Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze had many secrets. Secrets that no one knew and if they did, they were dead. For his own protection, is heritage was hidden, his Jinchuriki status kept away from the younger generation, but this secret was one that he never planned on revealing. Closing his eyes, he gathered enough chakra and yelled,



A purple armor had erupted and formed around the blonde hero as it protected the medical team. The water jutsu had been blocked by the large armor's shield and didn't harm anyone. Seeing that the jutsu was finished, Naruto sighed as he turned off the giant armor and landed besides the medical team. He looked at the and heard them gasped and internally groaned. He didn't want to reveal his sharingan to anyone but it was the only thing that came to his mind at that moment.

"Is everyone alright?" he asked in a monotone voice and some people couldn't help but cringe. The boy in front of them was suppose to be a happy and cheerful child and that tone didn't suit him at all.

"Hai." one of them answered him and he could see the looks of relief they sent him. He looked around and could see the shocked looks that he was getting. Yeah, he had better turn off his sharingan off now.

"You have the sharingan." the Nindaime stated, as he and the other Kage's re-grouped.

"I know. Had since I was four." he huffed, crossing his arms. This was something he really didn't was to reveal. Minato looked shocked as he stared at his son.

"H-How do you have the sharingan!?" he exclaimed and everyone's heads seemed to have whiped to him, looking as if he were an idiot.

"How do you not know how your son had the sharingan? He's your son." Tobirama stressed out. Even Orochimau wanted to know.

'The brat will be a bigger problem than I thought. Damn that Kabuto! I should have killed him in the forest!'

"You're done brat!" he exclaimed, launching himself at the blonde, completely forgetting his resurrected minions. Naruto looked at him and charged right at him, with the intent to finish him.

"No, its just I'm sure my wife wasn't Uchiha and I'm pretty sure I'm not either." Minato said. Hearing a tired sigh, they all looked the Sandaime.

"That's because he gained it through other means." he stared but was interrupted.

"Are you telling me he implanted them?" Jiraiya asked, and Sasuke looked livid at the idea.

"Of course he didn't! Do you actually think a four year old could have done that?!" he berated his old student.

"If you were to do a DNA test, it would tell you has Uchiha blood running through his veins and in his genetic structure. You see after one particular...attack, he had lost a lot of blood. Mikoto and Shisui found him and brought him to the hospital. After threats were made by Mikoto, Shisui had gone to get me, they had decided to add blood to into his body, to replace the one he lost. However, the nurses aren't all that forgiving. When I reached the hospital, I saw a couple of dead nurses and Mikoto throwing away the blood bags."

"Why would she do that?" Jiraiya asked and shrunk down at all the glares and dark looks he was getting.

"Apparently, it wasn't blood in the bags, but poison." he said sadly, "When Mikoto realized what they were doing, she reacted violently. Luckily, Naruto shared the same blood type as her and she told them to use her blood. That and because of the Kyuubi's chakra that was active that time, we believe his chakra combined her DNA into his, making him able to unlock the sharingan a couple weeks later after another...attack. I assigned Shisui to teach him how to control it." he said and seeing Sasuke's shocked looked, he nodded.

"Yes, Sasuke he really is your brother, even by blood." he said softly. "If he were to do a DNA test, then it would appear he has three parents Kushina, Mikoto and Minato." the resurrected Third Kage finished off.

Those had heard the Sandaime's explanation were clearly in shock. Who would have thought Naruto of all people would have the sharingan?

Sasuke looked at the fighting blonde in guilt. Naruto had told him once that he saw him as a brother, but he had scoffed it off and insulted. It was pretty obvious now that the blonde wouldn't want anything to do with him.

With Naruto, the battle he was having with the snake sannin was tough. He might have been powerful, but Oroochimaru had far more experience than he did, which gave him an advantage. But then again, the sannin didn't know all his moves, so it could go either way.

"Stay still you damn brat and just die!" Oroochimaru yelled.

He had a hard time with him in the forest of death, but that was because he was going easy with him. That had almost cost him his life. Now, however, he wouldn't underestimate the boy and go at him with full power. He briefly wondered, if he could use him as a new body host, but dismissed the idea as he was a jinchuriki.

Naruto jumped back and landed besides Tsunade. He gave her a brief glance and saw she was wearing thin, especially on chakra. He too needed to up his game now, since Oroochimaru seemed to have remembered his resurrected kage minions.

"You people are low on chakra." he said, giving her a brief glance and then to his clones that were battling the Kages.

"That's an understatement." Tsunade laughed out bitterly.

He hummed a bit as Oroochimaru lunged at him, but this time, the sannin couldn't react in time as a orange cloaked fist rammed into his stomach, sending him flying. Tsunade and those near him looked at the blonde in shook as they saw him wearing the orange cloak.

"You can use the Kyuubi's chakra." Jiraiya breathed out.

Naruto never bothered to look at him as he gently placed a hand on his mother figure. Instantly, the same orange cloak he donned, she had as well.

Tsuande looked at her self as she felt unimaginable power coursing through her. This was the Kyuubi's power, or a fraction of it, the very same demon that raised her son and destroyed the village years ago.

"Kurama doesn't like Konoha, so I can only give you his power or those he agrees with. Everyone else is on their own." he simply stated and giving her a small smile, he sat down-surprising her. He created a shadow clone-with a cloak as well as it tapped Shizune's shoulder.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" she whispered as he got into a meditative state. Without looking at her or opening his eyes he said,

"Ending this."

The others looked at the power Naruto had and when they saw him giving it to their Hokage, they felt that he would give them as well-giving them a means to end the war. Boy were they wrong, but then again, he already stated he only came for their Hokage, so he shouldn't be angry. They did envy her though as the power coming from her was unimaginable.

With the Kages, each on was so distracted with battling with their clones, that they didn't have time to dodge the golden chains that had shot out of the ground, trapping them. Minato smiled as he knew his son had also inherited his wife's chakra chains.

"W-Whats going on?" one shinobi exclaimed as they all noticed the chains. Some noticed where Naruto was and saw chains leaving his back and dug underground.

"I see you do have the infamous chakra chains of the Uzumaki clan." Tobirama smirked.

"Yes, I do. I once stole the Forbidden Scroll of sealing," at this Minato beamed in pride and Hiruzen wanted to bang his head as he remembered that incident. "I was flushing out a traitor and decided to take a look. So I know how the Edo Tensei works and how to stop it. You worked with my great-grandaunt Mito Uzumaki on it, who added the Uzumaki fail-safe." he summaries, making the Nidaime nodded.

"Yes. Although our time is up, I must say I am glad to have met you young Uzumaki. It brings me pride that a person such as yourself had once called Konoha home and I apologize for what the villagers have put you through." he said. "Tsunade, you had better make this place a better place and nothing like this should ever happen." he added fiercely, making her nod.

"The Will of Fire shines brightly within you. I too would like to apologize for what this village as put you through." Hashirama smiled at him.

" You don't have to apologize, for you aren't responsible. It has been an honor to met the both of you." Naruto bowed.

"Naruto, there isn't much for me to say, but I am glad you have found happiness beyond this village. You deserve it my boy." Hiruzen smiled at the young man he always saw as his grandson.

"Thanks ji-chan. And I am glad you'll finally get to see your wife in the afterlife." he smiled as he forcefully stopped his tears from falling.

"I am so proud of the person you've become Naruto and your father is sorry for the burden he had placed on you. I'm sure Kushina would be too." Minato beamed proudly at his son, who returned it before he added, "I'm sure though Konoha's populace would not survive her wrath...and neither will I." he sighed depressingly. Naruto laughed.

"I'm sure it won't be that bad tou-san and thank you. Say hi to kaa-san for me, 'kay?" he smiled and finally putting his hands in a ram signs he said,

"Uzumaki Chakra Chain: Contact Seal!"

And with that the four Kages were dispersed to the afterlife as the shinobi looked at their fading forms, glad that they didn't have to deal with them now.

"Hey, where did my minions go?"

Shit, most of them thought, we forgot about Oroochimaru.

And out came the sannin, who had to use shushin a lot to get back to Konoha. Naruto had punched him far and it had hurt a lot. As he looked at the annoying brat, he cackled, all sanity leaving him.

"I'm going to kill you!"


"And that's that!" Tsuande said cheerfully as she placed the last piece of paper work on her newly finished stake.

She stretched, happy that she was finished her paper work and that Shizune wouldn't scold her. She took out her sake bottle from a nearby draw and happily took a sip. Turning around in her chair, she looked out the village that was almost finally rebuilt. It had taken them a very long time, but they had managed to do so. A knock on her door and she knew who it was.

"Come in." she said happily, having been waiting for the visitors for so long.

In came her assistant Shizune who was holding a two year old blonde boy. He had black eyes and pale skin. His face brightened up as he saw her.

"Baa-chan!" he yelled and she scoped him up.

"Haru! How's my favorite grandson?" she squeezed him.

"Give it a rest would you old hag or else you'll smother him." a familiar and very annoying-but loved voice called to her. In came her favorite blonde-second favorite really-Naruto with his wife, an ice user named Haku.

Apparently Naruto had faked the girl's death, along with Zabuza'a and they were both living in the Spring country courtesy to the Princess, who later fell in love and married Zabuza.

Yeah, that was another story for another time.

"Shut up brat. Do you want to die?" she yelled angrily, though there was no heat behind it. He simply grinned-checky brat-but she smiled at the girl bring her into a hug.

"Its nice to see you again Lady Tsuande." she said smiling and she waved her off.

"Just call me Tsunade. You guys just came right?"

"Yup, though we did run into a few people that were surprised." Haku Namikaze giggled as Naruto huffed. Tsunade raised her eyebrow at Shizune, who sighed.

"The Konoha 11." she simply said and she understood but could do nothing about it. They were stubborn and kept trying to talk to the blonde for the past three, ever since the war ended and he visited her and Shizune as well as Iruka and the Ichiraku family.

Naruto had managed to win against Oroochimaru, killing him and a large percent of the enemy shinobi with his father's technique. Apparently the surviving shinobi believed he was a Konoha shinobi and the Tsuchikage, who was met on the way by those survivors had warned him, prompting him to pull out. Due to that, all the other villages pulled out and the war ended.

After that Naruto left, coming once in a while, or when she was bored and wanted someone to hang out with and drink some sake with. Naruto never stopped her and they even had contests, which were fun, but he always won. Then he introduced him to his fiancé and asked him to come to his wedding, which she did with the few people he cared for. Her son looked so lovely!

After that, she had made the couple promise that she would deliver their first child and she did. Two years ago, Haru Namikaze was born. She was thrilled that she was a grandmother, though Shizune might have been happier when they announce her their child's godmother.

The Konoha 11 and Kakashi did try to speak with him, but he simply brushed passed them as if they weren't there. They understood how he felt when they did that as did the villagers. They would keep leaving presents with her, since they knew he visited her, in hopes that he would accept them.

Naruto, being the kind son he was, simply dropped them off at the nearest orphanage outside of Konoha. Jiraiya kept pestering him, to the point he was banned from the Spring Country.

She had never felt sorry for any of them, because she knew Karma was a bitch, if it was something.

"Lets get going Haru. You've never seen my house have you?" she grinned at the bouncing child. Looking around as they walked to her compound, she couldn't help but smile as her life was going great.

She was with her family.

She was at home.

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