Author's Note: So this is the end. Thanks for being such wonderful readers! I'm sad to see this one go but nothing lasts forever!

"Slow dancing"

The lights glinted off the setting of her ring and he could not stop staring. The ceremony had been small but served it's purpose well. Jellal didn't need Erza to change her name or wear a ring. He'd given her his heart many years ago along with a cluster of rhododendron blooms from the bushes that still lined the back of his parent's property. However, once Livy came along... Erza began to show an interest.

Now, two years later, Jellal watched a curl of scarlet hair slip from the twist and brush his wife's neck. The lights were low and he could hear the low voices of family at the table behind them. He didn't need to turn around to know his thirteen year old sister and three year old daughter – in mostly matching dresses – were dozing on a row of chairs.

"You looked beautiful today," he said softly in her ear.

"What about yesterday when I was running around with wet nails in my underwear?"

"You looked beautiful then too."

Erza laughed quietly and smiled up at him. "Thank you for dancing with me. I know it's not your favorite."

"Anything for you, Mrs. Fernandes." Jellal kissed the shell of her ear and slid his hand from her waist to the small of her back.