Pokémon: Artificial Intelligence
An A.I. /Pokémon Dystopical Crossover
By Joshua Falken

Thanks to BenRG for beta-read this chapter :-)

"Between the brain that imagines and the hand that builds should be a mediator - and it is the heart."
"Metropolis" - Fritz Lang

"It is difficult to defend,
Only with words, the life."
Mestre Carpina
"Morte e Vida Severina" - João Cabral of Melo Neto.

"Why I should be considered different from a computer?"
Alan M. Turing, British mathematician and father of computer science

"There is no doubt that the study on Pokémon will reveal more about the nature of life and its' evolution in our planet than any other study, except perhaps than the study of Artificial Intelligence."
Prof. Samuel Noyce Oak, Pokémon researcher

Prologue - The question

The little black-haired girl entered the room, illuminated only by the bright white light coming from the giant monitor screen atop a computer terminal. Hugging her Pichu, Susan, she approached the computer terminal.

She was nervous and more than a little afraid but, gathering all her courage, she spoke aloud. "Hello? Galadriel?"

Immediately, a new figure appeared in the room, the holographic image of a tall, beautiful blonde woman with compassionate blue eyes and a serene, wise smile. It was the interface of Galadriel, the operating system of Cybertronics Robosystems's computer network.

"Hello, Megan!" Galadriel said, the voice seeming to come from every direction at once. "It has been a long time since we last met! Your parents told me that you wanted ask me something. Well then, what is your question?"

Megan breathed in deeply. She still remembered what her father had said: "Meggie, believe me, Galadriel can tell what you want know far better than we ever could." So, Megan looked at the machine intelligence created by her grandmother, Delilah, and asked her question.

Galadriel raised an eyebrow and her lips twitched upwards in amusement, little touches of personality and self-awareness that still astounded researchers all over the world many years after 'she' attained to true sentience. "Processing Request," the program announced, closing her eyes, while it accessed thousands of databases, historical, psychological and educational, around the world, deciding upon the best way to answer the subject.

The hologram opened her eyes and began to speak, while Megan sat down on the cold marble floor of the room. Susan, her Pichu, stood up on her friend's shoulder, reaching out with a foreleg to balance against her head.

"The following events took place in the late 22nd Century AD, after the melting of the polar ice caps and the catastrophe of the Fourth World War.

"After global warming melted the polar ice caps, several coastal cities disappeared, lost forever: New York, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, Alpha City and many others. The combination of the greenhouse effect and a change in the overall albedo of the planet's surface turned global weather patterns highly chaotic. Food production was severely reduced throughout the entire Northern Hemisphere and in half of the Southern Hemisphere. The depletion of other natural resources led to a global economic crisis and, inevitably, to what is known as the 'Fourth World War' or, less accurately the 'Last Great War'. During this conflict an unknown party released the genetically engineered weaponised biological agent, TSL, which left 70% of the human race sterile and unable to reproduce. The combination of negative population growth due to sterility and the large-scale depopulation of large parts of the planet's surface due to war massively destabilised the old economic order as there were no longer the masses of the working classes to work on farms and factories. The United Nations Organization overcame this crisis with a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, a hurried programme of automation led to the complete mechanisation of agricultural and industrial processes. Secondly, by a strict new global legal and governmental structure, controlled in a highly restrictive manner by the United Nations.

"From 2150 onward, human society began to regain some of its' former economic and cultural stability. The main cause of this rebirth was the widespread adoption of robotics controlled by true artificial intelligences, thinking creatures that did not consume resources, did not disobey orders and, ultimately, became the central keystone supporting the structure of human society."

To be continued...

Coming Soon: Part 1 - The Origin of the New Flame