Chapter 1: First Impressions

Éclair wasn't exactly sure why but when she'd first met Armblast the Global Union Auditor she felt as though she already knew him. There was something familiar in the way he looked at her. However these thoughts were soon scattered out of her mind as quickly as he speaks.

"I'm Armblast and it's a pleasure to meet you." His voice is velvety smooth and refined. He takes his hand in hers and she lets him and wishes she hadn't. He kisses it and gives her a look that gives her the creeps.

So he's a ladies man. She's dealt with plenty of men like him before. She thrusts her hand out of his and narrows her eyes. "Don't do that!" She shouts at him and resists the urge to slap him. He didn't know that she wouldn't like it. But now she's put him in his place.

He simply smirks at her and his eyes gleam with mischief. "How could I possibly resist?"

Ugh. This guy was going to be a huge pain in her butt. Unfortunately she was stuck with him. For whatever reason he was assigned to watch over her and Lumiere and the fact that they were the only ES team to have an auditor with them was not lost on her.

Still no matter how much she didn't like it. She would follow orders. Thankfully they still got the missions done and Armblast was even helpful sometimes. Though the way he looked at her sometimes unsettled her. Like she needed his protection, as if he had to watch over her not just as his job but because he liked doing so.

He was tolerable and that was alright for her.

She was young and most adults would consider her still a child. She was surprised that Armblast never treated her or Lumiere as such. No he showed them the same respect as the adults they interacted with on a daily basis. He knew the two of them were capable and deadly and he never objected to being left in their care. She wondered if it was simply because he knew they were ES members.

They've known each other a few months when they go on their mission to Faunus. She doesn't trust him completely, he's too shady for that. But he appears to be on the level so she doesn't grill him on more information. Not that he would indulge her anyway. He agrees with Lumiere when it comes to her lack of elegance and recklessness. She doesn't particularly care so long as the job gets done. Though she'd be lying if some of his comments didn't twinge in her heart at times.

Not that she'd ever tell him that. They weren't exactly friends. They just had to work together.

She wondered just how much longer she'd have to suffer working with him. She could do without having to worry about his safety on every mission. She didn't care for him or anything it was just her job to protect him.

Or so she kept telling herself.

A/N: So I just started watching the show again and remembered how much I loved it. Always thought there should have been something between Éclair and Armblast. So I'm writing my own! Let me know if anyone is actually reading this and interested?