A.N The amazing Starlight Massacre has a WIP story up at the minute called The Dragon's Rebirth, and he rewriting of the amazing relationship between Harry and Rhaegar has started this plot bunny in my head, and so I am writing my second Hp/Got crossover.

This is based in the Harry Potter universe, with the idea that Westros is a country existing within that universe.

- -HP GOT -

Harry stared at the headmaster who was staring right back. He had never seen Albus look so uncomfortable, and that was including the whole 'you're a horcrux, I was planning on letting you sacrifice yourself' conversation when Albus had reconsidered his decisions. Their relationship had been strained since that moment, even after they had managed to defeat Voldemort together, things had been difficult for both of them.

He turned to look at Remus who was sitting looking a little stunned and not really sure on what to say. Harry's relationship with Remus was difficult, he cared for Harry and he wanted a good relationship with him, he wanted to be in his life and help look after him, but at the same time Harry reminded him of the three friends that he had lost, and the one that had betrayed him.

But he needed help with this and these were the two people that he trusted the most to help him. He looked down at the letter in his hands and the necklace in his grasp, he had had things like this offered to him before but none had been as serious as this, and none of them had been as...impressive as this. He had known straight away that he couldn't just ignore this one as he had with the others, or even the few that he had had to politely turn down.

So he had needed advice.

"This..." Remus paused to clear his throat. "This King, do you know anything about him Albus?"

"I do actually, he is well known within certain circles, especially for his magic. He can speak to dragons and they listen to his commands, fire can't touch him. He comes from a very old and very long line who have been very, very powerful for a long time. They have ruled over their country for centuries and their rule has never been questioned...until The King's father. The rumors are that he is mad. King Rhaegar performed a coop and took over the throne. King Aerys is still alive and under the care of the best medi-wizards and mind healers, but he did a lot of damage before that happened, and King Rhaegar had a lot of work to do once he took the throne to repair the damage that his father had done, there have been a lot of rebellions and attacks to his rule, especially because he was so young when he took over the throne. But he has proven to be very different to his father, a fair but firm ruler, very in touch with the people and he has become extremely well loved by them," Albus listed.

"How old is he?" Harry asked curiously.

"He's 25 years old. It has been known for a while that he has been looking for a husband and consort to rule beside him, and to provide him with heirs," Albus explained.

"And he is interested in Harry for that?" Remus stammered.

"You ok Remus?" Harry asked concerned.

"No! You're too young for that!" Remus protested making Harry smile slightly and reach out to hold his hand.

"Remus I need to bond with someone to anchor my magic, its probably why he is looking for a partner as well. I do need to consider settling down with someone to help me, otherwise I could start seriously losing control of my magic," Harry told him gently.

"So you have to marry?!" Remus choked.

"Yes, Remus its ok. Settling down, family, that isn't something that worries me, or that I don't want. At first it was a little bit of a shock and I wasn't sure that I wanted to be married. But I have had time to get used to the idea, and really its not a bad thing. The worst part is trying to find the right person who isn't going to want me just for my fame," Harry sighed.

"And you are considering this King?" Remus asked.

"Well...yes I suppose. He's a King, power and fame isn't something that he needs, money isn't either. And his letter...he...he sounds nice," Harry shrugged fingering the edges of the letter again.

"What does he say in it?"

"What's he saying?" Albus and Remus asked at the same time. Harry smiled slightly and they both grinned a little sheepishly back at him.

"He is very polite, he introduces himself, and says that while it is true that his advisers and people are looking for him to marry and have been for a while, he only looking now looking because he feels it is the right time for him, and that he wants someone to share his life with, someone that can understand and cope with baring the weight of expectations on their shoulders. He says that what he has heard of me, he thinks he will like me, and he thinks that I will be able to cope with being his consort. He is coming here and will be arriving in a day, and he wants me to meet him for supper to get to know each other, and for me to consider his request to court me," Harry told them.

"May I see the necklace?" Albus asked gently holding out his hand.

"It has an unusual charm," Harry said holding it out.

"Ah, the three headed dragon, it is the symbol of Rhaegar's house, Targarayan, he is placing a lot of hope in this and is very serious if he has sent this symbol straight away. It is a great honour to wear this," Albus explained.

"I need advise. Should I go for it? If I do what do I wear, what do I say? What can I say to a King?" Harry groaned dropping his head into his hands.

"Do you want to go Harry?" Remus asked touching his back.

"Yes," Harry admitted.

"But?" Albus asked.

"But...I have been on a grand total of one date and that turned out...horrifically. I have had one girlfriend, and right now she won't even look me in the eyes because of how terrible that relationship went," Harry said slightly hysterically.

"Ok Harry first, Cho was during your fifth year when you were under a hell of a lot of stress, not to mention the fact that she was clearly more than a little bit of a mess. That is not something the base your date experience on. And as for Ginny, you still didn't really accept that you were gay when you started dating her, you were a teenager, it happens, you experience life and you make a decision based on it. You have never been anything but honest with her about things, from making no promises about your relationship, to breaking up with her because you're gay. Yes I am sure that she is hurt, but she is being very unfair and cruel about it," Remus said gently.

"Remus is right, if you want this you should give it a go Harry. One date to see what you think about him and make a decision from there. You have nothing to lose," Albus nodded.

"Thank you...where would I get clothes that would be suitable for this restaurant?" Harry asked holding the letter out to Remus and watching amused as he practically fell out his chair.

"Holy fucking Merlin!" Albus choked before blushing at the twin gawps he got as he read the name of the restaurant.

"I take it its expensive?" Harry asked dryly.

"Just a little!" Remus nodded.

"Wonderful," He sighed flopping back into his chair.


Harry was beyond nervous as he apparated to the restaurants designated apparation spot, which apparently this place had. He had spent hours showering and getting ready for this, making sure that he was looking his very best. Remus and Albus had been in his living room the whole time, helping him calm down when he needed it, and prising him from his room when he had panicked last minute and refused to leave the house. If nothing else the last day and a bit had managed to repair his relationship with them, and strengthen them. It had actually been fun robe shopping with them, teasing Albus about his taste in robe colours, though his taste in the actual cut of them was very good.

Tonks had appeared just as he was finally getting ready to leave, and she had straightened his color and given him a good luck pat on the shoulder and one last pep talk. Andromeda was apparently looking after Teddy.

He took a deep breath and straightened the royal blue robes around him, the silver stitching dancing in the candle light around him. He had been informed that this colour was very good for his skin shade and would work to really bring out his eyes as it had a faint purple hue to it. He was wearing fitted black slacks and ankle boots that gave him a little more height, this he loved but he had been walking around in the damned things for the last day and a half to get used to the slight heel.

"Lord Potter-Black, this way please," the man that met him looked fierce and...well very much every inch the knight that he clearly was. Harry had never seen a knight before, but this man looked like he had jumped from the pages of a book. He was wearing golden armour that had the same sigil of the three headed dragon as the necklace lying around Harry's neck. A white cape swept behind him and he had a sword at his side. His dark hair was close cropped, as was his beard, and his face held some scars that even magic could clearly not heal. "My name is Ser Iain, I am a member of the Kings guard," The knight explained seeing Harry's curious eyes on him.

"Oh I'm sorry for staring!" Harry blushed darkly.

"Its quite alright, I know that your country are not used to seeing knights anymore besides in paintings. The owner of the hotel didn't know what to do with himself when we turned up," Ser Iain smiled at the laughter that Harry let out at that thought.

Rhaegar was sitting at their table waiting for the arrival of Harry Potter-Black, he had arrived early, and Harry had another fifteen minutes before the agreed time of their meeting, but he could not help but feel a little nervous. Not that he would show it of course. Really he knew the young man would not turn down this meeting, just for the fear of insulting Rhaegar who had traveled so far for this. But if tonight was not a success that Harry would be within rights and politeness to turn down his request for courting. And if he did then Rhaegar was going to have to turn back to the vapid and power hungry attention seekers who aimed to be his consort.

He looked up when the sound of bright and happy laughter reached his ears just after Ser Iain's voice, who he had sent to wait for Harry at the apparation point to guide him here safely. That laughter seemed to lighten something in Rhaegar straight away. It was so bright and honest, cheerful and free.

When Harry Potter-Black stepped into sight Rhaegar felt the breath catching in his throat. Well the physical attraction was definitely not going to be an issue. Harry Potter was ethereal, dark haired which fell around his pale face and brushed the tops of his shoulders in waves, big, wide green eyes that were the colour of emeralds...or perhaps jade...or freshly cut grass. He was slim and lithe, but there were definitely muscles and strengthen there, undeniably. And then those eyes turned to him, and the laughter was lost on the red lips that Rhaegar had an urge to taste, though he missed the smile on them, the slightly open mouthed, wide eyed look he received was definitely not bad.

Harry's first thought on the King was that he was something out of a fairy tale. Handsome and strong, he had a personality of iron, that you could see at the first glance at the man, but there was a gentleness to his eyes and a kindness to his mouth that seemed to be used to smiling, though he looked very serious and stern. Slightly brooding perhaps. His features were so unusual, lightly bronzed skin, with moonlight blonde hair that fell around his face in lightly curled waves reaching just passed his shoulders. He had a strong and muscled frame that spoke of physical prowess. But it was his eyes that caught Harry. A beautiful shade of purple that seemed to enhance his looks, but they were warm and gentle at the same time as being searching and strong.

"King Rhaegar," Harry bowed correctly in the way that Albus had taught him.

"Lord Potter-Black, please, we are here as equals, do not bow," Rhaegar stood quickly.

"Then would you call me Harry please?" Harry asked softly.

"You are not fond of your title?" Rhaegar asked curiously. Most men demanded every inch of respect that they thought they were owed, especially in front of him as they had the habit of feeling inferior.

"To be honest not particularly, I have had it called at me by everyone and their mother in the last few weeks, it is tiring, I would rather not be reminded of all that tonight," Harry nodded.

"Very well then Harry, please call me Rhaegar, and thank you for accepting my request,"Rhaegar took the younger man's hand and placed a kiss to it.

"Honestly, you have come so far, it would have been rude of me not to...have I said something wrong?" Harry asked nervously when Rhaegar's eyes widened visibly at his answer.

"Not at all, I am just not used to someone being so honest with me," Rhaegar smiled a little more honestly leading Harry to their table and seating him.

"What would you normally have heard?" Harry asked curiously, glancing around the completely empty restaurant a little nervously.

"I would normally have received a spew of flattery about how there was no way anyone would reject my offer blah blah blah," Rhaegar waved his hand and rolled his eyes, and was gifted with that laughter once again. The thrill that went through him at the sound of it, and being the one to cause it, was exciting, and he knew that should Harry agree to court him he would quickly become very possessive of that laughter. He would want to be the one that made Harry laugh the most, that made those eyes light up like that.

"I am afraid that I am not very good at things like that, I am far to honest for my own good sometimes," He admitted.

"I am glad, please be nothing but honest with me," Rhaegar bowed his head.

"There is no problem with that,"

"I hope you do not mind, I bought out the whole restaurant for us so that we could have some peace and privacy for tonight," Rhaegar motioned around them to the room that was empty except for three of his King's guard and two or three waiters.

"Its a little strange, but nice. Being gawped at is not really good while trying to enjoy a meal," Harry smiled.

"Ah yes I did see the papers this morning, did you enjoy your ham and cheese jacket potato yesterday?" Rhaegar said so dryly that Harry couldn't help the smile that crept across his face despite the annoyance he was still feeling.

"Unfortunately six months after the defeat of Voldemort and I am still of interest to the public, to stupid degrees," Harry sighed.

"When I was a teenager someone revealed the shampoo that I used, I could not get hold of any after it because everyone raced out to by it up so they could say they used the same one,"

"What did you do?" Harry asked slightly shocked.

"Well fourteen year old me threw quite the tantrum and refused to wash my hair for two weeks because the shampoo that had been bought in for me wasn't the same," Rhaegar blushingly admitted but it was worth it to receive that laughter again.

"So far I haven't had to worry about running out of anything yet," Harry smiled.

"Are you ready for your first course?" The lady was definitely not a waitress, if Harry had to guess the owner of the restaurant would apparently be waiting on them tonight. Rhaegar looked to Harry who smiled and nodded.

"That would be nice yes, I hope you do not mind, I took the liberty of ordering a selection of foods from the menu for us to try for each course,"

"No that's fine, I have heard the food here is amazing, it will be nice to try more than one dish," Harry hummed.

"Your wine," The Owner quickly had their wine poured and left the table just as quickly. Harry blinked when he noticed a second bottle being opened already at the bar and one of the Knights starting to cast heavy spells over it.

"It is not a very good impression is it, I am here to try and convince you to bind yourself to me, and you have to watch my food and drink being tested before I can eat or drink anything. I am sorry," Rhaegar grimaced when he saw where Harry's attention was.

"Its ok, really, to be honest I have to do much the same checks on my food and drink, and my post as well. A few people have tried to catch me out that way,"

"You have been attacked?" Rhaegar frowned.

"A few times, mainly through my post. If it isn't Death Eaters or sympathizers, its others that think I am too dangerous to be allowed to live, or that I didn't do something quick enough," Harry admitted.

"I am sorry that you have to go through that. I am sure that you have heard about my father, things have been difficult for a long time, his madness showed through quite a while before it really took hold. We were all living on edge for a long time. By the time I took the throne the hatred and distrust for my name and families rule has been deeply embedded, even now there is mistrust and uncertainty though I like to believe that my people have come to love and respect me," Rhaegar confessed.

"I was sorry to hear about your father, how is he now?" Harry asked gently, daring to reach across the table to touch his fingers to the back of the King's hand.

Rhaegar blinked and looked down at the hand touching his, and then back up into Harry's green eyes. He could see the honesty in those eyes and in his expression. He was not asking to get information or gossip out of him, or to get the information on the 'mad king' to know what to expect. He was honestly asking out of concern for the man, and for Rhaegar.

"Thank you for asking," Rhaegar smiled. "I have hired the best that I can to treat him, and I have consulted with many to try and diagnose what is wrong with him, but no one can really say what it is that made him go mad. We have to keep him medicated otherwise he becomes extremely distressed and violent. But he has good days where he recognizes us and is quite content. He had one right before I left to come here, he wished me luck,"

"I'm glad, it will be nice to meeting him...if we get that far," Harry blushed and looked down at his hands. He couldn't believe he had just said that!

"Thank you," Rhaegar reached across their table and tilted Harry's chin back up with his fingers. His purple eyes were warm and welcoming, and his smile was honest and gentle.

"Tell me some more about your family, please?" Harry asked softly. The two of them barely noticed the plates levitating over to their table, or the hopeful looks being shared between the King's guard around the room.

"Of course, whatever you wish," Rhaegar said so honestly that Harry could not help but believe him. "My mother still lives in the castle with me, I think she enjoys the quieter life really, she gets to look after my youngest brother and sister and fuss over all of us. Rhaella. She is the most beautiful woman, aside from my little sister. My youngest brother Viserys is six, he is into everything and anything right now, and he is causing us all heart attacks on a frequent basis. He is a little spoilt and self assured, but we are trying to balance that out. My little sister Daenerys is the cutest thing you will ever see, she is two and like a little doll. She is curious as well, and feisty for one so young. She of course has all of the King's Guard wrapped around her little fingers," Rhaegar smiled brightly at the thought of his family.

"And you from the looks of it," Harry laughed.

"I admit nothing," Rhaegar chuckled. "What about you?"

"Ah well...You obviously know about my parents..."

"Harry I am so sorry, I should not have..." Rhaegar looked crestfallen at his question.

"No honestly, its fine I went to live with my mum's sister, brother in law and their son after my mum and dad. But I don't really get on with them very well, they like to think that they are completely normal and they hate anything 'not normal' of course their wizard nephew is completely unacceptable. I made up with my cousin a little though. I have Neville who is like a brother to me, we were in the same house at school. And there is Remus, he is one of my godfather's though our relationship is a little complicated, and he and his wife have just had a baby Teddy, they have asked me to be his godfather, he is the cutest baby I have ever seen, and he is metamorphagus too which is adorable, his hair changes to match his mood, he's only ten weeks old so we are still translating his different colours. Albus is like a grandfather to me in some ways, but again we have a little bit of a complicated relationship,"

"They sound lovely, do you mind me asking what you mean by complicated?" Rhaegar asked curiously, he held out one of the plates to Harry for him to try one of the meals that he had not yet tried while they had been talking.

"With Remus, its difficult for him I know. He was best friends with my father and mother, and my Godfather. I know for him it is hard to look at me because I remind him of them. But he loves me deeply, and its just the two of us now out the five of our little family. With Albus, he has made a lot of decisions about my life for me, some because he believed that it was for my own good, others for the greater good of the wizarding world. He had to balance himself out as the leader of the light and caring for me. Because of that he made some bad mistakes, but we are working our way through them,"

"They are lucky to have you,"

"Oh no! No! I am lucky to have them!" Harry flustered.

"I think we will have to agree to disagree," Rhaegar chuckled.

- Hp GOT -

"This was amazing!" Harry sighed contently looking around the plates that they had picked clean.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Rhaegar smiled waving for the plates to be removed. They eaten their way through their starters and main course, and through it all they had talked quite easily and freely, no awkwardness at all, even the times that they had had some quiet times while they ate it had not been awkward, and neither of them had been able to take their eyes off of each other.

"Would you tell me a little bit about your country? I have to admit I have heard very little about it," Harry blushed a little.

"Honestly I am not shocked, we are considered quite backwards and stuck in our ways, though coming from the wizarding world that is a little ironic. We are an island on our own made up of seven different countries that were brought together by my ancestors centuries ago. Everyone on the island are aware of magic even if they are muggles, and we live together quite well, we are a strange mixture of muggle and magic. I am a little biased but I think it is quite a beautiful country, we have amazing scenery, my capital is built on the sea, Kings landing, it is a massive city built on a cliff, the gardens in the city are magnificent, and the architecture is beautiful,"

"It sounds wonderful," Harry smiled brightly.

"I hope you will come and see it," Rhaegar broached the subject of their courting fully for the first time. Harry blushed and bit his lip as he thought everything over. "I am sorry I did not mean to push, but...I have had a very good night this evening, and I am more determined than ever to try and court you," Rhaegar's purple stare was so intent and so honest that Harry flushed even darker under that stare.

Around the edge of the room the King's Guard all leant further forwards, they had ignored their conversation for the most part during the meal to try and give the two of them a little privacy, but they had not been able to miss that part of the conversation, and they could not help but watch Harry hopefully for his answer.

On his part Harry reached up to touch the necklace around his neck, his first gift from Rhaegar and he thought over how comfortable and happy he had felt during this meal, and the way his whole body seemed to tingle and pull towards Rhaegar whenever the King looked at him, which was most of the meal. Honestly his body felt like it was charged full of electricity.

"I would like that," Harry said softly. Rhaegar stared for a second before smiling brightly at him.

"Thank you, you won't regret it!"


"You have a visitor Harry," Albus said popping his head around the corner to smile at Harry.

"Who is it?" Harry asked curiously, the Headmaster wasn't looking concerned so it couldn't be one of the Weasleys.

"I am sorry for intruding," Rhaegar stepped out from behind Albus, and how Harry had missed the sound of the King's guard armour he didn't know as they rattled into view.

"Rhaegar!" Harry smiled brightly at the young King. "You're not intruding at all,"

"I finished with my meeting early, and I hoped I could spend an hour or two with you," Rhaegar bowed his head to Harry.

"Of course you can!" Harry stood and went to meet the King. "Would you like a tour of the grounds?"

"I would like that, if that is ok?" Rhaegar turned to Albus who blinked and then chuckled.

"You are both more than welcome to go where ever you like," Albus motioned around them.

"Thank you for your hospitality," Rhaegar nodded before holding his arm out for Harry. "What?" He smiled when Harry chuckled, but slid his arm through the King's anyway.

"No one has ever offered me their arm before, I'm sorry," Harry explained before glancing back at the clink of the King's Guards armour.

"I am sorry they are not going to leave me even if I order them to. I tried that once before and caught Dayton sneaking around following me, its better knowing where they are. I have asked them to keep a good distance," Rhaegar explained.

"He snuck around following you?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Yes, and I am talking about hiding in bushes and up trees!" Rhaegar nodded seriously, smiling when Harry laughed at the image.

"How long before you put him out his misery and told him you knew he was following you?"

"About an hour..."

"Cruel! Very cruel!" Harry chuckled.

"So that was Albus, I have not been interrogated quite like that in a good long time,"

"Oh Merlin, I'm sorry about that!" Harry covered his eyes with his free hand.

"No, it was refreshing actually, and he is part of your family. It is good to know that he cares for you. I believe that my mother is eager to meet you as well, though she was rather offendingly surprised that you had agreed to my courting," Rhaegar huffed.

"She was surprised?" Harry looked so shocked that he could see Rhaegar's chest actually puffing up.

"A little, Viserys asked if you were handsome and Daenerys wanted to know if you would play with her," Rhaegar smiled softly.

"I would like to meet them, you brother and sister sound adorable," Harry hummed as he led Rhaegar down the grounds.

"I would like for you to meet them, very much. And I think the rest of my Guard are very eager to meet you,"

"How many do you have in your guard?" Harry asked curiously.

"There are fifteen of them all together, but seven of them are my closest and main Guard. The three Guard members with me today, I have a fourth that has today off, and three others that have remained at home with my family. Some of them were members of the guard when I was a boy, I have grown up around them. Others I have known through my training and have chosen myself through them showing loyalty to me," Rhaegar explained before turning a little hesitantly to Harry.

"What's the matter?" Harry asked a little concerned.

"Harry I wasn't completely honest with you,"

"Oh," Harry said slowly making Rhaegar wince.

"I can only stay here for so long, my responsabilities to my country can only allow me to stay away for so long, even with my mother reigning in my stead and through me from here. I am working a lot even though this is supposed to be a holiday, and me to concentrate on wooing you,"

"Ok, so what does that mean for our courtship?" Harry asked softly, shocked at the feeling of his heart sinking, the man had made it sound like he was still very invested in courting Harry, but this sounded like he could be backing out.

"It means...I was trying not to push too hard on this, especially so early into our courting, but y mother pointed out to me that time was not on my side being here, and she told me that I should be honest with you from the start. As always she was right. Harry I can only stay here for two months at the very most, I am hoping that should our courtship go well, you will consider coming back to my country with me to continue our courtship, and to see whether it is somewhere that you would be happy living," Rhaegar stopped and turned to take Harry's hands.


"I am trying to find a balance here of letting you know that I am very, very interested in courting you, and in this courtship ending in you wanting to marry me. I have never met anyone like you before, and I have definitely never met anyone that has made me fell the way that you do after only a couple of meetings. But I don't want too scare you off either. Time isn't on my side to do this gracefully, or to give you the time you deserve, I am sorr..." Rhaegar blinked when Harry reached up to cover his mouth, he stared shocked at Harry when he found the younger man smiling softly at him.

"Rhaegar, I am not a normal man. I have been through a hell of a lot in the last seven years, and even before that. Honestly, I think it would take a lot for you to scare me off, I like you, a lot, and I want this courting to work well. I had realised that you would not be able to stay here for very long, and I guessed that if we were to continue our courting I would have to go back to your country with you, I just didn't know how long, I had thought that you might have to go back sooner. Rhaegar, I haven't had much of a normal life, and I have accepted that no matter the choices I make, unless I disappear to live up a mountain somewhere my life is never going to be normal. So please stop worrying, we will take things as they come. We have two months, and I am sure that you are going to do your very best to ensure that at the end of those two months, I want to go back with you," Harry grinned cheekily.

"That, I believe, I can do," Rhaegar smiled charmingly after a few beats as he took in what Harry had said to him. The dark haired man laughed when the King swept an ellegant bow to him and motioned to the grounds in an indication to carry on their walk. Harry thrummed with a little ore energy as he reaslised Rhaegar had not released one of his hands, the skin to skin contact seeming incredibly intimate.

"Do you mind if I ask you something person?" Harry asked softly as he led Rhaegar down to the lake.

"Of course, you may ask anything,"

"I have to admit, its silly but not knowing has been bothering me a little, so I have to ask. Have you been with many people? I know that you obviously haven't been able to date anyone publicly," Harry stammered, mortified as he felt his cheeks burning.

"Harry I will of course answer, but may I ask why this is of concern to you?" Rhaegar said softly.

"Really I have felt a little uncertain about this from receiving your letter, not on your side but on mines. I don't have a lot of experience to be frank, I have practically none. My life has been so hectic since I came back into the Wizarding world, it was only the last year I have managed to realise I am gay, when I was just becoming interested in romance Voldemort came back and everything went to hell. I...don't want to disappoint you should things go further but I don't really have experience," Harry rambled.

Once again they stopped and turned to look at each other, Harry felt like a tomato from blushing at the confession that he had just had to asked, but when he looked up Rhaegar's purple eyes were flashing with a fire and heat that warmed Harry in a completely different way. The young King reached out and brushed some hair away from Harry's face, making both of them gasp as Rhaegar's magic itself reached out and danced around his fingertips, brushing just as gently over Harry's skin in yearning for a touch of the other man.

"Harry the fact that you are not experienced in love is not a bad thing for me, it is rather exciting and appealing to my possessive side, which I will admit is rather strong, to know that you have not experienced someone elses touch, that is very attractive to me," Rhaegar confessed huskily.

"Really?"Harry asked surprised.

"Really. For myself. I am not pure I will have to admit, I turned to physical relief as a way of escaping my father's madness, I have slept with quite a few people, but I have not had a relationship with anyone truly. I had to be careful about who I was seen with, and who I sought out. I am fairly inexperienced with relationships Harry, I don't really know what I am doing here beyond the normal rules and regulations of courtship," Rhaegar confessed softly glancing away.

Harry guessed that in his life Rhaegar had not known uncertainty, or how not to do something for most of his life. He had been raised to be sure about what he was doing, trained to be the very best that he could be in everything that he did. He was raised to be a King, to be sure of what he was doing, to never show vulnerability. For him to show this vulnerability to Harry, to expose himself like that meant a lot to him, and it meant that Harry was getting to see the real him.

"Plenty of people figure this whole relationship, falling in love thing. I a sure between the two of us we can do it," He smiled as he reached up to brush a strand of Rhaegar's beautiful silver blonde hair from his eyes. The King blinked down at him shocked at the gesture before a warm and gentle smile crossed his face.

"I am sure we can," He nodded.

Behind them the King's Guard shared a smile at the interaction, the closeness and the intimacy between the two of them. Their King looked happy, content, he looked happy with Harry.

- HP GOT -

"...And then we managed to hide behind the tapestry. They walked straight passed us," Harry grinned as Rhaegar laughed at his story. They were walking through the castle now and Harry was either telling Rhaegar stories about the castle itself or stories about his time here.

He seemed to be enjoying hearing about Harry's childhood here and about the things he had gotten up to. He also seemed to enjoy hearing about the place that Harry had grown up in and loved. Rhaegar had come back the next day to see Harry again, even though they had organized their second official date for the next day, the young King had said that he couldn't wait to see him.

The King's guard had worn amused looks as they had traipsed in behind him to where Harry had been sitting helping Albus prepare the books for the new term. The Headmaster had grilled Rhaegar just a little more, completely and brightly ignoring Harry's glare – though that glare had seemed to impress the King's Guard and amused Rhaegar so it had been completely wasted – before Harry had taken him on a tour of the castle that they had not gotten to do the day before.

"Rhaegar?" Harry asked as they walked along the corridor. Rhaegar's hand was warm in his and he felt calm and safe for the first time in a long time. Worryingly enough the clank and presence of the King's Guard behind him had become safe and consistent as well, in such a very short matter of time.

"Yes?" Rhaegar asked softly. The feel of Harry's smaller, warm hand in his, his voice soothing over him, his presence beside him was comforting and exciting, powerful and calming.

"Would you tell me some more about...the Red Keep?" Harry asked curiously.

"What do you want to know?" Rhaegar smiled. Harry blinked and blushed furiously when the blond lifted their joined hands and pressed a kiss to the back of Harry's.

"I don't know to be honest, something, everything, all of it. What does it look like there?" Harry laughed nervously.

"Its...beautiful. I know I am a little biased, but it is truly beautiful. There is a little cove and beach that I like to go down to, it leads right onto the sea. Its so peaceful there, you can hear the rumble of the city, the voices of the people in the city and the sound of them living, you can hear the sounds of the sea. The site of the city itself is breath taking, a massive city built on a cliff over the sea, it all building up in height to the Red Keep which is the tallest point of the city, from the walls you can look out over the whole city," Rhaegar described his city with so much love that Harry couldn't help but smile.

"It sounds amazing," He led Rhaegar to one of the little alcoves that he liked to sit in, it overlooked the forest, and from here he could see the threstrals circling over the trees. They both perched onto the edge of the wall facing each other no eyes for the scene around them.

"As I said my land was united by my ancestors, but it is truly a massive country so the land is split up, and I have Lord Regents that rule different areas of the land under my command. The North, South, East and West are divided up,"

"So it is your mother that is ruling in your stead?" Harry asked curiously.

"My mother and my Hand," Rhaegar nodded.

"Your Hand?" Harry asked confused.

"It is a tradition in my land that a King selects a right hand man, the Hand of the King they are called, and they are your closest adviser, the person you trust most, they help ease the burden of ruling, and they are another pair of ears and eyes while ruling," Rhaegar explained. "They are also there to tell the king when they are being an idiot or making foolish choices,"

"That sounds like a good idea," Harry nodded. "What is the name of your Hand?"

"Tyrion Lannister," Rhaegar smiled fondly at the name, he clearly had warm feelings and respect for the man. "I have received a hell of a lot speculation about choosing Tyrion for my Hand though,"

"Why?" Harry asked softly, reaching out to take Rhaegar's hand.

"Tyrion was the shame of the House of Lannister. His family is one of the richest in my country, they are proud and powerful, and completely wrapped up in their own self importance. Tywin Lannister, Tyrion's father, has two older children Jamie and Cercei, twins, Tyrion is his youngest. His mother died in child birth, Tyrion is also a dwarf. In my country being born a dwarf, he has always been seen as a shame on the family, Tyrion is seen as...lesser in his family, in my country, he always has been from birth. The shame on the Lannister family," Rhaegar sounded so angry and disgusted for the treatment of his friend, and incredibly frustrated.

"And how do you feel about him?" Harry asked reaching out to brush his fingers gently over the frown marks on Rhaegar's forehead. Purple eyes blinked before focusing on him.

"He is one of the smartest men that I have ever known, he thinks and sees everything, and he uses everyone's underestimation of him to his benefit. I have never known a man who can use words the way he does, he's a wordsmith and a master craftsman. I have seen him talk down seven angry Lords and Ladies in half an hour when they were screaming for each other's blood only moments before," Rhaegar huffed fondly.

"Then I am sure you will manage to child the minds of your people and make them see the worth of people like Tyrion, how strong your feelings are for him...people wont be able to help but see him as you do," Harry took the chance of their closeness and the fact that he was already touching Rhaegar to brush his fingers down passed his eyes and over his cheeks. When he went to pull his hand away Rhaegar caught his wrist gently and held it to his face a little longer.


"What is it?" Harry tilted his head curiously seeing something a little different in his eyes.

"Since we have met I have seen you in a few different ways, that you can be my friend, that you will be a good partner, that you will be so very easy for me to fall in love with, and this has given me the hope of a happy marriage with love and joy in it. But I can see now, you would make an amazing husband and ruler at my side too," Rhaegar said softly. Harry blushed darkly underneath the King's gaze and words.


"Remus!" Harry whined.

"Albus has got to meet him! I want to!" Remus shrugged calmly, making himself more comfortable.

"We want to meet him," Tonks corrected with her normal bright grin slipping her arm through Harry's.

"Its only our second date!" Harry groaned.

"Exactly we can get to see him before things get too serious," Remus nodded.

"Remus," Harry whined again dropping her head. He however perked up when he heard the familiar clink of the King's Guard approaching, he ignored the snickers of Tonks and Remus even as Remus stood.

Harry got some pleasure out of watching Remus and Tonks suck in a shocked breath when Rhaegar stepped into the room and they got to see him for the first time. He was looking spectacular today in light blue robes, his hair braided back, his smile was bright when he saw Harry. They remembered themselves and bowed to the King in front of them.

"Harry," Rhaegar smiled holding his hands out for the younger man. Harry quickly made his way over to him and accepted the hug and kiss to the cheek he got in greeting. His cheeks were burning at that brush of lips and the tender gesture, the warmth and strength of Rhaegar's arms around him.

"Hello," Harry said softly looking up to meet those purple eyes that seemed to haunt his every moment.

"Hello, and who is this?" Rhaegar looked up to the two who were standing watching their interactions closely.

"This is Remus and Tonks," Harry took Rhaegar's hand and led him over to where the two were waiting to meet the King.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Sire," Tonks bowed, clearly much to Rhaegar's amusement.

"It is nice to meet the man courting Harry," Remus bowed and then stood to meet the younger man's eyes with a slight defiance.

"Harry has told me a lot about you, it is nice to finally meet you," Rhaegar bowed his head slightly to Remus, reconsigning him as the family of the man he was courting, and not as subjects.

"The same, so far he seems very happy in the Courtship, I sincerely hope that it stays that way, I take Harry's happiness very seriously," Remus' words had the King's Guard bristling and their hands reaching for their swords.

"I now too take Harry's happiness very seriously myself. I have no intentions of taking his smile, I have not intention of giving Harry any reason to change his mind about the chance that he is giving me," Rhaegar said softly. Harry felt a darker blush creeping over his cheeks at the words and the intent behind them, Remus and Rhaegar however seemed locked in a staring contrast before eventually Remus smiled and nodded his head slightly.

"So where are you planning on your date for today?" Remus asked.

"I am taking Rhaegar to Oxford," Harry took Rhaegar's hand.

"I am a big fan of the muggle books and TV show Morse, and Lewis. Plus Harry has said he has not got to go there yet, so we are going together," Rhaegar added.

"And we should get going. I will see you tomorrow, I will be around at 1000 for Teddy," Harry leant forwards and kissed their cheeks before towing the King out of the room and out the castle. Rhaegar looked at him amused, smiling even more when Harry glared darkly at him.

"You realise that you look like an angry kitten when you glare like that?" Rhaegar chuckled before laughing when Harry shoved him away. "My apologies," Rhaegar wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and pulled him into his side.

Harry huffed and glared again at him, but he saw the nerves in Rhaegar's eyes at pulling him so close and whether the close contact was going to be ok. He smiled softly and pressed even closer into Rhaegar and wrapped his arm around the King's waist. He met the eyes of Ser Arthur and caught the wide grin he was shooting Ser Iain, the two men looked a little guilt at being caught, but when Harry chuckled and smiled before turning back to Rhaegar he smiled a little wider at Ser Iain.

- HP GOT -

Harry laughed as they walked back up the pathway to Hogwarts slowly, both of them wanting to take their time, not wanting to finish their night together. Harry was currently gently teasing the King's Guard much to Rhaegar's amusement as they seemed lost as to what to say back to him. The three of them had had a difficult time of trying to blend in when they were going around Oxford, trying not to make it obvious that they were bodyguards and intrude on their King's date, but also not used to having to blend in and hide the fact that they were guards.

They were taking the teasing quite well, Harry had spent a good time talking to them and getting to know them, asking questions about their family and how they had gotten into the King's Guard. And he and Rhaegar had had a wonderful day talking and walking, exploring the city together and having fun together. Rhaegar had never felt more relaxed in his life as he had walked hand in hand with Harry around the beautiful city, sometimes talking, sometimes just walking and enjoying their company. He had enjoyed watching Harry smile and laugh, he had loved hearing him talk and tell him more about his life, his likes and dislikes, and in return he found himself opening up and sharing more with Harry then he had with anyone besides his mother.

The whole courting was so much better than he had ever thought that it would be, he had always imagined it as something that he was going to have t do eventually, especially as the customs and rules were drummed into his young head, the picture of some simpering and clingy thing always jumping into his horrified mind. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would have fun, that he would enjoy courting someone and that he would enjoy spending time with them and following the courting.

But here he was, walking hand in hand with Harry smiling and watching fondly as the young dark hair man teased Ser Oswell about near tackling a street salesman for approaching them.

"What is it?" Harry asked softly pulling Rhaegar's mind away from his thoughts and back to the evening.

"It is nothing, I was just thinking about how much I am enjoying my time with you," Rhaegar answered honestly, delighting in the blush that crept over Harry's cheeks. The Guard sensing that this was building to a private moment stepped back a few paces to allow them privacy.

"I am enjoying it as well, I really liked getting to spend the whole day with you," Harry smiled softly. "I...erm I have something for you," He said softly.


"It's...it's silly, its just a little thing," Harry flushed suddenly feeling silly for giving such a trinket to a King.

"Harry, anything that you give me, I will treasure," Rhaegar said gently taking Harry's hand. Harry believed him completely, believed that he could give him a shell that he collected from the beach, and if it was from him it would be treasured and prized.

"Here," Harry pressed his gift into Rhaegar's hands before stepping back nervously as he watched the King lift the snow globe up. He shook it and watched as the glitter fell around the tiny version of the Bodleian library. "I thought that you could use something like this in your life, something a little fun and silly, something just for the sake of having it,"

"I love it," Rhaegar smiled widely lifting his head to look at Harry. His purple eyes were glittering brightly, and Harry could see that he was genuinely thrilled with the present.

"Good," Harry smiled stepping a little closer to Rhaegar.

"Thank you, and thank you for today,"

"All I really did was walk around with you and hold your hand," Harry laughed.

"I like it when you hold my hand," Rhaegar slipped their fingers together, and pulled Harry just a little bit closer. The dark haired man licked his lips before he leant into Rhaegar's stronger body, his eyes fluttered shut and he hummed contently when Rhaegar's lips sealed over his in a gentle but chaste kiss. The King's hand came up to cup the back of his head as he pressed just a little closer like he couldn't get enough of Harry's taste. Something that Harry could completely agree with as he wrapped his arms around Rhaegar's waist.

"Wow," Harry hummed licking his lips when they parted chasing the taste of the King on his lips, watching with a swirl of something he realised was arousal as Rhaegar's eyes narrowed on the movement, hunger shifting his features.

"Wow, yes, very, yes," Rhaegar's eyes were still focussed on Harry's lips, and it seemed his brain was not at all focussed on anything else either.

"I will see you tomorrow?" Harry asked.

"Of course, yes,"

"Let me cook supper for you?" Harry breathed out the question leaning closer to Rhaegar again.

"Ok," Rhaegar nodded. Grinning Harry leant forwards and pecked a kiss to Rhaegar's lips before he hurried off back into the castle, wiggling his fingers at the grinning King's Guard, laughing when Ser Arthur waved cheerfully back at him.

"Sire, are you ready to go back to our hotel?" Ser Oswell asked.

"Shut up the lot of you," Rhaegar blinked pulling himself back together from staring after Harry to glare at his grinning guards.

"We said nothing Sire," Ser Arthur bowed.

Inside the castle Harry leant back against the massive double doors of the castle before sliding down them as his heart raced in his chest. His lips were tingling with the pressure of their kiss and he could feel the warmth of Rhaegar around him. He had never felt like this with anyone before, and definitely not from a gentle kiss as they had just shared.

His heart was still fluttering as he got to his feet and made his way, a little dreamily, to his rooms, the image of glittering purple eyes burned into his brain. He was falling for Rhaegar, that was abundantly clear, he was just slightly scared with how fast he was falling, but the warmth of the blonde's smile, the heat and happiness in his eyes, the steadiness of his arms and gentleness in his touch and the way he held Harry's hand, all of it urged Harry further down the road towards Rhaegar. And their possible future together.