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I hummed quietly and got out of bed to take a shower and face the day.

Turning on the water I stripped and when I turned to the mirror I noticed that my stomach looked slightly raised.

Thinking it as a trick of the light I proceeded to take my shower. Finishing my shower I dried off and when I put my t-shirt on I ran my hand along my stomach and gasped realizing that it had not been a trick of the light.

My gasp had awoken my mate and I quickly pulled my shirt down.I felt his arms wrapped around my waist and leaned into his touch whispering

"I'm pregnant."He froze before sending me his happiness.I smiled life was and Alice were to be dealt with and I was happy with my mate.

We were starting a family and I couldn't be happier.

4 and 1/2 months later...

"I'm never sleeping with you again Jasper Whitlock!"I screeched in pain.

Both my step-mom and my real mom held my hands and chuckled at my out burst.

Jasper stood there horrified his pacing forgotten.

Emmett clapped him on his shoulder and whispered

"Don't worry I was in the same boat."Nodding Jasper renewed his pacing.I cried out again as I pushed.

"Your doing great Bella."Carlisle told I pushed again and heard a lone cry.

Crying with happiness as my baby was born.

"Congratulations,it's a beautiful baby girl."Carlisle whispered as he swaddled the infant and handed her to me.

She stared at me with dark chocolate brown eyes from my human days and shimmering curly gold hair like Jasper' smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Jazmin Didyme Whitlock."

1 year later...

Jasper stood pacing the room he was marrying our daughter off to Rose and Emmett's son Caden Emmett McCarty.

He looked a lot like his father except for his hair the same shade as Rose's.

Jazmin came into the room in her mint green wedding dress.

Handing her the bouquet of lillys. I hugged her and left to take my seat.

The ceremony was beautiful yet simple.

And I smiled as they left on there honeymoon.

Sighing I hugged my mate and thought about the dangers still left to our family.

The Romanians had been leaving threats.

The Egyptians were growing unsettled.

We'd hid them from the children as all of them were on there honeymoons but know we would address the problems.

A united front.

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