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Luke let her look out the window for a solid half an hour before he spoke. Half an hour of complete silence was easy for him, but he assumed it wasn't so easy for her. He imagined that even in her sleep she was a talker.

"Did Rory call you?" he asked.

She didn't answer.


"Yes," she whispered.

"Did she sound terrified?"


Geez, it was like pulling teeth. Luke was supposed to be the person with few words and she was supposed to be the one he couldn't shut up. Now he wished she would chew his ear off. A Lorelai who didn't talk made him worry.

"She's going to be ok."

"I know."


"I don't want to discuss it, Luke. Just drive."

He nodded and kept his eyes on the road. A few minutes later, the rain came in an instant downpour. The sound of thunder echoed across the Connecticut sky, the lightening flashed across it, lighting up the world for .1 of a second. For the next few miles Luke patiently waited for it to slow down but it reacted in the opposite way, making it hard for him to control the truck and see out his windshield. He wanted to get Lorelai to her daughter, but he also wanted to get her there alive.

Luke indicated and pulled the truck over to the side of the road.

"What are you doing?" She asked, a slight panic in her voice.

"We can't drive in this. It's too dangerous."

"Luke, its fine. It's-" Lorelai looked out the window and her mouth formed an 'O' shape, as if she hadn't paid any attention to the weather until that moment. "Oh. Ok."

Luke turned off the engine and leaned back against the chair.

"You ready to talk yet?"


L&L … L&L … L&L

Luke would never understand how hard it was for Lorelai to stop talking. But she figured if she was silent long enough, he would start talking, and she wanted him to say something about his feelings – anything – it didn't even matter anymore, whether or not he felt the same way. In the past three days she had realised something crucial.

Sookie was spot on. Lorelai was in love with Luke Danes.

How it happened or when, she had NO clue. Probably as far back as the first year of meeting him, maybe even before then. It didn't really matter either way, she just knew she did. It was a lot to handle for Lorelai Gilmore, considering she had never really been in love before. The idea of love had always been appealing, imagining growing old with someone and sharing a life together, a house, children (matching jogging suits). It had been a brief consideration when she was pregnant at 16, to get married because it seemed like the right thing to do. But not in a longingly good way. In truth, she had never met anyone that she could honestly see that happening with.

But she could see it with Luke. Strangely enough.

Lorelai watched the rain drops fall on the passenger's window.

"Why are you so angry at me?"

"I'm not talking about it," she repeated. Why didn't he take the hint and realise that it was HIS move now?

"There's nothing else to do while we wait. I'm sure you are going stir crazy trying to keep quiet."

He knew her well.

"If you want to talk so much, you do it. Have you got something to say?"

"Like what?"

Lorelai scoffed and opened the door. Damned if she was going to wait one more moment sitting in a car with him if he was going to play dumb. She didn't care if she got wet or struck by lightning. The rain instantly drenched her, and Luke was out of the truck before she could blink.

"Lorelai! Get back in the truck. Have you completely lost your mind?"

"Apparently I have!" she snapped. It was the only plausible reason for this new insanity. Perhaps she could plead her new mental state in front of a judge and jury and they'd medicate her until her newfound feelings for Luke evaporated. Sounded like a good plan right now.

"Please, get back in the truck," he begged.

She whirled around and faced him, her cheeks red with anger. "My daughter broke her leg and you want to talk?!"

"Right now I just want you to get back in the truck."

Lorelai didn't move.

"If you stay out here, then I'll stay out here and if I catch my death that's on you."

Lorelai could feel the cold water dripping down her back. It wasn't pleasant. She could stand out here and yell until he finally said something or she could sit in the warm car, in a confined space doing the same thing. It was a no-brainer. Lorelai squatted on the ground until her butt was on the asphalt.

Luke groaned. "You're crazy!"

"And my Native American name, I believe!"

He shook his head in frustration, (now perhaps he knew how she had been feeling for the last three days). Without warning, he reached down and picked her up, hooking one arm under her legs and the other around her back. She began to kick, despite how hard her heart was hammering at their close proximity.

Did he feel it too?

"Put me down!" she ordered.

Luke held tight until he reached the truck and then managed, with great effort, to shove her in. Lorelai kicked him in response and used the moment to climb back out. There was no way she was letting him control her.

Luke winced in pain and she almost felt sorry for him (almost). "What are you five?!"

Lorelai pouted and stood staring at him.

L&L … L&L … L&L

She still wasn't talking and the rain wasn't letting up.

They was a stare-off as both of them stood their ground.

Luke watched her shiver as the water dripped from her hair. She looked like a drowned rat. A beautiful drowned rat. He couldn't watch her freeze to death. He slipped his jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders.

Lorelai accepted it without a word.

"What are you thinking?" he pressed.

"That I'm an idiot," she replied, pulling the jacket tighter around herself to keep the heat in.

At the moment that was certainly true, but he wasn't going to say that and anger her when she was finally talking. "Why?"

Lorelai sighed and he could tell that whatever she was about to say was hard for her. Her voice was quiet when she spoke, almost inaudible. "I beared my soul to you, Luke. I made myself vulnerable and you just stood there. I feel like an idiot."

"You always feel like an idiot," he pointed out.

"Not like this," she responded with a snap. "It wasn't even my idea. This was all Sookie and her stupid romantic notions of fairy tales and happy endings. Fairy tales are for kids and happy endings don't exist. She was the one who planted the idea in my head. I was just stupid enough to go along with it."

"What idea?" he asked curiously.

She didn't answer his question directly. "I was fine with the way things were. I liked going to Luke's and having the perfect cup of Joe and wondering what new subject you had to grumble about. I liked our banter and the way you always seemed to come running when I needed you. You don't tell me when I ask you outright how you feel, but you show it to me in other ways. Instead of lending me your truck, you drop everything without hesitation and you drive me there."

"You can't really drive a stick. You say you can but-"

Lorelai cut her eyes at him. "Luke!"


"All that has to mean something," she said, evidently frustrated.

Luke nodded. "It does."

"What?" she demanded when he didn't expand. "What does it mean?"

"What does it mean to you?"

Lorelai rolled her eyes. "I don't want to play games with you, Luke. Just give me a straight answer."

"You give me one. Answer the question, what does all that I do mean to you?"

She searched inside herself. If she was watching this from the sidelines, imagining some dumb TV movie, there was no doubt in her mind that she would yelling at the screen and telling both of them they were crazy. For each other. Lorelai had been foolish. Luke was a man of few words, she knew that, and yet she had allowed her fear and confusion to take hold of her, blaming Luke for being just who he was. Lorelai loved him. ALL of him, and she accepted him for the way he was (flaws and all), and he accepted her the same way. Neither one of them tried to change each other.

"Everything," she whispered as the tears gathered in her eyes. Here was a man who knew her inside and out, tolerated her quirky little ways, loved her child as his own and most importantly, he was reliable in every sense of the word. He was unselfish, generous, kind, and still found ways to make her feel like she was the most important person in the world and he did all of these things without saying a word. "What does it mean to you?" she whispered.

He smiled.


"What idea did Sookie plant in your head?" he asked, unable to come up with anything except the obvious.

"That you do all those things because you…"

"Because I…?"

"You like-like me?" she posed the answer as a question.

Luke grinned. The vulnerability suited her well. It was time to put her out of her misery. "I like-like you," he confirmed.


"Oh? That's all you're going to say?"

"Yeah. Oh."

They both began to laugh. So much for grand gestures.

This one would just have to do, he thought as he took one step forward bridging the gap between them. Luke slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her against his chest. He heard her sharp intake of breath and he could feel her chest rise and fall with the beat of her heart and it was hammering fast, probably as fast as his. Luke had waited years for this moment, probably more than any sane man should, and if he waited another second he was either going to explode or Lorelai would come to her senses. He took his chance and pressed his mouth to hers. She responded immediately, parting her lips as an invitation to his gesture. Lorelai's arms snaked around his neck and he felt like all of his Christmases had come at once.

Finally, he released her and she immediately stepped out of his arms, their hands falling to their side.

Luke's head was swimming. He had just kissed Lorelai Gilmore.

L&L … L&L … L&L

Her head was swimming. Lorelai had just kissed Luke Danes.

And she liked it. A lot.

Involuntarily, she stepped forward and reached out to grab hold of him, but he jerked away. "What are you doin?"

"Just shut up and hold still," she ordered. He did and she grabbed hold of him long enough to wrap her arms around his waist, her fingers twirling around the material of his t-shirt. His arm resumed its position around her neck, securing her in his embrace. The kiss was more passionate and heated than the first, making Lorelai's head spin like she was riding the world's biggest rollercoaster.

They soon ran out of air, forcing them to break apart.

"Wow…" she sighed.

"Does this mean you like-like me?" he smirked.



"Yes," she answered with a soft smile. "I like-like you."

"You know, we're both old too for this like-like thing. I feel like I'm in high school," Luke said turning up his nose in distaste. "You want to go out with me or what?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I want to go out with you. I mean- you know, I guess that would be the next logical step."

"Good. Ok. Good."

"Good. Good."

With a kiss like that, how could she resist?

They both forgot about the rain and resumed kissing, thunder and lightning sounding all around them.


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