Notes: This story is just an idea that has been wandering around in my mind for some time. As it is humor, it's not really meant to be taken too seriously. Since this is just a prologue, it's short. But if people enjoy it, I'll continue. 

Disclaimer: Inuyasha "Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi" and its characters are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Grope Lest Ye Be Groped-Prologue 

By Frozen Phoenix

It was a normal day in the Sengoku Jidai. The humans went about their daily routines of farming or ruling in the case of nobility and the more evil youkai followed their regiment of maiming and destroying as well. Even the immoral hanyou Naraku was busying himself with wicked plans and a least one failed attack upon Inuyasha. But above all things, the charming, sympathetic houshi Miroku was courting.

The lucky woman of his intentions was beautiful (they usually were), possessing of the brightest eyes, the clearest skin, and the firmest-Miroku smiled at the thought.

He had found this woman walking demurely through a village where Kagome, Shippou, Inuyasha and the lovely Sango had stopped, albeit most reluctantly on Inuyasha's part, to slay some youkai or other that was terrorizing the people.

Miroku would have gladly aided them, but the sight of a beautiful young woman walking-alone-in such a dangerous location was something he could not have permitted. His conscience was just too pure. He had gone to the woman, conveniently forgetting how many times such a situation had occurred and that the women were in fact youkai that wished to kill him. 

Making his way to the woman, who was clothed in a yukata that seemed to match the sky, he had given an amiable smile and offered to escort her, pledging his holy powers and-ahem-body to act as her protector.

The woman smiled. "I thank you for your concern, houshi-sama. These times are dangerous and I am grateful for your arrival. My family is of a noble house and if there is anything that you require, you have but to ask it."

"Lovely lady," Miroku began cordially. "A humble monk such as myself, requires nothing more than your company. And your name of course."

Flushing slightly, the woman looked down at the ground. "My rudeness shames me. I am Sakura, daughter of Lord Nobiyaka."

"Sakura." Miroku repeated lightly. "A most fitting name for a most beautiful woman." Coming to a decision, Miroku stop walking and grasped the Lady Sakura's hands gently. "There is however, one other request I wish to make of you. Surely a lady of a prestigious house would benefit well if she did have a child. It would honor me greatly if you were to bear mine." 

Miroku waited for the flattered smile, for the gentle blush to spread across the Lady Sakura's stunning face. He waited…and began to grow nervous. The Lady Sakura was staring at him in a way that reminded him of Inuyasha when he had asked Kagome-sama the same question.

The intensity and unpleasantness of her gaze did unnerve Miroku until finally she spoke.

"Your rudeness precedes you houshi-sama." Lady Sakura's murmured with strange coldness. "I was to grant you a gift for your kindness, but now, rather I curse you for your impoliteness."

 The word curse immediately set Miroku on edge. He would have been able to sense if this woman was a youkai quite easily and if she was human… the curses of youkai were deadly, those of witches were far more evil.

"Gentle lady," Miroku began genially, in an effort to calm her. "Surely we can-" He stopped speaking when Lady Sakura's eyes began to glow a most eerie red.

"May your greatest folly become your greatest dilemma." Lady Sakura chanted, her hold on Miroku's hand tightening. "May that which you seek become that which you run from."

With those words spoken, Lady Sakura released Miroku and stepped backwards. "Farewell houhi-sama. Perhaps you will learn something from this curse." Then, with nary a glance behind her, Lady Sakura began walking once again, until she vanished altogether, leaving Miroku alone to ponder his fate.