Hey guys, so here's the first smut of the collection, so I forgot to include that with how many female champs there are, I will need concept ideas for the bit of plot before the smut, and one of you asked, "Why not Taliyah?" Well the thing is she's the 2nd youngest champ in the league, and her age was confirmed to be anything but legal, also her eyebrows bug me. :P

Here's the complete list of female champs I won't use,

Tristana, Lulu, Rek'Sai, Illaoi, Annie, Taliyah, Anivia, Lamb (from the kindred duo), Poppy,

Kalista and Soraka are on the fence, so I'm not entirely sure at the point this chapter was posted, anyway, let's get to it.

Katarina X Asiv

Katarina, the sinister blade, was in a match that had just started, she had not gotten to lane yet so she decided to interfere with the opponents by invading Rengar,

"Take caution, Katarina, they might be anticipating your invasion." Her summoner said telepathically,

"I know, Asiv, that just makes things more interesting." Katarina said with a smirk, she waited by the red camp and saw Rengar appear, just as she anticipated, she watched Rengar start on the buff right when he got low, Katarina jumped him,

"FIRST BLOOD!" The announcer boomed,

"Nicely done." Asiv congratulated her,

"Too easy." Katarina said before flipping a bit of her Crimson hair over her shoulder,

Later, Katarina needed some gold and went for the Gromp (the big frog), but as she attacked it, it suddenly released some kind of spores from it's mushrooms, which made Katarina cough and wheeze a bit,

"You son of a bitch!" She said to the gromp before killing it, right then, the opposition agreed to surrender, putting an end to Katarina's last match for the day,

After the match, she was stopped by Asiv, "Nicely done." Asiv congratulated her and held out his hand to shake hers,

She was about to shake his but suddenly, she felt...odd,

Her nether regions started feeling hot and her heart rate sped up,

"I feel...so hot." She said her knees buckled as she tried to sate the heat without drawing too much attention,

"What's wrong?" Asiv asked,

He noticed her labored breath and face reddening, he remembered then, during mating season a Gromp would use some kind of spore-like natural aphrodisiac to attract a mate, which they can also use as a defense,

"I'll get you to your room." Asiv said as he helped Katarina,

Once they got their, Asiv had Kat lie down on the bed,

"What's wrong with me?" Katarina muttered,

Asiv explained what it was and Katarina demanded he get her the antidote but...

"There isn't one, it'll pass on it's own." Asiv said,

"Look here, Ionian! Do you seriously expect me to stay here in heat like some fucking slut?!" She said grabbing his collar and pulling his face close to hers,

"O-Of course not! But..." He was cut off,

"No buts! This is on you! So you're gonna help me through it!" Katarina said,

"How exactly?" Asiv questioned,

"Fuck me, just fuck the living shit outta me!" She commanded,

Asiv tried to object but every time he tried, Katarina countered it,

"Alright, fine." Asiv sighed,

Katarina stripped down to her lacy black bra and panties which made Asiv gulp, immediately feeling his "little friend" stand at attention,

He never had sex with anyone before so he was nervous, and who wouldn't be? especially with the sinister blade.

"Hurry up!" She said, feeling sexual frustration,

Asiv stripped down to his boxers, suddenly Katarina tackled him down onto the bed and viciously made out with him, her tongue wrestled with his, the heat between the two started to grow as they hungrily kissed one another,

Asiv undid her bra and started gently rubbing her bare back which actually made the sinister blade shiver and squeak into the kiss,

"Her body, it's all so perfect." Asiv thought,

Once they separated, Asiv laid her back, Katarina's face was red, her breath was labored and her body was beginning to be covered in sweat from arousal,

Asiv removed her bra and tossed it aside, he gazed at her perfect round boobs, pink nipples that topped off her light flesh color,

Katarina saw his erection through his boxers and smirked,

"Someone's excited." She teased,

"I-I can't help it! It's my first time!" Asiv said nervously,

He gently suckled her tits, making her groan at the sensation, he wasn't experienced, but he made her feel good nonetheless,

Katarina yelped as she felt him lightly nip her left nipple,

He would switch between them and then use his tongue to bully her nipples by pushing them around,

Asiv felt his penis secrete precum as he continued this, here he was, having sex with one of the most sought after women in the league,

Katarina felt her panties become soaking wet from the treatment,

Her body was becoming a bit sweaty as she became more and more aroused,

Asiv stopped and removed her panties, revealing her pink treasure, he looked over her entire body, a perfect lithe hourglass figured body, he gazed at her curves lustfully and when he looked at her pussy it was soaking wet and not a hair to be seen,

He felt her squirm beneath him, either getting impatient or getting flustered from him looking at her naked body,

He started to lightly rub her soaked pink slit, making Katarina yelp,

"Do you like this?" He whispered seductively into her ear as he continued, Katarina was whimpering in bliss, suddenly she felt him rub her clitoris in a circular motion, making her scream and grip the sheets tightly,

He started sucking on her neck making her become even more wet, Asiv's erection grew a bit harder, to the point it was actually a bit painful, he continued his treatment until Katarina tried stroking his hardened penis through his boxers, making him groan slightly,

"Does this naughty kitty Kat want it?" He teased her,

Katarina just nodded slightly, she felt ashamed to be dominated by a virgin, but then again it's the aphrodisiac-like spores that put her in this state,

Asiv took off his boxers, revealing his fully erect penis, he set one of her legs on his shoulder and slowly slid his penis into her eager, wet, pink, and throbbing pussy, it went in with a soft, yet sloppy, wet sound,

He gasped as he felt her pink walls tighten around his member trying to eagerly suck him in,

"Oh shit, feels...so good..." Asiv said while panting,

Katarina would normally take advantage of a weakened state but the effects of the spores made her muscles feel like jelly,

She found herself moaning as Asiv's 6 in. penis slowly moved in and out, rubbing inside her pussy at ALL the right spots,

Katarina and Asiv were both moaning as their reproductive organs sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout each other's bodies,

Katarina's vision was framed by black wisps, she felt like she would black out from this blissful sensation,

She screamed as her body was rocked by an orgasm, her fluids rushing out of her and splattering onto Asiv's pelvis, the fluids dripped down from his balls onto the blankets beneath them,

He continued thrusting desperate to reach his climax, his hardened dick became sore from the erection but the aches faded away as soon as he entered her,

"K-Katarina! Gonna cum!" He said, his brow covered in sweat and a stream of drool coming down from his lip, his eyes were screwed shut, and he looked towards the ceiling as his penis twitched inside her ready to burst,

"Inside! Please! Do it inside!" She begged, Asiv thrusted harder and faster, until suddenly, he thrusted balls deep into her as his hot semen exploded into her, filling the woman's womb completely, a lot of his hot white fluids oozed out of her, Katarina climaxed a 2nd time as he filled her up,

Asiv extracted his penis and positioned Katarina's mirror to face them,

"What are you-?" She asked,

Asiv picked her up, stood up, put her back against his front and fucked her while facing her towards the mirror,

"I want you to watch as I fuck your little pussy." Asiv growled seductively,

Katarina supported herself by grabbing onto him wherever her hands could reach,

She felt embarrassed to be exposed like this but found herself wanting more as Asiv fucked her with her being able to watch his penis move in and out of her,

She screamed and climaxed for the 3rd time, her fluids ran down Asiv's member and onto the floor, he continued thrusting into her, Katarina started playing with her clitoris which made her climax a 4th time 2 minutes later,

Asiv was starting to think this was probably too much for her, but he was ending soon so he didn't feel too worried,

"Augh! Katarina, gonna cum! Gonna cum!" He said, he thrusted deep into her before his sperm exploded into her, Katarina climaxed for the 5th time and her body went slack, a mix of her fluids and Asiv's sperm oozed out of her little pussy, as Asiv extracted himself with a sloppy wet sound,

He laid her down on the bed and snuggled her,

"Perhaps we could do this again sometime?" Katarina smirked despite being tired as hell,

"I wouldn't mind." Asiv returned the smirk.

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