I see him the way nobody does. I notice the tiny telltale signs he makes, like the way he sits up ever so slightly in his chair when you pass by, or the way his eyebrow twitches in annoyance when you are joined by the Boy Who Lived.

While he watches her, I watch him.

They don't understand, no one does. The Ravenclaws, they all think we're just dirty cheaters. The Hufflepuffs, most of them will run and hide the moment the Dark Lord's name is mentioned. The Gryffindors? They loathe us. We are the opposite of their little world of righteousness.

It would be amusing, really, to watch the Prince of Slytherin, Draco Malfoy himself be burned by his attraction towards a Gryffindor. Some may go, 'Aww.. how sweet! It's like a fairy tale!'

Sweet, maybe. Fairy tale? No. We don't live in a fairy tale. There's no way there could ever be a happy ending for the both of them.

Romeo and Juliet did not live happily ever after, even though Juliet was willing to give up being a Montague to be with Romeo.

Do not expect Draco to give up his family values for a Gryffindor, much less a Weasley. Lucius would never allow it. And Draco values his father's approval more then anything in the world, least of all, a Weasley.

Do you still think you can get your happy ending?

I see the way you look at him as well. When Potter and your idiot brother are not. You're not happy with Potter, are you? You hooked up with him and realized that your hero isn't as wonderful as he seems, is he?

He's too bright. All he sees is black and white. White- good. Black- evil, destroy.

You like Draco too, don't you?

You crave for the darkness, for a bit of him, don't you?

No, dream on, sweetheart. Draco Malfoy will not become 'good' by your love. He will come back the next year, with the Dark Mark burned on his arm. He will serve the Dark Lord and be made powerful by him. He will push you to the back of his mind, and laugh with the Dark Lord as you cry over Potter's defeat. And I will be next to him.

Not you.