"Con" Kate said, her pen moving to the other column on the paper, "I'm really bad at relationships."

"No," Castle disagreed, wanting to reel her back in, completely ignoring the food brought to their table ten minutes ago. "That's a pro."

"Castle, how is that a pro? Do you know how dangerous that is?" Kate continued writing it in the con column.

Castle reached over and grabbed the pen and paper, "Nope. That goes in the pro column. You know you're bad at relationships, so we figure out why and work to prevent the problems from happening." He decidedly wrote the answer in the pro column.

"Fine," Kate said and grabbed the pen back. "Another pro: You understand my work and won't be mad when I have to work late."

Castle smiled, "In fact…I'll probably be working late with you. Then after the long day is done, we can go home and …celebrate."

"Don't get ahead of yourself there, lover boy. Con: I've never been able to open up since my mother's death. I've always kept people at a distance." She started to write in the con column again."

"Nope," Castle disagreed. "You've told me all about your mother's death, so you have no reason to keep yourself at a distance. Write that in the pro column."

"Castle, I'm not going to write that in the pro column. It's not a pro." Kate whined. Castle had never heard her whine before, it was rather cute.

"Of course it's a pro. Your mother's death made you who you are and I understand that. We can knock down those walls together. Don't make me grab the pen from you again." Castle warned.

"Fine," Kate grumbled, "Writing it in the pro column. What about this? Con: You are a public figure, I'm not comfortable being in the public eye."

"Negative, Batman," Castle said, causing Kate to smirk. "Right now, people won't leave you alone because they wonder if we're dating. If we actually are dating, people won't have to ask. Thus, less interaction with the public."

"That's pretty thin, Castle. Even for you." Kate seemed reluctant to write it down.

Castle reached over and stole the pen from Kate again. "Beckett, why are you even doing this?"

"What do you mean?" Kate bit her lip, obviously avoiding the question.

"Why are you trying to come up with all of these reasons we shouldn't see each other?" Castle asked, pulling her hand into his. "I thought I made myself clear. I want you. I thought you wanted me to."

"I do," Kate admitted, her voice barely higher than a whisper.

"So, why are you trying to destroy us before we've even begun?" Castle tightened his hold on her hand.

Kate stared at Castle, a shiver running up her arm as his thumb drew circles on her hand. Why did she want to destroy this? Why couldn't she jump in with both feet.

"I'm terrified." She looked at the table, not meeting his eyes.

"Of what? Why are you willing to date guys like Will and Demming, but not me? Why am I not good enough?" Castle asked, the sadness in his eyes broke Kate's heart. She didn't want him to think either one of those men even remotely compared to him.

"No, Castle. You have it all wrong." Kate tightened her grip on his hand. "Neither of those men had the potential to break my heart like you do. Do you know how scary that is?"

"Why is it so dang scary, Kate?" Castle raised his voice, causing Kate to shrink in her seat.

"Because I'm in love with you!" Kate straightened, then noticing the other patrons looking over at them, she lowered her voice. "You could break my heart like no one ever has."

Castle moved closer to the other side of the table and took her lips with his. He felt one tear falling from her cheek. Pulling back, he wiped it from her face. "Kate, I'm in love you too. Don't you get it? We dive into this together and could destroy each other in the process, or we could have the most epic love story ever told."

"But what if…" Kate argued.

"No…no more negative what if's. Kate, we are doing this. What if we work out? What if we make it? What if in a couple of years, your dad is walking you down the aisle? What if someday we are chasing our kids around the loft? What if we grow old together?"

Kate leaned in as he placed his arm around her shoulders. "I want all those things."

"Me too," Castle said, his lips lingering on her cheek.

"Rick?" Kate met his eyes.

"Yes, Kate?" Castle answered.

"Take me home." She smiled. "I want to experience another 'what if' with you."

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