a/n: This little one-shot is a result of the following headcanon I saw on tumblr:

Imagine your OTP:

Person A and Person B: *having an argument over something small and insignificant*
Person B: *is right and knows it*
Person A: *takes their shirt off before they can lose the argument*
Person B: *proceeds to lose because they are too distracted*


Carmilla is normally the one to use her ungodly seduction powers on poor, innocent, helpless and easily turned on Laura to win her losing arguments...

which is why she almost choked on her cocoa the first time Laura gave her a taste of her own medicine

Carmilla and Laura were almost halfway through their Harry Potter movie marathon (Laura's idea of course - it was at the top of her todo list the minute she found out Carm never "saw the appeal of the whole 'wizards and magic thing', sorry cupcake" - coming from a former supernatural being, that statement was almost criminal).

Carmilla let out a purr as she stretched before getting up to make the two more hot cocoa before the next movie.

"I'm not saying it was bad, cupcake, all I'm saying is that it's hard to believe Fred and George never noticed Peter Pettigrew on the map thing before…"

"Why the heck not? Ron only got Scabbers that year!"

"But it was Percy's rat before right? You're telling me they never looked up their brother in the 4-5 years they had that thing?"

"Maybe they had other priorities!"

"Well maybe, but not once in 5 years? I'm sure they planned a few pranks on their brother during that time…"

"Maybe Percy lost Scabbers during those times!"

"That seems awfully convenient."

"UGH. You know what? Maybe they DID notice it and thought Percy had a secret lover or something and they were just being RESPECTFUL."

Carmilla sauntered back from the kitchen with two cups of cocoa in hand, thoroughly enjoying how worked up and defensive her girlfriend was getting from a harmless little plot hole. I mean, it was Laura's "bestest and most favorite-est book and movie series of all time" and the girl would basically murder anyone who thought she wasn't "Gryffindor material" but still.

Carmilla laughed as she handed the grumpy girl one of the cups before settling in beside her.

"Don't laugh at me." Laura pouted as she tried to seriously sip her cocoa and struggled to mask how amazing it was (Carm was a wizard when it came to cocoa).

Carmilla smiled at the sight knowing full well that Laura was bathing in sweet, hot chocolatey bliss beneath that adorable, scrunched up little face she was trying so hard to show.

Carm kissed her grumpy girlfriend on the cheek before enjoying her own cocoa. But she couldn't resist poking the adorable little bear one last time.

"How did they even know how to use the map in the first place? How did they even know it was important when they snuck into Filch's office? It would've literally looked like any other piece of parchment…"

"UGHHHH. CARMMMM." Laura angrily set her cup down and walked out of the room as Carmilla laughed at her agitated girlfriend.

Carmilla took this time to enjoy another few sips of cocoa before finally deciding to make peace with her grumpy girlfriend.

"Laaaaauuuurrrraaaaaa. Come baaaaaaacccckkk. I'm gonna start the next movie without youuuuuu."

Carm closed her eyes and smiled smugly as she heard her girlfriend's footsteps approaching - Laura would never resist watching a Harry Potter movie, no matter how upset she was.

Eyes still closed, Carmilla took in another sip of cocoa, thoroughly enjoying the post-winning argument bliss. She felt the couch cushion deepen on her right as Laura sat down but became confused as cloth covered her legs and the other side deepened as well. Her breath hitched when she felt her girlfriend's breath at her ear.

All at once Carmilla forgot how to open her eyes, breathe, and swallow and could only sit paralyzed in shock and awe.

"Buckle up creampuff…" Laura whispered soft and slow, her impossibly sultry voice seducing Carmilla's very soul, "because I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…."

Carmilla finally swallowed her cocoa, more from swallowing in anticipation than anything. Because her mind finally connected the dots and figured out that her "poor, innocent, and helpless" girlfriend changed into her Gryffindor robes, and judging from the warmth she was feeling…

there was nothing beneath them.