Title: What's the point of living?
Author: DBZVelena
Warning: I was depressed, so ya know what that means. I suggest you get a hanky.
Disclaimer: Can't sue a corps now can you...

What's the point of living?

What's the point of living...
I have asked my self that question a million times.

First it was simply to survive.
Then my best friend Solo died.

Then it was to make sister Helen proud.
Then sister Helen died.

Then it was to prevent others to live like I had.
Then I met you.

You with your eyes as clear as the sky on a winters morning.
You kept calling me Baka. I thought that was your pet name for me.
Until I found out it meant Idiot.
Still I persisted, being that Idiot that you loved. Or so I thought.
I really am an Idiot.

I loved and waited.
You were my point of living then.
You should have heard my heart sing when you asked for my help.
My help to save her.

Her. The one YOU love.

And we did, didn't we.
We were always such a great team.

Then you disappeared again, like before.
Again I waited, I loved.

You returned... But not to me.
You went to her. Proposed to her. Loved her.

Not me.

Its your wedding day today. I know, you sent an invitation.
I sent a message back that I was to busy and could not make it.

The first time I lied to you since we met.

I'm in bed right now. I took some sleeping pills. Don't know how many though.
I a bit drowsy now.
You see I can to the conclusion that I don't have a point anymore.
So why live if you don't have a reason for living?

I know why didn't i just cut my wrist.
Well, I've seen enough blood in my life time thank you very much.
So I'm just going to sleep now, and not wake up.
That doesn't make such a mess.

You'll be getting this letter right about after ya honeymoon.
I timed it so it wouldn't ruin it by coming early.
Consider this my final goodbye.
And you were right, I really am a baka.
Or I'd not fallen in love with you.
Tell the other I loved them, they were the best family a L2 street kid like me could wish for.
And forget about me ok?
After all I'm just a baka from L2 with to long hair and an attitude.

Goodbye Heero, have a good life.