This takes place after Tsunade is brought back, but Sasuke doesn't try to leave yet. Rookie 9 are 13 yrs. Hope you enjoy!

It was another normal day in Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. Team 7 was just finished for the day.

"Well, that's all for today. Ja nae!" Kakashi said and shushined away.

"Sasuke-kun! Do you want to go on a date?" Sakura asked.

"No. Your so annoying." he said.

"This is all your fault Naruto! Why do you always get in the way!" she yelled and went to hit the boy, but to her surprise he caught it and glared at her.

"What exactly did I do to you huh? You asked him and he reject you, so how the hell do I fit in this scenario. I will not let you keep hitting you because your to damn stupid and pathetic." he yelled and tightened his hold on her, making her whimper a bit and then let go. Sasuke just watched in shock, as well as Kakashi, who was hidden.

"Now now Naruto, that wasn't very nice. She's your teammate." Kakshi said, shushinning in sight and even Sasuke came a bit close.

"Teammate? So your saying that every other time she hit me because of her idiocy that its alright? That you don't care?" he glared at him making him wince. "I should have known, your like everyone else." he said and walked away, leaving a confused Sasuke, frightened Sakura and a shocked Kakashi.

"You think that was a good thing to do there kit. They'll get suspicious."

'I don't care anymore. We're leaving today. I just need to go buy some flowers.'

"I'm glad we're finally leaving this hellhole kit. You deserve better." and then went back to his slumber. He walked all the way to the Yamanaka flower shop.

"Hello and-oh it just you. What do you want you baka?" Ino yelled. Not looking at her, he picked a three bouquet of red and yellow flowers.

"How much are these for?" he asked her, getting out is frog wallet.

"Why are you buying flowers? For a girl? Pfft, which moron would want to date you?" she sneered.

"Are you going to tell me the price are not?" he asked boredly.

"Why would I wan-"

"INO! What are you doing?" Inoichi asked, after listening to their previous conversation.

"Daddy, this baka here is ignoring me?" she said smuggling.

"Inoichi-san, can you please tell me the price for these flowers?" he asked again.

"Of course. Ino, first apologize! I heard everything you said and that wasn't kind!" he yelled, shocking her. Her father never yelled at her and now he was because of this stupid moron!

"But daddy-"

"No buts Ino-" he was cut off

"Its okay. Just forget it. I'll leave them here and won't come back." Naruto said, leaving the flowers and then the store. He needed to find another place that had flowers since that shop was definitely not going to sell him anything.

"Remember the flowers by the lake. I remember seeing yellow and red flowers there, maybe you could use those."

'Thanks for the reminder Kura.' Naruto smiled. He walked through the village, getting the usually hateful glares, but none of those mattered anymore. He was going to leave this hellhole of a village and he was going to be free!


As he went to go get the flowers, the Konoha 12-minus him- and their senseis were all gathered at a training ground and were there talking about Naruto recent behavior. He wasn't acting like the goofy idiot they knew and what happened today was the last straw.

"I don't see why we should care about the idiot. So what if he's different?" Ino exclaimed, still angry about earlier.

"He'll come around. What've happened today is odd though. I thought he had a crush on you?" Chouji asked Sakura.

"I thought so too. That baka is just trying to act better than Sasuke-kun!" she screeched.


"Naruto is very youthful. He'll flames will brightly soon!" Lee exclaimed.

"What do you think about this Kakashi?" Kurenai asked, but Kakashi was depressed. He kept thinking over and over what Naruto said to him, thinking that he was like the rest of the villagers. Kakashi knew the different between a kunai and a scroll and heck the boy was his sensei's son, he looked just like him! But then looking back, he never really DID anything for him, not even train him properly. Thinking about it just made him even more depressed, but then he got the resolve of starting to get better tomorrow. He would whatever it took to repent to his sensei.

"He's out of it." Asuma said.

"I don't see why we don't just ask him, he is just the dead last!" Kiba barked.

"I agree that we should just ask him what's wrong." Neji said.

"The troublesome blonde will come along soon. He always does." Shikamaru said, putting his head down.

"Y-Your r-right. N-Naruto w-will p-pull t-through." Hinata added. Just then, they saw a group of villagers heading towards one directions, with fork sticks and knives.

"Where do you thing they're going?" Tenten asked.

"Let's go follow them." Kiba said, running out of the training ground and following the mob of villagers.

"It looks like it almost all the villagers. I wonder what's up?" Ino said, as they all began following the mob. Soon enough, they all stopped at a graveyard, the most sacred one, since it was where the Yondaime was buried, along with others. Crouching down in front of two graves, they all saw a blob of yellow there, which they all recognized as Naruto.

"What is that baka doing here?" Sakura screeched, but Kakashi's lone eye widen.

'No, he couldn't know, or maybe he does.'

"We have to get the demon now!" a villager yelled, confusing the younger generation, but they were stopped by a barrier that was surrounding the graves.

"What the hell?"

"What's the demon doing?"

"Shh, he's saying something. He must be discriminating Yondaime-sama!"

"What in the world is going on here?" they heard a voice, who turned out to be Tsunade, with the clan heads behind her.

"Hokage-sama! The demon is disrespecting the Yondaime!" a villager yelled.

"Why are you guys calling him a demon?" Chouji asked, making them all freeze, since none wanted to break the Third's law, especially with the Hokage there.

"What's with the barrier?" Choza asked.

"Naruto! Open this place up!" Tsunade yelled, but he never turned around, but instead took a couple things out of the bag he had.

"Its no use hime." Jiraiya said, gaining ALL their attention. "This barrier uses sealing. He doesn't know we're here and can't hear us, but we can hear him." Just as he finished, they heard Naruto beginning to talk.


Naruto had just gotten two bouquets of flowers, one of red flowers and another of yellow flowers. Since he was leaving, he packed his things and left the Namikaze compound, where he lived the past years.

"You ready kit?"

'Never been more ready in my life.' he replied, as he put up a barrier, after sensing a mob come up. He didn't want to be disturbed for this, since it WAS going to be a long time before he came here again, maybe even never. He placed his bag down, and took out the only picture that was taken of the family of three before their demise. He put he red and yellow flowers on each grave and began speaking.

"Hey there. Its actually my first time coming here and visiting you guys. Sorry I didn't come here sooner, but everything was kept a secret and well since it'll be a while, I wanted to come here. Its nice to met you both, Mom, Dad."


"Did he just say Mom and Dad?!" Sakura yelled.

"Troublesome woman, I think we all heard." Shikamaru said, although he was shocked like the rest of the people there.

"There's no way the demon is the son of the Yondaime!" a villager yelled.

"Silence!" Tsunade yelled, making them all shut up. "I want to hear what he's going to say."


"Well, I don't really know what kind of flowers you both like, so I got you red flowers mom, to match your hair and yellow for you dad, since well you look just like me, or me like you since your the older one. I wanted to get you some really nice one, but, well I wasn't liked, like usually, but I hope theses are alright." he chuckled a bit.


'No wonder he wanted the flowers.' Ino thought with guilt, as her father sent her disapproving looks. 'He just wanted them for his parents!'


"Anyways, I honestly don't know where to begin. My entire life was nothing but a living hell I suppose. You wanted me to be seen as a hero for holding he Kyuubi at bay dad, but I guess Konoha doesn't really get the memo, huh?"

"Kyuubi at bay? What does that mean?" Sasuke said looking around, but saw some guilty looks from the villagers.

"The Yondaime, Naruto's father, didn't kill the Kyuubi did he?" Shikamaru said.

"He sealed it within his son, because that was the only way the village could be saved." Jiraiya said.

"What did you people do?" Neji glared.


"But I don't really care. I'm not mad at you, if that's what you think. I understand that it was the only way, but I do pity you father. Because thirteen years ago, you didn't save humans in Konoha. He saved monsters in human skin!" he exclaimed.


Everyone wide eyed at his statement. He though of them as monsters in human skin.

'Just how much were you hiding Naruto?' Tsunade thought sadly.


"The village you loved so much, did nothing but spat on your dying wish. The first couple years, I understand their pain, but thirteen years. For thirteen years I've suffered. I've been beaten tortured, kicked out of the orphanage when I was three. I remember eating from garbage cans and starving for weeks on end. I always wondered why people hated me. They call me a demon, yet I've never done anything. They want me dead, but they're all stupid. Don't they know that if I die, they Kyuubi won't die, but instead would descend onto the village again. Finish hat the Yondaime started? I don't really think he would want to kill he's own son, isn't that right mom, dad?" he smiled.


If the villagers weren't feeling guilty before, then they were right now. Some were even fully crying, sobbing as they fell onto the ground.

"Is it really true? H-H couldn't have had that kind of life. He's just making it up to-" Sakura began


"You insolent girl!" Jiraiya yelled, being the one to slap her as she fell onto the ground. "Everything he's saying is the truth! Actually its a sugar coated version of what happened in his life. He IS the Yondaime's child! Just as he is my godson!" gathering a collective gasps from the getting-larger crowd.

"How could you people be so cruel!" Tenten exclaimed.

'I was talking about fate and my own misery, when you lead a life more difficult than mine.' Neji remembering their match. Ino just collapsed on the ground, with her father not bothering to comfort her. What she did today, she was indeed no different then the rest of the villagers.


"You know there wee these times when I actually thought that my own parents hate me. That I was actually abandoned. But then Kurama, that's the Kyuubi by the way. He's pretty nice, well kinder than a lot of people in the village. Anyways, he showed me the finally message you both said to me. I actually...felt like I had a purpose in life, other than being a Jinchuriki." he said, trying to hold back he's tears. "To know that you both love me, that's all that matters. And no dad, I don't think mom was nagging, she was just worried." he laughed a bit. "You know mom, I actually have your verbal tic, dettebayo! It was hard to get rid of, but when Kuruma said that it was something from you, then I stop trying. I might look exactly like dad, but I've got your personality mom." he grinned.


They all began looking at him and he indeed did look like a carbon copy of the Yondaime! How exactly did they miss that! That and the fact that he just said that the Kyuubi, the very same demon that terrorized them was kinder to him than them. They all had one though,

'What have we done?'


"You know, I actually knew about you guys ever since I was seven or was it six? But I had to keep it a secret as well as Kurama. I trained in our family home, it looks real nice by the way. I saw the room you guys prepared for me. I came home a couple years late, but hey, I still made it, huh? Only some people know about my mask. Actually, I wanted to leave the village along time ago, but the old man said to wait, at least until I'm on a genin team. Apparently, its like a family and I honestly thought I could trust them. Boy was I wrong. Apart of my mask, I had to have this crush on this annoying banshee. Honestly, its pure luck she's still alive. All she does is beat me whenever the spoiled Uchiha rejects her, just to feel good about her self. Then there's Miko-oba-san's son. Its was really sad that Itachi killed her. She was one of the few who knew the real me. She was like a mother to me, but then again, she was my godmother. She told me lots of stories about you mom and how I have my ramen obsession from you. But then you liked ramen too dad, so I guess my obsession was double ya know? Anyways, my sensei became your student Kakashi, and in all honesty when I found out, I was really happy, maybe I'll have someone who was close to you dad, I mean Miko-oba-san saw mom like a sister and Kakashi was your student. Boy was I wrong."


'He knew my mom? She was he's god mother so...its like we're related.' Sasuke thought, wide eyed at the revelations that were being said.

'He didn't really like me? An act?' Sakura though, shocked at the boy she always use to beat.

'H-He wanted to leave! Sensei never told me that!' Jiraiya though.

'I-I...what have I done!' Kakashi thought, waiting for the worst to happen. Everyone began looking at team 7 in some kind of pity or disgust.


"Your student, I just found out why he doesn't train me or the banshee. Well, the banshee, doesn't really care, but I really do. I wanted to trust him and show him what power level I really was at ya know, cuz that was what the old man would always encourage me to do, but he would always train the Uchiha, even secretly and thinks I don't know. But I found out today that he's just like the rest of the villagers. He sees me as a demon too! My graduating class, they don't care either, just see me as a bother. Jiraiya...I honestly don't know what to think about him. I know he's my godfather and I might have had a better life if he actually took care of me, but he also had he's spy network to manage, which I understand. Besides, he did send money every month, so its not like he forgot about me. He did teach me too, when Kakashi ditched me. If I really were an idiotic dead last, than I learned a lot from him in that one month, than I learned from Kakashi in those six months. So, maybe, just maybe...I'll give him a chance. But others *shakes head* I don't want anything to do with them."


'Yes! I still have a chance, and I won't lose it!' Jiraiya internally cheered.

'I-I don't see him as a demon. Sensei, please forgive me, Naruto,' Kakashi said, a depressing aura around him. The Rookie 9 were just shell shocked. They really did treat him badly and now, now he was never going to forgive them. Their parents looked at them disapprovingly.

'Me? What does he think about me?' Tsunade wondered worriedly, not wanting to lose the boy she saw as a son.


"I only trust Iruka-sensei, Konohamaru and his two friends and the Ichiraku family. Shizune...she's like an older sister to me. I don't know if you guys know here. She usually treats me whenever the other hospital staff don't want to. Don't be surprised, the only time I'm healed in the hospital is when jiji literally killed almost half of them. Sometimes I didn't know whether to laugh or pity. I have Kurama to heal me anyways, sorta why I don't really have any scars. I remember jiji saying that it was both a blessing and a curse, but honestly, I'm not ashamed of being a Jinchuriki. Its something I'm proud of. I suppose...I should release the genjutsu and stop wearing a mask now *laughes* Yea, I had to wear a genjutsu to make me look a bit less than you. Ji-chan says that all those who knew you when you were younger would have noticed immediately and I understand. If Iwa was to get hold of the Yondaime's son being alive, than I guess there would be problems. By the way, the Old man is dead. He died with honour, defending the village, just like you dad. I really didn't want him dead, but...there's nothing I can do huh? We have a new Hokage, jiji's student, Tsunade. I just call her baa-chan, but she's like another mother to me really. Don't worry mom, there's no one that can replace you, but Miko-oba-san and baa-chan, they're like the living moms ya know? And she sorta did fulfil your dream of being the first female Hokage." he said and then dropped the genjutsu.


Since he's back was towards them, they saw him being leaned built, with his hair style just like Minato's when he was younger. He wore black baggy pants with a black T-shirt with a picture of a nine tail fox on it, with the word 'KURAMA' at the bottom.

'He really is proud of being a Jinchuriki.' Asuma though as a few tears escaped he's eyes when he heard Naruto talk highly about his father.

'YES! He doesn't hate me!' both Shizune and Tsunade internally squealed. With each passing minutes, suicide thoughts had began entering the minds of most of the people present and those who couldn't listen anymore, left and spread the news, making more people come and listen. The clan heads all felt guilty since they all knew Minato and Kushina, heck they were all friends and they even knew of his heritage.


"I suppose I should get to the real reason to why I'm here. Well to put it bluntly, I'm leaving Konoha."


"WHAT!?" everyone there yelled.


"When I was younger, I use to go with the old man to diplomatic meetings, usually to Suna. Its where I met Gaara and he's siblings. He was my second friend and we hit it off. He's siblings were real jerks, thinking he was a monster, but he honestly didn't care since he had me I guess. But they gradually came along and we all became great friends. My point is, is that I always thought that where ever I went, I'd always be glared at, but that wasn't the case there. In Taki and Suna and other places I went with the old man, I was treated like a normal person, like a human being. People actually smiled at me and that's something that has never happened in Konoha. So, I'm going to leave and live the rest of my life in peace, in freedom. Away from everyone's hate. I know you both wanted me to liv in the hellhole you call Konoha, but this isn't the village you remember, the village you both grew up to love, although you are form Uzushio mom, so I guess that applies to you dad. I tried so hard to gain acceptance. One point in my life, I wanted to be Hokage, even better than you dad, but then I realized that I will always be hated, so why protect people who hate and scorn my existence. If I have to be honest, the only reason I became a shinobi, was to make the old man proud. He's done a lot for me, even being Hokage just so that he could be in the best place to protect me, but now...even he said that he'll give me he's blessings if the genin team didn't work. I became chuunin, but nobody seemed to care except a few, not that I'm complaining. At least I have some people who care. I said goodbye to my precious people already, I went to Miko-oba-san's grave earlier and said bye too. You two were the only one's left. Don't worry, I'm not going to be a missing-nin or anything. Baa-chan signed my release papers, so now I can leave."


"Release papers? I don't remember signing those!" Tsunade exclaimed.

"You were drunk Milady." Shizune deadpanned.

"We can't let him leave!" a villager exclaimed.

"We'll do everything to apologize to Yondaime-sama's son!" another exclaimed and there was a wave of people cheering thinking that they could change he's mind. The Rookie 9 were also having similar thoughts.

"We have to show him that he's still our friend." Kiba exclaimed.

"R-Right!" Hinata nodded in agreement.

"Troublesome blonde isn't going anywhere." Shikamaru added and Chouji nodded.

"He is our friend. He's also our team member, right Sasuke-kun?" Sakura said, and he grunted in agreement. Here was the one person he had in connection to family and he had treated horribly and on top of that, he wanted nothing to do with him.

"We're not gonna let our pups out do us are we?" Tsume said, a great friend of Kushina's.

"Nope, although I have a feeling that he wouldn't want anything to do with us, especially of what happened earlier." Inoichi said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"I highly doubt anything would work, but we'll give it a try." Shikaku said, with Hiashi and Shibi nodding in agreement.


"The only way that the village would ever accept me is if they know I'm the son of the Yondaime, but that's an insult to your memory dad and in all honesty, I wouldn't care either way. I'll carry on both your legacies. Dad in your letter you wanted me to be the second coming of the yellow flash and mom you wanted me to carry on our Uzumaki heritage, so don't worry, the world won't know what hit them that's for sure. I guess that's all for now. I'll stand and face the world without a mask as Naruto Uzumaki- Namikaze, the betrayed son of the Yondaime Hoakge Minato Namikaze and Whirlpool princess Kushina Uzumaki and Third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." he said, packing the picturing back into his back. "I love you both and thank you, for giving me a chance in life." he said, with tears rolling down he's eyes. Leaning forward, he kissed both their grave stones and stood up. He smiled and wiped away the tears. Bringing down the barrier, he felt many chakra signatures, so without looking back, he shushined away.

"Where did he go?" one of the villager's said.

"The front gate!" Tsunade and Jiraiya cried and ran all the way there, with everyone right behind them. Naruto had just finished showing the gate keepers he's officially documents. He didn't the two, they actually helped him sometimes when he did a prank and helped hide him from mobs.

"We're gonna miss ya kid." Izumo said.

"Yea the place won't feel the same without your pranks." Kotetsu added ruffling his hair.

"Nah, you'll find something interesting to do." he smiled and was about to leave the village when he heard,

"NARUTOOO!" and as he looked back, he saw almost all of Konoha, the Konoha 12, the senseis, Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya running towards him.

"Ah, sup baa-chan. What's going on?" he asked curiously, but was engulfed by the said woman in a hug. "Ano, not that I don't like the hug or anything, but what's wrong? Are you alright?" he asked.

"Don't go." she said softly, making him go wide eye.

"W-What? Oh I get it. You all came to see the miserable demon leave eh? Well good luck with that cuz I'm long gone." he said, making them flinch.

"N-No, we came to apologize Naruto-sama." one of the braver villagers said.

"Bloody f****?" was he's intelligent response.

"Language!" Tsunade said, hitting him lightly on the head.

"No, did you hear what-oh I get it. This is someone's cruel joke of a genjutsu." he nodded in understanding.

"We heard. Everything." Shikaku said, seeing no one was going to say anything.

"Heard what...OHHHHHH." he said in recognition. "Oh...KURUMA! You did that on purpose!" he suddenly yelled.

"Did what on purpose?" Jiraiya asked.

"He said he'd put up the barrier. I knew he was doing something fishy, but that was a low blow Kura!"

"They needed to know what they did to you, what they lost."

"Yes and the greatest way to do so is defaulting the barrier. Great going Kura, they only care cuz of dad now." he said throwing he's arms in the air, really not caring that the others heard.

"Y-You can't leave! I can't lose some one else again!" Tsunade said, making him go wide eye. He didn't think that she would get this effected,

"Sorry baa-chan, but I can't stay in this place anymore. I just can't besides, you signed the papers and I can legally leave. I want to live the rest of my life free of hatred. Is that so much to ask?" he almost whispered.

"What you said about my that true?" Sasuke asked. Naruto just looked at him.

"Yea it is. She was my godmother and the kindest person I've known. Whenever I didn't eat in a while, she would bring me food, give me a warm bath, since my landlord cuts my own purpose and buys me food at its regular price before I learned the henge. She was so kind, sometimes I wonder how the two of you are even related." he sneered, making the raven flinch.

"What about team 7? Remember what Kakashi-sensei said about abandoning comrades?" Sakura asked desperately wanting to correct her mistakes as well.

"Funny thing is, I don't have comrades in the village. This sensei you speak of, I only have two senseis and that's Kurama and Iruka, so don't mess things up." he glared at her.

"Come on Naruto, we're friends aren't we?" Kiba said nervously.

"We're trying to fix things. We're all really sorry about everything, we really are!" Ino exclaimed.

"So let me get this straight. You think that after thirteen years of pure torture and abuse, everything will be alright just because you said sorry? See ya, I'm outa here." he said and turned to leave

"So that's it huh kid. What about your dream of Hokage?" Jiraiya asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Pfft please. Why exactly would I want to protect a village that's done absolutely nothing for me or my family? Konoha betrayed my family a long time ago and you want me to protect it? Would you protect people who are out to kill you?" he asked.

"If your going to leave, aren't you going to give li'ol me a hug?" they heard a voice and saw Anko leaning on the gate's wall.

"Anko! What are you doing here? I though you were on a mission?" he asked her running up and giving her a hug, which she returned, surprising them most.

"Yea, I just got back and then see this huge crowd and then I saw you and then I'm like 'wha the hell did the idiots do?' and then I heard people say sorry and stay and then I'm like 'what the hell did the idiot do?'" she grinned.

"I'm not an idiot." he huffed, crossing his arms.

"Your a squirt mini-Yondy." she smirked at his laughter.

"Never heard that in a while." he smiled.

"So, you leaving huh? Leaving me behind I see." she said and then added, when he was going to protest, "just kidding kid. You deserve to be happy. Might even come with you, but I've got duties to do. We outcasts got to stick together. By the way, how did they find out?"

"Blame Kurama and he's faulty barriers." he said and she nodded in understanding.

"How do you two know one another?" Shizune asked.

"Saved mini-Yondy here from a couple of mobs and he saved me before too. Then I started to train him and he hung out at his place and all. They've got this killer pool! The Yondaime and his wife know how to go all out!" she exclaimed.

"Hey kit."

'Yea Kura?'

"I think you should return I-"

'What!? I'm not go-'

"You never listen to me! As I was saying, you should return in a couple years. Just for the old hag. She does care about you kit to the point she's breaking down in public and I don't think that's I good thing for a Kage." and sure enough he saw Tsunade a sobbing mess on the ground, with Shizune trying to comfort her. He heard people shouting for him to stay and apologizes, but he just looked at her. At best she was a relative of he's since they were both related to Mito Uzumaki. SO he walked up to her and brought her into a hug.

"Four years." he said, making her stop crying and everyone listening closely.


"I'll come back to after four years of freedom. Then I'll do absolutely anything you want me to." he said looking at her eyes, lighting up.

"Really!? You will?" she said holding him tightly.

"I wouldn't lie to you know would I ne, kaa-san?" he grinned and she brought him into another hug as she said 'thank you' over and over and the others cheered.

"Well, I guess I should head out huh?" he said, helping her stand.

"Lets go kid, I was heading out too." Jiraiya said, wanting know he's real godson.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to be a perv." Naruto said.

"Jiraiya, now way in hell am I going to let you turn my son into a pervert!" she said hugging him from the back as he pouted in agreement.

"Don't worry Lady Hokage, I taught my little bro what he should if he ever encountered pervs." Anko grinned and looked at Naruto.

"Kick them were the sun don't shine." he exclaimed, making most guys cringe and ladies look at him with respect.

"Oh kid, that would hurt you too you know."

"I ain't a pervert Ero-sennin." he grinned.


'I know, time to leave.'

"I'm leaving now, so yeah, I guess see you in four years?" he said and leapt forward to start his new life of freedom.

"Mini-Yondy?" Tsunade questioned Anko when he left.

"Hey! He looks just like him! You have to agree!" she defended.

"Yea, she is right. I'll have to start getting new poisons ready for his return." Shizune said walking away.

"For what?" Tsunade called after her.

"Well, if he has both Kushina and Minato's good looks, the I'll have to protect my otouto from fangirls don't I?" she said, and then started laughing evilly, scaring all those there.

As everyone left, they all thought of ways to apologize to the blonde that just left. They knew it wasn't going to be easy, but they were all determined to get accepted by the blonde. These thoughts filled each one of them as they slowly made their way away from the enterance. The Konoha now 11 left to all train and become stronger, to show Naruto that they were indeed his friend. Sasuke, for the same reasons, but to gain the acceptance of the only sane living relative he had. The senseis were delighted by their change in behavior, but team 7 was changed for ever, with Sasuke training, Sakura asking for Tsunade's teaching and Kakashi falling into depression, where he even almost committed suicide but was snapped out of it by Iruka, who slapped him and told him to get a grip and try to gain the blonde's acceptance.

One thing was for sure, was that the Konoha Naruto knew wouldn't be the same when he returned.

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