AN: Nalu prompt based on tumblr prompt "Saying I love you with a scream" that had me strangely inspired because Enz tagged me on a weird post. It's crappy but I really wanted to write this scenario even if it doesn't fit Lucy's personality 100%. Sorry if I posted it only now and so short too.

"Not so fun, Natsu. Don't leave me here! This place is so creepy."

Lucy tried to control her fear but the place was scary. It was too dark, the place was devoid of any form of life. Leaky ceilings and creaky floorboards were ready to give up on her. All she could hear was her own breath, her silent footsteps and some mices that made the girl jump whenever she heard them pass.

"You jerk!" Lucy had her eyes closed tightly, rubbing her arms to console herself.

"Saaaaay it~"

"Come on Lucy…"

"Say it…"

"I'm not saying it!" Lucy shook her head left and right with a stomp. She seemed tough but her shaky body told the opposite.

When is he coming back? Lucy bit her lip, eyes becoming teary. Can't he see how frightened she is!?

And then a cold hand was on Lucy's shoulder making the girl scream in fear.

"I love you Natsu! I LOVE YOU NATSU! Iloveyounatsu! Please, please, come here! I'm scared here you stupid jerk! Leaving me alone here! I'm scared here and there's a creepy ghost behind me that's gonna eat me and you don't even care you stupid boyfriend! Mff-"

"Whoa, whoa there Luce. It's just me. Calm down." A very familiar voice resounded, arms pulling her frozen body to a warm chest, turning her body around as fingers strummed her back to comfort.

Lucy sniffed as she slowly relaxed her body, listening to his heartbeat and the arms that wrapped her body.

"Stupid boyfriend, stupid Natsu" Lucy continued to mumble into the crook of his chest.

The two just stood quietly in the middle. Natsu waited for Lucy to calm down.

"Not leaving me in this place okay?" Lucy glared up to his, her teary eyes were the only proof left that showed how this spooky placed scared Lucy. This of course didn't seem to scare Natsu. It just gave him more reasons why she was more adorable and why he liked to scare the girl off.

"No. We'll stay together." Natsu affirmed.

"No leaving me behind, got it?" Lucy tightened her grip at his that held her.

"No leaving you behind." His hands grasped her coiled ones on his shirt.


"Okay, let's get going then!" Natsu said cheerfully as his girlfriend moved away to stand next to him. He slowly put Lucy's hand down but not letting go.

"Okay?" Natsu's eyes were on hers to see if she was okay.

"I'm okay." She nodded in response.

Then the two continued to explore the creepy mansion.

"You know, that was a cute confession Luce."

Embarrassed red, Lucy moved away, their hands separating. "That's not-! I mean… it's just that…" Lucy's voice was muffled as she covered her face with her hands.

Natsu's hand took one of her hands off her face, pulling her hand, bringing the girl next to him.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about Luce. Besides…" Natsu trailed off as he put his lips to the crown of her head, whispering a confession that made the girl undeniably happy.

"I love you too."