Author's Note: I don't really know what to say. Besides that I hope you enjoy my story.

Summary: When a strange, unexplained abduction happened and strange things start to happen to T'Pol and Trip, what will happen next?


The Torture Ship

Chapter One:

Nowhere Near What Happened

Everything was dark. He was in a world of his own. A world unlike any other. He was floating and spinning and everything seemed perfect.

As everything in that world slowly faded away, the real world came into focus. The minute he opened his eyes, a huge, bright white light was shinning in them. Suddenly, a rush of fear washed over him, but he had no idea why. And then, just as suddenly as it came, it simply went away before he had any idea what caused it.

He blinked a few times, trying to let his eyes adjust. And the moment he could focus, he knew at once that he was in Sickbay. But why? He couldn't remember much, at least not from the past few days. Maybe that was why.

"Hey, how are ya feeling?" A figure, which was now standing over him, asked.

It took him a few minutes to focus him, "Not bad, Jon. What happened?"

Captain Jonathon Archer looked at his best friend, Commander Charles Tucker, solemnly. "We were hoping you two could tell us."

"Ah, Commander, you're awake." Dr. Phlox piped in cheerfully.

Trip ignored the Doctor and asked his friend, "Two? And why am I in Sickbay? What happened?"

Archer sighed, he knew the answer to most of his questions, but what troubled him was Trip didn't. The Doctor had said they may experience amnesia and not remember the past three weeks, he was unfortunately right. "The 'two', is you and T'Pol. What happened? We were surveying a m-class planet. You and T'Pol went off one way, the rest the other. When it was time to meet back, you two weren't there. We couldn't contact you; you were nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere; we tripled over everything. Scans, away teams, we did it all for almost…two and a half weeks. We'd all but lost hope on ever finding you. We ran one last, quick scan before…before I was going to declare you officially missing in action. Then, out of nowhere, you two were right were you last said you were."

Archer had paused, most likely to let Trip digest the information, but he didn't seem to want to continue. So the Doctor, yet again, piped in. "Both of you were severely hurt. Both had malnutrition and had sever cuts and bruises. You had bad burns on your chest and back. Even one or two on your arms. T'Pol had, what appeared to be, whip lashes on her back." Phlox stopped there. He, too, had trouble revealing the next part. "There were also traces of drugs in your system. I can't really tell what they did or were used for, but… but you both seem to have contracted and grown immunities to twelve different viruses. If all those things are true, and the amount of time you must have been down there with nothing, not even shelter, you must have been…abducted. That's the only way I can rationally explain this."

Trip thought about all that, before looking over at his 'neighbor'. She was still asleep, but he could tell she was in pain. "How's T'Pol?" Trip inquired when he looked back at the other men.

"She should be fine."

The door swooshed open, allowing two ensigns to walk in. "Doc, where do you want these?" One asked, referring to the trays they were holding.

"Set that one by the Sub-Commander, and give the other to the Commander." Phlox answered, pointing to the trays that belonged to whomever he was saying.

Trip was helped into a sitting position by Archer and handed over his tray. "I hope you feel better, Commander." The ensign, John Adams, said, then both ensigns left.

Trip nodded his thanks and was ready to dig into his food. But when he lifted the top, he found a what resembled ice cream. Only it was green, bright, neon green. Trip cringed, 'This is what I have to eat after almost three weeks of nothing'!

"There's everything you need in that to survive. It has protein, all your vitamins, along with calcium, sodium, potassium, and even a little sugar. You can't just go from nothing to solid foods over night, Commander; it's not healthy. You have to take it slow." Phlox informed him, it was as if he had read Trip's mind.

Archer gave him a pat on the shoulder and wished Trip a 'get better soon' before dismissing himself, leaving Trip to his 'ice cream'. He looked down at it, a disgusted look on his face, and put a spoon full into his mouth.

After a week of test, scans, recovering, and 'ice cream', they were both allowed to leave that afternoon. That was in three hours and Trip… well, let's just say he wanted to leave.

"I will not miss… this." Trip said, making a face as his 'ice cream' as it dripped of his spoon. He sighed with frustration and dropped his spoon back into the bowl.

"Surely, Commander, it cannot be that unpleasant," T'Pol stated, amused by this behavior he displayed every time they ate.

"Yes it can." Trip muttered under his breath before really replying with, "It's not this… slop. It's just frustratin' not knowin' or rememberin' anythin' that happened. Aren't you annoyed by it?" Trip asked her.

T'Pol simply replied, "Annoyance is an emotion."

"Yea, yea, Vulcan's don't have emotions. I know." Trip mocked. Then he looked away for a moment. When he looked back at her, he said, "Sure," and handed her her PADD.

T'Pol looked utterly confused for a split second before hiding it, but continued to feel it. She had wanted the PADD and was about to ask for it, only she had not. T'Pol, then, raised an eyebrow at Trip and inquired, "How did you know I wanted this? I had not asked."

Now it was Trip's turn to look the way T'Pol did a moment ago. "Yes ya did," he insisted.

"I did not."

"Yes ya did."

"I did not."

"Yes ya did."

"Commander, this is quite pointless. I did not ask you but I was about to."

"Whatever." They sat in silence, eating or, in Trip's case, attempting to eat.