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Ahri, the "Weeb fodder" (SG Ahri X Asiv)

A couple days after Ahri decided to correct her mistake, she went to see Zyra at the institutes garden, since Ionian succulent are out of season in Ionia, she figured Zyra would possibly have one or two more or even a close substitute,

"What brings you back here, fox?" Zyra asked, seeming a bit annoyed, she's never been to enjoy frequent visits,

"I was wondering if you have any Ionian succulent left, or even something close to the extract." Ahri said,

"Well, someone's been sure to be extra mischievous for the boys." Zyra smirked,

"Well there's a specific boy I want, it's Asiv." Ahri replied,

Zyra already knew him, his name was unusual and he was the only summoner with that name in the entire institute,

"Ah yes, with a powerful resistance to your charm, I have something that would work even better than an Ionian succulent." Zyra said,

One of her plants extended a vine and grabbed a small bottle of bright green liquid,

"This is the extract from a Sapphire Damsel, a large blue flower in the Kumungu jungle that glows in the moonlight, the extract is so powerful, he will lose himself in seconds." Zyra said,

"How long should it last?" Ahri asked,

"A single drop should last about 1 hour, and during that hour he won't be able to even resist at least humping your leg." Zyra replied as she handed it to Ahri,

"Perfect~" Ahri chimed happily, just the thought of Asiv getting horny and begging for her touch made Ahri start to get wet.

"But don't use anymore than a few drops at once, as it could bring damaging results." Zyra warned which snapped Ahri out of her lewd fantasy,

"Like what?" Ahri asked,

"Nausea, dehydration, dizziness, or even unconsciousness." Zyra said,

"This will help you not overdose him." Zyra added on, as a vine brought a small dropper over to top off the bottle with,

"I recommend to use it only once every 48 hours so the previous use can work its way out of his system." Zyra said making sure Ahri was listening, and thankfully she was since her eyes were absolutely glued to Zyra as she spoke,

"Got it, thank you~" Ahri chimed in a sing-song tone,

Ahri stopped for a moment and looked back at Zyra,

"You know, perhaps you and I can have some 'fun' of our own sometime." Ahri purred,

Zyra had a confused look on her face, and blushed a bit,

"I-I...just go before I change my mind with helping you." Zyra said, feeling quite flustered,

Ahri giggled and headed on out,

Later, Ahri was waiting by Asiv's room for him to be through with a match, and when he returned, he saw Ahri there, wearing what looked similar to what Lux and Jinx's star guardian uniforms,

"Lux got you in on the theme as well?" Asiv asked,

"Yep, I thought it would be cute." Ahri replied,

Asiv couldn't deny it, he did think the theme was a bit cute,

"Anyway, what did you need to talk about?" Asiv asked,

"Not out here, it's regarding Ionia's politics." Ahri whispered,

Asiv quirked an eyebrow but decided to play along for now, knowing that Ahri was looking for something else,

Once Asiv went to unlock his door, Ahri put half of the extract in her mouth, waiting for Asiv to turn towards her, he unlocked the door then motioned for her to come in, they both went in silently, once he locked the door behind them, he turned towards Ahri,

"What did you want to-?" Asiv was cut off by Ahri suddenly kissing him, and she stuck her tongue in his mouth and grazed the back of his front teeth to set the extract, but explored the rest of his mouth so he wouldn't get suspicious of the one move,

"What the hell?!" Asiv exclaimed when he finally pushed her away,

Unknown to Asiv, he just swallowed the extract, which as Zyra said, it was only a matter of seconds before he was effected,

Asiv started panting and felt the front of his pants get a bit tight,

"W-What did you...d-do to me?" Asiv questioned,

"It was because of me that you and Jinx went at it, so...it's my turn now." Ahri said,

She guided Asiv to his bedroom and as soon as she sat on the edge of the bed, Asiv forced her legs apart and started eagerly licking, kissing and sucking at her clothed pussy, making Ahri squeal in delight and shudder,

"Nyaaa~ yes! Right there!" Ahri cried out and fell back as Asiv nibbled on her clit through her panties,

Asiv then started grinding his clothed length along her pussy, and lifted her top to get access to her breasts and started suckling on her left nipple,

Ahri stopped him, had him strip down and laid him back on his bed, his hardened penis sticking up and leaking precum,

"My turn to have some fun~" she said with a sultry smirk,

She stripped nude but left her knee-high socks on, then started playing with and stroking Asiv's penis with her feet,

Asiv groaned and panted, Ahri thought it would be fun to tease him, so she laid herself again the foot end of the bed and got his attention,

"Asiv~" she said, Asiv looked towards her, and saw she was playing with her soaked pussy,

"If you're a good boy, I'll let you put it in~" She chimed, slowly fingering herself, she bit her lip and shuddered, Asiv whimpered and thrusted between her feet,

"Ah ah, only good boys get to be inside my pussy, no moving unless I say so, and you must watch me play with my pussy." Ahri said gently but somewhat commanding at the same time,

Asiv was growing impatient and wanted nothing more than release, he could feel his climax approaching fast,

"You're about to cum? If you can wait until I say you can cum, I'll give you a VERY special reward." Ahri said before licking her lips,

Asiv started holding back, after a bit of holding off his climax, it became a bit painful, and Ahri knew it was,

"You can cum now." Ahri said suddenly stroking his penis fast, Asiv groaned and released his load all over Ahri's pink knee socks, Asiv was panting, and he looked a bit exhausted,

"Now for your special reward." Ahri said, she trapped his member between her breasts and started sucking on the tip as she moved them, Asiv cried out and came very fast, due to his sensitivity after his previous climax, and Ahri made sure to swallow every bit of it,

"Alright Asiv, now you can have what you wanted." Ahri said, positioning over his penis,

She slowly lowered as she guided it into her pussy, she bit her lip as she felt it reach inside her,

"So big, it feels so good~" Ahri said dreamily as she moved up and down slowly, Asiv moaned and grabbed her breasts, which Ahri did not object to,

"You like them?" Ahri asked rhetorically, she lowered her breasts to Asiv's face, burying him in her squishy mounds, which made him get a little bigger inside her,

"Your big penis is making me cuuuum!" Ahri squealed as she squirt all over Asiv's dick, her fluids running down his length and onto the bedsheets,

Suddenly Asiv groaned and released into her womb, a large amount of his sperm oozed out of her, down his length and joined her fluids on the sheets,

"Such a good boy~" Ahri said, she took him out and got on all fours,

"Fuck me from behind." Ahri ordered, Asiv did not hesitate to start thrusting into her, his balls slapping against her clit, his sperm from earlier oozing and dripping out onto the sheets, and the sound of wet flesh making contact as he thrusted into her,

Asiv groaned and released inside her, and to her surprise he kept thrusting through his release, even after he was finished he kept going,

"Zyra wasn't kidding when she said it was strong extract." Ahri thought,

They changed their position many times, missionary, reverse cowgirl, and so forth,

Asiv was now doing her against the wall, and with one last thrust, he came inside her for the sixth time,

They made their way to his bed, and both collapsed onto it, both sweaty and panting,

"Didn't think you'd last that long." Asiv said between breaths,

"Same to you." Ahri replied,

"Maybe we could do this again some time?" Asiv asked,

"Sure, and we could invite Zyra." Ahri said,

Asiv gave her an odd look but shrugged it off, as he was to exhausted to care at the moment.

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