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Chapter 8 Rivalry

Things were not good to Tsukuji to say the least, it's not like she was having any problems at home or anything or at school for that matter considering that those two were the only thing most teenagers would be concerned about this time of their lives. But not Tsukuji, why does life have to be so hard on her anyways, and why was she asking herself this? "This is not happening to me," she groaned.  Life HAD to land her in the middle of a movie production with a girl that is all too glad to rip her head off because she thought that Tsukuji had taken her role as the staring girl.

All her troubles at the moment, came from one girl–namely–Tamao Kawasaki, (I have no idea what that means alright!? It just came from the to of my head!) a young actress not much older than Tsukuji, their first meeting was less than pleasant as Tsukuji recalled the incident.

~@~@~@~@~@~ Flash back ~@~@~@~@~@~

Tsukuji knead the juncture between her neck and shoulder, "Man, that was tiring!" they had just staged the part where Tsuki and Ryu met, Tsuki was fighting off a bunch of thugs when Ryu appeared and saw them, he watched her in her fight, and instantly saw the potential in her. Oddly enough, it was much like the meeting between herself and Sayoran that Tsukuji had to wonder if it was a coincidence.

Nonetheless, Ryu recruited Tsuki to become his bodyguard. His father was killed not long ago and Ryu wanted to investigate on his murder, Tsuki, wanting to become a police would never give up the chance to solve a mystery so joined him, not knowing that fate would bring them to a deeper path.

[The director said that the fact that Tsuki thought that her parents were cops and that she wanted to be a cop herself came from one of the REAL Tsuki's friend, also a police who admired Tsuki's adoptive parents (you know who it is!!^^)]

As Tsukuji relaxed her taunt muscles when suddenly a downfall of cold water poured onto her head. Sputtering, she looked up, Is it raining inside? Thought ran through her head, an umbrella appeared out of no where, she held it over her head acting like she was in the musical: Singing in the rain (Not mine^^).

"What a stupid excuse for an actress!" came a voice from behind her.

Tsukuji turned around, and saw a girl her age, with brown curls and blue-gray/almost black eyes looking down her nose at Tsukuji, and then she noticed that the girl was holding a cup in her hands, it was tipped downwards, a few drops still lingering at the edge of the cup.

Tsukuji's anger flamed, (image: evil Tsukuji with devil horns and tail) "Oh, and why is that?" she said in a sickly sweet voice.

The girl glared daggers at her, no doubt thinking, if only looks could kill, Then half the world would be in jail! Tsukuji snickered to herself. Her attention was turned back to the girl when she spoke again, "I don't know why the producer would allow an amateur to act in the main role! I mean, I am way better then her in all aspects of acting, it's not as if I can't find a replacement (don really know what they were called^^) when there are fighting scenes."

Tsukuji's eyes became frosty, but she smiled politely, No explosions, no explosion~~ she chanted in her mind [the image of a volcano starting to burst appeared behind Tsukuji and a bar of energy level appeared at the bottom as well (currently about 65% full)] "No wonder the producer didn't give you the role, I mean, firstly, you have no manners what so ever, and secondly, there is no way in all heaven, earth and hell that you can pass if you don't fight, well, I guess you are just too… cowardly to do so. Not to mention it would break your nails, right?"

Stuttering in rage she pointed an offending finger at Tsukuji, "you… you… you BEAST! I will not bring myself down to your level!"

Tsukuji feigned the image of a cute tiger at the mention of beast, wagging tail slightly as the other girl stormed off screaming in her wake, "I WILL TAKE BACK WHAT'S MINE! YOU JUST WATCH!! YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM THIS SO EASILY!"

~@~@~@~@~@~@~ End of Flash Back ~@~@~@~@~@~@~

The director called out the crew as break was over, "Alright people! Back to work! We've got a deadline to meet!! Get on going!"

Tsukuji half sighed, half groaned, "What next?"

The director grinned his disgustingly cheerful smile and gushed, "This is the scene where Ryu finds out that Tsuki is a girl! All right crew! Let's get this show on the road!"

Tsukuji looked at the script, her eyes widened at what she saw, she looked over at Sayoran and saw that he held disbelief in his eyes as well, obviously, he just found out the same thing she did.

Together they stormed over to the director and screamed in his ears (literally), "NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING TO PLAY THIS SCENE OUT!!!" they both demanded, holding up the script.

The director looked at them innocently, too innocently in Tsukuji's tastes, "Why not?"

Tsukuji growled, "I am NOT about to go strip naked in from of the whole cast and crew and hop into a bath only to have 'Ryu' find me! Naked as the day I was born! (No bad thoughts!!!) There has GOT to be another way!!"

The director watched the two staring roles glare at him, seated under their intensity, he realized, they look like yakuza up for revenge, it was good, GREAT as a matter of fact. But when the gaze is turned at HIM, then the situation twists a bit.  Acting as if it pained him to do so, the director sighed in defeat saying, "Alright! I will leave you to do this part yourself, BUT! On one condition!" the two watched him, Sayoran's expression neutrally blank while Tsukuji looked VERY hopeful, which is an understatement by itself, her eyes contained stars to say the least.

"I don't have time to re-script this scene if you know what I mean, so I want you two, to improvise it for me. IF!" He cautioned, "I don't like it, then………" he shrugged, making his intentions clear; they would HAVE to follow the script if he didn't like it.

"I'll give you 10 minuets to think about it." The director walked off to stop the crew form working, telling them to have another ten min break.

Tsukuji and Sayoran shared a look, What are they going to do?

In her confusion, Sayoran watched as Tsukuji rolled on the floor and slithered around, twisting and turning, he was half tempted to get away from her. Then suddenly a light bulb appeared above her head, her eyes mischievous, "Do you remember that Tsuki's parents gave her a chest guard?"

Sayoran looked at Tsukuji, blinked and blinked again, then his eyes lit up and he too smiled, eyes glinting. Together they formed an idea, not enough to be scripted, but enough to work with for now, they would improvise the rest.

After ten minuets, the crew set up the scene of a bedroom according to Tsukuji and Sayoran's request. The director was seated from across the set, arms folded, waiting to see what they could produce.

Tsukuji walked onto the set, her breathing shallow as if trying to get control of herself, this is the first time she is to do something like this, but she'll be damned if she had to strip in front of all these men! Taking a deep breath, she thought of Tsuki and her personality, how would she act? That was easy enough, she smirked to herself, I mean, Tsuki was practically the replica of her mom! Also to some degree, herself. (She has no idea how true that was.)

Silently, she waited for the director to call action, she didn't have to wait long, within 20 seconds, the films were rolling, "ACTION!"

~@~@~@ Written if the form of a play script ~@~@~@~

Tsuki:            [Stretched herself on the bed and yawned] I guess I had better change… [Looks at herself] I'm filthy after that fight with the thugs! [Slowly takes of the breast guard, it drops to the floor in a 'THUD']

Ryu:     [Walks in casually] Hay! We've go to go and attend some meetings you better get changed! [Stands there waiting for her, foot tapping in impatience.] Well? Aren't you going to change?

Tsuki:   [Eyes wide, then hardened] I am NOT going to change in front of you! So kindly remove yourself from my presence!

Ryu:     [Sigh] This is getting nowhere! It's not like you're a girl or anything! *Mutter form Tsuki: you have no idea!* Come on! Just get changed! [When Tsuki made no move to change he moved towards her menacingly, like a tiger ready to pounce.] Or I will HELP you change it!

Tsuki:   [Tries to evacuate from Ryu's advancing, but trips] AHH!!!!

[Tsuki landed in Ryu's arms, here he supports her, arms around her chest.]

Ryu:     Are you al… [Eyes bulge and blushes (that was real!)] You're…you're… REALLY A GIRL!!?? (He's trying to remember his line, which was a real reaction too^^)

Tsuki:   [Eyes also as wide as saucers with blood rushing to them, then she noticed that Ryu's hands were still on her chest blushes wilder before instincts took in (THIS is defiantly real^^)] WHY YOU!!!! HENTAI!!! PERVERT!!! [Takes out her chains and starts throwing them at Sayoran (not that it's Sayoran, not Ryu, this is all acting on pure instinct.) who dodges them in a futile attempt to get away.]

~@~@~@~ Scene over, not longer in play script ~@~@~@~

 All the members of the movie looked at Tsukuji and Sayoran who was still trying to dodge her attacks, then the Director showed up, Tsukuji and Sayoran stopped where they were, looking at the Director in hopeful eyes, Tsukuji at least. 

He looked stern, no expression on his face, then suddenly, he broke into a grin, hugging Tsukuji and Sayoran to him and shouted, "Perfect! You two are made for each other! There is no other way to say it!" They cast confused eyes at him and he grinned wider, "You two acted naturally! That's what I wanted in this movie! Not some pretense that I do not need! It was like you two were reacting to your own reactions rather than from a script! GOOD!! GOOD!!"

The two being congratulated glanced at each other, should we tell him that it WAS our real reactions? Then sub-consciously, they both found the same answer, NAH~!


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