"Have you ever heard of the irresistible force paradox? If you haven't then maybe you've heard this question. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The answer is supposed to be nothing, but this paradox is flawed. An unstoppable force can move an immovable object because said object cannot stop the force. For me, that force was Anastasia Rose Steele, and this chapter of my life began nine months ago New Year's Eve 2011."

Sad, pathetic and downright lonely were few of the words he could come up with to describe his current mood. He was sitting in the office of one of his many ventures; a club in New York watching people have fun via the many cameras that monitored the club. Elliot, who had accompanied him, was out there in the many bodies having the time of his life. New Year's Eve has never being a date of any significance to him. If he had a sub, they request the time off to spend it with friends and loved ones while he sat in that ivory tower making more money he didn't need. He watched Elliot surrounded by various women as he regaled them with some story that was most likely full of lies. He had to admit that in recent months he had become somewhat jealous of his brother's life, not the constant whoring but his carefree nature, his ability to engaged with complete strangers.

He hadn't had a sub in nearly a year, and he didn't want one. He'd become bored of the lifestyle and in desperate need of change, except he didn't know how to change. He had the playroom ripped out a few weeks ago, thinking a change of décor would motivate him and yet the room laid empty as he couldn't seem to make his mind up as to what he wanted. Elena had being on his case about a sub sending him file after file of subs available to him. None had remotely peaked his interest; in fact, no woman had stirred a molecule. He'd never thought he would come to a point in his life where being a Dom would no longer do it for him. His sole focus had been GEH and nothing else. He needed something in his life other than work or he feared that will soon… he did not want to even think about a time GEH would bore him senseless.

As his eyes drifted from one screen to another, he stops when he catches a brunette and a blond stepping out of a cab. They stood on the curb talking and laughing, and he found himself struck with the brunette, she had on a leather jacket and skin-tight white jeans and ankle length boots, her legs went on forever. He was about to instruct the bouncer to let them in when they walked up to him, and he lets them in without question much to the irritation of a few in the queue. It was a freezing cold New Years Eve night, and obviously, no one wanted to spend it freezing in a queue.

He was glued to the screen watching her in the VIP area as she sipped a glass of champagne. At some point, she and her friend graced the dance floor before returning to their seats. He saw the moment Elliot caught the attention of the blond; he escorted her to the dance floor. He saw some asshole make his way over to the brunette with a drink in hand, and he bolted out of the office.

He needn't had bothered the brunette was nowhere to be found by the time he got to the VIP area. "Where is the brunette?" He damn near barked at the fool with the drink still in his hand.

"She left." He answered in a huff.

That part was obvious." Christian growled. "In which direction?" he asked with barely controlled annoyance. The fool just pointed to the entrance as he backed away. Christian made his way out pushing the mass of bodies out of his way.

"Ana, where are you going?" Kate asked out of breath running to catch up. "It's not midnight. Hell, it's not even eleven." She huffed.

"Have you ever stopped to wonder why it takes such an effort on your part before I'd agree to go anywhere with you when all José has to do is ask?"

"Why?" She asked with an eye roll. Frankly this was just a waste of time. Time she could be spending with that hot blonde making sure his night ended with her. She couldn't think of a better way to ring in the New Year.

"I start and end my night with José more often than not." The vitriolic nature in which that short sentence was delivered caught Kate off guard. "You spend hours convincing me to come out with you and every night you soon find some pretty face you could care less about as long as he is capable of satisfying this insatiable need you have to fuck. "Is your long-term memory that short that you have already forgotten what happened the last time you chose to pay more attention to another pretty face instead of the girl you call your best friend? Everything with a pulse hits on Jose, and yet you don't see him abandoning his friends for a quick fuck." Ana turned on her heel and stormed off, leaving a shamed-faced Kate in her wake.

"Hey, there you are?" Elliot crooned. He had stepped out of the club ready to leave with another blond but quickly abandoned that thought when he realized Kate was standing in the distance talking to the brunette.

"Sorry, I have to get back to the hotel." Kate had said a little dazed.

"I will come with you." Elliot purred taking a step closer.

"No thank you," Kate muttered as she also turned to leave. He was so thrown by the rejection he missed a distraught Christian running past him.

Despite the standstill traffic, Kate thought it best to grab a cab. She needed to get her thoughts in order. How could she have so quickly forgotten what had happened the last time she went out with Ana. They had earlier in the day written the last exam either of them would every take and Kate, as usual, had spent hours convincing Ana to come out, and now the reason was clear. Within half an hour of arriving she was distracted by yet another pretty face, because in all fairness that was all he was. She was distracted enough for someone to drug Ana's drink. The drink was laced with too much MDMA, enough to put Ana in the hospital for the better part of a month. The worse part was she didn't know it had happened until José stormed into her bedroom with little regard for her or her company and tore her a new asshole. Ana had walked out because she wasn't feeling well and had collapsed. Jose arrived just in time to help, on the ride home Ana started seizing and he took her to the hospital. This was the first time the two of them had been back out since that horrible night in May, and there she was back at it like nothing had happened.

Christian finally caught up with her as she turned into an alley and entered a club he didn't recognize. There wasn't a queue, and he quickly realized why. It was a members-only club, and he wasn't a member. How in god's name was this dump a members only club? Nonetheless, he bribed the doorman who let him in. Well, well, well, you certainly shouldn't judge this book by its cover. The interior walls were draped in dark purple velvet curtains. Booths covered in plush leather-lined the walls. He walked to the far end of the bar and ordered a glass of the fifty-year-old Balvenie single malt scotch before walking over to her.

"Can I join you?" He asked though he was already in her personal space, as he needed to lean close to enable her to hear him. There was a fair amount of bodies in the place, especially on the dance floor. This was a place for people like him, expensive and hidden away with good drinks and good music.

"Why not." She says averting her gaze.

"I'm Christian." he introduces.

"Ana." She responds giving him the once over.

"Nice to meet you, Ana." He says doing likewise earning a smirk from her.

"Would you like to dance?" She nods standing. He knocks back his drink before escorting her to the dance floor, and for a moment watches as she swings her hips seductively.

They keep a respectable distance between them, and he finds himself wishing for a slow song so he could hold her in his arms.

Ana found Christian incredibly attractive and a man she deemed worthy of her time. Kate had never understood why she refused to date in college. Between her college workload and working at her father's company, she had little time to waste on frat boys who most likely couldn't work out the female anatomy if you drew it for them. Kate complained enough about their lack of sexual skill, and yet it didn't stop her from... for lack of a better word... indulging. She, on the other hand, was prepared to remain a virgin until someone she at least found attractive came along. Now if Christian could hold down a decent conversation and didn't panic when she revealed she was a virgin she might just lose her virginity tonight. She didn't live in New York, and he probably didn't either. Without giving any real information about herself, she will most likely never see him again. Strangely that thought didn't bother her. Carla's believe in the fairy tale romance had led to an unfortunate end something she didn't intend on repeating. The fact that she had held onto her virginity didn't mean she was waiting for her prince in shining armor.

When she turns around still swinging those hips, Christian throws caution to the wind and moves his body flush against hers. She leans back into him relaxing against his body. They stay on the dance floor longer than he expected, and he finds himself enjoying every second of it especially now that she had her arms wrapped around his neck and his arms around her waist. At this point he wouldn't call what they were doing dancing, he feels every inch of her against his body, they are grinding against each other. His cock is beating against his zipper itching to get out. He looks down at her and the temptation to kiss a girl he didn't know was becoming unbearable. "Can I kiss you?" He'd never kissed a girl without an NDA, but right now he didn't give a fuck.

"Yes." She breathes. He leans down taking her lips into his mouth in a gentle kiss… well, that was the idea but the moment he feels her lips on his, he loses all control and damn near devours her. Clearly, she wants him just as much as she matches him in passion and hunger. She moans into his mouth giving his tongue an opening into her mouth. His tongue massages hers, hers possessively caresses every inch of her mouth without mercy, and he's happily lost in the moment. His hands work their way to grabbing her ass pulling her further into him. He fears she may have come to her senses when her phone vibrates against him, and she pulls away.

Ana pulls away from him to check her phone. She reads the message and lets out a small sigh of annoyance before angrily stuffing the phone back into her pocket. She had given Kate a second chance, and the first opportunity she had she had let her down again. She had often wondered what would have happened if José hadn't arrived when he did. José was a true friend and one that didn't leave her on her own because some guy in a tight pair of jeans had walked by checking him out.

The D.J announces that it's an hour before midnight. "Would you like to get out of here?" He leans back into her planting a small kiss on her neck; her soft moan has him closing his eyes as he counts backward from ten.

They make it outside just as Taylor makes it down the alleyway. "Ana, this is my driver and head of security." He introduced an irate looking Taylor. Clearly running down the streets of New York on New Years Eve was not ideal.

"Hello, Taylor." She sings. Dear Lord what a voice.

"It would probably be quicker to walk." He murmurs as they pull out into traffic.

"I doubt it." She says looking at the throng of bodies pushing and shoving past each other.

"New Years Eve in New York is not a night to be out and about." He mumbles.

"What brought you out?" She asks.

"My brother thought it would be better than being subjected to one of our parent's stuffy idea of a New Years celebration back home." He says with a chuckle. "How about you?"

"It was a present from my dad and my best friend invited herself." Ana had intended to ask José, but naturally Kate had assumed the other ticket was hers. Jose had prior commitments and had stopped Ana, who had every intention of putting Kate in her place. She would rather have come to New York on her own rather than have Kate with her and tonight just proved her right.

Christian stares at her despite knowing he was making her uncomfortable, he couldn't help it and continued to stare. "You are staring." She mumbles biting her lip.

"I can't help it. You are beautiful." She blushes red, and he can't help his chuckle.

"You are not so bad yourself." She whispers looking up at him.

It takes almost forty minutes to arrive at the apartment and by this point it is snowing. It will not be a good night for many. "Welcome to Casa Grey." He says with a bow earning a giggle.

"It is beautiful." She says looking around.

"Would you like a drink?"

"A glass of water would be great." She says softly. Everything about her was delicate and beautiful he thought.

"Coming right up." Ana looks around the penthouse suite and can't help wonder why it's devoid of any personal mementos. No family pictures on the walls, just artwork.

He came back with two glasses of water; he'd already downed a glass just to steady his heart rate.

After half an hour of conversation, a little kissing to ring in the New year, Christian was at his wits end. "Ana… I want you desperately." He confesses throwing caution to the wind.

"I want you too, but I have a confession to make." She sits up and lets out a long sigh.

"Tell me." He says softly grabbing his glass of water.

"I'm a virgin." She states and he pays for taking a sip of water at that moment. It takes a few minutes for him to compose himself and he finds her trying desperately to hide her smile.

"You did that on purpose." He says still coughing the remnants of water from the wrong pipe.

"I wouldn't dare." She says with a gasps aiming for shock.

"You are a virgin." He repeats just to be sure. She nods looking him in the eye. "How are you still a virgin. You are fucking gorgeous, a goddess. How have you avoided my species." She lets out a giggle that has him further questioning how she's still a virgin.

"I just haven't been interested in anyone. No one has caught my attention." She says draining her glass of water. "I have found no one worthy of my time and especially my body." He finds her confidence such a turn on. She wasn't the type of personality he usually found attractive but clearly his taste was changing, and it was a welcome change.

"You want to lose your virginity to me?" he asks feeling honored to be given such a treasure. A treasure he knew he didn't deserve but who was he to turn her down.

"Yes, I find you attractive and… well, you look like you know what you are doing. Indeed, he did, strangely he found himself feeling uncomfortable as to how he acquired the knowledge.

Christian, blinked his eyes open but smiled when he remembered last night. What a way to ring in the New Year. He rolled over hoping for a repeat performance that was if she wasn't too sore, only to find the space next to him empty and cold. He saw the note on the pillow and with trepidation opened it.

Christian, I had a fantastic night.

Thank you for making my first time

one to remember.

Ana. x

His head dropped back on the pillow with sadness. Neither of them were clearly New Yorkers, and they both knew this was more than likely something that would only last a few days at best before they went their separate ways. He smiled knowing he had given her something wonderful that didn't include paperwork, contracts or money. For one night he was just Christian and for that, he would always hold her dear in his heart. He had one after all.