Title: Discovering You 2/2

Author: Luisa Email: leyjd@hotmail.com Notes and Disclaimers as in Part 1


Part 2

Somewhere in the recesses of his mind, he could sense her presence. The soft feminine scent that lingered nearby and the gentle touch of her velvet lips of his skin made him feel the most alive he could remember. Now, if he could just find his way out of this damned blackness...

He couldn't figure out he had got here; how he had found himself so utterly lost in the darkness that swam about him. All he could remember was hanging on Anya's shoulders as she brought him home... then his memory drew a blank. Something tickled at the edge of his consciousness, an awareness of something beautiful, but sad...

Where was he? Why was he here? His silent questions remained unanswered as waves of dizziness hit him and an overwhelming urge to give in closed in on him. [No, I won't...] He knew he had a reason to resist, a beautiful, small, blonde reason. A reason whose eyes twinkled like starlight, and whose smile rivalled the most radiant sunshine...

He felt his heart leap a little within him, despite how disembodied he felt in this lonely place, at the recollection of her face, her name. He considered the woman he'd loved for so long. The child that he'd watch grow into a stunning young woman who had captivated his heart so completely and now unknowingly held it steadfastly.

Memories rushed to his mind of how he had been transported to Sunnydale to stop Willow - yet unknown to the coven, his ultimate reason had been to see his love one last time should he fail in his quest. He breathed a sigh of despair that he had never told her how he felt, but even his sigh was silent in the oppressive darkness. He was beginning to get an inkling where he was and he sent up a prayer to the Powers to let him see her one last time.

As if in answer to his plea, a face appeared from the shadows, a snapshot that could only have come from the memoirs of his mind. [Mother...] Yet the image was questioning... the features had been contorted by whatever had brought him here. Another pretty woman joined the picture. Dark haired and laughing, he could almost hear the Gypsy's voice call out to him - "Hey you fuddy-duddy! Come and join us..."

He knew what this was - a test - a question of whom he had loved more, of if he loved the child he had taught and trained more still. He shook he head in sorrow - realising the aeons between his old life and what could yet be. "Buffy..." The groan escaped him, piercing the silence and darkness as if someone had removed a veil and allowed the sunlight in. He realised the second chance he was being given as the heaviness on his eyelids lessened

He murmured her name again. He'd found his reason, and sought it out, repeating her name softly, slowly, as if a prayer that would guide him to her. As strength finally began to creep into his weary body, he finally forced his eyes open, adjusting to the sudden rush of light after such profound darkness.

As blurred images moved into focus, he saw the two blondes holding each other tightly on the floor beside him. They were as still as statues, eyes unseeing as hope filled their veins at the sound of his voice.

"Buffy..." He mumbled her name again, lifting himself unsteadily onto an elbow; reaching toward her with his free hand.

She drew back from Anya, an expression of wonder on her face despite the tears streaming anew from her eyes. "Giles?"

"Buffy..." He repeated her name, pouring all his love and longing into the one word, the sound wondrous to her ears. Before he could blink she had moved into his arms, engulfing him in her own as she sobbed into his sweater once more.

"Oh god, Giles... I thought we'd lost you... I didn't know what to do... I couldn't bear it if... there's so much I need to tell you..."

"Hush, Love..." He stroked her hair gently, soothing her as tears of relief filled his own eyes. She was his saviour, he decided. The reason he had defied the pull toward eternal sleep had been there when he awoke and was holding him as if she never intended to let go.

"I love you Giles... I love you so much..." The words, interspersed with quietening sobs filled his heart until he felt it would overflow.

She was definitely his saviour he mentally confirmed, as her heartfelt declaration sank in. Her words filled him with abounding happiness - surely they were salvation to his soul. "Oh Buffy..." A happy sigh was upon his lips before he buried them into her silky hair, kissing her endlessly.

Neither noticed Anya's expression of disbelief as she struggled to her feet, watching them in stunned amazement. "Oh my god!" Still they remained unaware, lost in each other as they moved in for a tender kiss.

Hearing the door open behind her, Anya turned as Dawn entered, her eyes practically popping out of her head as she realised her sisters' lips were upon the Watchers'.

"We should leave them alone, Dawnie..." Anya reached for the younger Summers' shoulders and turned the still bewildered teenager to face the door. Her selective hearing ignored the whispered "I love you's" that the Watcher and Slayer shared as the girls quietly left the small apartment. She sighed a happy sigh that they had found happiness with each other, and relieved that Giles would be okay. Still holding the younger girl by the shoulders, the pair walked in silence from the complex and Anya smiled to herself as the words of a familiar song resounded in her head, the words so true of the couple they left entwined inside.

"...Now that the world isn't ending

It's love that I'm sending to you..."