A hiccup, followed by a giggle, followed by yet another hiccup. Childlike wonder blistered the bright blue eyes.

He was a joyous child, and that seemed to make his mother just as joyous– and his father infatuated.

William Rogers, more commonly known as Billy, brought joy to all he met. His Aunt Daphne and Uncle Fred and his younger cousin Dahlia were all so adoring of his sweet smile and pleasant behaviour.

Velma admired her son and how wonderful he had grown to be. She was amazed at how that tiny human she had once briefly considered ridding herself of had turned into one of the few people who truly made her feel happy. She was proud of how much her Shaggy had grown and matured from being the gluttonous goofball to a goofy man who still provided for his family.

Her parents were also so adoring of her son, and always sent him home with bags full of goodies and snacks, new toys and clothes. They were doting.

Shaggy had pulled himself forward and gotten a better paying job, and managed to find a place for his family to settle down.

It was his 7th birthday, October 27th. Family members had all piled into their roomy home, faces lit up by the candles adorning his cake. Voices harmonized, "Happy birthday to youuuuu,"

And after he had blown out the candles, Shaggy pulled Velma aside.

"What's the matter?" She asked, impatient to return to her motherly duties and serve her guests.

Shaggy smiled softly and brought her into a hug. "I was hoping that maybe we could finally change that last name of yours."

"I'm not sure what you mean?" The bespectacled woman peered at him.

"Velma Dinkley doesn't sound very flattering... I think Velma Rogers is a lot more fitting."

"Shaggy... Are you...?"

He grinned goofily and retrieved a small box from his pocket. "Like, Velma, would you marry me?"

"Yes!" William exclaimed, "my birthday wish came true!"