The God of Destruction comes to Remnant

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Chapter 1- The God of Destruction comes to Remnant

Tokyo, Japan; 1200 hours; 2016

Once again, the city of Tokyo, Japan was in ruins.

The once prosperous city of over 13 million was reduced to literal rubble after the most recent battles between the Kaiju, the giant monsters that plagued their world. The Kaiju, having been spurred into action by the recent destruction of their island by the monstrous Kaiser Ghidorah, brought their war to Japan.

Many lives were lost to the monsters.

The G-Force, the military strike force designed to combat these beasts, appealed to scientists around the world to design a weapon that would end the Kaiju once and for all. Many of the worlds' greatest minds came together to try and create a permanent solution for the Kaiju.

Then one day, they had a break through. A Scottish scientist created a device that, theoretically, would kill the Kaiju. The De-Atomizer.

The basic principle was that the De-Atomizer fired a steady stream of radiation that destabilized a target's atomic structure, causing the target to break down molecularly until nothing was left. The members of the G-Force were ecstatic as tests of the weapon were raving successes. They were left with one last test.

Testing it on a Kaiju.

Fortunately for the task force, there was one slumbering in the Tokyo Bay.

"Are we absolutely sure this is a good idea?" a British scientist asked.

"Of course it is!" a French scientist scoffed. "We've tested the De-Atomizer fifty times already! It will work, I'm telling you!"

"But it's never been tried on a Kaiju yet!"

"That's what we're doing now."

"But on Him right off the bat?!" a Japanese scientist shouted. "I know what we're doing is for the good of all mankind, but you do realize that He is not like the others, right?!"

"It will work, I swear it," Joseph Cloverfield, the Scottish scientist that created the De-Atomizer said with confidence.

The Japanese scientist scoffed. "No offense, but we've heard that before."

Joseph was about to retort when they heard a loud voice yell out, "ENOUGH!" They all looked to a man dressed as a general. "It's time."

The group nodded, and began to work furiously. Scientists and other great minds began working on charging the weapon as divers dropped the droid that would carry the weapon to their target. The droid was set into the water, and in the control room, Joseph took control.

"Droid is deployed," the French scientist said.

"40 meters to target," an American scientist informed.

"Weapon charge at 42%," a German scientist called out.

"Visual confirmation in 2 minutes," a Russian scientist droned.

"This will work," Joseph murmured. "I can feel it."

"Weapon charge at 62%."

"10 meters to target."

"Visual confirmation in 29 seconds."

Video feed from the droid appeared on the large screen in front of the group. The outline of their target came into view. The Japanese scientist gulped and watched dreadfully.

'I've got a bad feeling about this.'

"We have visual confirmation, General."

"Good." The General nodded. "Is the weapon ready?"

"Charge at 98%."

"You may fire when ready."

"Yes, sir. Charge at 99%...100. Preparing firing sequence."

Meanwhile, deep within the murky waters of the Tokyo Bay, the droid outfitted with the De-Atomizer stopped five feet from the Kaiju. The device began whirling loudly, causing the Kaiju's bright orange eye to open.

"Firing sequence complete," the German said. "Firing now!"

The De-Atomizer fired a concentrated blast of radiation at the Kaiju. Who roared in agony as the beam hit him. His roar shook the sea water around him as he trashed around, attempting to escape the beam.

However, something was wrong. He could barely move and felt as if something was tearing him apart from the inside out. He roared again as he unconsciously discharged a large amount of nuclear energy.

Meanwhile, alarms blared in the G-Force HQ. "What's going on?!" the General demanded.

"W-We're not sure, General!" a scientist exclaimed. "We're working on it as we speak!"

"Well, figure it out!"

"Sir! The De-Atomizer is reacting to Godzilla's radiation! It's causing a sort of wormhole to appear around him!" another scientist shouted.

"WHAT?! That's not supposed to happen!" Joseph shouted back.

"Well, it IS!"

"Keep the weapon firing!" the General snapped. "Whether it kills Godzilla or sends him to a pocket dimension or something, it's better than stopping and letting him rampage through Tokyo again!"

The scientists scrambled to continue the assault up, but something on the screen caught their attention. An ominous, glowing blue light.

"Oh…" the American said.

"SHIT!" the Japanese scientist finished.

Suddenly a blue beam of pure radiation shot at the droid. But fortunately for the droid, Godzilla was in too much pain to aim properly, so the beam went to its side. However, it had a more disastrous effect.

The De-Atomizer was damaged.

Sparking and whirling, the De-Atomizer began discharging more radiation that hit the giant Kaiju with startling force. He roared in pain as he felt his muscles and skeletal structure begin to…contract on itself. He roared again as he felt himself get dragged away by some unknown force.

And just like that, the greatest of the Daikaiju…was gone.

Back inside the G-Force HQ, the scientists were cheering in celebration. The camera on the droid lasted just long enough to show Godzilla being sucked into the wormhole. Everyone was congratulating the other for a job well done.

"You said your weapon would kill Godzilla, and it delivered, Dr. Cloverfield!" the General said.

Joseph smirked. "Was their ever any doubt?! Though, I can't take all the credit! Everyone here deserves some of the glory!" This caused the cheering to grow louder.

"But what about how badly the weapon reacted to Godzilla's radiation?" the American scientist asked.

"Ah…well…that would be the result of my own hubris," Joseph admitted. "I severely miscalculated the amount of radiation Godzilla released, and didn't research what effect the De-Atomizer might have on a being of Godzilla's stature. A severe miscalculation that I will not allow to happen again."

"Well, since we know it works on Kaiju," the French scientist said grinning.

"We can use it on the others!" the German replied, a grin crossing his face as well.

However, two scientists were not so convinced.

The Japanese scientist sank to his knees, uncomprehending of the results of the De-Atomizer. He had been a child when Godzilla first destroyed Japan, and he knew that even after being killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, he still came back. Well, technically it was his son, but still! He didn't think whatever happened to the mighty Kaiju was a good thing…or even if it was permanent.

Meanwhile, closer to the large views screen, a young scientist was currently scanning over the data that the droid sent back. She stared at her computer screen glumly as she began to piece together the data strand for strand. She frowned.

'This…This might be a problem,' she thought. The results weren't promising. Instead of killing Godzilla (like most seemed to think was the case) or like the General had suggested 'a pocket dimension,' the giant Kaiju may have been sent to a whole other dimension entirely.

Meaning instead of fixing their problem, they were just putting off on another world.

She reviewed her findings again and sighed. 'May God have mercy on wherever Godzilla has ended up…'


He had never felt so much pain in his life.

He couldn't describe the sensations that assaulted his body because there were so many. It felt as if his insides were being compressed by his most powerful enemies and twisted in painful ways and pushed in ways that he knew they were not supposed to be pushed.

His bones broke and repaired themselves in odd positions and rearranged themselves in awkward places. His skin felt as if it was melting off as he suddenly felt himself slam into the ground.


He growled lowly, which sounded remarkably lower than he remembered. His body hurt painfully as he pushed himself up with his arms. As he opened one of his eyes, he frowned, though it felt painfully different from the norm.

When did trees seem so…huge?

That confused him. No tree was taller than he. And wasn't he underwater? He looked down at his clawed hands as he pushed himself up when he stopped.

Clawed hands?!

Eyes wide, he jumped to his feet, a low snarl escaping his maw as the pain of his body spike slightly. He ignored it and examined himself. He looked around and saw a lake close by. He ran over and stared down at his reflection. His eyes widened. He was…

"Human!" he growled. However, he blinked. "W-WhAt?!" He frowned and growled again. "GrAte, Now I speak insect! AS if being human WASN'T badenough!"

He fumed as he stared down at his reflection again. His eyes were still their malevolent orange, but everything else was different. His head was covered with fur (Hair, he remembered humans call it) that spiked up in similar ways to his back spikes, and were the same greyish black of his scales.

Speaking of, his scales were gone, replaced with what he thinks humans called 'skin.' It was rather pale in color, and stretched over taunt, hard muscles. He still had his tail, which was long as he was tall and still covered with his grey-black scales and his spikes.

He turned and saw he still had his spikes as well. However, most were very small and only around his spinal column with two being longer and bulkier connected to his new (human) shoulder blades. They were still grey-black in color as well.

And he was naked.

Though, that fact didn't register to him. He was, before this moment, an animal, after all.

As he was staring at his reflection when a man walked into the clearing. Why would this man randomly be walking through the woods you ask? Well, it was simple. He was a murderer, who had recently just killed an entire Faunus family (people with animal qualities) and a couple of cops and ran into the woods to hide.

Well, he walked into the clearing and saw a large crater and what to him seemed like a teenaged lizard Faunus staring at a lake. He grinned sadistically.

"Well, well, well!" he announced his presence, causing the orange eyed teen to turn and glare at him. "I knew your kind were animals, but you've definitely gone native, huh?!"

The humanized Kaiju narrowed his eyes at this human.

The man laughed and pulled out a switchblade knife. "It must be tough to live like a filthy dog, huh?! How's about I relieve you of your pain?!"

"BEgone InSEect!" he snarled. "I'M busy AT thE moment!"

The man flinched at the Faunus's powerful voice, but wasn't so much deterred as he was enraged. "Well, what a coincidence. I'M busy as well, but I won't let a naked animal like yourself tell me what to do. I need to get moving, so how about I end you quickly."

With that, he charged the orange eyed teen, who casually raised an eyebrow. His spikes glowed blue as radiation raced through his body and up to his lungs. His eyes flashed blue for a moment, before taking a deep breath and breathing out a burst of atomic energy, which hit the man right in the face. He didn't have time to move as his head exploded, killing him instantly.

However, the beam didn't last much longer as the newly minted 'Faunus' began coughing violently. He fell to his knees and coughed up black smoke as he struggled to gain his breath. His coughing began to subside and he growled.

"W-What thE Hell?!" he spat. He was confused. What just happened?! His Atomic Breath never caused him pain before! How could his greatest weapon harm HIM?!

'Perhaps those damned humans' new weapon had something to do with it, whatever it did to me,' he growled angrily in his head. He shook his head and frowned. Something was wrong with him, and he needed to find out what it was. He sniffed the air and examined his surroundings. Suddenly, a large shadow flew above him. He looked up and saw a large…metal thing above him, flying off in a random direction.

He followed its trajectory and thought, '…What the hell was that thing? One of those aliens again?' He groaned. 'Well, one way to find out.' He began to walk after the metal contraption and frowned. He reexamined himself.

'Wait. That metal flying machine might lead me to a human settlement. While that's not the problem…whether I like it or not, I have a human body right now. And don't humans were some kind of hide or whatever they call those coverings?' While he certainly didn't have a human's sense of modesty, he was very intelligent. He knew that know that he was human sized, he might stick out if he didn't have the same coverings as the other insects.

And until he knew more about what happened to him, he needed to blend in.

He looked down at the dead man and saw the coverings he wore. 'Hmph. I guess those will have to do.'

Shaking his head, he walked over to the man's corpse and removed his clothes. He did have trouble putting them on, but with some trial and error, he was able to put them on, though his shoulder spikes did rip through the shirt and had to cut a slit into the pants for his tail, but that didn't bother him. Turning back to the direction the metal flying machine went, he started walking.

And just like that, the greatest Daikaiju, the Alpha Predator, the King of the Monsters, Gojira (or as he was more commonly known as, Godzilla), the god of destruction, had come to Remnant.

May God help them all.

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