A/N: First let me start by saying I LOVE how they got together. The kissing scene at the dragonfly was epic (my all-time favourite L&L moment). NO ONE could rewrite it and make it any better. I just wanted to play with an alternate reality. Instead of Luke making the first move with Liz's wedding, Lorelai makes the first move… sort of. *winks* Set before Liz and TJ's wedding.

Lorelai Gilmore came bursting through the door, her dark hair a mess of curls. "Do you like me?" she demanded, placing her hands flat down on the counter.

Luke looked up, not overly surprised by her outburst. It was Lorelai after all, always a flare for the dramatic. "Coffee?" he asked calmly.

The diner was packed with customers lining every table, who glanced up at the sound of her vivacious voice, but she didn't care. This had to be said. Lorelai shook her head and glared at him. "No, I don't want coffee! Well, I do want coffee. I always want coffee. But I don't want coffee right now, right now I want you to answer me. Do you like me?! "

Luke rolled his eyes. "Sure. Doesn't everyone?"

"I don't mean like everyone else likes me. I mean like-like me. Do you like-like me more than Kirk and Miss Patty and Babette? Do you like me like boys like girls? Do you think about me like Joanie thinks about Chachi?" she was babbling, but she did that 24/7 so that was nothing new but the hysteria in her tone was.

What possessed her to come to the diner in the first place was something Sookie had said to her. Another comment about the way Luke looked out for her. Lorelai had told her business partner and best friend that Luke had loaned her 30 thousand dollars for the Dragonfly and that had just opened up an old can of worms. Apparently, Sookie was never going to let go of the idea that Luke had feelings for the coffee girl and that if Lorelai just admitted it to herself she would see that she felt the same way about diner boy. Lorelai couldn't help but wonder if there was any truth to that. So after yet another fruitless conversation with Sookie about her love life, Lorelai decided to find out one way or another. Hence, the diner.

Luke looked around at the faces staring at them and shifted uncomfortably on his feet. He was the complete opposite of Lorelai, who was loud and bubbly and didn't mind having a million pairs of eyes staring at her. "You're making a scene," he hissed. "I'm trying to work."

"So take a break!" she ordered. She wasn't going to allow him to derail this conversation.

"I've got customers!"

"They're not going to starve in a few minutes. Only I am that dramatic."


Lorelai walked around the counter and grabbed his arm, pulling at him. "Let's go outside. Now. I will raise my voice even louder and shout until every single person in Stars Hollow hears this conversation, and don't think I won't. I am ALWAYS up for a new challenge." Luke groaned and reluctantly allowed her to lead him. "Ceaser, take over!" Lorelai called out and then she dragged Luke outside, letting go of his arm only when they reached the footpath.

"Lorelai!" he snapped. "Have you completely lost it?"

"Maybe I have," she spat in reply. "Maybe it's all in my head and I am only seeing what I think I'm seeing. Maybe you only see me as Lorelai, the girl you pour coffee for. Maybe you are just as nice to everyone else as you are to me. Maybe you buy them a Huppa and fix their porches and loan them 30 thousand dollars. Maybe you close your diner and take them to the hospital when their father has a heart attack, maybe you loan them your truck to take their kid to college. Maybe you give them earrings and pretend that they weren't from you because you thought maybe they wouldn't like that. Maybe you mention other names on your first dates. Maybe you teach other women how to fish so that they can go on a date with someone else. I don't know what you do when I'm not around. So maybe you do all those things. Maybe I am crazy to think that you single me out, after all I'm nobody special. I'm just another face in the crowd, another customer who makes your life miserable. I don't-"

"You don't make my life miserable," he interjected.

Lorelai paused for a moment. "I don't?"



"Are you going to elaborate on that?"

Luke rolled his eyes. "What do you want me to say?"

"The truth. I am VERY confused right now, Luke, and I don't like to be confused. Confusion and me don't mix. I take comfort in the fact that I know when men find me attractive. I'm usually pretty tuned in that way. But with you… you're just a closed and locked book that I can't break open with anything I might find inside Burt."

He frowned. "You knew the earrings were from me?"

"Yes, Luke," she said with a weak smile. THAT was the one thing he took away from all her rambling. "I just don't know what it means. I can't read you like I can other people."

He looked at her. "Is that a good thing?"

"I don't know," she answered. She was still trying to figure that out. "You're a mystery to me. I don't always know what you're thinking and how you feel about things. You're grumpy ALL the time. But you- you don't realise just how decent a human being you actually are. So, maybe it is a good thing. You keep me on my toes. You're always there for me, Luke. Always."

Luke shrugged. "Ah, I get bored easily."


He looked down and then back up at her. "If I did like-like you… would that be a problem for you?"

Lorelai wasn't expecting the question. She hadn't come here to discuss her feelings for him, but to find out whether Sookie was right. For the moment he wasn't denying it. "I don't- no. I- no, it wouldn't be a problem… if you did… like-like me that is."


"Ok?" That was all he had to say?

"Yeah. Ok."

"Ok, what?" she demanded. "Ok, it doesn't bother you that it doesn't bother me or ok you maybe sorta kinda like-like me?" she wished he would just give her a straight answer.

His expression deadpan. "Just ok. I have to get back to the diner."

Lorelai scoffed as she watched him walk away. This conversation was more fruitless than any previous one she had ever had with Sookie.


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