Des'Suna: Eh… What the crap is this?

Sorsa: Just read it.

Des'Suna: It's the normal disclaimer stating that the author doesn't own Vocaloid. Some ideas may reference other works that are no longer updated.

"Everyone is away. I would go and buy manga but I already blew my weekly allowance." Gumi says as she sits down on the couch. She drops her head onto the pillow before looking at the ceiling fan. She sits up before walking towards the stairs to the third floor. She runs up the stairs. Several minutes pass before she comes sliding down the stairs while sitting on a large trunk. She drags the trunk towards the stairs to the first floor. She opens it up and smiles. It was time to get to work.

Two hours later Luka is just getting home from her time in town. She yawns before heading towards the stairs.

"Hey is anyone else here?" Luka calls up the stairs.

"Welcome, Luka." Gumi's voice echoes back. Luka smiles before heading up the stairs.

"Have you been home the whole day… What is this?" Luka asks as she stares at the barricade Gumi has set up at the top of the stairs. Sitting behind the barricade is Gumi who is wearing a large army helmet. Gumi casually flicks on the foam dart shooter she has in front of her.

"Your doom." Gumi says over the whir of the motor. She pulls the trigger. Luka casually dives back down the stairs. "You have to come up here eventually."

Luka calmly looks around for anything that could help her deal with Gumi. She notices a foam ball shooter that had been left at the bottom of the stairs by one of the other vocaloids.

"You know if you come up here now I may be kind." Gumi says as she peers over her makeshift barricade. A foam ball ricochets of the ceiling and impacts Gumi in the face with enough force to knock her helmet off. Luka takes the time that Gumi is spending trying to grab her helmet to sprint up the stairs and jump the barricade. She lands and points her foam shooter at Gumi.

"You really didn't think through who you tried shooting at." Luka says.

"In all honesty I was just going to shoot at the first person that came home." Gumi says as she looks at Luka. Gumi wait for Luka to turn away before pulling out a dart handgun. Another foam ball to the face knocks Gumi out.

"Is this thing running on compressed air?" Luka asks as she looks at the ball launcher.