I am truly shocked with how much attention the story has gotten from just the first chapter! I appreciate it a lot thank you!

Natsu finally arrived back to the stable with Kemo, and the blonde girl from the forest. He got off and helped the girl slide down. She looked around in awe.

"This is all for one horse?" Natsu couldn't help but laugh at her statement.

'Yeah a bit of an overkill but he is an amazing horse." He replied grabbing a brush so he could start grooming Kemo. The girl watched him in silence as he brushed away.

"What kind of chores do you have to do?" She finally asked after some time.

"Uh, well I got to clean this stable, polish all the china, the laundry, repair the fence… not too much." Natsu shrugged, "Also can't forget about dinner."

"All by yourself?"


"Show me where the china is, I'll start working on that while you clean the stables." She happily put her hands together at the idea. "Then I can start the laundry!"

"No, that's fine it's my chores anyway." The blonde pouted, she looked cute.

"It would get done faster if we split the work up, then we can go do something fun!" Natsu didn't know if he felt comfortable letting the blonde girl into his house, what if she was a thief and that's why the guard was after her.

"You got a point but…" Natsu frowned, "are you sure you want to work?"


"Then, tell me your name?" Natsu really wanted to know her name.

"Uh… its Lilly." Taken aback by the question all of the sudden, "yours?"

"Natsu Dragneel." He grinned, "I'm trusting you not to steal anything okay, I will show you where the china is." Natsu led Lilly into the manor, he walked her over to the china and handed her a rag and the polisher.

"I promise you can trust me" Lilly smiled up at the pink haired man.

"Okay, I'll hopefully be done with the stable when you're done with this and we can meet outside by the broken fence and you can do laundry there."

"Sounds like a plan!" she cheered happily as she set to work, "hurry up slacker" She stuck her tongue out playfully at him he grinned happily. So this is what it's like to have a friend he thought to himself.

Time surely passed and Lilly was hanging up the last piece of clothing while Natsu finished the fence.

"You sure have a lot of boy clothes." Lilly commented amused at the idea Natsu would own that many shirts for himself.

"It isn't just mine." Natsu gave her a half smile. "Actually none of that is mine, all of that is my Step brothers."

"They should do their own laundry." Lilly scoffed.

"That would be the day." Natsu laughed, he could picture Rogue figuring out how to clean but Sting, he would surly end up in the hospital.

"Well that is very stupid!" Lilly crossed her arms not understanding what was so funny. "It isn't fair you have to do all the work."

"But I didn't" Natsu pointed out, "I normally get pretty blonde girls to help me out." He laughed causing Lilly to blush.

"Y-you think I'm pretty?" then she realized what he said, "wait you did this before!"Natsu stomach was hurting from the unsettling hunger but also from how much laughing he was doing.

"No Lill' you're the only one." Natsu winked at her. "We finished so what kind of fun thing did you want to do?"

"Let's go into town." Lilly suggested. "There is sure to be something exciting happening.

"Sure. Its close enough we can walk." Natsu suggested Lilly smiled with delight.

"Lead on!" Natsu extended his arm out for her as he often had watched his step brothers do for ladies they entertain as dates to dances. Lilly blushed but happily took his arm as they made their way to the town to continue their adventure.

They approached town where the passed a restaurant where Natsu's stomach let out a very unpleasant sound.

"Someone sounds hungry." Lilly giggled while Natsu scratched the back of his head with embarrassment. "Let's get something to eat!" as she pulled him inside a little café called Fairy Tail

"I don't have any money on me." Natsu quickly protested.

"Don't worry about it, I do." Lilly smiled as she then asked a white hair maiden for a table for two. They were quickly seated and given menus.

"Hi, I am Mira and I'll be your server today, can I start you off with any drinks." The white hair maiden smiled cheerfully.

"I'll have a strawberry milkshake." Lilly smiled happily at the idea of a milkshake.

"I'll have…" He peaked over at Lilly unsure of what to get. "A chocolate milkshake?" he said unsure of himself.

"Gotcha I'll get those out to you soon." She winked at Natsu with a knowing smile.

"Have you ever had a milkshake before?" Lilly asked Natsu curiously.

"No, I don't think so anyway." Natsu admitted staring down at the list of foods. He wanted all of it.

"Really?" Lilly then took notice at how he was eye balling everything on the menu she then giggled at his lack of experience. "Have you ever been dancing before?"

"Uh, when I was really little." Natsu answered feeling uncomfortable. "What about you?"

"I dance at balls." Lilly said slowly unsure if she should go on, "I can teach you if you don't remember."

"That would be fun." Natsu grinned, she sure was easy to talk to. Just then the waitress Mira had arrived with two milkshakes in hand.

"Here you two go have you decided what you wanted to eat?"

"Uh... no not really." Natsu admitted.

"I can give you two some more time?" Mira suggested.

"No that's okay, we will have one of everything." Lilly said in a casual way.

"What?" Mira asked dumbfounded

"One of everything." Lilly repeated herself trying to stop herself from laughing, "I'll pay first if that's the issue."

"N-no not an issue, I'll get on it right away." Mira quickly rushed off.

"Woah! Are you insane that's going to be super expensive!" Natsu said with worried eyes.

"Yea, it's no big deal! Plus it will be fun to try everything." Lilly beamed up at Natsu. "Then we can go dance!"

"Yeah but… how can you afford all this?"

"I just can." Lilly took a sip out of her shake. Natsu felt a little disgusted, sure it was an amazing thing to get everything off the menu but to have that much wealth she was probably spoiled rotten, but she had been then kindest, maybe she truly was a thief? He didn't know but something wasn't right and he wasn't sure if he could handle being friends with a rich person or a thief.

"Okay." Natsu replied his belly aching from starvation, he was still going to eat, food is food.