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to be the worst kind of monster...




"YUKKURIS! WHERE ARE THEY?!" shouted a loud voice filled with rage and even desperation. "BRING THEM OUT AT ONCE!"

A muscular man was running around the inside of what appeared to be a lab, as evident of lab equipment, computers, advanced-looking machineries, and people in lab coats all around the place. His hair consisted of only a red Mohawk running down the middle of his head. He wore shades and a grayish-black vest and matching color pants that made him look like a gangster or criminal of some kind. His spiky shoulder pads only imposed that image more.

"WHERE ARE ALL THE YUKKURIS?! I MUST ABUSE THEM AND KILL THEM ALL!" he shouted at the top of his voice while turning pretty much everything he came across over. After thrashing the room he was in, he ran out, continuing to demand the presence of yukkuris.

"Quick! Alert the security! Someone from the former yukkuri world has breached the portal!" shouted one of the scientists.

Lucina was happily taking a walk with her two koyukkuris, a marisa and an alice, out in the military base. She watched with a large smile as the two bun-like creatures happily hopped around, played with each other, and observed small bugs crawling on the ground.

"So cute!" she said to herself as she watched them play.

The koyukkuris were happily playing with each other when suddenly they looked around in shock from hearing a loud scream. "YUKKURIS! WHERE ARE THEY?!"

Lucina was surprised by the shouting as well, and her instinct told her to put the koyukkuris back into their pet box for their safety. Shortly after putting them inside, she saw the same man from before coming out of a building not too far away and looking around frantically. When he looked in her direction, he noticed the see-through pet box she was carrying and the koyukkuris inside. "YUKKURIS! AT LAST!" he shouted in a way that hinted at happiness, and then he ran towards Lucina with his arm outstretched while sticking out his tongue like a madman.

"Stay back!" shouted Lucina as she unsheathed her sword and pointed it at him, but the man kept on charging at her. He threw himself at her, but she was able to evade him while swinging her sword at the side of his waist. She made a small cut on his skin that wasn't enough to badly injure him.

The man fell to the ground while crying in slight pain, and then he turned to look at Lucina and the scared koyukkuris. "MUST KILL YUKKURIS!" he shouted in rage before standing back up to go after the box, but his action was halted when some grabbed his shoulder from behind.

Lucina looked and was shocked to see that it was a person clad fully in gold armor who stopped him. "General Odin!"

The man stared angrily at Odin, who said, "You came from that world, did you not? How did you get here?"

"You're that guy who went on a killing frenzy from before!" the man angrily said to him. "I won't let you stop me! I made it through the portal, and I will not leave until I manage to abuse and kill a large amount of yukkuris! I've been dying to abuse them for a long time, and I can't contain myself anymore!" After saying that, he attempted to break free from his grasp and go for the two koyukkuris, who were scared at his behavior. Odin tightened his grip, so much that the man felt his bones being crushed. "GAAAAAA!"

Seeing that the koyukkuris were scared, Lucina said to them while leaving the place, "It's all right! Mommy will take you home now!"

Shortly after Lucina left, a couple of soldiers ran up to Odin, and one of them said, "General Odin! We received report that a large amount of protestors from the world of yukkuris attacked the camp. The soldiers there were able to hold them back, but one of them managed to slip through and get into the portal to come here!"

"I leave for a few days, and you people get things this messed up?" asked Odin in a voice of anger.

"We're sorry, general!" said both the soldiers while trembling in fear. Making Odin angry was something almost nobody in the military ever wanted to do.

Odin then said to the man, "You've wasted your time coming here, scum! There are no yukkuris here, because this is not the world they have been brought to! A few of them have been brought here, but they are for the most part in another world."

"Give them back! I demand that you give them back!" he angrily shouted at Odin. "You have no right to take them away from us! We live and breathe abusing yukkuris! You have no right to take away the happiness of other people!"

"If your happiness involves the killing and torturing of innocent beings, then death is the only thing you deserve!" Odin angrily said. He tightened his grip on the man's shoulder again, making him cry in pain.

"Odin! Enough!" shouted a voice. The armored being and the soldiers turned to see that a tall, blue dragon had appeared.

"General Bahamut!" said the soldiers.

The dragon approached Odin and said to him, "You have captured that man, so return him to his own world! Is killing a large amount of people that time there still not enough?"

"Evidently, it was not enough!" replied Odin. "Otherwise, they would have stopped protesting against us and demand to be able to abuse and kill innocent living things! Scumbags who never learn do not deserve to live, so I am going to execute him right here and now! His family can mourn for him after his dead body is sent back to them!"

"No! I will not allow you to do as you please!" Bahamut angrily said to him as he pulled his hand away from the man. "You are not helping in giving us a positive image!"

"What use is having a positive image if it means people will not respect and fear us?" Odin asked him. "If you cannot strike fear into people and make them walk in the path of justice, then there is no point in making yourself look good!"

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I'LL KILL YOU!" the man angrily shouted as he suddenly pulled Odin's sword, which was strapped to his waist, out of its sheath and attempted to stab the general with it.

"General Odin! Watch out!" cried one of the soldiers.

The man thrust the sword at Odin, but he easily stopped it by catching the blade with only two fingers. Odin pulled the sword out of his hand and, after flipping it over so that he was catching the hilt, stabbed the man through he chest. The man cried in pain and then fell to the ground while coughing painfully before breathing his last.

"You?!" Bahamut said in shock and anger to Odin.

"He tried to attack me, and attacking military personnel is nothing short of a crime!" Odin told him.

"Is killing the only method you have when it comes to dealing with wrongdoers?" Bahamut asked him.

"Evil will never fear nor will they learn if you do not bring fear to them, and death is the one and only way to strike the greatest amount of fear into them! Only then will evildoers realize the hopelessness they are up against if they continue to go down the path they are on!" replied Odin. "If you had been to that place, you will see for yourself and even smell the intense stench of evil, cruelty, and madness of the people there!

"All day long, they cry out for the right to take lives of living beings that are living in peace and coming up with ridiculous excuses to justify their acts of cruelty. Had they done so because their targets of abuse are at fault, then I would not find fault with them, but they see fit for ones that have never brought any form of harm and annoyance to them to be treated as cruelly as ones that deserve death and punishment!"

"Is this any different from you killing innocents just to hunt down one evildoer?" Bahamut asked him.

"What point is there in the death of innocents if they do not accomplish anything? The death of innocents is only justified if it will bring greater good, but the people there kill the innocent merely for the sake of entertainment. In fact, their actions even returned the Destructor from his grave! People like them deserve nothing short of death!" replied Odin.

"That is quite enough!" said a loud voice. The soldiers, Odin, and Bahamut turned to the side and saw someone approaching. They was a middle-aged man wearing a high ranking military uniform. He stood a little over two meters tall and had an incredibly muscular build in every part of his body, meaning he did not skip leg day. There were scars on the visible parts of his skin. Even though he wore a hat, it was still possible to tell that he had little to no hair from the unconcealed parts of his head.

"Field Marshal Sarge…" the two soldiers said upon seeing him.

Sarge, a man of great power and the commander of all the military forces in the world, approached the two generals and said to them, "I overheard everything. What is done is done, so there is no more point in arguing over this in front of a dead body." Looking at the corpse of the yukkuri abuser, he said, "Take his body back to his own world, and even though he breached this place with the wrong intentions, it is still best to compensate any family members he has. Make sure that nothing like this happens again."

"Yes sir!" the two soldiers said while saluting him, and then they took the corpse away, in the direction of the laboratory building.

Sarge then said to the two generals, "I know the two of you have conflicting opinions and ideals regarding how justice should be carried out, and honestly saying, I do not exactly have the right answer to which of you is right. Everyone has his or her own concept of justice, so I think it is for the best that everyone does what he or she thinks is right. As long as the world is being protected by our actions, it is for the best.

"Furthermore, the World Government overlooks the ways of the military, and so far, they have never once questioned anything we did, so they believe the way we are doing things isn't anything wrong."

"Field Marshal," Bahamut said to him, "do you not think that Odin's method of doing things is too extreme at times?"

"That is not the first time someone asked me that question," Sage said to him. "If that is the way he think things should be done, then so be it, even though I personally won't do things the way he does."

"You should have seen the people in that place," Odin told the field marshal. "The people there reek of nothing but selfishness, cruelty, and madness! Do you believe me when I say that even after the lesson I taught them, they continued to come against us without fear? Such behavior is intolerable!"

"You won't believe the kinds of people that exist in the universe," Sarge told him. "In all my lifetime, I have seen all sorts of people the universe has to offer. People driven to madness and a life of evil for unreasonable and selfish reasons are a norm. There are even people who walk down such paths for absurd reasons. Brain Master Brain is one of those."

"I just remembered…" said Bahamut. "Did the government not send him an invitation to joint the Seven Warlords? Have they received a reply yet?"

"It's been several days since they sent out the invitation, and so far, there has been no response," replied Sarge. "It shouldn't take this long normally, so chances are likely that he turned down the invitation."

"Then we will have no choice but to see him as an enemy!" said Odin. "Someone who is strong enough to fight on par with Alexander and still stand up afterwards is not one who should be left alive!"

"Brain Master Brain's power is indeed terrifying," said Sarge. "People are calling him the Fifth Abomination, and I may very well agree. If someone like him refuses to lend his strength to the government and insists on causing trouble simply because people don't think he's smart, then we will have to treat him with utmost caution. He is not someone we should take lightly. Powerful people are becoming more and more common, which isn't a bad thing if they are all willing to lend their power to the side of good, but sadly, that isn't always the case...

"Because of this, it is important that the military also increase the power on their side. I have decided that Admiral Leviathan will become a member of the Espers of Justice."

"Leviathan? I do agree that he is a good choice," said Bahamut.

"Admiral Leviathan has proven himself to be a powerful force to reckon with," Sarge told him. "I am very sure that he is able to fight on par with anyone in the Three Powers of Tooneria. The Pentaglorious and Big Brother have also approved of giving him this position. All that's left is to hold a ceremony to officially declare him one of the Espers of Justice. The Pentaglorious is hoping that there will be more powerhouses in the military that are strong enough to be an Esper of Justice."

"Good, because in this decaying and corrupted world, we need all the power we can get our hands on to get rid of all the filth and rotten criminals that is making the lives of everyone a living hell!" said Odin. "The more power on the side of justice, the better!"









Chapter 1
A World Gone Mad

A small group of angry mobs, some wearing fake, golden crowns and some wearing alligator masks, were storming through the interior of a company, destroying most things they came across and shouting angrily. "WHERE IS THE CREATOR OF THE SMASH BROTHERS SERIES?! COME OUT AT ONCE! YOU SHALL PAY FOR NOT PUTTING K. ROOL INTO SMASH BROTHERS 4!"

The employees inside were running from them, but one of them got in front of them and said as fearlessly as he could, "Please refrain from doing this! There is no point in you tearing up this place! The creator of the Smash Brothers series is currently not here! He is away on business!"



When that employee kept on telling them to calm down, they responded by beating him up.

What was happening there was reported on the news, and the police were trying to resolve this situation. According to news reports, these people were not satisfied about a character named K. Rool not being playable in the video game Super Smash Bros. 4, so they decided to use violence on the creator of the game in order to make said character available through DLC.

Back at Smash Mansion, some of the Smashers were watching this on television. "Seriously... You'd think these people would know better than to do something like this just because they didn't get what they want in a video game..." said Snake.

"After the whole True Fan fiasco, I'm ready to believe that people are ready to do anything for anything..." said Luigi.

"Clearly they didn't learn their lesson after we defeated them," said Marth.

"They claimed to be martyrs afta they were arrested," Mario reminded him. "They really didn't learn..."

"You think we should do something about this?" asked Link.

"Nah, I don't think things have spiraled out of control yet," said Captain Falcon. "I'm sure the law enforcers can deal with this."

The news report then changed to a new report. This one was about chaos happening at an anime convention. Fans of the anime series Bleach and One Piece were fighting with each other, arguing which series is better. The scene then showed policemen trying to restrain cosplayers that were hurling insults at each other.

"Bleach sucks!"

"One Piece stinks!"

"Down with all Soul Reapers!"

"Drown in hell, you pirate lovers!"

The struggling eventually became so violent that the cosplayers were able to escape the police's grasps and started beating up each other. Gunfires were then heard, and then a Bleach cosplayer was seen getting shot in the chest and falling to the floor. Shortly afterwards, a Bleach cosplayer was seen stabbing a One Piece cosplayer with a knife. The camera immediately cut away in order to avoid showing the violent scenes that were happening.

"What is the world coming to...?" asked Mr. Game & Watch.

Meanwhile, somewhere in America, the mercenary team Star Wolf was hanging out in their apartment, watching TV with bored looks on their faces. They were watching the same news reports the Smashers were watching. "Crazy fanboys and their shenanigans..." said Leon, "Getting angry over things like these... Even someone ill-tempered like me thinks they are out of their minds!"

"Indeed, they are making themselves look like savages," agreed Panther.

"It's a crazy world we live in nowadays," said Wolf. "If you think about it, things like these benefit us in ways that when things go out of hand for the cops to deal with, they start asking for outside help, and that's when people like us step in to solve problems and get rewards in return!"

"Yeah, you do have a point," said Leon. "So are we going to do something about these people the next time they show up?"

"Only if we get something in return," said Wolf. "I'm not a hero who goes around saving the day without fees."

"Speaking of fees, we're a bit short on cash around these days," said Leon. "The reward we got from capturing Pompus Rath is running dry... We need a job fast!"

As soon as he said that, Wolf's smartphone rang, so he answered it. "This is the leader of Team Star Wolf speaking, mercenary for hire and will do anything if we get paid handsomely." He then listened to what the person on the other side was saying to him. "So you have a job for us, but you're not saying what it is until we go over to your place? How are you sure we're going to accept this if we don't know what it is?"

Wolf continued to listen to the caller speaking to him, and then the former said, "You sure you can pay that much sum? All right... You said so yourself, so you better not turn back on your words! If we don't like you, we won't hesitate to make your life a living hell!"

After he was done speaking and hung up the phone, Leon asked him, "Someone is hiring us? From the sound of it, it seems to be something he wants to keep a secret."

"Whatever it is, he claims that he will pay us with such an amount that we can live like kings for years to come," said Wolf.

"Seriously?!" said Leon in surprise when he heard that. "He must be filthy rich!"

"As good as it sounds, I still find it to be suspicious," said Panther. "Did he not tell you who he is? Perhaps we should find out more about who he is first before going to see him. For all we know, it may be a trap. There are people who hold grudges against us after all."

"He kept his identity and everything a secret," said Wolf while looking at his smartphone. "He claims he'll send his address over via mail soon, and speaking of which, it's here."

"This should be the place," Ike said as he looked up from a piece of paper at a large gate that was guarding the entrance to a large and beautiful mansion. Getting down from his truck, he went to the back and took out a medium-sized box. He carried it to the gatekeeper and told him that he was here to bring the owner of the house his delivery.

"Okay, you can go in," said the gatekeeper before entering his shelter to press a button on a control panel that caused the gate to open. Ike then approached the mansion with the box in his hands.

After arriving at the front door, a butler came out to greet him. "I have been waiting for you!" he told Ike.

"Sign here," Ike told him while showing him a piece of paper containing delivery information. After the butler was done signing it, Ike handed him the box, but the butler had problems lifting it due to its weight. Seeing this, Ike offered to bring it into the mansion.

"There is no need to burden yourself with this, sir," the butler told him.

"It's all right. It's my job to make sure goods are delivered to customers properly, so let me help you bring it to your master," insisted Ike as he picked up the box with no effort.

"You look like you are a strong man," the butler said to him.

"Yeah, I work out often, so something like this is nothing to me," Ike told him as he followed the butler into the mansion.

They traveled through the place. It was a large mansion, so there were many rooms and passages, thus making it easy for one to get lost. Thankfully, the butler had no problem finding this way through the place, so it didn't take long for them to come to the door leading into the master's room.

The butler knocked on the door to get a response from his master, but there was none. After knocking several times and waiting for more than a minute of silence, the butler tried opening the door, but it wouldn't open. "Strange, my master should be in his room…"

"Got a key to open this room?" asked Ike.

"He did not have any spare keys for this room made, as he wants to ensure maximum security for himself," said the butler. "It seems that we have no choice but to break down this door if we want to go inside…"

"That won't be a problem for me, as long as you don't mind having a busted down door," Ike told him.

"Do not worry; we have skilled handyman who can get it fixed in a jiffy," the butler told him.

"No regrets, then," said Ike before walking up the door and giving it a kick so powerful that it fell over in an instant.

"That's quite a kick you have there," said the butler. He was amazed at his strength, despite not showing it on his face or through his voice.

They both went into the room and were shocked at what they saw. A gray-haired man wearing a pinkish-red bathrobe was lying on the table, stabbed in the chest by a knife. On the wall on one side of the room was a message written in blood saying, "Only two more, than shall the curse of the third movie be lifted!"

Star Wolf arrived at the location their customer told them about. It was the top floor of a luxurious apartment.

"He is a rich guy all right!" said Leon while looking at the majestic interior of the corridor leading to their client's penthouse.

The team walked up to a door, and Wolf pressed the doorbell. "Come on in! The door isn't locked!" said a voice coming from inside.

The team went inside and was greeted with a neatly-decorated room, but what caught their attention was a person sitting on a large armchair in the living room.

That person was a big, fat anthropomorphic warthog wearing a fine-looking suit and a monocle over his left eye. Holding up a glass of wine in between his fingers, he said to them, "You must be Star Wolf! I've been waiting for you! My name is Nerdro Phacoreus! I'm so glad you are willing to accept my job offer!"


Sarge and Nerdro are my OCs. Sarge is a reoccurring OC who appeared in my Godzilla-related stories, and I've finally decided to bring him over to my SSB series.

This story is, for all intents and purposes, a sequel to True Fans. The events of that story made the world fall into something of a state of madness, as people start to believe that through violence, they can get what they want. Desperate, angry, and deluded people all over the world start committing acts of terrorism either to satisfy their own wants or the wants of other people while maintaining self-righteous attitudes... and if they fail, they believe themselves to be martyrs who are suffering for the greater good of the world...

The world has fallen into a really messed up state ever since the True Fans incident, and this is the story that shows you just how messed up human nature can be. When pushed beyond the limits of rage and insanity, people are willing to do anything...

Like with True Fans, this story may contain offensive contents and beliefs that some of you may not agree on and even make you get angry at me. Please read at your own risk.

Also, this story is for setting up something big that will happen in the future, so please look forward to the ending.

1. The design of the yukkuri abuser is a relatively common design used by abuse artists.

2. Nerdro's last name, Phacoreus, comes from the scientific name for warthog, phacochoerus.