith, this small act will change the life of the Republic.