Chapter 1: Miraculous Beginnings

It was a gorgeous spring day in Paris, France, a perfect day to say the least. The sun was shining bright in the cloudless sky, the birds twittering in the fully blossomed trees, kids playing and laughing in the park, and everyone having a good time. Well except for one girl. Madeline Moraes rode shotgun with her "mother", Selma driving and her identical twin brother, Michael in the backseat. The young woman stared out the car window dejectedly as they pulled up to their new home/apartment, the moving van already there. In the rare moments, Selma Moraes smiled slightly at the sight of the moving men carrying a piece of furniture through the door.

"Come children," Selma said in a commanding tone, like she always does. Madeline and Michael did as they were told, although Madeline wasn't very pleased. Technically, Selma wasn't the twins' mother, not by blood anyway. Both of them were force-sensitive, born on the planet Alderaan during the early years of the Clone Wars. Their mother gave the two up to the Jedi, where they grew and trained during the bloodiest civil war the Galactic Republic had ever seen. As the war drew to an end, Master Selma had a vision of the Jedi Massacre, but since no one believed her, the scarred master quickly took action. Before their trials, Selma took them away to a planet in the far reaches of the Outer Rim. Taking precautions, Selma continued to train the twins in the ways of the force.

Unfortunately with the fear of being hunted by the ancient enemy of the Jedi, the Sith, Selma and the twins were constantly on the run, travelling from country to country. Selma was always some sort of martial arts teacher, teaching in a dojo just below their home. Of course the former Jedi master continued to train the twin Padawans, their memories of their former home of Coruscant fading into nothing more than a distant dream. And even when Master Selma decided they stayed too long in Berlin and had to move to once more, this time to the Fashion Capital of the World, Madeline couldn't help but ignore the angry feelings of packing up her entire life once again, and moving. Adrien Agreste was her idol, other than Yoda of course. But she was more than a little angry with her mother. Unfortunately, Madeline had gotten used to being uprooted.

As she cleared the dark thoughts from her head, Madeline helped with the boxes that contained the items that they usually kept out of sight such as their lightsabers, a holocron and several communicators. Michael was in charge of setting up the training dojo in the space below. While Madeline was the youngest of the two (by approximately 3.8 seconds) she was the more mature of the two. Michael was the jokester, the lover of comics and could blend in to population completely. That's how human he acts. Of course they all looked human, but Michael would pass as a normal earth male easily. Especially with his body odor.

Anyway, as Madeline walked up the stairs, she took in all the details. The walls were crème color and unadorned, just like the walls of the Jedi Temple. Madeline's heart clenched at the thought of the temple. So many lives were met with a painful, slow ending. And many of them were children, barely over the age of seven. Of course she was sad when Selma came into the room, staggering like she was drunk. The woman was in tears; her bright green eyes glazed over like she was in pain, and her words were incomprehensible and slurred together. It wasn't long until Madeline and Michael pieced together what their new master was trying to say. The temple was attacked by the Sith and almost ever Jedi council member had been slain. All except for Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

For the second time that day, Madeline shook her head of the darkness that clouded her thoughts and glanced at the three rooms. They each had their own share of pros and cons but one room stood out the most for the young girl. Madeline walked into a room that was a deep dark blue, like the waters of her home world. There was a decent sized walk in closet and a window seat that looked down onto the street below. The floors were hardwood, a very nice dark hardwood that went beautifully with the walls. Yes this would do nicely.

Taking a deep breath, Madeline sat the box on the bed, curtsy of the moving men, and walked over to the window seat. From her view, Madeline could see the Eiffel Tower, the top touching the sky. The sun was almost touching the top of the famous tower, placing the golden orb on the very top.

"Whattcha looking at?" a voice asked, breaking the silence. Madeline jumped, wasting no time getting into a defensive stance, before realizing that her twin snuck up on her. The young girl dropped the stance while glaring daggers at her brother, who had not dropped the smirk that he was so well known for. Madeline just sighed and placed her hands on her hip.

"Nothing.' She said sharply. "What do you want?"

"Geez, what's got you in a foul mood?" Michael asked back before adding, "Are you….you know…on your period?" Madeline rolled her eyes at her brother's rude and very stereotypical comment.

"No I'm not," Madeline replied walking towards the door, pushing her twin out of the way. "And even if I was, I wouldn't tell you. Besides, you didn't answer my question."

Michael just shrugged. "I just wanted to see if you wanted to go for a walk before dinner, you know like we used to when we were younger."

"Well when we were younger we didn't live on a primitive planet," Madeline shot back, her anger suddenly getting the better of her. "When we were younger, we weren't constantly moving every two months. When we were younger we didn't have to wonder where we lived ever time we woke up." Michael looked like he was mortally wounded, but could you blame Madeline? She was fed up with not having any friends, fed up with not being able to be a normal teenager, something she wouldn't be able to when they lived on Coruscant. Here she could have a childhood, have memories, heck she could even have a boyfriend, or at least a crush. Madeline sighed sadly when she saw the hurt and crestfallen look of her brother when she looked up. It wasn't Michael's fault her life was so messed up. "Look I'm sorry. I'll be happy to walk with you. Let me just grab my communicator, jacket, and shoes."

Michael immediately perked up. "Kay. Meet you down at the door in ten minutes." And just like that he was gone. The young brunette smiled slightly as she grabbed her communicator and stuffed it into her dark jeans, tugged her favorite leather jacket over her shoulders and pulled her knee high brown boots on. It wasn't until she felt a commanding presence enter the room through the force. Her suspiciousness on who it might've been when the person spoke.

"And where do you think you are going?" Selma Turon asked her voice emotionless as usual.

"Michael and I are going on a walk before supper." The young Padawan answered sharply, not looking at her master. "We will be back before dark." Madeline shoved her way past Selma's stone figure that stood in the doorway, but stopped when a well-manicured hand grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Both women's eyes met for about three seconds before Madeline jerked her arm out of Selma's hand, and walked out, ignoring the daggers that Selma sent her way. Michael met his twin at the bottom of the stairs, and as they walked out the door, they both heard Selma's voice call out, "Be back before sundown!" Both of them called out that they heard her before walking out into the cool twilight air.

"Ah this is nice isn't it?" Michael asked, as he stretched on the park bench they currently sat on. Madeline only smiled and nodded, taking in the cool spring air. They hadn't gone far before the twins came to a park, right across from a bakery, where smells of different types treats emanated from. The park was just about empty, with a few lovebirds holding hands. Madeline sighed in content as a warm wind blew across the park and hit her face like a kiss. She only wished that she could stop moving and stay in one place.

"Penny for you thoughts," Michael said with a smirk. Madeline glared daggers at her twin, but it was a playful glare.

Madeline sighed sadly before answering. "I was just thinking about how we always move around. Don't you get tired of it? Don't you get tired of never getting to make any friends or never going to school?"

"Of course I do," Michael answered, shrugging. "But you have to remember, Master Turon does this to protect us. We have no idea if the Sith that destroyed the Jedi is hunting us or not. And it's probably for the better for us not to make any friends. The Sith would most likely use them against us and then we would be in hot water."

"I guess you're right," The young girl admitted. She didn't think of that, but of course like always she could still dream. Looking up at the sun, Madeline gauged the time as the sun dipped beneath the trees. "Come on, we should probably get going before it gets too dark." The two started to walk back towards their new home, but Madeline's mind was wondering. When they were almost home, a chill suddenly snaked up and down Madeline's spine, causing her to stop dead in her tracks. It was as if the whole planet stopped spinning and time had frozen in place, and it was as if the only sound she could hear was the beating of her heart. Every other sound was muffled, like she was underwater. Madeline didn't know she was on the ground until she felt the cool concrete beneath her hands. The power she felt through the force was so strong it made Madeline physically sick.

"Mads? Mads, can you hear me? Are you okay?" She heard Michael ask, but his voice was so muffled it was hard to tell. The strange feeling intensified, and with great difficulty, Madeline picked her head up and looked up. What she saw scared her more than any enemy of the Jedi. There, floating above the rooftops was what looked like a man wearing a tight yellow bodysuit, with strange facial makeup. In his hands, there was what looked like axes, which seemed to be on fire. When the strange man made eye-to-eye contact, a smile twisted onto his face before he threw his axe at the corner of the building, causing debris to fly towards Madeline, who was still sprawled on the ground. Too shock to move, the young Padawan could only cover her face as her twin shouted her name.

"MADELINE! NO!" Michael had run over to pull his sister out using the force but before he could, a blur of black appeared with a shell-shocked Madeline in his arms. Michael could only stare at the strange person who cradled his twin. He seemed to be dressed as a black cat, even complete with bright green eyes. The only thing that wasn't black was he golden hair and a golden bell.

"It wouldn't be any good for you to become a pancake, now would it?" the black cat dressed man asked. Michael wasted no time rushing to pick his sister up only to see that her eyes had rolled up into the back of her head and had passed out. Putting his hand on her head as if checking for a fever, Michael sensed through the force that her mind was currently in a state of both panic and fear. But she was still alive, and that was all that mattered.

Sighing with relief, Michael turned to the figure who pulled out a metal staff and started to twirl it to keep more debris off the three of them. "Thanks."

With one flick of the staff the figure turned back to them and smiled, sort of devilishly. "No problem. Just get to safety and let the purrfessionals handle this." Michael, ignoring the horrible cat puns, nodded, picking up his sister bridal style and running as fast as he could. The male twin didn't stop running until he felt Madeline stir in his arms. Carefully, Michael set his sister on the ground and sat down beside her. She still looked like she was in shock, her brown eyes empty and glazed over. After several minutes of trying to get her attention, Michael decided to give her a few minutes before she completely broke down and started to tear up after considering how close she was to death. Once Madeline had calmed down, the two decided to walk the rest of the way home and not tell Master Selma about what happened. Of course they were going to be in for an earful, but at least Madeline was alive.

When they got home, Master Selma had left take out Chinese food on the makeshift table, with a note that said she was going be back soon. While Madeline and Michael were eating they were talking about the strange cat guy that saved Madeline from the falling rubble.

"That sounds familiar," Madeline mused as she pulled out a laptop. The young Padawan's hands flew over the keyboard, causally eating her supper while doing so. After twenty minutes of fruitless searching, Madeline sighed in defeat and closed the laptop, and returned to halfheartedly eating her twice-cooked pork. Several minutes passed by when the twins were too busy eating to notice the thickening silence that followed. Finally Michael got up and tossed his leftovers into the trash.

"I'm gonna go and watch some television."

"Okay," Madeline said, scraping up the last few pieces of her supper out of the cardboard container. "Don't stay up too late. Remember we have training tomorrow."

"Whatever," came the reply from the TV room. Soon the once quiet house was filled with noises from the television and sounds of someone flipping through the stations, until it stopped on what sounded like a news station. As it stayed on for an extended period of time, Madeline returned to zoning out the noise and started to get ready for bedtime meditation.

The young twin was halfway up the stairs when Michael suddenly grabbed her hand wordlessly and breathlessly and pulled her into the TV room, where a new reporter was talking about some attack.

"Michael what are y-" she started but her twin cut her off.

"Sh! Just listen," he ordered as he turned the volume up.

"-and Paris has been saved once again by its heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir after a construction worker was akumatized." The screen switched to show a girl in tight red and black spotted outfit and mask next to a boy who saved her from the falling building. The person who was in the red and black spotted outfit (obviously Ladybug) jumped on the ledge and flung what looked like a yoyo before swinging off in the night, leaving Cat Noir just standing, looking after her longingly.

"So the guy who saved me was a superhero?" Madeline asked, disbelief evident in her voice. Michael nodded as the reporter went into politics and that's when he turned off the television. Neither one of them enjoyed the cutthroat business that was politics.

"Well now that we've got that cleared up and a whole lot more questions, I think its time to hit the sack," Madeline said stretching. She rubbed her brother's dark brown locks causing some complaints from him. "And I think its time for you to do the same. It's been a long eventful day."

"Good night Sis," Michael called after Madeline had left the room. He added silently, "sweet dreams."

Madeline's dreams were anything but.

She stood in the middle of a dark room, wearing her old robes from when she was a Padawan at the temple. The silence was thick all around her and it felt really hard to breathe like a weight was being pressed down on her chest. Screams of terror and pain started, echoing in the dark room. Madeline hadn't been at the temple when the massacre happened, but she could only wonder what those younglings, Padawans and young knights went through during those first few moments when the clone troopers opened fire…on them. Images started to flicker in front of the young teen, blurry and hard to see, and then incomprehensible sounds filled the space. Madeline attempted to sort through the different images and sounds, but was unable to.

"STOP!" she yelled, unable to take it anymore. But the sounds continued. Screams, explosions, what sounded like some one calling her name, and lightsabers clashing. "NOOO!"

"Mads! Wake up!" A voice called. But Madeline couldn't tell that apart from the nightmare. The young girl started to fight in her sleep, throwing punches and slaps wildly. Finally her hand connected with a face, which was enough to pull her out the nightmare….

Madeline bolted straight up in her bed, covered in cold sweat. Looking down, the young girl saw that she had fallen asleep in her clothes after reading a book. She blushed as she saw Michael holding his cheek, which had a bright red handprint on it.

"Heh, sorry about that," Madeline apologized getting out of bed. She rubbed the back of her neck nervously as she climbed out of bed. "What time is it?"

"Six-thirty," Michael answered kind of sharply as he rubbed his cheek. "It sounded like someone getting murdered in here. You're lucky Master Selma is a very heavy sleeper." His gaze softened when he saw that Madeline was looking down with sadness in her eyes. Almost in a whisper Michael asked, "You had the nightmare again didn't you?"

Madeline nodded. "They're getting worst and more frequent. I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of them. Meditation, reading, tea, everything, but nothing's working."

"Have you considered talking to Master Selma?" Michael asked, with a raised eyebrow. "I mean she might be able to figure out what's going on."

"Yeah but if I tell her that I'm having nightmares, then she'll probably not let me go to school."

"Are you asking her today?" Michael asked.

"I'm gonna try."

Michael shrugged. "Well good luck with that. Now come on, we have practice in half an hour." He walked out leaving Madeline to start to get showered and dressed.

After a warm relaxing shower, Madeline got dressed in her usual crème colored robes that she wore during practice. As Madeline walked down the stairs, she could smell the scented candles that Selma usually lit during meditation. The young twin groaned inwardly as she realized what that meant. Madeline was never the one to sit down for long periods of time in silence. She always did better when she was moving around, thinking on her feet, and very flexible when comes to plans. While on Coruscant, Madeline would sit, or attempt to sit, long hours on end and meditate, focusing her feelings on the force in an attempt to peer into the future. Unfortunately, she wouldn't make it pass the ten-minute mark before she lost concentration. That was one of the main reasons Master Selma was able to take the twins so easily. Both of their masters had given the scarred master them at the request of Master Yoda when Madeline was having trouble with meditation session.

Madeline walked into the training room, a sense of peace washing over her as soon as she stepped foot in the threshold. The young girl was surprised at how similar the room was to the Temple training room. The walls were covered with deactivated lightsabers, staffs, and swords with a flag of the Jedi order hanging on the far end. Michael was already there, as well as Selma. Both of them were sitting in a meditative position. Madeline silently took her seat next to her twin brother, waiting for Selma's late speech.

"So you have decided to finally join us?" The Jedi master asked. Madeline flinched. Right on cue. She arrived late to practice, then she would get a speech about how being punctual was the highlight of a Jedi's life. But the weird thing about today was Selma never gave her the late speech. Instead, Selma just sighed in disappointment, before looking up at the twins. "Let us being shall we? Today we will start with mediation for an hour. Then we will work on the seven traditional Jedi fighting forms. Depending on how focused you are, we will end early today. Now close your eyes and take deep breaths, focus on the force and what it is trying to tell you." Selma closed her eyes, and soon the twins followed, Madeline's heart pounding in her ears. Wrapping herself in the force, the young brunette felt something tug at her soul, as if an indestructible string was tied in the depth of her soul and pull with enough force to bring a Gundark down.

A blood red cloud poured into her vision, then images started to form. A silver broach of some sort, a golden hair comb, and then the voices started. A menacing voice calling himself Hawkmoth, a female voice yelling "Lucky Charm!" a male voice yelling "Cataclysm!" The sounds were mingling together, making it difficult to sort out the different sounds from each other. Then, everything vanished as the bell from downstairs sounded. Someone was walking in.

"Now who could that be?" Selma muttered to herself. The mysterious master stood up and walked downstairs towards the door, still wearing her robed dress.

A young woman with bright red hair and bright green eyes walked in, looking rather nervous. Mademoiselle Bustier only heard about this new dojo from one of the students last week. And with Akuma attacks becoming more and more frequent, as well as more dangerous, the students needed a way to protect themselves instead of relying on Ladybug and Cat Noir. It was surprising how well put together this dojo was put together considering the people just moved in yesterday.

"Uh, hello?" the teacher called out hesitantly.

"May I help you?" A voice asked. The teacher jumped around to see someone standing at the top. The woman had pale skin, with blonde hair streaked with silver. Her green eyes seemed to glow in the low light, her face mauled by scars that ran from the right side of her temple to the bottom left side of her jawline. The assumed owner of the dojo wore a crème colored robes, her honey blonde hair pulled back into a bun. She stared down at the cowering teacher, who was trying to draw up the courage this frightening woman was sucking up.

"Yes, uh are you the owner?"

"I am," the woman replied simply. "However, since we are not opened yet, I would advise against making an appointment."

"Oh. Well my name is Ms. Bustier and I'm a teacher at the school down the road. I was just wondering if you could be so kind and teach a self-defense class to some of my students." The young teacher hesitated before adding, "They need to learn to protect themselves."

The woman walked down the stairs gracefully, however her hard gaze never left the teacher. Bustier had to rack her brain to remember where she saw eyes that kind of shade of green. They were brighter than fresh green grass and her hair looked like gold. She was almost a spitting image of Adrien Agreste, or Adrien was a splitting image of this woman. Ms. Bustier had heard that Adrien's mother had vanished years ago, leaving no trace as to where she went. But standing here in front of this woman who looked just like Adrien's mother…well it just can't be a coincidence.

"I agree with the fact that even children need to learn to protect themselves, however, I do not think that my schedule will allow it," Selma quickly pulled up her mental calendar. As far as dates were concerned she had nothing coming up, so hesitantly nodding, the scarred master looked at the teacher. "Very well. Will the middle of next week suit you?"

The young teacher nodded vigorously. "Yes that will be perfect. Thank you very much for everything." The woman bowed before smiling and waving. Without another word, Mademoiselle Bustier left, leaving the scarred and mysterious Jedi master alone with her thoughts. She had seen the way the woman's eyes widened as she took in every detail about her. Selma also felt the surprise and fear roll off the teacher in waves through the Force. Something about her appearance scared Bustier to no end. Perhaps it was the jagged scars that she received so many years ago that had caused the fear to come off the teacher. She knitted her brow in disgust as she turned to walk up the stairs once more to continue the twins' training. Never the one to keep others waiting, Selma Turon waked into the room to find both twins still in meditative positions. What surprised her slightly as she walked back to her seat was the Madeline was mumbling under her breath, her brow knitted in either deep concentration or deep annoyance. Michael however was snoring slightly with his head slumped against his chest.

Selma allowed herself a rare smile at that sight. These twins had grown on her even though the Jedi code had forbidden attachments. Selma had a family here on earth but she had no idea what had happened to them. She had a pretty good idea that her husband and son were devastated, but she had to leave. Nothing hurt her more than having to return to Coruscant but Master Yoda had for some reason decided to call her back to the Jedi temple. Selma sighed as her eyes drifted over the hidden shelf that contained a portrait of her family and a silver hair comb that she promised she would never use again.

After an hour had passed Selma ended meditation and ordered the twins to start working on their forms. They had done exponentially better on their forms, with Madeline improving on her form 5 and Michael improving on Form 7. Finally after about two hours, Selma had decided to let the twins do 'their own thing' for the rest of the day. While Michael got up and left immediately, Madeline looked hesitant.

"Is there something you wish to talk to about Madeline?" Selma asked, keeping her eyes on the anxious looking Padawan.

"Uh, I was just wondering um," she seemed a little uncomfortable. "Who was down stairs?"

Selma paused for a second before answering. "She was a teacher at the local school. She was wondering if I would be willing to teach some of her students a self-defense class." Madeline's perfectly shaped eyebrow rose in question and Selma could see a question brimming behind the surface of her light brown eyes.

"You don't have to be afraid to ask any questions," Selma gently reminded the girl. "You know that right?"

"Uh I was just wondering, that since you know you've been homeschooling us, I was wondering if you would let us…. attend school." Selma narrowed her eyes as she tilted her head in question. This wasn't the first time Madeline had requested this of her. And she knew that it certainly wouldn't be the last. Selma didn't want to let them go to school since they might get behind on their training. Or at worst they would get attacked while at school and Selma would never know about.

They have been getting better at defending themselves, the reasonable side of her thought. Although there were some things they needed to work on, Madeline and Michael were almost ready to take the trials and become Jedi Knights. Which was certainly a feat considering the fact that Fate was working against them.

The Sith won't stop until you're ALL dead! The Jedi side of her countered. Madeline and Michael are the last of Jedi. They need to be protected at all cost.

But they are not jewels, the reasonable side argued. They are children who deserve to live a life they never had on Coruscant.

Finally after a few moments of inner conflict, the Jedi part of her mind won out. And it was very logical. With a possible Sith tracking them down, they could attack them when they were unaware and Master Selma would probably never know. It was that simple. Yet was she ready to lock up the Padawans? Was she really dead set on cutting off all contact from the outside world besides a few hours of walking outside? No this decision was for the good of them. The both of them.

"I do not believe it would be wise to send you to school," Selma finally stated coolly. Before Madeline could say anything, Selma continued, "We do not know if the Sith has found out trail, and if you were to get hurt, then I would have no way of knowing until it was too late. I would never forgive myself if either you or your brother got hurt."

Madeline looked down with eyes that revealed that her brain was trying to process Selma's words. Her brown eyes started to gloss over and tears seemed to brim on the edge of her eyes, which she desperately tried to blink away.

"I-" whatever she was going to say seemed to get stuck in her throat. Shaking her head as if in denial, Madeline stood up, a look of betrayal and hurt plastered on her face. The young Padawan, without a word, turned and left leaving an equally hurt Selma sadly watching her go.