Katy sat in the rocking chair next to the fireplace with the baby in her arms. There were radiators keeping the chill off the room, but she and Buck both liked a wood fire. She stroked the tiny cheek and the child turned his face towards her bosom. She unbuttoned the front of her nightgown and let him latch on to her breast, sucking greedily. She hoped that afterwards he would go back to sleep until morning.

Buck came into the room and stirred up the fire a little. "You didn't need to get up," she told him.

He sat down in the chair across from her. "I like to watch. Thought I'd just keep you company."

She nodded her assent, acknowledging her husband's endless fascination with seeing her nurse their child. "I talked to Doc today."

He grinned. "So did I."

She turned the baby and moved him to the other breast. "Well, I was thinkin', since you're already awake, if he goes to sleep after…"

His grin widened and he settled back in his chair to wait his turn.

The End