Eventually, Sly arrived back with other animals from all around the woods including bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits, skunks, beavers, deer's and more.

"Here we are, chief" he said to Brain "Every animal I could find"

"Alright everybody" Brain said to the animals "This is probably the biggest thing to ever come into the animal kingdom!"

The animals all looked at each other.

"Why should we listen to you?" asked a squirrel.

"Everybody shut up and listen to what Brain has to say" Shep barked.

Everybody shut up just as Shep had told them.

"You tell em, Shep" Teeny exclaimed.

"Thank you, Shep, Teeny" Brain cleared his throat "Since the dawn of time, it's been every animal for himself! Prey vs. predator. A never ending war of animals. But today, we take a stand! Time to put aside our primal, instinctive ways and save our world from total annihilation! We are going to stop this missile from blowing up everything we care about! Today, we are evolved descendants of proto-animals, but we will be heroes! So who's with me?"

"I'm in" Teeny said enthusiastically.

"So am I" added Angora.

It wasn't too long before the other animals concurred with Brain.

"Then let's get digging!" he exclaimed.

The animals all banned together using their talons, hooves, paws, etc. to start digging their way to where the missile was. Together, Brain and his fellow animals started to dig and dig until finally...they hit something.

"Guys" said Sly "I think we've hit the thing"

Sure enough, it was the missile and it was counting down to launch in about 45 seconds.

"OH MY GOD!" Brain gasped "We've got 45 seconds to disarm this missile"

Brain opened up the missile and saw two wires connected to the missile. One wire was red and one wire was blue.

"Brain, I have claws sharp enough to cut the wires" Eddie said as he showed a claw "Maybe I can cut one of the wires. Just tell me which one to cut"

"You got it, Eddie" Brain gave a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, animals are colorblind, so Brain had to point to which side the wire was on.


"Come on, Brain" said Sly "You've gotta pick which wire to cut. Left or right"


Brain's head started sweating from nervousness.

"Brain, if you can't choose the right wire, we are doomed" Angora stammered.

"Yeah, Brain" said Teeny "Don't think about screwing up and ending all life on the planet, just do your best"

"TEENY!" Shep and Angora shouted at the pig.

"Sorry" Teeny's ears dropped.

Brain was still under a lot of pressure.


He was nervous and sweating like a pig.


"Hey!" shouted Teeny to the narrator.

Sorry Teeny. As I was saying, Brain was as nervous. The fate of the entire world was depending on him.


Brain's face was still sweating and he still didn't know what to do. He didn't have much time left and it was so hard. There were mere seconds left in the world and if Brain picked the wrong wire to cut, he would-

"OKAY!" Brain shouted "I GET IT!"

Okay, I'll shut up. Go ahead and make your choice...fast.



"That one" Brain pointed to the wire on the right.

"Okay" said Eddie.



Eddie made his sharp claw appear and used it to cut the right wire.


Everybody shut their eyes and embraced one another, ready for doomsday. But a mere seconds later, nothing happened.

"Missile disabled" said the speaker on the missile.

The animals all opened their eyes and were speechless. They had saved the entire world from annihilation.

"We did it" Shep said "We really did it!"

"Whoopee!" Teeny did a flip in the air "We did it! We saved the world!"

The other animals started cheering as well.

"We're so back in the happy place, man" said Ozzie.

"And we couldn't have done it without you guys" Brain walked over to the cougars.

"No problem, Brain" said Ozzie "And if you need an extra pair of paws, call us. Come on boys, let's go find some deer's to snack on"

While the cougars left, Brain and his friends were also walking back to the kids. Along the way, they had a discussion on their adventure together.

"I can't believe we really saved the whole world" said Teeny "Two dogs, a cat and a pig"

"Yeah" Shep said "It feels great, Teeny my dear boy"

"Look over there" Angora pointed to the kids, who were riding their horses "It's the kids"

Brain, Teeny, Shep and Angora ran over to the kids and the horses. They started to make animal noises at the kids.

"Guys look" said Sarah "There's Shep and the others. Shep! Here boy!"

"Ruff" Shep barked as he ran to the kids as Brain, Angora and Teeny followed him.

"Where have you been, boy?" asked Bailey "We've been worried about you four"

"Well at least you guys are safe" Will remarked "Come on, let's get back to Horseland"

Meanwhile at DuBois' lair, Gadget and the others had noticed that nothing had happened.

"Wowsers" said Gadget "That missile got disabled"

"But how?" asked Jorge.

"Beats me" Gadget said "But now, we've gotta escape. Go go gadget boxing glove"

A boxing glove came out of Gadget's hat and smashed the control pad, which deactivated the lockdown system and freed our heroes.

"Now come on" said Gadget "Let's grab our crook and get outta here"

"That hussy is gonna get served, baby" Tyson said as she placed her hands on her hips.

Our heroes made it to where DuBois and her men were hiding in and busted open the front door.

"Freeze slimeballs!" Fred shouted to the villains "You're all under arrest"

"I don't think so" said DuBois.

DuBois started doing flips and kicked Gadget, Fred and Jorge, sending them up against the wall.

"Oh no, you didn't" Tyson said as she took off her earrings "Nobody messes with my men but me"

"Bring it on baby" said DuBois.

An epic fight soon endured. There was much fighting and battling as Tyson Jones and Fiona DuBois used their awesome self defense and fighting skills to block each other and try to knock each other out. Just when DuBois put Tyson in a choke hold, Tyson reached into her pocket and zapped DuBois with her taser, knocking her out cold.

In just a few minutes, the rest of the police came and arrested DuBois and her men. The chief walked over to congratulate them.

"Well, I don't know how you did it Gadget but, ya'll caught them" he sighed.

"No problem, chief" said Gadget "That's what we're here for"

"Good thing, too" said the chief "Now come back to the station"

"You won't get away with this, Jones" DuBois said as she was being dragged off into a police car "I'll be back"

As soon as the other cops drove away, Gadget and his allies started walking back to the Gadgetmobile.

"I hope Brain is okay" said Gadget "Hope he didn't wander off into the woods"

Just then, Jorge saw Brain, Shep, Teeny and the Horseland kids.

"Mira" said Jorge "It's Brain!"

"Where?" Tyson looked around.

"With those kids riding horses" Jorge pointed to the Horseland kids.

"Excuse me" Gadget shouted to the kids "Kids! Can you stop for a minute?"

"Somebody's calling" Sarah said as she stopped Scarlet "Coming"

Sarah and the kids got off their horses and walked over to Gadget and the others.

"Is there a problem, sir?" asked Molly.

"No, but I believe you have our dog, Brain" said Gadget.

"What dog?" asked Alma.

"The yellow one right next to that Collie" Tyson replied as she pointed to Brain.

"How do I know he's really yours?" asked Chloe.

"Brain, come here boy" Gadget said as he tapped his knees.

"Are those your owners, Brain?" Chilli asked Brain.

"Yeah" Brain nodded "And I'd better get to them before they think I've forgotten em"

Brain walked over to Gadget and started licking him.

"So he is your dog" said Bailey.

"Yes" Gadget nodded "And thank you kids for looking after him"

"No problem sir" Sarah smiled.

"Go go gadget leash" Gadget said as a leash came out of his sleeve and attached itself to Brain's collar.

"Hey wait a minute" said Bailey "You're Inspector Gadget!"

"Yep, that's me" Gadget nodded.

"Oh my god" said Zoey "We see you on TV all the time. It's great to meet you dude"

"A pleasure to see some fans" Gadget tipped the brim of his hat.

While Gadget and the kids were conversing, Brain was about to say goodbye to his new friends.

"We were such a great team weren't we?" Brain asked them.

"You bet we were" said Teeny "So, does this mean we'll never see each other again?"

"I wouldn't count on that, Teeny" said Shep "Somehow, I have a feeling we'll see each other again real soon"

And so, Brain bid a tearful goodbye to Shep, Teeny, Angora, Sly and the horses, but somehow, he had a feeling they'd reunite someday.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Rose Budd's laboratory, two scientists were finished perfecting some sort of laser pistol. At that same time, RoboGadget and his newly recruited goons were in the back of the building.

"So, what are we doing here, boss?" asked one of the thugs.

"There is a sick little gadget that have big plans for" RoboGadget replied "Now...get to work"

"Yes sir" said the thugs.

Inside of the building, the two scientists had finished perfecting their laser pistol.

"It's finally done" said the first scientist "The reversal ray of the stone ray is finally complete"

"Good" the other scientist agreed "Now we can see if it works"

The two scientists took the pistol, aimed it at the statue Dr. Rose and zapped her with it. In a magical sparkly transformation, Dr. Rose Budd was transformed back to her original flesh and blood self.

"Dr. Rose!" the first scientist gasped "You're back to normal"

"I'm back" she said for the first time in months "I'm back to normal! This is awesome!"

"Our reversal ray works" the scientists cheered "It works! It works!"

"Good" said Dr. Rose "Now let's go use it to change everyone who got turned to stone back to normal"

But before they could do it, the thugs busted in and grabbed them.

"What're you doing? Let us go!" the scientists demanded.

Just then, RoboGadget arrived with an evil grin on his face and activated a long, sharp blade in his sleeve and when that happened...well let's just say things got a little graphic. As the scientists remains laid down on the floor, Robo zapped open a safe and found what he was looking for.

"Just what I need" he evilly grinned.


Author's Note:

A bittersweet ending for Brain and his friends from Horseland...or is it? Somehow, I think they'll cross paths again.

Wanna know what RoboGadget is planning? Well, you can find out in our next story (aka, the season finale) coming soon! So stay tuned for the season finale!