The first thing that Madeline felt was pain. Slowly as she opened her eyes, she realized that she was lying on her bed. If she remembered everything correctly, the last thing she remembered was that she was at the dance and something happened with Cole….

Her eyes flew open and she tried to sit up but a bolt of pain shot up through several parts in her body. One place was her ribs, the other place was her arm, and the last part was the lower part of her leg. Her face stung when she gently placed her hand on her cheek. Madeline groaned in pain as she rolled on her side. There was some scuffling somewhere in the room and Selma's face appeared in her line of vision. She gently pushed Madeline back down.

"Don't strain yourself," Selma ordered gently. "You were hurt quite bad."

"Wh-what happened?" Madeline's voice was hoarse and her throat ached. Selma gratefully took the pitcher that was beside her bed and poured some water into a cup. She handed it to the Padawan, who thankfully took it and sipped slowly. When she was done drinking her water, Madeline stared up at Selma.

"What do you remember?" Selma asked.

"I'm not sure." Madeline's eyebrow furrowed in concentration. "I…remember arriving at the dance… Cole said that he saw someone go into the detention room…. and then nothing."

Selma sighed. "As it turned out, Cole Branusz was a young Inquisitor sent here to destroy us. You barely survived against him. Ladybug, Chat Noir, your brother and I were badly injured and barely survived but we all made it out alive."

Madeline's eyes went wide when her memories started to bubble up. But it seemed her memories were wrong. As far as she could remember, Madeline transformed into Peacock during that fight. The brunette's eyes widened as the realization dawned on her and her face went pale. She glanced towards Selma and spotted her brooch on the dresser, Yin on Selma's shoulder.

"I-I can explain," She started but Selma cut her off.

"It is fine. I too have a secret as well." There was a black and yellow blur that flew in front of Madeline's face. It stood still for a moment. Madeline's eyes went wide when she spotted the little bee like kwami. It giggled before twisting and entwining with Yin in an interact dance.

"You're…. Queen Bee?"

Selma nodded with a light chuckle. "And you are Lady Peacock. None of this really surprised me. But-what's wrong?"

Madeline sighed sadly. "I nearly got everyone killed because I didn't listen to my instincts. I felt the darkness around Cole but I chose to ignore it because he infatuated me. I never should have gone to the dance. It's all my fault."

Madeline wiped the tears that were falling from her eyes. Yin and ZeeZee had stopped doing their dance and worriedly looked on. Selma sighed and lifted the Padawan's chin. The brunette stared into those familiar toxic green eyes and saw that Selma not only forgave her but was trying to comfort her as well.

"I am just glad that you are alive and well," Selma whispered. "True I was scared for you but turns out that it was misplaced. You did well against the well-trained Inquisitor on your own, even when you were injured. That I must give my complements to." Madeline started to smile but it vanished when Selma continued, "Of course this raises some concerns. If the Empire knows that we are here, we must take every precaution to prepare ourselves just in case of a full-scale attack. Which means we must buy another building to be a command center and I don't have the money for it."

Madeline was quiet before speaking up hesitantly, "I think I know a place."

A few days after Madeline had healed slightly, she and Selma, both dressed as Peacock and Queen Bee made their way carefully down to the Underground Temple. Michael had sent Branusz's starfighter to its next location in order to avoid suspicions from the Empire. Queen Bee wasn't sure what to think when they arrived at the ancient temple. When the door was opened, they both walked in, Lady Peacock was amazed at the spotlessness of the temple. The Spirit of Master Aurélie Cammi was meditating in the center of the room, with HK cleaning things in the background.

"Oh hello Lady Peacock," the Twi'lek greeted. Her eyes went wide when she saw Queen Bee. Both Miraculous holders allowed their disguises to drop, their kwamis landing on their shoulders. Madeline and Selma bowed deeply to the specter master who bowed back.

"Master Aurélie Cammi," Madeline introduced. "May I introduce you to Jedi Councilwoman and holder of the Bee Miraculous, Selma Agreste Turon."

"Please to meet you," Both masters echoed. They laughed at how in sync they were until they caught a glance at Madeline. Her face held seriousness that was unlike her.

"We did not come here for this," she said. Madeline gestured to the enormous temple. "We were wondering: is this place for rent?"

-Line break-

Easter Monday rolled around all too quickly for the trio of Jedi. Marinette and Adrien had come by occasionally to check on her and her family, which was nice, but they were away for the holidays. Selma had closed up the shop and prepared several traditional dishes from their galaxy for the meeting. Though they didn't know exactly who were going to be there, Selma, Madeline and Michael had an idea. They knew Senator Organa would be there but that was as far as their knowledge went. Madeline, who was finally cleared from bed rest, was up in the dojo fighting an invisible enemy. Master Cammi had agreed to give them the Underground Temple since no one was really using it and the three Jedi were going to start moving supplies as soon as they could.

The sound of engines overhead caused Madeline to stop what she was doing and smile at the ceiling. They were here!

Happily, the young brunette ran downstairs, still in her sweaty robes. Michael was behind her and together they bolted down the steps. Madeline froze when spotted the group of rebel leaders at the base of the stairs. Most of the small group consisted of humans but there were a few that were of other species. Such as an older looking Ahsoka Tano and a lime green Twi'lek adolescent. Madeline felt her breath catch in her throat and tears well up in her eyes. The Togruta had aged fairly well. The brunette remembered when she was ten and she had lost her first master in battle. Ahsoka had been there to comfort her in her time of grief. And now here she was….

"Ahsoka!" Madeline shouted in happiness. The older Togruta turned right as Madeline tackled her. The rest of the group went wide-eyed and tense as they watched the two laugh and giggle before Ahsoka cleared her throat.

"All right Mads," She gently pushed the brunette off. "It's good to see you again as well but we came here for business."

An hour later, they were all sitting around a table in the upstairs dojo, discussing safety protocol and such. Ahsoka, who was named Fulcrum for being the pivot point, proposed that all undercover agents be Fulcrum so the Empire would be unable to pinpoint them. If one Fulcrum dies, then another would take its place. Madeline had to admit it was rather clever. The Togruta also proposed that no other rebel cell would know about the others, just in case a cell was captured, they wouldn't be able to betray the rebellion to the Empire. Madeline and Michael quickly agreed.

A human male, a man named Jun Sato who was voted to be the commander of a cell known as Phoenix Squadron, spoke up, "We need to discuss how we are going to recruit pilots and engineers."

"Of course," Bail agreed. Madeline raised an eyebrow at the man's accent. Apparently he hailed Mykapo, a strange yet peaceful world in an unknown and unnamed sector of the galaxy.

"I agree with Commander Sato," The brunette spoke up, "But that is a problem we can worry about when we bring the cells together to form the larger rebellion. Right now we have to worry about getting this thing off the ground. If we're lucky, then those that we recruit early on in the operation will have some skills."

"Very well," the senator said before pressing on. He pulled out a datapad and laid it on the table, activating it. A holographic image the Alliance Starbird appeared. Madeline's eyes went wide. The Starbird, or otherwise known as the Phoenix here on earth, was the symbol of the Old Order with a few exceptions in design. It then dawned her that the Senator wanted to use this symbol, for the rebellion.

"To rise from the ashes of the Empire as a new and stronger Galactic Republic," Senator Organa confirmed. Looking around the table, Madeline noticed the faces of those present ranging from different emotions from happiness to resignation. "We will defeat the Empire. No matter how long we have to fight we will fight until the galaxy is free once more."

Without thinking Madeline stood and raised her hand in salute of the Fallen Order. She stood there embarrassingly until Michael and Selma joined in. Ahsoka followed their lead and soon enough the entire table of was doing the salute of the Jedi. The lime green Twi'lek, whose name was revealed as Hera Syndulla, was the last one to join in.

"We are in this together," Selma announced. Once everyone had placed their hands back to their sides, the tense atmosphere dissipated leaving an atmosphere of a party. The group had moved down stairs into the kitchen where the food was being served. Madeline didn't stay for the meal. Instead she slipped off to the roof, with Yin perched on her shoulder. The sun was now setting, the sky the color of fire. The Eiffel Tower stood tall and proud, like a solitary soldier amongst his fallen comrades. The brunette Padawan took a deep, relaxing breath as a warm breeze blew by and closed her eyes. A presence suddenly appeared on the roof.

"You're missing the party downstairs," Ahsoka announced as she moved next to her friend. "Captain Syndulla took down your brother in a wrestling match."

Madeline gave a small chuckle. "Well just about everyone can beat Michael." She sighed. "This is it isn't it? There's no going back after this."

"No," Ahsoka agreed. "There isn't."

Together the two survivors of the massacre stood on the roof and watched the sun set. Madeline smiled to herself as the lights below and above flickered on. Something her master told her swam through her mind as the silver moon slowly rose to take the place of the fiery sun.

The sun would set leaving darkness. But Madeline knew. She knew that eventually the sun would have to rise once more….to bring not only a new day….

But a new hope as well.

The End

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