Author's Note: This collection will be from a series of prompts titled "Non-sexual Acts of Intimacy." These are non-linear and in my mind they take place in Seattle, WA.

"Finding the other wearing their clothes"

He shook his hair free of droplets and scrubbed the towel over it. Pointed spikes of blue stuck out everywhere but it was Sunday and he didn't care. The wet towel landed on top of his uniform in the hamper. For the first time in three days Jellal had nowhere to be. He liked the look of his work clothes under a towel that still smelled of Erza's shampoo.

The mirror above the chest of drawers was old and fading but he could still see her behind him lounging in bed. She turned the page of her book without looking up. Red hair spilled across three pillows and his fingers itched to tangle in it.

Jellal pulled on the clean sweat pants he'd left out for himself but the t-shirt was nowhere to be found.

"Erza, have you –" He cut off when she glanced up from her book. The shirt fit her differently but that was to be expected.

"Did you need something?" she asked.

"No, never mind."