Shattered Ghost King II – Lead Soldiers

Chapter 1 - Incoherent History

Nico was feeling warm and cozy wrapped up for travel and bundled into the ambulance for his trip to Queen Victoria Hospital. He had that loose floating feeling due to the special high dose of morphine. His nurse, William watched over him as he lay on his side on a gurney next to him, the roof was too low for him to sit in back. It was silent as the motor vibrations told him his trip begun. His brain supplied the travel noises, all the bumps, jiggles and rattles just a moment after each movement occurred. His mind had started to fill in the sounds he was used to hearing as he adapted to being deaf. William placed his hand on his chest ready to communicate in Morse code.

William tapped out /Nico, we are off to the hospital. It will take about two hours/

He felt neither his burned useless hands nor his stiff shrapnel infused right knee as he floated away. Soon he found himself in the past. He was on a transport to the air field for his first day of service in summer of 1941. He was not like the other edgy men around him. Everything had soured and died with Bianca, his sister, and the last of his family. He was determined to do his part to end the war, but not for himself. Some men appeared grim and other allowed themselves to be anxious, under is all ran a current of dread. Conversely he would steadily welcome death when it came.

They were on the runway when that evening when the day's bombing runs returned. The planes were riddled with holes. One plane belly flopped onto the tarmac. The crew leaving the aircraft were just a woebegone as the planes themselves. They were either shaking, haunted, or resigned. Medics rushed in to help the injured and mechanics beginning repairs that would last all night in preparation for the same repeated tomorrow.

Of course they knew it would be this way, but still most of the new recruits were shocked and horrified. They did trying to hide it with bravado. While it was horrific, he felt strangely more complacent in this environment. Here his gloomy demeanor was fitting, instead of being a ghost among those living a normal life. His eyes flitted over to Percy, as had become his habit, and saw the same living ghost emotion reflected in his eyes. As their instructor he had been through his full rotation of 25 missions before being assigned to training new crews. Now he was back, by choice, to start another rotation. He was certain neither of them would survive the war. His defining loss had been that of his wife in the first London bombing in fall 1940 and Nico had a fleeting wish that he could heal his broken heart.

He found himself as a child with a high fever being tended by his mother. He gasped at her beauty. He had forgotten in the nine years since he'd last seen her. She hushed him and sang softly as she swabbed his face with a cool cloth. "Do not worry my sweet boy. You'll get better. Fly through the clouds, chasing away the birds." He did feel like he was outside himself as the fever raged and he felt her warm hand on his chest grounding him.

He opened this eyes to see William's kind smile before closing them again. Suddenly he was with Percy at a swimming hole behind the old fashioned country cottage they were staying in. It was the only time they were able to get this far away. It was rustic, but they had the area to themselves. He indulged by dreaming they could be together like a real couple. It was still too cold this early in spring to swim, but Percy dove in anyway. He splash him on the shore while he swore at him. He lurched out of the water, hugged him, and thoroughly wet his clothes.

"You blood jerk that water is freezing." As Nico struggled to loosen his hold.

"It feels warm once you get in." He smirked and hugged tighter. He rested his chin on the side of his head just above his ear. "Come on Nico get wet with me," in a husky voice.

Nico sighed and pushed him away. Percy latched onto his wrists as they slip apart and pulled him after him into the water. He struggled just enough for show, but it felt good to believe Percy wanted him. When they were mid-thigh deep Percy lifted him by the waist and slammed him into the water following him down. He nipped his neck while they were underwater causing Nico to open his eyes to see his sea green orbs sparked with lust.

They bobbed to the surface while Nico swore about the cold. It was deep enough here that they could stand with Percy's upper shoulders and Nico's collar bone out of the water.

He bored into him with those stunning eyes, "I'll keep you warm," he laughed as he stripping off his shirt and threw it to shore. He dove down and began undoing his shorts. Nico put out his arms to tread water as he was stripped.

When he resurface he teased him, "I don't feel any warmer."

"You will," He grinned as he huffed in a large breath before sinking down under the water again. His mouth sank over his member and he gave him an amazing blow job while bobbing up for breaths of air. Soon he orgasmed and was left floating, warm, and sated.

Percy stood over him holding close, "If only it could always be this way." Nico stared not believing he had said those words when he went on. "What if we could stay here? Would you stay with me?"

He looked into Percy's earnest blue eyes and told the truth for a change. "I would follow you to the end of the world if…" He hesitated, "if you want me."

Percy leaned in over to kiss him and it felt different less urgent lust, more tender love. Then more unlikely he mumbled, "My love."

Nico broke the kiss gasped out, "I love you."

He woke just as he spoke those words to see William smiling at him. He glanced forward at the driver before lifting his hand and stroking his face. Nico blushed guiltily recalling his dream was about Percy. He looked into those earnest cerulean blue eyes and saw the eyes from his dream, but Percy's were green. He realized the kiss was William's style and in real life Percy had never wished for a different world. He smiled broadly as he realized his dream was about what he wanted with William. He consider how much this contrasted with the lusty yet cold man Percy had been, as he floated into sleep again.

Somehow his beautiful eyes morphed into cold hard stones as he stared into the livid and tear stained face of William. The pounding of his finger on his chest was in time with his wildly thumping heart. /…but I always thought Lee was safe. He was a doctor, he should have been protected, but no. He got some African disease and fucking died on me. After that I was truly abandoned at just fucking eighteen. So for the last two years I've been just going thought the motions. I have to safeguard my sisters, but I don't have friends. I heal people, but I never let them touch me. I vowed to never, ever to let anyone touch my heart again. And then you show up and it was like lightning. I fall for you like a god damn school girl. I want to spend every moment with you. I want everything with you. I can't even wait until you're better to tell you. I can't stop and I don't even want to. Now you tell me I'm better off without you. Well fuck you Nico Angle/

His eyes burned with tears as he chastised himself for pushing William away. Like Percy, William had his demons, but unlike Percy, he had let Nico in. He let him love him and see the worse he had to offer.

"William, please" he begged and woke again.

William soothed him by rubbing his chest and then brushing his hand through his hair as a satisfied smile played faintly on his lips. He was so gentle and tender with him. His heart still shattered from the emotions of his dreams swelled at the thought of William, the one he loved. He never expected to survive the war and had never expected to love again after Percy was gone. How could he have been so lucky to find this man? He would never let him go, even if they had to say good bye soon. Surely the war would not take a nurse on home soil. His softened eyes began to close again.

He slid sideways and found himself trying to land the Halifax as Percy was slowly dying. He was distraught as he fought to bring the plane down. He sure he was only a radio operator, but had some flight training before being transferred. Still the only way he could focus was to think of Percy. A good landing at the air field was the only way Percy, might survive is wounds. God he had to survive. He cried out, "Don't you dare die on me."

As he woke suddenly he remember Percy had done that just that a few days later. He shivered as he teared up. William brushed the tears away then signaled /only a dream love. It can't hurt you anymore/

He gasped in breath after breath as Williams eyes help calm him. /take breaths following my tapping finger/ He did so and it helped with the disorientation. It was as bad as when he first woke after his injury to find himself deaf, blind and in agonizing pain from his hands. Only then he had to find his way to sanity alone. His breathing slowed with the tapping finger and he gently fell into sleep again.

He grasped the door handle and walked into the hospital, momentarily bewildered by his full recovery. Well almost full recovery, all was still silent. William pulled him by his arm where he clutched him just above the elbow. The only way they could 'hold hands' in public. He vaguely wondered why he was in a hospital when he felt so, whole. When they opened the ward door they found Piper in bed with Leo cooing over a small bundle in her arms. He grinned thinking of Piper and Jason's baby. Jason maybe gone, but still his legacy went on. He rushed over to see the baby for the first time. He was pale with wisps of transparent blond hair and silver blue eyes just like Jason would have been as a baby. He hoped Jason could see him from heaven. He eagerly held the small baby to him the infants eyes bore roots down into his very soul. It was as if Jason whispering to him. 'I want you to live the life I could not have. Be like a father to my son. Care for Piper as if she were your own sister.'

Unexpectedly his roll with the infant seemed to reverse. He shrunk and looked up into his own father's face as he hugged him. His father's reassuring bulk comforted him, while his dark angry eyes startled him

"They... They called me Brit, fog breather, and Limey… They hit me … and laughed." He remembered the event from when he was six, when the world seemed to turn against him.

"You must rise above the petty names they call. You must defined yourself." His father's deep voice rumbled through him. He gazed at his tanned skin and bushy mustache. Why was he so Italian, but had raised him to be English?

"But I'm too small, too weak." He sniffled not able ask that question to his strict angry father.

"You may be small, but no son of mine is weak. A belly of fire and your speed are your greatest strengths."

"I can't." he sobbed.

"None of that, I will not have my son give into a small minded bully no matter how big they seem. I will teach you. Darkness is coming and you will be strong against it as we all must be." His rebuke was so peculiar that he always remembered it.

Even as he sniffed his father began teaching him to defend himself. Later he taught him to fight back and many a dirty trick he could get away with due to his small size and speed. Only now did it hit him that back in 1931 his father knew the war was coming that he would face it alone. His family and friends were gone, but he still had one person.

Next he found himself in the garden with William's cock pulsing out its load in his mouth. He savored the flavor and normality of being able to do this even as crippled as he was. He sighed at the sweetness of William's shaking body and blissed out moan.

He laughed softly saying, "No need to ask if you liked it." He saw the disappointed slump of the figure on his chest.

He signaled shakily, / yeah, it was… Um…. Maybe I should said something, but… that was my first time/

Nico stopped laughing realizing that he had been senselessly callous. His heart well with protective feelings and he made his tone gentle saying, "I'm glad it was me."

William looked up with hurt in his crystal blue eyes that changed as he gazed at him. It melted into a comfortable warmth. God he wished he could stroke his face. The blond seemed to know this, he lifted himself up for a kiss and Nico poured all his tender feelings into it. It was a long lingering kiss that he never wanted to end. William signaled /me, too. My love/ and he began to feel like he was flying again.

Fucking hell, this was what he had missed before. He knew in that instant he loved the wildly innocent, incredibly kind, and emotionally erratic blond. Nico broke the kiss. He felt both elated and vulnerable as he gazed into those defenseless blue eyes, "William, I'm terrified to tell you but I have to." He heart beat staccato as fire instead of blood thundered through his veins. "I-I love you and … I'll fight to keep us together." And he captured his lips again.

He woke suddenly from a large bump to find William gazing at him. He smiled at him, but his forehead wrinkled and eyes tightened. Why was he so worried? He would be getting his hands back. Dr. McIndoe could work miracles by all accounts. He would be holding Jason and Piper's baby when it came this winter. Maybe William worried about their enforced separation. They had only known each other four weeks and now they faced months apart. He would tell him that he would not let him go, ever. Nico blinked a few times trying to speak, but almost immediately began to slip back into sleep with the gentle rocking of the ambulance.


Well I'm back for Shattered Ghost King Part 2 and I hope you will come along. I appreciate all your support for the original. If you have not read it I suggest doing so. It is listed under my stories. This was is an introduction to some of the events that have shaped Nico's life so far. Let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer in upcoming chapters.