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Chapter 21 - Tiramisu, like, goes bye-bye

They landed their pedalos just beyond the statues for a sight-seeing stop, and Clodo went off for a walk. Once she was far away, she suddenly saw Tiramisu behind her.

"What do you want?" asked Clodo.

"Like, the strength to defend Fondue and like override the threat of Bordor and a cool accessory for discos!" she cried.

Clodo looked blank.

"The Thing of Power," said Tiramisu.

"No!" said Clodo.

"Like, give it to me!" cried Tiramisu, trying to take it.

"No, it's mine!" she cried, and ran back to the boats.

"What's going on?" asked Waddler, clutching postcards.

"Like, nothing," said Tiramisu.

"Yes there is," said Clodo. She was about to explain, when she heard 'Luke - use the Force. Luke - use the Force.'

"Urks!" said Legless, dropping his snow dome in alarm.

"Don't worry, they're still 500kms away," said Ferry.

"No they're not!" said Clodo, "I altered the range, because if I didn't it would still be going off from the Toilets of Toria. Now it goes off if they're within 10m-"

She was cut off by Urks bursting through the trees. Clodo, immediately realising what she had to do, ran off towards the pedalos, grabbing the chocolate on the way.

Meanwhile, the head Urk stepped forward.

"Any fobbits here?" it asked.

Everyone pointed at Jam, Ferry and Alippin.

"That was easy," said the Head Urk, and three Urks rushed forward to grab them.

"Like, not so fast!" said Tiramisu. She fired an arrow, which bounced off an Urks helmet and hit her.

"Like, ow!" she said and fell to the ground. Waddler rushed forward. Jam, realising Clodo had gone, ran to the pedalos in the confusion, while Legless, Giblet, Ferry and Alippin kept the urks at bay.

"I'm, like, all right," she said, sitting up, "I like always keep my metal makeup case here - oh damn, I must have, like, lost it." With that she collapsed.

Meanwhile the Urks had grabbed Ferry and Alippin, and were running off with them.

"Ciao," said the head Urk, and ran after them.

Waddler sighed, and turned to Giblet. Suddenly Giblet was shot with an arrow. Waddler turned and saw Legless with his bow raised.

"Sorry," said Legless, looking innocent, "Thought it was an urk. Easy mistake to make."

"I'm OK!" said Giblet, "I've got Tiramisu's makeup case right here." He pulled it out, and they saw a large dent in it.

* * * * *

"Miss Clodo!" cried Jam in despair, as she saw Clodo cast off from the shore, "Clooooodooooo!"

"Go back, Jam!" said Clodo, "There's not enough chocolate for both of us! I mean, you can't come to Bordor. I don't want to get my friends into trouble. Ferry and Alippin need you."

"Yeah, that's really sweet," said Jam, "But I wanna come with! You need me more. You're the one trying to save the world! I'd rather drown than not come!" With that, she started to swim out to the pedalo.

"Jam, just go back!"

"Glub glub glub."

"Oh, you meant it." Clodo turned the pedalo round (with more than a little difficulty) and fished Jam out of the water. "FINE, you can come."

"Ta, Miss Clodo," said Jam happily.

* * * * *

Begorn, Legless and Giblet put Tiramisu into one of the pedalos, along with her makeup and light sabre. Giblet had wanted to put Legless in the pedalo as well, as a 'human sacrifice', but Waddler refused. They pushed it towards the waterfall. As it went over the edge, all of the mascara bottles flew out of it.

"A beautiful sight," said Giblet.

"Are we going home now?" asked Legless.

"No," said Waddler, "We are going after Ferry and Alippin, to rescue them."

Giblet and Legless grumbled, but followed him.

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