Prologue (Middle Earth)

The Company of thirteen dwarves, one hobbit, and one wizard made their way towards the beautiful Elven city of Rivendale. They were currently being hunted down by Orcs, led by Azog the Defiler, but thankfully Gandalf the Grey had led them to the Homely House, ruled by Lord Elrond. They made a tight circle as elven soldiers on tall horses circled around them, glaring down at them with emotionless helmets. But one was different. One wore golden armor, sticking out from the sliver armored men, and rode a pure white horse. The elf dismounted and removed his helmet, revealing that he was Lord Elrond himself. He smiled, showing his slightly elongated teeth, as he spotted Mithrandir but it dropped quickly when he spotted the dwarves.

"And do what do I owe the pleasure to be in the presence of Thorin Oakenshield?" The Elven Lord asked with some sort of arrogance. Thorin just glared at the arrogant lord of Rivendale, his company not saying a thing. Thankfully Gandalf stepped and spoke.

"We are being hunted by Orcs," the wise wizard said. "And we decided to take refuge in Rivendale." Before the Elven Lord could speak, a lovely female voice spoke.

"Father?" The company turned to see a lovely elven female with sliver blonde hair, violet eyes, and tan skin wearing a light purple dress walk down the stairs elegantly. In her hair, she had a golden circlet with a river blue stone in the middle. Bilbo stood wide eyed at the elf before him. She had the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen and her skin was beautifully tan, like a roasted marshmallow if it was torched just right. "We have company?"

"Yes my dear," Elrond said as he reached out a hand and helped the woman down the stairs. She smiled slightly and bowed her head to show her thanks. "May introduce Gandalf the Grey, and the company of the thirteen?"

"Ah Gandalf the Grey, I have heard many a good thing about you." The woman said as she bowed.

"And who do I have the pleasure of meeting?" the wizard asked as he raised the woman's hand to his mouth for a quick peck.

"This is my daughter Lady Elaina," Lord Elrond answered for his daughter. Bilbo felt himself relax and lease a breath he didn't know he was holding. The elven lord turned towards his daughter. "Will you be joining us for dinner my dear?"

"Of course father," the Lady Elaina said giggling slightly. "It would be an honor to get acquainted with this little company."

At dinner the tension could not be any higher, as the dwarves picked at their food, looking for the meat that they were used to while a small group of musical elves played a relaxing tune that the majority of the dwarves attempted to drown out. While Lord Elrond examined the blades the company found in the goblin cave, Bilbo looked at his small blade with a questioning look. Dwalin noticed this as he chuckled at the young hobbit.

"I wouldn't even bother," he whispered to the young hobbit. "That blade there is nothing short of a letter opener. Probably hasn't even seen battle." Bilbo sighed as he sheathed the blade and looked up and saw that Lady Elaina was watching him. When they made eye contact the Elven Lady turned her head and continued to watch her father converse with the Thorin. As dinner drew to a near, Lady Elaina excused herself and walked off, probably to her rooms, with her ladies in waiting trailing behind her. Bilbo's eyes followed her retreating form until she was out of sight, and apparently Dwalin was trying to get his attention. The older dwarf followed his gaze until he saw what he was looking at, and his mouth twisted into a small knowing smile. He nudged the young burglar, getting his attention. The two followed the Dwarf King as he, Lord Elrond, and Gandalf walked off, while the other dwarves went off to their rooms for the night. Not that they were planning on staying.

After the conversation (you all know it)….

Lord Elrond watched the stars twinkle like a candle flame in a drafty room. These cool late summer nights are what he enjoyed the most. He missed spending these nights before autumn with his late wife, Diana, watching the stars and just forgetting about life. But that was before the War of the Ring, when she was cut down in battle against the dark forces of Sauron. Before she died, the Lady Diana gave the Lord of Rivendale a beautiful daughter, one with the eyes of the clearest waters in the world and hair purer than snow. The Lady Elaina. Meaning bright or shining light. Lord Elrond and Lady Diana were both proud of their daughter, their new heir. But that happiness didn't last long as the dark shadow of the evil Sauron soon fell across Middle Earth, followed by a never ending darkness and bloodshed. Men and dwarves alike came to the Rivendale Lord, pleading for him to join the fight against the evil entity. The elven lord agreed as well as his wife, against his wishes.

"Father, I need to speak with you." Elaina's voice interrupted his trip down memory lane. The Lord Elrond faced his daughter, who was currently wearing travel clothes, complete with hunting bow, knives, and a quiver full of arrows.

"You are not going with the dwarves," he stated. "And that is final."

"But father I have seen these events unfold in my vision," Elaina said. Elrond swore his wife's face briefly was imposed over his daughter's. The elven lord sighed as he continued to listen to his steadfast daughter. She reminded him so much of her mother it was painful sometimes to look at her. "I am to assist on this quest and help. Father please, hear me out. I know you don't want to lose me too, but I can't spend my life sheltered from the world. If I am not with them when they finish their quest, then this world will fall."

"Are sure?"

One minute of silence pasted before she spoke once more, her voice hard and serious. "Positive." Elrond loosed a sigh as he relented. Elaina was her mother's daughter alright: stubborn, free-spirited, impulsive, and beautiful yet deadly. Dianna would be proud.

"Very well." Lord Elrond said as he pulled his daughter closely. He planted a kiss on her forehead and when he pulled back, he tucked a strand of silver blonde hair behind her ears. "Be safe Elaina."

"Well as safe as I can be traveling with a troupe of dwarves across middle earth being hunted down by orcs," Elaina's joke fell short as she beheld the stern look on her father's face that clearly read, 'don't push it'. The young elf flashed her father her best smile before saying, "I will. I promise."

That night, a group of thirteen dwarves, a wizard and a hobbit snuck out of Rivendale, accompanied by a sixteenth member. A young Elf by the name of Elaina, Lady of Rivendale trailed closely behind the company without their knowledge, a pitch black cloak aiding in her blending into the shadow and hiding her silver hair that would've been easily spotted in the shadows. With one last look at her home of 117 years, Lady Elaina continued tracking the company, setting a chain of events into motion that would stretch through the ages….