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Summary: A nameless man, ponders his thoughts as his ships leaves the planet.


Chapter 19:


**T'Pol's Quarters**

After four hours of meditation and weird rituals that Trip didn't dare ask what they were about or for. Now, Trip and T'Pol lay down in her bed. Trip held T'Pol contently in his arms as her head was rested in its usual spot on his chest.

Trip looked down at he sleeping form; completely peaceful and innocent. Then he looked over at the chronometer and saw that the time was 23:17. He let his eyes drop and his mind drift off. The events of the day finally hit him and the void of unconscious bliss over came him.

He stood, starring out into space. Four planets were outside the window. One was almost completely green and had small areas where it was a purplish blue. The planet next, to that one, was brown and turquoise.

The third planet was red. A hot molten red and appeared to have hundreds of craters on it. The planet, which was next to the third one, was golden brown and crystal blue with huge patches of green. That planet was the only one with rings. They were multicolored and added an extra shin to the colors of the planet.

He took a step closer and they all started to move around; reorder themselves. First, the red planet disappeared. Slowly, the green one and then the brown and turquoise followed suit and vanished, leaving only the brown and blue one remaining. He stared at the planet and absorbed every detail. His eyes missed nothing, not even the different hues.

His eyes snapped opened. He looked around and remembered that he was in T'Pol's room. He looked down at her in his arms. She was still asleep, as he was thankful for. He looked back at the chronometer; at least it felt like it was only moments ago. In reality, it read 04:23 and proved that he had been asleep for a little over five hours.

He thought back to the planet in his dream. He remembered the planet and all the details he had captured. It had seemed like only seconds that he had been looking at it, but it had been hours that he had.

It seemed as though it was something important and that he shouldn't forget. He shook his head and thought, 'no, no it wasn't anything. Just a dream.' He kissed T'Pol's hair and let his eyes close.

**Vulcan's Orbit**

He looked out the window, starring down at the green planet. He had just come aboard his ship from Vulcan moments ago. They were to leave and report back to their masters.

His eyes gazed blankly looking at the view in front of him. His eyes were hollow and unseeing as the conversation continued to play in his head.

"And what if they don't want one? I don't know how your people do things, but, in our society, it's a choice if we want one or not!"

He looked at him as an evil smile covered his face and easily seeped into his eyes. "Don't worry about those kind of details. We've already taken care of it."

"And what's that supposed to mean!?"

"Now, now. Don't concern yourself with those insignificant things. It's been taken care of, don't you worry."

The plan had been set in motion long ago, but it would still take years before they could act. Their masters were a patient race, very patient; they would wait as long as necessary but they did not have much time. There was definably no time for delays or accidents. If something, like what was discussed before, happened, then it would have been for nothing. And that meant certain death for their masters, them, the Humans, and the Vulcans.

It would work; he knew it would. It had to work. The time would soon come that the prophecy said would be the new age. Their masters would rise and the illness would leave them.

As the planet steadily grew smaller, his thoughts became even more clouded. His eyes had not seen a thing and his ears heard nothing. This reality was a void to him as he became even more lost in his thoughts.

~The End of The Torture Ship~


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"Fifteen years ago, your parents were captured."-Deacon

"You are a messiah."-Deacon

"How can I be a messenger to my own races when they already know me and have seen the message I represent?"-Shiloh

"Don't ask questions that have answers you don't want to hear."-Admiral Forrest

"Then don't just make them listen, make them see."-Deacon

"Sir, they are powering for-" He was interrupted when the ship rocked as a single torpedo hit it. A blue light shoot out from the ship and hit the shielding.

"Shields are down."-Tactical Officer

"Do not worry, we will not harm you."-A Taso

"I know."-Shiloh

The boy looked up at the face, towering far above him. Suddenly, the man grabbed his arm and spun him around. The alien pointed a weapon at the surrounding people. "I do not wish to harm anyone. I only want the child."

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one."-Forrest

"Your life is merely a planed timer. Your existence is only a perfectly executed plan, flawless in its creation. You are here today simply because this is the time you were wished to."-Deacon

"Orders? Orders from who?"-Archer

"Merely a closure on an… old trade agreement."-Soval

"You went against our agreement!"-Admiral Forrest

"We had to be sure, this was the only way."-Uion

"I don't think Starfleet's the only one workin' with the Taso."-Trip

"Your parents are two of the delegates."-Trip

"They told us that a Vulcan and Human would have a child that would save their masters. If we did not allow that to happen, they would kill all of us."-T'Rith

"And you just sat by and watched all this happen?"-Malcolm

"We didn't have a choice."-T'Pela