Balto: Tales of the Great War

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Chapter 1.

Alaska, otherwise known as the last American frontier, was known for many things such, as fishing, beautiful nature, and the dogs that were used for sledding. Back when the US had purchase' it from Russia in the late 19th century into the early 20th century, before Airplanes were used to deliver mail today, sled-dogs were used to get and send mail to the town settlements across Alaska.

One sled dog team was out in the wilderness running faster with their might. Kodi, the sled dog team's lead dog, was known to be the son of Nome's hero Balto, he has his father's wisdom and spirit, even if he was sometimes a bit arrogant being the lead dog. Dusty, who had become the swing dog, was running right next to him since she can observe the land's terrain and was smart to know about the towns she had travel to and would always give advice to Kodi but she also had some secret feelings for him as well. Ralph, the Alaskan Malamute, was sometimes the dog that complains a lot. He can be lazy, even tho the alaskan malamute was known to be the breed of dog that can endure any hard work given and had the strength of pulling heavy stuff behind them. He still can be funny. He likes to run with the team, either in training or having fun, helps out with his team in times of need, and is always ready for a race when they were involved in. Kirby is known to be cocky, as he believes that the team is Nome's next champion sled dog team. They all were rookies, with Kodi being the son of Balto that saved the children of Nome in the serum run. They also helped Balto to save a man's life that was a bush pilot that was competing with them by delivering mail by air that would take away their jobs. Luckily the district of Alaska's governor has passed the policy where the dog sled teams would be active during the seasons where it was snowy and cold, while the bush pilots would do their jobs in the seasons where it was hot and clear of snow blizzards before it would be relieved sometime in the 1930s.

One of the dogs who was big and had blueish gray fur said "Uhh , *puff* , man I am getting tired! , *puff* , Are we there yet?" who was almost tired from the exhaustion of running for almost weeks from town to town and stopping for a night's sleep if they were too exhausted. Another one right next to him who had fur that was dark tan made a comment. "Will you stop? , *puff* , complaining for once. Ralph? *puff*" Who was huffing just as the other canine before the third one up in front of both of them whose fur coat was dark red with a creamy white underbelly along up into his face and legs said "We're almost there guys , *puff* , we just need to keep running , *puff* , faster if we can , *puff* , We can finally take a break," who was just as tired as both of the dogs were.

"Dusty , *puff* , how long , *puff* , do we have?" he said right next to another dog who had dark grayish fur as he was huffing in his breath. "About , *puff* , fifteen minutes I think , *puff* ," said the dog who was known as Dusty, she can't take much more either.

With that, Kodi and Dusty, with their keen senses of smell from their wolf gene, can smell a town that's nearby. "Hey , *puff* , smell that?" said Kodi with a "Yeah," reply form Dusty, both of them in front ran faster than the dogs behind them, but not too fast, or all the dogs would slag down and get hit by the sled and a crash that would fling their musher, Asuilaak, up into the air causing disaster and maybe death for them. Both of them knew they can not let that happen. "Hey , *puff* , slow down you two." said Kirby. The musher saw what was going on with the dogs but he ignored it as he believed Kodi and Dusty knew what they were doing.

In the distance, the musher can see the town coming up closer and closer, as they ran faster and faster. The town was known as Eagle, a town that is closer to the border between Canada and the US claimed border. By far, this was the farthest place that the sled dog team had ever gone farther, as it took them 2 weeks to reach it here from Tanana.

"Whoa, whoa, steady dogs, steady." said Asuilaak Simpson, the musher, as the dogs had finally reached here. It sure was far away from Nome. It had only been ten minutes after Kodi and Dusty smelled the scent of the town and had five minutes to spare due to them running faster. Asuilaak gave out dog bowls to each dog and put water in them so the dogs can quench their thirst before Asuilaak took the mail to the post office in the town, "Finally." said Ralph, after Drinking the water in his bowl. He then laid down with a thump from being so exhausted.

"Good , *puff* , work , *puff*, team." said Kodi as he was shorting his sentences to catch some breath and sitting down to relax his muscles. With a reply from Dusty "Yeah, *puff* thanks." she said laying right next to him before Kirby said "Don't , *puff* , mention it." behind them.

After about ten minutes had pass the dogs were laying on the ground resting for a bit, Asuilaak came out from the post office after having a friendly social conversation with the person who was the head of it, as the dogs heard him coming out they all sat looking up at to him giving him attention, "Alright boys and girl," referring to Dusty as the only female dog on the sled team. "Here are some of the news, we are going to be here for about four days since this town is actually my home and I want to spend some time with my family and friends, I haven't seen them for months." said Asuilaak, with hearing the news from him, Kodi made a whine for a complaint to Asuilaak.

"Now Kodi, I know we are very far away from Nome, you might as well feel home sick of not seeing your mom or dad or siblings for two months, but you are not the only one here who has not see his family for a long time."

Kodi knew that his musher and owner was right and that it would not seem fair if Asuilaak had no chance of seeing his family, yet at least Kodi has his sled team such as Kirby, Ralph and Dusty who were also part of his family as well, Kodi reply with a friendly bark as way of saying "Okay." to him.

"Good then, now make yourselves at home." said Asuilaak as he unstrapped the leash that connected the Dogs to the sled free along with the harness on them but left the collars on the dogs so that they would be ready when needed as their musher took the sled to put away in a puplic shed.

"Don't worry Kodi, four days isn't that long." said Dusty.

"Yeah, after all, we are all sled dogs who have traveled to places where no dog has gone before." said Kirby

"You mean places where we have not gone to before where there were already dogs Kirby." She said looking at Kirby as they weren't the only dogs here

"Uh . . . yeah?" replied Kirby.

Kodi looked at his friends as he chuckled at Kirby's comment. "Well guys the only places we have not gone to are places where humans have not and only wolves have." Kodi said as he was referring to the no man's land in Alaska where wolf packs live, thinking of places where Aleu could have gone to, it had been a long time since he had seen Aleu, the last time he heard of her was when Balto had came back home after looking for Aleu where she ran off to after hearing about the incident with the hunter who mistaken her as a predator, she ran off and Balto went after her, along the way they then ran into a wolf pack that desperately needed a leader due to being divide between some issues, Aleu decide she would become alpha of the wolf pack leading them to the ice bridge, when Balto had returned home he and Jenna wanted Kodi and all the other siblings to hear about their wolf heritage, since if Balto and Jenna had kept it from Aleu they would have done the same with Kodi and the others as well.

"Say, Kodi can you tell me about Aleu?" said Dusty with Kodi replying "Huh, you mean my sister well . . . yeah, I remember, she would sometimes howl a lot and it was very annoying, I guess it has something to do with our heritage, but I still had a great time with her since she is my sister and all, I do wonder what she is doing now." said Kodi

"You care about her?" said Dusty

"Yeah I still do, my dad said she she went with a wolf pack they ran into and she felt it was her destiny to lead them, since no human would want to have her as a pet or a companion, hopefully she has found a mate and is having pups with him I think." said Kodi.

Dusty felt sorry for Kodi not seeing his sister for a long time she wanted to make Kodi feel happy again.

'Ho there I go feeling sorry for Kodi again, wait why am I having feelings for Kodi?' Dusty thought of till' Ralph intervene.

"Well stop worrying about your sister, if you are sure she's fine." said Ralph

Which shook both Kodi and Dusty out of thought.

"Yeah, let's go take a look around of this town we haven't been before." said Kirby.

"Huh yeah sure." Kodi said and with that they all take a stroll around Eagle, the town it was named for.

Like all other towns they have been to in Alaska, Eagle town was a settlement with arctech cutler looking as of the late 1800s American settlement but some of the people were different, they heard of two them at a wood carpenter shop speaking a different language or tongue they have not heard before .

"Quel est le prix pour le traîneau?" said the customer with a reply from the carpenter. "Environ 300 francs, soit 25 à dollor american."

"Hey, what were those humans saying?" said Ralph overhearing them with Dusty replied to him "I don't know." she said, as she was just puzzled and confused with the language.

They all have heard of languages humans speak that were Slavic such as Siberian and Russian and all other languages that some Alaskan natives speak such as Inuit due to Asuilaak having a mix heritage and they knew english pretty well.

As the four dogs were all walking by a street, a dog was lying on a porch, the dog had fur that was a mix of brown and black much more like a chocolate color, it's ears were short and floby with his muzzle having a bit of gray fur on it showing that the dog was old about ten to eleven years old, his body was actually still in good shape for an old dog, he was just snoozing a bit until a scent he smelled of two wolves, he immediately sat straight up, eyes open spotting two of the dogs, one a male, who had a dark red coat with a white underbelly along with his legs and the other a female who had blueish gray fur, both smelled wolf.

"Hey." he said his voice sounded a bit grouchy and suspicious.

Kodi, Dusty and all four of them turn their heads towards the direction where they heard the voice that was speaking to them, the dog looking straight into the eyes of Kodi and Dusty as he'd smell their scent.

"Is one of you part wolf?" said the dog that was staring right at Kodi and Dusty, Kodi knowing that he was part wolf, didn't want to cause any trouble for his team's safety he replied to the dog that was asking the question.

"Uh yes sir, I am part wolf and I don't mean you no harm, I am just minding my own business, my team and I are just taking a stroll of the town we haven't been to."

As the old chocolate dog had his eyes focus on Kodi who had nothing to hide in his eyes and were honest, then at Dusty who hide something in her eyes but looked innocent and then he looked back at the other two dogs that was Kirby and Ralph, as he was looking at all the four dogs, they all were doing no harm as he believed Kodi and Dusty he stopped glaring at them as his serious look faded away and gave a warm friendly welcoming smile.

"Sorry for that, I just happen to have this thing in my breed where if a wolf or any more of them was nearby I would have to start barking to get the human's attention that a wild animal is here." said the chocolate dog.

"What type of breed are you?" said Dusty, feeling relief and asking a question in curiosity.

"I am a Labrador retriever, a chocolate one if you may refer, the names Ethan." replied the dog who was named.

"Well, I am just glad you don't have anything against dogs who are part wolf." said Kodi feeling a bit nervous around Ethan

"As long as they don't cause any harm to the people or dogs alone, say are you and your friends sled dogs?" said Ethan as he had seen their collars, Kodi replied back with a "Yes."

"Hhmm I used to be a messenger dog in the past." he said.

"Wait you mean you used to pull sleds as well?" said Kirby not believing that Labrador dogs pulled sleds.

"No, not what you guys refer to as dog sledding, although it's a long story, it be better if I tell you some where it's warm and i'll bring some of my friends to introduce to you all." said Ethan.

"My name is Kodi, this here is Dusty, and those guys are Ralph and Kirby, were all a sled dog team." said Kodi

"Pleasure to meet you all." replied Ethan

"Hey can you tell us why are there are people who are speaking a language we don't seem to understand?" said Dusty, referring back to those two people they heard speaking a different language.

"I take it you don't know about French do you?" replied Ethan asking a question that they all know that they have never heard of French, they all said yes in union.

"I tell you all what, meet me at the boiler room when the sun is about to set on the horizon." as Ethan said to them, he went out to go find his friends to meet them there at the boiler room.

"What story does he have in mind?" said Ralph as he was somewhat excited to hear about this story, "I don't know but whatever it is, it must be very exciting." said Kodi.

Hello fanfiction, my story here is set in Christian Knight's Balto Cursed Soldier, I have sent messages to him of some ideas and the lists of characters for this story so there will be a connection to my story and his, it will be my first fanfic so I take fair criticism and will improve my writings in the future, I am currently working on the second chapter and I will try to work on it as I can since I will be busy for Summer school, but it won't be for the entire summer vacation, Thanks to Christian Knight and Dante Frost for the reading my first chapter and giving me some advice, respect the veterans and enjoy your memorial day.

Update: I have decided to update Esther to Ethan since that name just sounds to girly for a character who suppose to be a male dog.