The Witch and the Dragon

For Centuries, the Outworld Emperor, Onaga, merged many realms illegally. However, his conquest of taking realms by force had been put on a standstill as the Elder Lords forbid his methods. Therefore, he was forbidden from merging the realms until he found a new solution.

At this moment, the Dragon King Onaga and his Shadow Priest are in talks of a solution in the Throne Room. Rugged, dark, almost like a real-life dragon's den. Onaga's Throne Room overlooks the entirety of Outworld. Occasionally when he's away, he'd have Shao overlooking his Throne Room, as well as the rest of Outworld.

"Diplomacy wouldn't work. They're not going to just accept being under my rule. Besides, it will only cause someone to eventually pursue a Coup d'état," Onaga stated.

"We have an army for if that happens," the Shadow Priest responded.

"Only if that army doesn't decide to betray me for claiming their realms."

"How many more do we need?"

"We need the other three Daggers and five more relics," he responded. He gets a knock on his Throne Room door. He sends his Shadow Priest away, who leaves through a portal. "You may enter!"

The Doors to Onaga's Throne Room open. Walking through them is one of his servants, Anomaly. She had bronze skin, long black hair, white eyes, and was dressed in a black & gold fitted top and black Edenian tights. She was holding the Dragon King's golden cup filled with Ale. She walked towards him and kneeled with the cup held in front of her.

"Your Ale, Emperor," Anomaly stated dryly. Onaga knocks the cup out of her hands, causing the Ale to splatter across the floor. Anomaly was frightened by his action. He leaned over and lifted her chin so that he could look her in the eyes.

"First, you interrupt my meeting. Then you present my Ale without even testing it for poison. You refused to speak clearly and with enthusiasm. And lastly, you decided you weren't going to look me in the face," he ranted. Anomaly turned her eyes to the side as she frowned. Onaga pushed her from her chin onto the ground. "Pathetic. I bring you here, make you my personal servant, and this is the gratitude you show me?"

"I'm sorry Emperor. It won't…happen again," she apologized. Onaga shook his head in disappointment.

"Dismiss." Anomaly stood up on her feet and picked up the empty cup from the floor. She felt the liquid Ale under her shoes as she almost slipped.

"Would you like me to— "

"Leave," Onaga commanded. "Now." Anomaly walked out of the room. Her sad look turned into disgust as the doors to his Throne Room were shut. She examined the golden cup as she reflected upon what happened.

"I don't know how much longer I can keep this up," she whispered. She began to storm off to the kitchen. She makes it there and gives the cup to another servant to have it cleaned out. She returns to the hallway and begins to daydream about her life back in Edenia. She remembered how bright, lively, and peaceful it was there in comparison to the harsh & gloomy setting of Outworld.

"…he's going to…Outworld…" Anomaly faintly overheard a voice. She looked to her left and saw a nearby door cracked open. She moves in closer to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"He's powerful, I'll give him that," another voice responded. It didn't sound like anyone Anomaly knew of.

"With power comes arrogance. The Elder Lords aren't the type to be screwed with." Anomaly's senses kicked in. She noticed that voice.

"Isn't that Shao…?" she whispered to herself. She got close enough to take a quick peek into the room to see who all was in the room. "Reiko too?" She saw a third party in the room but couldn't recognize him at all. He was younger, muscular, but thin. His mischievous looks based on his sharp goatee piqued her interest in who he was.

"If we don't do something about this soon…" Shao Kahn began.

"What is there to be afraid of?" the young male said.

"You're just an Earthrealmer. What would you know about the Dragon King of Outworld, Shang Tsung?"

"You'll be the Kahn of Outworld soon enough. There is only one move that you must learn before facing him. Something I learned during my stay in Earthrealm," he responded. Shang Tsung began to look towards the door where Anomaly was staring. However, she left from the door before he finished his last sentence. She was walking don't the hall rubbing her chin in curiosity.

"Shao…Kahn…" Anomaly thought to herself.

*Anomaly's Room*

Anomaly continues to read her book as she continues to mark her body with connecting tattoos. She ensures that the tattoo lines from her eyes, hands, feet, and both rib areas are connected to the circle drawn around her heart. As she puts the book down and stands up. She shapes her hands in the form of a clover around her heart area and closes her eyes, as she takes a deep breath.

"Gin Hea, Kuro Ningen itsu. Murasakino Manto, Ikiryo Shinjitsu. Aeito Gon. Adam Ie, Kimi wa tada. Watashi no Perusona Toru Ni…EVA!"

Anomaly's body began to glow. A dark purple cloak began to form around her. Her hair was glowing Silver but reverted to black. She took on the appearance of a female shadow priest. She became…Eva. Anomaly walked towards a mirror and looked at herself. She was impressed with what she saw.

"It actually worked. Years of practice and I was actually able to take the appearance of a Shadow Priest." Anomaly walked to the window in her room and looked in the direction of Onaga's castle. She placed her palm on the glass and smiled. "And now I finally have the chance to kill you. But first, I need to hire someone to help."

*Hours Later at Onaga's castle*

Eva begins to walk from the home of Adam. Her hair was shown to be silver instead of black. She looked unharmed and heavily satisfied. Outside of his home was Eva's new partner-for-hire, Ashrah.

"I've never seen anyone smile as hard as you are unless…"

"I was actually able to kill the unkillable. That's more than enough of a reason to smile," Eva responded.

"How did you kill him then?" Ashrah asked.

"Simple. Just follow the rules of a Shadow Priest and you'll easily understand how to defeat them. That's why he made a rule that only One Shadow Priest can exist. Sucks for him that he refused to reveal himself, because if he never announced the Priest whose body he was currently in as his, I would've never been able to declare myself as the real Shadow Priest. So, he no longer exists," she explained.

"Remind me not to ask anything like that again," Ashrah requested as she rubbed her forehead. "So, how exactly are we supposed to defeat Onaga?" Eva focused on the top of Onaga's Castle.

"I just need you to be ready when I give you the signal. Like how you and your sister Tes—"

"Don't mention her name!" Ashrah snapped. Eva looked a bit surprised. Ashrah looked away from her. "Just…don't. But I understand the plan," Ashrah responded. Eva nodded with a disgusted look on her face.

Eva begins traveling down the halls of Onaga's Castle. None of the guards noticed her under the cloak. No one stopped her. No one saw her. No one questioned her. No one cared about her. She kept her head down to keep them from seeing her face—even though no one was looking at her face. Tears began to slowly run down her face as she tried to hold them back. She finally reached the area where Onaga's Throne Room was. However, she noticed that there was no handle. She looked around the door to see if there was some sort of secret keyhole or switch to open it but found nothing.

"You've got to be kidding me right now," she whispered to herself. "You literally have to be kidding me right now."

Eva tries to push the door open, but it doesn't work. She rattles it harder and harder. As everyone begins to hear the slight creaking of the doors, they start to notice her more. She turns around and sees that she's on the verge of blowing her cover. She begins to remember the one weakness of a shadow priest, and that's the emotion of doubt. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she turned away from the guards. She slowly walked towards the locked doors. She ended up on the other side of the doors and became startled. Onaga looked towards her, along with Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Reiko, Sheeva, Baraka, Goro, Kintaro, and 4 other Guards.

"What are you doing here?" Onaga questioned. Eva choked. She didn't know what to say. Before her were Onaga's Conspirators as well as his loyal servants. She knew she couldn't kill him in front of them all, but at the same time she already had the plan laid out. Everyone's eyes felt like sharp daggers piercing her. "I ASKED WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" he roared loudly. Sweat began to run down Eva's face. She couldn't think of a way out.

"Strange, I've never known your Shadow Priest to seem so startled by your words," Shao Kahn responded.

"I am not…startled by him," she lied. "I came to talk about something…confidential. And I was not expecting company." Onaga looked at the crowd around him and then looked back at Eva.

"Then Talk we shall," Onaga responded. He waved his hand and sent the others out of the room. Each one glanced at Eva as they passed by her one by one. She kept her head down to avoid eye contact in the case that she's recognized. Once everyone was out of the room, the door to Onaga's throne room was locked shut. Eva raised her head to Onaga as he stood up. "Now speak, priest. Why did you come here just to interrupt my meeting?"

"I just…wanted to ask you a few questions," Eva responded. Onaga walked towards her.

"You come into my throne room just to ask questions?" he questioned. Eva pulled away her hood. She released her long silver hair from the inside of her cloak. She looked directly into Onaga's eyes to get use to his intimidating presence. He looked unto her in disappointment as he finally realized what was happening. "What did you do to Adam?"

"Who?" Eva responded with a smile. Onaga was annoyed as he stood over Eva. She felt as though she could pass out. She stood her ground.

"If you're going to impersonate him, at least take on his courage as well," he commented. "Now, ask your question child. Only ONE question."

"I have more than one question!" Eva snapped. "You still have a lot to answer for, such as the kidnapping and enslavement of those who live in realms outside of the ones merged to Outworld!" Onaga ignored her. She got angered by his silence. "ANSWER ME!"

"Only. One. Question," Onaga repeated. Eva was annoyed.

"Do you fear being exposed? Everyone already knows about this," Anomaly stated.

"One thing I know is that if you can't prove my answer to be false, not only do you lose your powers, but you also lose your very existence. That's why only one question is required," Onaga explained. "That's how you defeated Adam…right?" Eva closed her eyes and rubbed her hand across her forehead. She opened her eyes back up and looked him in the eyes again.

"Fair enough, one question it is," Eva agreed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "What is my name?" Onaga smiled. He didn't flinch at her question.

"I gain my census numbers in real-time girl. I know any and everyone who enters, resides, and leaves Outworld. Just like how I know Ashrah is here." Eva's eyes slightly grew. "Just like how I knew you killed Adam. Just like how I know you're not a real shadow priest," he explained. Eva's blood began to rush. Onaga just continuously stared into her eyes.

"I'm…a true shadow priest," Eva commented.

"No, you're a worthless slave, and a stupid one at that. Of course, you'd name yourself something closer to Adam. Something like Eve," he replied. "Or more like…Eva?"

Eva froze up. Her body went completely numb. She didn't know what to do, how to respond, or how to react. Tears began to roll down her eyes. Her face began to redden. Her eyes were strained. She was clenching her fist tightly as she slowly looked down at the ground below her. Onaga violently laughed at her misery as he achieved the victory he desired. However, nothing happened. Eva was still there. She was still standing. Onaga was confused.

"I…you," she mumbled.

"Hm? What was that?" Onaga asked. He felt someone playfully tap the left side of his shoulder. He turned around and saw Ashrah, who wasted no time striking him with a roundhouse kick to the chest with her boot. The kick was strong enough to cause him to stumble back. He was suddenly impaled through the heart by a Dragon Naginata from behind. He spat out blood from his mouth. He slowly turned around to get a glimpse of Eva.

"I hate you," she said faintly. Eva was on the ground and unconscious. Her hair was black again. Standing over her with the Dragon Naginata in her hand was Anomaly. She was separated from her persona. Onaga was surprised by her presence.

"The…servant?" Onaga struggled.

"I Hate You!" she yelled rather angrily. "I FREAKING HATE YOU!" Anomaly swiftly pulled her Naginata from Onaga's body. His blood began for leak from his chest relentlessly. He fell to the ground as he was unable to do anything. Anomaly was standing over his head.

"I can't believe that actually worked," Ashrah praised blandly. Anomaly ignored her.

"You don't care. You never cared! You're sickening. You're evil. You're disgusting. You couldn't even do the bare minimum of remembering my name!"

"Why…would I care…about the name of a woman…who…doesn't even…exist? Ha…ha…" Onaga mocked. Anomaly stepped back 2 feet. She practiced swinging her Naginata while ignoring Onaga. "I don't know…why you're practicing. You can't kill me." She continued to ignore him. Ashrah began drawing a magic symbol around his body with the blue fire on her fingertips. "When you get back…to the castle…no one's going to side with you," he responded. He was still being ignored as she finally stopped practicing and closed her eyes. Ashrah had completed her symbol.

"And with this spell, his soul will be transferred to Quan Chi once and for all," Ashrah stated.

"ARE YOU TWO EVEN LISTENING TO ME?" Onaga shouted. Anomaly looked at him as she clenched tightly onto her Naginata with both hands.

"Let me help you out. Maybe you can at least keep this on your mind in the NetherRealm," Anomaly responded. She raised her Naginata in the air with both hands, and swiftly slammed it on top of his forehead. "A…" She pulled the Naginata away from his head. A large split could be seen on his forehead as blood protruded from it. She raised her Naginata again and slammed it on top of his forehead. This time, it hit a bit further to the right. "…N…" She pulled it again, but this time she slammed the Naginata on top of his face. "…O…" She struggled to pull her Naginata from his face.

"If you kill him before the process is complete, I can't transfer his soul to Quan Chi," Ashrah stated dryly. Anomaly finally pulled the Naginata from his face and continued the process.

"…M…A…L…Y!" As she finished, Ashrah walked towards her to stop her. Anomaly noticed and decided to swing her Naginata at Ashrah. Although Ashrah was able to avoid decapitation, she still received a small cut on her face. Ashrah wiped away the bit of blood that was coming from the cut. Anomaly was slightly troubled by what she had done to Ashrah as she knew her Naginata was dipped in poison. Ashrah had a disgusted look on her face.

"You tried to kill me?" Ashrah questioned.

Before Anomaly could even answer, they were interrupted as the doors to Onaga's throne room flew open. A dozen guards, Baraka, Shao Kahn, and Shang Tsung rushed into the room and noticed Onaga was dead. Ashrah clenched her teeth upon their arrival. The guards were riled due to Onaga's death. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung examined them from afar. Baraka was upset by what had occurred. Anomaly dropped her Naginata and stood firmly in front of them all. Shao Kahn slowly walked towards her.

"Anomaly is it?" he asked. Anomaly nodded. She seemed more Star Struck than scared. Shao Kahn grinned as he looked back at Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung grinned in return and nodded. Shao Kahn looked back at Anomaly.

"Thank you."

End of Chapter 1

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