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Chapter 1
"Papa, Ses'maru is mean." the two year old huffed, complained and bit his lip with his short but sharp fangs in an attempt to stop them from quivering. His large as stars, yellow topaz eyes glossed with unshed tears, the drops stagnated in its rim within the confines of his lashes, threatening to spill on the hard earth, his silver puppy ears were pressed to his head and his hands were fisted in the folds of his father's kimino, tugging them as hard as a two year old could, ripping the pristine fabric with his tiny claws in process.
Inutaisho's heart swelled, his hanyou son was too tiny, almost looked breakable. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, silently willing to calm the nerves that had apparently gone frantic. The moon palace was always in a mess these days and the demon lord just wished for a moment of silence that could lull him in to a bliss. He was almost in the brick of banging his head in the brazen walls, so that he could faint. There would be that moment of peace he yearned for.
"Well you know how Sesshomaru is. What did you do to bother him and make him all mean?" The Dog General indulged in a slow baby talk that always cracked up Inuyasha and riled up Sesshomaru. For the millionth time he wondered how different things would have been if Izayoi had managed to stay alive. His heart weighed down with an enormous guilt, the pregnancy took a toll on her and claimed her away from him after blessing the West with this smallest red and silver bundle of pure joy. Not that he didn't appreciate the help of his demon mate Inukimi, but the kids were quite handful, Inuyasha was a half demon who demanded all the attention to himself and Sesshomaru should accept the fact that it was okay to smile, a little.
"I didn't do anything Papa" Inuyasha swore, but Inutaisho knew enough about his sons. Sesshomaru would have never acted all evil and dramatic without any serious provocation or lest bitten by Inuyasha, like last time.
"Are you sure?" The Dog general pressed, hoping that his younger son would know when to be truthful and that his huge eyes that could melt anyone's cold heart wouldn't work on him. Who did he think invented that look?
"Hunhm.." The toddler nodded and gave another try at his puppy look, he knew that his father would always fall for him when he makes his eyes all glimmering and teary. His ears came to life and swayed adding an awe factor to the issue.
Inutaisho sighed again, his fingers drummed the hilt of his sword like he always does when he had to take important decisions. He could feel Sesshomaru's anger, raging and roaring all the way down to his massive room, sending warnings that the Lord would have loads to pay by end of the night to indemnify the damages caused by his elder son.
'I hope he doesn't hurt anyone seriously this time, or kill anyone' The father of two kids prayed silently, willing the Gods above to hear his thoughts.
"Oh my dear mate, you look absolutely devastated" The Lady of the West waltzed, clad in mauve and purple silks, her fur trailing behind, her face impassive, with a small known smirk escaping.
"Help me then" The lord huffed and crossed his arms over his massive chest, and looked vulnerable which was a total rarity in the eyes of his Lady. She strolled in, kissed his cheek and bent down to pick the hanyou son of her lord. She could guess the issue on hand and it didn't make her any merrier.
"Lady!" Inuyasha exclaimed, trying to look imposing as his step mother was. But his face just looked somewhere in between the expressions that conveyed either he was in an extreme pain or the that he was trying desperately to control his pee, whenever he tried to look intimidating, trying to impersonate his step family. How hard is it to stare at something or someone without a curve in the lips?
"Now Inuyasha, what did you do to make Sesshomaru angry?" She demanded, her authoritative voice always scared the little pup and he almost whimpered, self preservation swam and he decided to confess.
"Um, I just touched his fur. But I didn't do anything else, I didn't even pull it!" His voice cracked and his ears twitched in guilt. There, he confessed what he had done, but honestly the little pup didn't even understand the fault in his actions. He understood his doings last time when he had bitten his brother's ear, and this time all he had done is to touch the large mass of fur that trailed along with his brother. Not that he was jealous of that stupid thing, he was just curious. The grownups are always grumpy. He hated it.
"Hn, and what have I told you before?" The disciplinarian of the house asked, her voice didn't falter nor was it imposed with any gibberish baby words. She was the Lady of the house and she acted like one.
"Not to touch anything that belongs to Ses'mru" He pouted and looked down, purring a small whine. Now he understood his mistake, but he was bored and he badly wanted to touch it.
Isn't that a valid reason?
"Good. So you won't repeat that would you?" She asked, her brows no longer furrowed and she didn't look scary in the eyes of Inuyasha anymore.
"No" He promised, his little fingers crossed behind his back and Inutaisho sighed again.
"Inuyasha..." He trailed, his voice had a boom and the kid fidgeted on hearing his father's angry tone. But he was bored. Can't they see that he was just trying to play with his brother?
'Grown ups are stupid' he decided and uncrossed his fingers.
"Go on, little pup, go play with the human kid" Inukimi permitted and he ran across the hall to play with his best friend. It's not that often he got permission to visit the quarters of ministers. He couldn't wait to tell Miroku that he had touched Ses'mru's fur.
"Human kid?" Inutaisho questioned when his youngest had practically fled with over joy. It wouldn't come as a big surprise if he heard squeals now.
"Yes my mate. Your senior council's head's son" She answered, her eyes already had a calculating gaze and the demon lord knew that his ever brilliant Queen had a plan in her scheming brain. His heart almost thudded. It's not that he didn't trust Inukimi with Inuyasha but he knew that the lady of west was not in good terms with Izayoi, but that surely didn't mean that she would hurt the little pup. Hurting the hanyou was below her and the dog demon knew that she would never harm a defenceless kid.
"Hn, so what's the plan Inukimi?" He asked, preparing to brace his heart and all the while silently commanded his frantic nerves to stay calm, again. He decided that he should get himself checked with the Royal House's doctor.
"Hn, you know me so well, my mate" She allowed a minuscule smile and he almost felt guilty that he had thought she was scheming a master plan. She was first and foremost a mother at heart and he had seen that she treated both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha at par.
"Now, I wouldn't have been a great demon if I didn't know what's going on in your mind, my mate. Would I?" His lips arched and his smile was almost infectious that the lady had a tug in her lips. How could she stay mad at her mate when he gets that entire innocent look well mastered? It was the biggest gossip on the regions of west when she had accepted agreed to share the palace with her mate's little human.
How could she not when his golden gaze had drilled in to her, with guilt and love and a promise of lifetime happiness. Her heart had swelled up with emotions that she wanted to purge, but he had managed to swirl it up and so she had given her nod. The female human seemed harmless with a four month old pup in her. It was pity that she didn't live long enough to see the mischievous ordeals of her son. She didn't shed even a tear on the human's demise but her heart wept when she saw the pup's face, all lost and searching for his 'mama'.
"I was just thinking that Sesshomaru is being a little serious...in everything. His expressions are almost always static, don't you think?" She asked. Her mate gave her a look that had managed to convey 'Gee, I wonder from whom he got that expression'.
She cleared her throat and averted her gaze.
"Well, you can't blame me. I was all upset that you had gone to the human and I had to come up with a facade to answer our subjects" She mentioned and Inutaisho sighed, again for what seemed to be hundredth time in a matter of one hour. The evening hour had commenced with a slight change in the air. She walked towards the open balcony to drown in the golden beam of light that almost rivalled with the family's legacy of eye colour.
"So. What do you suggest we do now, my beautiful Lady?" The Lord asked; his tone soft and his eyes gleaming with pride when she stood there so tall and strong.
"Sesshomaru needs to learn the importance of allies, be it a human or a demon. He should know to share and seeing Inuyasha remains him that you were not there when he needed you. We should get him a pet" She concluded and the Lord of the west's heart stilled, guilt evidently consuming him, her words lingered in the rim of his ears, mocking him, bringing him down. His lungs inhaled a much needed air and he nodded with her conclusion. He was ready to make amends, he didn't regret even a minute spending with Izayoi, but he had overseen the needs of his mate and pup.
"Pet?" He asked.
"Human pet"
"What?" His musings came to an end. His brow arched at his mate's conclusion. Having human pets were common in the demon world as long as the sires of the human had accepted for it. It was no longer a contract that was frowned upon and it didn't rile up any enmity between the humans and the demons.
"He should own someone, someone who is not foreign to weakness and vulnerability. He should learn that compassion doesn't form a part of weakness. He should know how Inuyasha thinks and for that he should own a human pet" She explained. Her eyes never left his and Inutaisho felt the seriousness in her voice. He had never before doubted Inukimi's decision and he didn't want to start doubting now.
"But, what if-" He paused, unable to complete his sentence. His hesitation made a point to the Lady and she nodded with an equivalent understanding. Her son was a mess, she had unknowingly contributed to his coldness and she knew he had to rectify it, to make him smile again that had once warmed her heart.
"Let's hope that he doesn't hurt or kill the pet" She had finished what he had started. They both shared a look that calmed their nerves. His claws trailed across her markings adorning her cheek, her finger curled the edges of his impeccable silver hair.
They know they will be fine. Tomorrow would always be a better day than today.
The five year old had enough of this nonsense. He paced within the walls of the bronze corridor that was lit up with dancing flames on the either side of the narrow passage. He knew that his half brother would have by now complained to their father that he had kicked Inuyasha. It wasn't his fault; the half demon just doesn't cease irritating him. Sometimes Sesshomaru wondered whether the Gods had created Inuyasha just to make his life difficult. He even drew a plan of scrimmage on his white sheets on how to just rip of the brat's annoying ears that keeps twitching.
"Stupid half brother" He muttered and his steps slowed down, his rage coming down along with his pace. He could hear the steps of his sire and he braced himself for a round of scolding.
'This is so not worth it' he decided and mounted the half fence to jump in to the garden below. The roses would be destroyed and his mother would curse and send him to his room but anything is better than to take up the blame for kicking his brother.
"Sesshomaru" His father had called him before he could perch.
"Father" He straightened and bowed down, his head inclined, giving the due respect as he has learned in the etiquette class.
Inutaisho frowned, he didn't want to spend the evening with his son as a formal meet. He moved further, kneeled down and gathered his eldest pup in his arms.
"Father, I'm not as young as Inuyasha for you to cuddle me" Sesshomaru had stated. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the warm hugs from his sire. It was just, he was a grownup and he didn't need the physical act of reassurance.
The Lord's chest ached when he noticed how his son was matured already, acting more than his age. His brows furrowed further, small lines streaked across his mark-less forehead.
"Sesshomaru, you are my son and I don't care even if you are a century old, I would hug you when I feel like giving my son a hug" The Dog general had declared. Sesshomaru looked at his father, his face was too serious and static, and gave a nod as if acknowledging his lord's explanation.
"Are you free for the evening Sesshomaru? I need you to accompany me somewhere" The lord asked and he could see that his son was giving him a calculating gaze.
'Gods he takes in more after his mother' His brain accused and whined. The lord cleared his throat as if the act would clear his thoughts.
"Yes Father, I would accompany you" Sesshomaru decided and Inutaisho allowed a tiny smirk to grace his lips.
"Where are we going?"
"To get you someone"
"Someone? Like a servant, a maid?" The young dog had asked, his pace trying to match his fathers, his recently rescued fur from certain someone's claws, trailing along like a regal cape.
"No, you will have to wait and see" He answered. Inukimi had already selected a pet for their son, an orphan girl of three years old. He was told that the girl was a personification of adorableness and the lord just couldn't wait to see his son's reaction.
He was told that the girl's name was Kagome.