Author's Note: If you don't ship Septiplier, stop reading right now. This fic will focus strongly on the relationship between Mark & Sean. As friends and as something more. This fic will also focus a bit on Mark & Tobuscus(because I ship it). I'm going to take my time with this story to get it just right. If you stick with me till the end, you're awesome. I have been known to take a long time with writing things. But since I've been so eager to start on this one, it probably won't take me AS long. Sit back and enjoy! Thnx.

Chapter One: Weekend in NYC


Taking a quick look at his phone to check the time, Mark sat down at his desk, hesitating for a moment before he turned on his camera and started recording. "Hello, everybody!" he said, using his familiar intro that came so easy to him that he sometimes said it when he answered phone calls. "My name is Markiplier and I've got some exciting news. Monday, Bob and Wade are coming down to L.A. and Monday night Jack will be here! Bob and Wade had a free week and I just decided to invite Jack along because what are friends for, am I right?" He smiled and chuckled.

"Anyway, I'm gonna have to keep this short because I was just on my way out to head for the airport and wanted to do a quick update vlog," Mark went on. "Ryan and Matt will be over here later to take care of the house and pets while I'm away and I'll make sure they get this video up today." He absentmindedly fixed the floof that was his hair as he spoke. "I'm heading to the airport because I'm catching a flight to New York City to work on something with a few other YouTubers. I'm not allowed to talk about it until and unless it gets picked up. I'll be working with some awesome people, so I hope it gets picked up. If not..." He shrugged his shoulders. "I haven't put any money into the project. I'm being paid to go over there.

"Expect the same amount of videos every day while I'm gone," he continued. "Next week, I'll be filming a lot of stuff with Bob, Wade, and Jack, so look forward to some great content with them. I'm excited. This week is gonna be great. I just wish I could tell you so much more! Hopefully, within the next month or two I'll be able to say at least a little bit of something." He glanced toward his phone when it lit up with a text, letting him know that his ride was here. He looked back at the camera. "I've gotta get going. I might do a meet and greet while I'm in New York, but I don't know yet. I'll try to keep you all informed, but for now I will see you..." He pointed at the camera. " the next video! Bye bye!" He waved then cut off the recording, grabbed his phone and hurried out, leaving a note for Matt and Ryan.


Mark checked in at the hotel in New York City later that evening. Since it was still early, he thought about going out to get himself a bite to eat, but realized how tired he was the second he sat down. He laid back on the bed, planning on napping for a bit and then go out. But, he ended up sleeping through the whole night, waking up to his cell ringing in his pocket. Still laying down, he searched his pockets till he found the iPhone then answered it, holding it up to his ear. "Hello?"

The call was just to fill him in on everything he would be doing this weekend. He didn't have any appointments until later this afternoon, so his morning was free. He got up and showered, putting on jeans and his lucky flannel. He would change into something more professional later, but for now he just went for comfortable. He headed down to the lobby of the hotel to get some breakfast, filling up on fruit, yogurt, and coffee. After breakfast, he headed out to explore a bit to kill some time.

He shopped for a bit, meeting some fans while he was out. He got to chat with them for a bit and take some pictures before they went their separate ways. On his walk back to the hotel, he tweeted about the possibility of maybe doing a meet and greet sometime this weekend. Once he knew his schedule. But, he was pretty sure a meet and greet could happen. He wished he could do meet and greets more often, but that took time he didn't really have. He sure wished he had the time, but after all, he was only human and could only do so much and he was already giving his best.

He made it back to his hotel room just in time to receive a phone call, letting him know where he needed to be in an hour. He had a bit of time to crash before leaving, so he had an early lunch, changed into something more presentable, then headed out, catching a taxi that took him to his destination. Upon arrival, he only had to follow the other YouTubers he recognized to get to where he was going. The fifteenth floor and when he walked in, the set was better than he had imagined. And a lot bigger than he thought it would be. And this was only for now. Once the project got picked up, the crew would have a bigger space to work in California.

They were shown to a room and told to be seated, but it wasn't a requirement. There were about fifteen YouTubers there, only a few Mark recognized. He took his seat, settling down for the announcement and instructions that would begin in a few minutes. He pulled out his phone, glancing up when someone sat down beside him and Mark realized that it was Wade.

"So you got an invite, huh?" Mark joked, putting his phone away. "Why didn't you tell me you'd be here?"

"First I was told to keep it a secret," Wade replied. He held up the pass that was hanging from his neck. "Second, I'm here because someone else couldn't make it." Mark looked at the pass and saw 'LordMinion777 replacing JackSepticEye.' "I was the, like, the fifth person he called that didn't have any plans." He let the pass fall down against his chest.

"He's missing out on an awesome opportunity," Mark said, looking forward, noticing a few of the crew getting things ready to start. He looked back at Wade. "So you'll be heading straight to L.A. after this?"

Wade nodded his head. "And probably on the same flight," he said. "I asked Bob to come along with me this weekend so we could all hang out before heading over there, but he had some things to do."

"Some people can only stand me for a certain length of time," Mark joked with a chuckle. Wade laughed along with him then they both quieted down when a woman stepped to the podium at the front of the room and called for their attention.

"Hello and welcome, everyone!" she began with a big smile. "My name is Jeri Thomas and I'll be your host this weekend! We've got a rather big crowd today. More than we expected, in fact. Which only means that you were actually interested in this project! We thank you and hope you won't be disappointed by the time the weekend is over. You all came highly rated, the best of the best as someone would put it.

"Now that that's over, time to get to the good stuff," she went on. "As you all know, you're here for something that may or may not pick up. Welcome to The YouTube Games. We'll only be filming a handful of shows this weekend. Your schedule will be given to you after this presentation. The shows we film will be sent to Hollywood, where they will be reviewed and we'll find out whether or not the show will be picked up. If it does, expect to receive a call in the future for another chance at the Games."

She gestured over to the pair of doors they had all come through earlier. Standing there was a man and a woman, who were holding papers. Probably the information the YouTubers would need this weekend. Jeri continued, "When you leave this room, don't forget to grab your schedules. All of you don't have to hang around here all day. There's an entire city worth exploring during your stay. If you have any questions, see the director, Lee Chan." She pointed at the man standing with the woman at the doors. "In other news, we'll be having a party tonight and you wouldn't want to miss out on that. Now that I haven't kept you too long, we'll see you all tomorrow and Sunday. Thank you."

She dismissed everyone for the day. Mark and Wade stood up and headed out the door together, grabbing their schedules on the way. They were told that they would receive their team's shirts the next day. Mark looked down at his schedule and saw that Wade was on his team. There were five on each team and he didn't recognize anyone else on his team except for Toby Turner, otherwise known as Tobuscus. Mark folded up the piece of paper, sticking it into his pocket as Wade started up a conversation...

The party was held at a bar later that night. Due to health reasons, Mark was unable to drink, but that didn't keep him from getting together with friends and meeting some new ones. He especially wanted to get acquainted with the rest of his team. Unfortunately, none of them but Mark, Wade, and Toby had shown up at this party. He had only caught a glimpse of Toby. Mark sat with Wade and a few other YouTubers, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. They were all excited about The YouTube Games and they all had the same hopes that the project would get picked up and go places. It was definitely an opening for Creators to branch out to other things, especially if YouTube decided to shut down.

After a couple of hours of talking, Mark volunteered to head over to the bar and refill everyone's drinks. The YouTube Games was sponsoring this party, so all the drinks were free for the YouTubers. Mark got himself a bottle of water then sat down at the bar and waited as the bartender worked on everyone else's drinks. He hadn't been sitting there long when he heard someone walk over and sat down beside him. Mark glanced over, easily recognizing Toby. The "Tobuscus" shirt was a dead giveaway.

"Has anyone appointed you team captain yet?" Toby asked with a chuckle. He had a beer in his hand and it was obvious he was already drunk. "And don't tell me the team doesn't have a team captain, 'cause that's a load of bull." He took another, long drink.

"That 'team' actually doesn't mean we'll be working together," Mark said. "If you had read your sheet, you'd know that. We're only called a team because only the five of us will be working in a specific time frame." He set his water down and looked over at Toby. "And we're up first tomorrow. Aren't you risking a hangover?"

"Why'd they throw a party at a bar if they didn't think we'd get drunk?" Toby asked. "Irresponsible on everyone's part. At least I don't have to worry about driving." He finished off his beer. He looked at Mark. "I won't have any more if you're worried. If I have a hangover tomorrow, you'll have a great advantage over me." He pointed at the water bottle. "Especially since you're not even drinking."

"I can't," Mark said, standing up when the drinks arrived. He paused when Toby grabbed some of the glasses. Thankfully, he didn't seem overly drunk, so he was able to help Mark carry the drinks back to the table. He didn't stick around when Mark sat down with his friends. He watched him go then looked at Wade when he leaned over.

"I heard he's been avoiding people all night," Wade said. "Did he suddenly decide to change his mind?"

"He's drunk," Mark said, taking a sip of his water. "He's really been avoiding people all night?" From what Mark knew of Toby, that seemed out of character for the guy. He put his water down. "Watch my water," he said then stood and followed in the direction Toby had gone. He found Toby in the bathroom, flushing after throwing up. He was walking over to the sinks as Mark walked in. No one else was in the bathroom and it was insanely quiet.

"I heard that you've been avoiding people," Mark said, deciding to be straightforward. He wasn't too sure why he was interested. He and Toby had done a few videos together in the past, but that was as far as their friendship went. They hadn't really spoken to each other in two years. He thought back to that time, remembering the slight spark of chemistry they had, which was probably why Mark was interested in Toby's well being now.

Toby finished at the sink and turned to him. "Have you also heard that hardly anybody here wants to talk to me?" he asked. Mark had heard about the drama that had popped up in Toby's life recently. Though it might have been cleared up, it sadly didn't change some people's opinions. "You may not drink, but frankly, I'd just like to forget that this weekend ever happened."

"You're grumpy when you're drunk," Mark said. "How do you know no one wants to talk to you when you've been avoiding everyone?" From Toby's sudden expression, Mark knew he had pushed a button. "They probably don't want to talk to you because they think you're in a bad mood 'cause you're avoiding everyone."

"Is is so bad to want to spend time alone?"

"You should've stayed at the hotel then."

"I didn't mean completely alone."

"Why don't you come sit at our table?" Mark offered. He knew Wade and the others would be fine with it. "Loosen up and have some fun. This weekend will be worth it, I promise." If Toby really hadn't wanted to come here, he never would have shown up in the first place.

"Fine," Toby said then followed Mark out of the bathroom and over to the table.

A couple of hours later, the party broke up and everyone was heading back to whichever hotel they were each staying at. Wade had already left and Mark was on his own by the time he headed out the door and on the streets. He noticed Toby standing at the curb, trying to wave down a taxi. For the City That Never Sleeps, it wasn't too late (or early) for a taxi to be available, but Toby wasn't having much luck in getting one. Mark glanced around once then walked over to stand beside Toby. The last couple of hours had sobered up Toby a bit and he had grown comfortable around Mark and the others, joking around and having a good time. Hopefully Toby wouldn't think tonight had been a complete waste.

"You know," Mark started, getting Toby's attention. "By the time you get a taxi, you could've walked to the hotel and back."

"Twenty minutes ago, I wasn't able to walk," Toby said. He gestured around. "The 'fresh' air has cleared my head up a bit, so I might tackle walking back." He shrugged his shoulders. "After all, I walked here." He chuckled and shook his head then looked at Mark. "Wanna walk back with me? There's strength in numbers. We might need all the help we can get on New York City streets at..." He looked at his phone to check the time. "...three thirty in the morning."

Mark had learned earlier that they were both staying at the same hotel, so he didn't see the harm in declining this offer. "You're right," he said. "What's the worst that can happen?"

"We can be assaulted by three muggers?"

"Let's just not think about muggers," Mark said then walked past Toby and started down the street. He heard Toby following after, picking up his pace until he was walking beside Mark. "Have fun tonight?"

"Surprisingly, yes," Toby said. "I only decided to come here to New York to get away from things for a while. Don't get me wrong, things have gotten better, but I just needed a break. I'd still be in that same mindset if you had decided not to come."

"I never considered not coming," Mark said. The first moment he had heard about this project, he was up for it. He had even wanted to be part of it back when rumors had been floating around. "It sounded like fun. Why would anyone not want to come?"

"Because of the possibility that it won't be picked up."

"Right, I forgot about that."

"It's great hanging out with other YouTubers," Toby said. "I hope it gets picked up."

"Yeah, me too."

They made it back to the hotel, with no sign of muggers, about half an hour later. Toby said goodnight and headed to his room then Mark headed to his own. He made it to his room only to find out that he had left the room key in the room. He cursed under his breath as he headed down to the front desk, but there was a sign letting him know no one would be there until morning. He sighed then, seeing no other alternative, made his way back to Toby's room and knocked. If he had known whether Wade was here or not, he was too tired to find out. Plus, his phone was dead. He would have to get up extra early in the morning to get an extra room key so he would have time to get ready for the YouTube Games.

Toby was already dressed for bed when he opened the door, looking slightly surprised to see Mark there. "I locked myself out," Mark explained. "I can't get another key till morning."

Toby smirked. "Are you asking to sleep over?" he asked.

"I gave you a fun night," Mark said. "It's the least you could do."

"But what will people think if they see you walk out of here tomorrow?"

"Let me in, asshole."

Toby grinned then opened the door wider and let Mark in. Toby closed the door as Mark walked in. To find that there was only one bed. And not even a couch. "I'm sure you have different sleeping arrangements," Toby said, walking past Mark and over to the bed. He turned back. "But, really, this is all I need." He sat down on the bed. He threw one of the pillows at Mark, who caught it with ease. "Floor or share?"

"Floor's fine," Mark said. "You don't mind if I take a shower, do you? I don't wanna have to worry about it in the morning."

Toby shrugged, laying down, his attention on his phone. "I don't have anything for you to wear, so you'll just have to put on your dirty clothes," he said. He lowered the phone and looked at Mark. "Though I do have a pair of shorts that I bought today that were too big." He pointed over to the plastic bag on the floor by his suitcase. "You can use that."

Mark grabbed the bag and pulled out the shorts. "Thanks," he said then stepped into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, dressed only in shorts that were also a little big on him, he walked out of the bathroom, dropping his clothes on the floor by the wall. He picked up the pillow Toby had given him then found a good spot on the floor to lay down. Toby was already snoring. Mark turned out the lights then laid down to get to sleep.


Mark woke up the next morning to an empty room. He at first thought he was back in his own room, but then remembered he was sleeping on the floor. He got up, seeing his phone plugged up on the table next to a room key that had his room number on it. There was also a pair of jeans and a "YouTube Games" shirt on the bed. He found a note from Toby explaining he had gotten Mark a new key and someone had dropped off the shirts at each of the YouTubers rooms. The fact that Toby had been in his room...

The door opened and Toby walked in. He was carrying a cup of coffee. "Just get up?" he asked when he saw Mark standing. He put the coffee down on the table. "The food here's not the greatest, but it's better than nothing. Though, I heard the YouTube Games will be providing meals."

"What time did you get up?" Mark asked, checking his phone before he grabbed the shirt and jeans. There was a new pair of underwear and socks, so he really didn't need to stop by his room before heading over to the Games. He looked at Toby. "Did you rummage through my shit?"

"There was no rummaging involved," Toby said, sitting down on the bed. "Your suitcase is very organized. It's weird."

"Not everyone just shoves things into a bag," Mark said. "You're in a good mood, seeing as how you were drunk last night."

"I wasn't that drunk," Toby said. "I sobered up before I fell asleep." He laid back on the bed. "We have two hours before we get to the Games. You could've waited and had that shower this morning."

"I thought I had things to do this morning," Mark said. He held up the clothes then nodded toward the room key. "Thanks for this, but you didn't have to."

"After helping last night, I figured I owed you one," Toby said. "Letting you sleep over and fixing your problem evens us out."

"Just for the hell of it, I'm gonna take another shower," Mark said, heading for the bathroom. When he was finished, and dressed, he put the dirty clothes in a bag then grabbed his phone, charger, and the room key. Toby was still laying on the bed. "Don't go back to sleep. Long day today."

Toby sat up. "Why'd you help me last night?"

Mark paused and turned back. "What?"

"I've been thinking all morning and I can't figure out why you were so interested in getting me out of my funk last night," Toby said. "I'm grateful for it, but you were the first person to talk to me all night."

"I could also ask why you took the time to talk to me at the bar," Mark said. "I was trying to be a friend and it sounded like you needed one last night."

"I have other friends."

"But they're not here."

"This the part where you ask me why I was so depressed last night?"

"I don't want to pry."

"I thought I had found someone, back in California," Toby said. Mark put his things down, sitting on the edge of the table to listen. "We had only just met and went out on one date before I came here. She called me when I checked in here and she said she never wanted to see me again. I was happy for a couple of days and then she just grabbed my heart and threw it back in my face."

Mark couldn't really be sympathetic toward Toby. After all, what kind of person gets that attached to another after only one date? "I'm sorry," he said. "Did she not want you to come here?"

"She encouraged it," Toby said. "I found out that she had been engaged for the last two months. The date she had with me was just to get back at her fiance." He shrugged. "Shitty, right?"

"You really needed a friend last night."

"And thanks for that."

Mark nodded his head, standing and turning to grab his things. He paused and looked back. "Sorry I haven't really stayed in contact," he said. "I could have been a better friend the last two years."

Toby stood up. The room was small enough, so they were standing nearly toe to toe now. "A friendship works both ways," he said. "I could have stayed in contact as well. But, I didn't think we were close enough to be real friends."

"After all, we only did like a handful of videos together," Mark said, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He didn't know why he had suddenly become so nervous. He and Toby had never had a thing, but there had been something on that day two years ago. Something that had stuck and had been at the back of Mark's mind this whole time. "And just because we'll be competing this weekend doesn't mean we can't still be real friends."

"I agree."

There was silence for a few minutes. Mark couldn't remember who moved first, but suddenly they were on each other. Kissing Toby sent a thrill through Mark's body. For a moment they were fighting for dominance as Toby tried to get Mark up on the table. The moment Mark took over was the moment they were falling down on the bed. The springs creaked, but were ignored as they pulled at each others' clothes. They still had over an hour before the start of the Games. That was also ignored.

Unable to get even a simple item of clothing off the other, Mark slid down Toby's body, yanking his jeans down in the process. Mark eyed the mound that was Toby's underwear for a second before he pulled those down as well. Exposed, Toby moved to sit up, but Mark pushed him back down then leaned over and took Toby's cock into his mouth.

Mark had never done anything like this, but he had thought about it. Of course, Toby had never been the person in his fantasies. And the sudden realization now made Mark hesitate for a split second when he thought about the plans he had made. The real reason he had invited Sean over for the week. Those thoughts slipped from his mind as Toby moaned and bucked his hips, attempting to fuck Mark's mouth. Mark prevented that just by holding Toby's hips down.

Just as Toby was about to finish, Mark sat up, pulling off, when his phone started ringing. Toby cursed, rolling over as Mark got up off the bed, grabbing his phone. It was Wade. Mark calmed his breathing then answered the phone. "Yeah?"

"Where the hell are you?" Wade asked. "I stopped by your room, but there was no answer. Are you at the Games already?"

Mark forced his mind to stay focused as Toby came up behind him, pulling his jeans and underwear down. "I'm eating breakfast with someone," he said, grabbing the edge of the table with his free hand as he felt Toby's mouth assaulting his asshole. "I' you at the Games."

"You all right?" Wade asked.

"Fine," Mark said, holding back a moan. "See you later." He hung up then laid across the table, spreading his legs as much as he could as Toby stroked his cock then pulled it down between his legs to take it into his mouth. "Fuck," he murmured, letting it go on for a bit longer before he moved, grabbing Toby and leaning him over the table.

Toby chuckled, begging for it as Mark pushed his cock inside Toby. Grabbing Toby, Mark started thrusting. It didn't last half as long as either of them wanted. Toby's muscles tightened around Mark as he came, practically forcing Mark to cum as well. They stayed in that position for a while before Mark pulled out, pulled his jeans on, then grabbed his things and left.

Mark arrived at the Games with some time to spare. It didn't make him feel any easier. After all, he would have to face Toby again. Sooner than he wanted to. Things had gotten out of hand back at the hotel and Mark just wanted to forget all about it. Pretend like it never happened. But things weren't that easy. Especially since Mark had pieced together that Toby had been trying to get something to happen. Despite the fact that Toby had just gone through a breakup, he wasn't vulnerable. At least, Mark hadn't gotten that feeling. If anything, he had been manipulated.

He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, but relaxed when it was just Wade. "You okay?" Wade asked. "A little jumpy this morning."

Mark looked around then grabbed Wade's arm and pulled him into another, more quiet, room. "I have a problem," he said, keeping his voice low still. "I need you to make sure I'm never alone with Toby."

Wade looked confused. "What?" he asked. "Why?"

"I would rather not go into details," Mark said, though he was pretty sure the avoidance of the subject would paint the picture. And judging by the sudden expression on his friend's face, Mark knew the picture had been painted.

"Oh my god," Wade said, his voice just as low as Mark's now. "You've gotta be shitting me! You and Toby-"

Mark covered Wade's mouth with his hand, pointing a finger in his face with the other. "You don't speak a word of this to anyone," he said. He knew he could trust Wade, but he didn't want anyone messing up the week he had planned. Well, he didn't want anyone messing it up even more than it already was. "You've gotta promise me that and promise you won't let me and Toby go anywhere private." He lowered his hand so that Wade would be able to talk.

"I promise," Wade said, sounding like he understood the seriousness of this situation. "It won't be easy, but I'll try my best. Now can you tell me what the hell you were thinking?!"

"I wasn't thinking, that's the problem!" Mark said. "But I at least had enough smarts to get out of there when I could." There had been plenty of opportunities before he had fucked Toby, but he hadn't left. Why? Because of how he had felt one day two years ago? He had been different back then. Toby had been a different change of pace for him and he had been strongly drawn toward it. He had never known until today that that feeling had been mutual. "Dammit."

"You fucked up, man."

"I don't need you to tell me that," Mark said, taking a few deep breaths before he ended up snapping at one of his best friends. "I need you to tell me what to do!"

"Shouldn't you figure that out?" Wade asked. "It's your life."

"I didn't want it to come to this!"

"What's so bad about it?" Wade asked. "You've mentioned you've been feeling kinda lonely the last few weeks. Maybe-"

"I was going to tell Jack how I really felt," Mark said, not looking at Wade. "Sean..."



"Maybe the best thing for you to do right now is talk to Toby."

"I can't-"

"You can't avoid him forever," Wade said. "Especially after walking out on him afterward." He patted Mark on the shoulder then turned and left the room. Mark stayed there for a moment longer then followed.

Thankfully the morning went by with Mark not having to worry about anything else besides focusing on the Games. Things weren't too awkward with Toby around. In fact, Toby acted as if nothing had happened between them. Which made things easier, but Mark also felt a stab of hurt for a split second. He quickly pushed it away and moved on.

Later that afternoon, back in his hotel room, Mark had almost forgotten about earlier that morning until he got a knock at the door and it was Toby. Suddenly things became awkward and Mark silently invited him in, closing the door behind him.

"You left pretty quickly this morning," Toby said, first to break the silence.

"I wouldn't call that quickly," Mark said, remaining by the door. A silent way of saying he didn't expect Toby to stay long. "I stayed longer than intended."

"Ouch," Toby said then nodded his head as if he had deserved the retort. "I admit, things went a little too far. I obviously read you wrong."

Mark crossed his arms. "What do you mean?" he asked, his tone not as sour as he thought it would be. In fact, he didn't find himself too upset about what had happened. But there was one thing he could never admit at loud: he had enjoyed himself.

"Last night, at the bar," Toby explained. "You were trying so hard to be there for me as a friend. And then you show up at my hotel room after conveniently locking yourself out? You may come off as the straightest man on YouTube, but you're not that innocent."

"So I was the manipulator?"

Toby raised a brow. "You thought I was?"

"I was the first person you talked to at the bar," Mark said. "You asked me to walk with you. You got my things for me this morning."

"And I made the first move."

Mark couldn't remember that, but he would gladly pin the blame on Toby. "So you admit it."

"I can admit that neither one of us are completely innocent," Toby said, walking over to Mark and stopping only when he had Mark backed up against the door. "You lingered this morning because, deep down, you wanted it. I still remember the little looks you gave me two years ago. I've been thinking about you a lot since then. Probably why I've sucked at relationships so much the last two years."

"Nothing happened two years ago."

"Would you have wanted it to?" Toby asked. "If I had asked you to stay longer, would you have been willing to sleep with me? Fuck me like you did this morning? Or would you have gotten fucked?"

"Nothing happened," Mark said. He hated that he was so turned on by Toby's words. He couldn't get the image out of his head of the possibilities of what could have happened two years ago. After this morning, it was considerably easier to imagine what could have been. "I think you should go."

"I won't make it weird for you this weekend," Toby said. "I proved that to you today." He palmed Mark's groin, rubbing against his erection. "We won't even have to go further than this weekend. Let's just have fun." There wasn't much resistance when he caught Mark's lips with his own.

Mark gave in and again enjoyed every minute of it.

Sunday, Monday

The rest of the weekend went by with Games, friends, and more. Toby spent the next couple of nights in Mark's hotel room. They didn't talk much. It was mostly just sex. Much needed release. That was how Mark viewed it so he wouldn't feel bad about doing it. He was able to relax once he got on the plane Monday morning for the flight back. He was seated next to Wade. Toby never came up in the conversation. Mark was going to do his best to forget that it ever happened.

He had a full week to look forward to.

To be continued...