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Chapter-15: Epilogue

Carlisle Castle, England, A Few Months Later

He is woken from his peacefully deep slumber by the feeling of fingers lightly playing across his skin. He tries to hide his smile as he pretends to still be asleep … until he feels teeth nipping lightly at his stomach. "Ah!" he groans, moving to lie flat on his back before opening his eyes.

The sight that greets him makes his heart stutter in his chest. With her lush brown locks draped around her like a waterfall, his wife smiles up at him. The twinkle of mischief in her eyes makes him reach out for her face. "What are you up to, love?" he asks her, his voice husky with remnants of his sleep.

His Isabella leans down to suck on the skin of his stomach before looking back at him. "I am planning to go on an adventure," his vixen answers. "Will you come with me?"

"I would not have it any other way ..." The words are barely out of his mouth when her lips descend on him, teasing, tasting and driving him into a pleasurable madness.

"Bella, please," he finds himself pleading with her. "Stop, love, I want to be inside you when it happens."

She gives him a long lick of her tongue before coming back to meet his seeking lips. "I missed this," she whispers against his collarbone.


"Being called Bella," she answers, the redness of her blush traversing down her neck to the tops of her exposed breasts. "I like it when you call me by that name."

Her admission sends a shiver of pure male pride through his body. "You are only my Bella," he growls against her lips, caressing them with his own.

"I know it is not very ladylike to say this," she says after a heartbeat. "But I have missed you, husband. I am glad your hunting trip with the King is over."

He smirks down at his wife. "Believe me, my Bella, if I could have helped it, I would not have gone. These are some of the aspects of being the King's cousin," he responds while tracing her body with his hands. "Also, you are not a lady so do not fear the consequences of saying something like that to me."

"I am not?" she asks, clearly shocked by his words.

"No," he says with a shake of his head. "You are Isabella Cullen, Duchess of Carlisle and my lovely bride. So never hesitate to let me know what you want."

"You," she pants in a breathy voice, hiding her smiling face in his chest. "You are what I want. I love you, Edward."

"As I love you, my Bella," he answers before rolling over to trap her body underneath his. As Edward joins their bodies together, he feels her arms pulling him closer to her, as if she could not stand an inch of distance between them.

The moment she cries out his name before pulling him to the abyss of pleasure with her, his heart beats erratically faster. She loves me, he thinks as he slowly allows himself to fall asleep with his bewitchingly beautiful wife wrapped in his arms.

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