Dammit all to hell. Dammit all to fucking hell. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I swear a lot.


I fucked up guys and girls. I really fucked up.

I made a mistake, I made the mistake that no writer wants to admit. I wrote myself into a corner, a big fucking corner.

I kinda brought this on myself to be honest. I started this in May of 2016 and I didn't plan shit.

I usually don't plan shit.

I have the attention span of a god damn hummingbird.

I start something and have no clue how to finish it.

I'm strung out on the worst flu of my life and ran into a wall while writing the next chapter before realizing that it didn't flow or work or just…

I can't deliver a good ending. Period.

I can't deliver a satisfying end to the whole harem that I've been sketchy on from the jump because I hate harems and just don't understand them. Being with multiple girls who don't know about each other at once without feelings is very possible, I have friends who do this kinda thing and it's what I was originally going for in this.

I have zero direction. No plan. No...nothing.

I got nothing.

This fucking sucks.

I hate doing this...it fucking sucks. I can't end a damn story that I used to love and I hate when stories have no ending. But I'm trying to be different by telling you that it is, in fact, over; instead of just being left to the void with no apology from the author or even an excuse.

So this is my apology and an excuse of some kind.

I'm sorry but this story is going to be unfinished, I'll do better next time.

I promise.