Updated changes: Nova is now a yellow male lion, Rachel is now Ashley, Erin is now Brian.

Harvest Prologue

December 1st 2524 Military Calendar, Epsilon Eridani system, Enroute to UNSC orbital space dock, planet Reach.

Number One looked into the golden visor of his helmet and stared at his reflection in the thick reflective material. Turning the helmet over he placed it onto his head where his HUD/ Heads up display would light up showcasing a motion tracker near the bottom left in his visor, as well as a health bar with 7 blue bars at the top. Looking around the Pelican dropship's passenger bay also in olive green Mark IV power armor sat three other individuals, his new teammates. Like him they were candidates conscripted into Project: ORION, a program designed by ONI/ The Office of Naval Intelligence to create a new breed of soldier never before seen. These soldiers were faster, stronger, and smarter than a normal person at the peak of human perfection. All of this was possible due to the augmentations given to each candidate of the program who would then be sent out on high risk missions on the front lines. However there was another name that had been given to these deadly warriors, SPARTANs. This new team that Number One had been assigned to was an ORION strike team who worked under Nav Spec War Com/ Naval Special Warfare Command, which meant they were some of the best trained soldiers that the UNSC/ United Nations Space Command had.

A few months ago he had been hand picked by someone in ONI to participate in a new project directed under Section III called MJOLNIR which from his understanding was a new kind of power armor meant to revolutionize warfare forever. However not just anyone could use it, or so he'd been told. MJOLNIR had been created to be worn by a certain set of individuals who as of yet had not been revealed to him. What he did know about these unknown others were that they were to be given augmentations much more advanced than the ones given the men and woman of Project: ORION. However these new augmentations also came with a higher risk factor that could leave the subject with distorted limbs, brain dead, or just out and out kill them. Unfortunately for him, he needed these new augmentations if he wished to participate in field testing the MJOLNIR armor prototype. He had survived the procedure, but only due to the augmentations he had already received from Project: ORION, and apparently so did the members of his new team, Blitzkrieg.

To his left sat a woman in her mid 30s who had healed burn mark that covered the right side of her face, which was probably why one of her hazel colored eyes were closed shut. She also possessed short black hair as well as some freckles that covered the skin over her nose and under her eyes. However her most distinct feature was the blue bandana that she wore around her neck on the outside of her power armor, and despite it being against regulations, there were much worse rules one could break then wearing a bandana while in military gear. Number One had seen many marines wear bandanas on their head but had never seen any wear them around their neck. This was Blitzkriegs commander Susie Lynch, the brains and force behind ORION team Blitzkrieg. Across from her sat another woman who looked to be in her late 20s with dark skin and black hair which had been braided. Her green eyes looked down at her M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle as she placed a ten round magazine into the chamber and looked through the rifles 10x variable zoom scope. She was the team's sniper Warrant Officer Ditzel, but she was better known to the team as Ditzy.

Last was Warrant Officer grade 2 Axel Fisher who had been a field technician on the front lines fighting the Insurrection before being picked to serve with Blitzkrieg. From what it said in his file he had remarkable knowledge of the inner workings of vehicles, computers, and other hardware. Apparently he had once fixed a thought to be destroyed Scorpion tank who's main cannon was blown off while at the same time was under heavy ground fire. He had managed to get the tanks cannon back onto the body and blew his way out, or at least that was what the report had said. Looking across the pelican bay the caucasian white skinned male gave Number One a nasty sneer with a scar that spread horizontally across his upper nose and face making him seem even more intimidating. The rugged man then closed his eyes as he ran a hand through his buzz cut mohawk while letting out an annoyed grunt. He didn't seem too thrilled to have Number One on the team. Luckily for him, he didn't care.

At that moment Ditzy got up and sat in the seat next to Number One, seeming jittery or perhaps exited. "Ello there! You're really him aren't you? Number One? The man who killed 200 Innies by himself and won?" She asked in an enthusiastic tone while speaking in a heavy english accent that seemed to have originated from London. For morale reasons ONI section 2 had decided to declassify one of his more successful missions from Operation TREBUCHET, one of the largest and brutal military campaigns the UNSC currently waged against the Insurrection in the outer colony world's. His mission at the time had been to assassinate an Insurrection Leader on Epsilon Eradani IV. Throughout those twelve long weeks of his mission, Number One managed to confirm 199 kills while he had been hunted by the enemy through one of the many thick jungles on the planet. Through much patience, stealth, and guerrilla warfare tactics he had managed to locate the Insurrectionist Leader who was held up in a heavily fortified makeshift structure, however it was too well guarded to sneak in so he marked the area where later a UNSC frigate blasted the location from orbit with a MAC gun, presumably killing the target inside. So it wasn't technically 200 kills, but ONI always had the tendency to over exaggerate things. Despite this, one thing that wasn't exaggerated was that he had well over 900 confirmed kills to his name that he had gained over the course of his military career. Having the highest body count in the military, ONI Section II had decided to brand him something of a hero, a figure other soldiers could rally behind. He remembered the news feed title well "Man with the number one highest body count. Hero of the UNSC." But he knew better. He wasn't a hero, he was a monster, a weapon to be aimed and fired. Having taken so many lives, killing was like a second nature to him at that point.

"Ditzy go to back to your seat and strap back in." Ordered Susie before laying her head back on the Pelicans seat and crossing her arms. "Oh come on Susie, I just want to meet the man. He hasn't said a word since we left Reach. What do you have against him?" Ditzy asked before sticking her tongue out at Susie as an immature child would. Axel would then give a disgusted scowl before commenting. "If I were you Ditzy I'd stay away from him, the guy has bad news written all over him. I don't like him." Ditzy shrugged the man off, not caring much about first impressions. To her the first time meeting someone didn't decide if she liked them or not. "Now that's just rubbish Axel, we literally met him a few hours ago. You don't know anything about him." Crossing his arms, Axel began to shake his head in pity. "He's a war hero who doesn't want his real name to be known. A little suspicious don't you think? Number One, the hell kind of name is that? I think I know what his real name is, Classified Top Level Clearance Eyes Only." At that point Susie chose that moment to intervene, likely from hearing Axel's constant complaining. "That's enough Axel, lock it down. That's an order. Ditzy, I have nothing against the guy but it's against regulations to move around the Pelicans passenger bay while it's still in flight so get back to your seat and buckle up. Also, it's commander now." Giving a sigh, Ditzy would get up from her seat before facing over towards Susie. "Yes Su-...Commander..." Turning back towards Number One she would place her hand next to her mouth and give him a wink. "I'll catch you later Champ..." She spoke in a whisper before finally sitting back down in her seat on the other side of the passenger bay. Number One glanced over to Axel who rolled his eyes before letting out a grunt. "Hmph..."

In the Pelican dropship's cockpit Ashley "Rover" Mackenzie and her co-pilot Skipper prepped the dropship to dock. Finally with the docking station in sight Rover stretched her arms before letting out a yawn while her blue eyes fluttered from exhaustion. The flight from Reach had been more or less uneventful and Rover didn't expect the rest of her time aboard the ONI stealth prowler Olympus to be anymore exciting. However for Rover this was the first ONI mission she had been a part of so she didn't know what to expect. "This is Pelican dropship Mako 6.2 to Olympus approaching Gamma Station, prep for docking." The Pelican begin to decelerate as it approached the orbital space docks where a single ONI stealth prowler was attached to one of the docking stations. The pelican would then stop right under the large ship as a door on the belly of the prowler would open, allowing the pelican to lift up into the ship. The drop ship hovered in the prowlers hanger as the doors underneath closed and sealed before the Rover turned the Pelican 180 degrees and attached itself to a large mechanical claw that hung from the ceiling. At that point the Pelican bay doors behind the ship opened and Blitzkrieg stepped out fully covered from head to toe in their olive green prototype Mark IV MJOLNIR power armor.

Walking towards a 5 foot high holo pad in the center of the hanger Blitzkrieg the deep voice of a man coming from the speakers. "All personal prepare for departure." The voice said. At that moment the 5 foot tall holo pad began to glow yellow before the foot high transparent yellow avatar of a lion showed itself. It sat up straight on the holo pad as if it were perched on top of a rock. The lion had a large lush mane around its head which it seemed to show off proudly. "Ah, you must be Blitzkrieg if I am correct. I am the ships A.I. Nova. Captain Vega has been expecting you for sometime now. Unfortunately I regret to inform you that he is currently busy on the bridge preparing the ship for departure and cannot greet you in person, but he does wish to greet you via hologram." Crossing her arms Susie would give a small nod to the A.I. in acknowledgement. She seemed to understand the situation and knew that time was crucial under circumstances such as these. After all they were wearing what would most likely be the next step in warfare so it was vital that they arrived to Chi Ceti IV on schedule. "Alright let's hear it."

A moment later Nova disappeared before the avatar of a man appeared over the projector. From his appearance he looked Hispanic of origin and wore a grey captain's uniform which on it were pinned small medals as well as his rank. He stood straight with a posture of authority while looking at Blitzkrieg with a soft polite smile. "Blitzkrieg, glad to have you onboard. We'll be departing to Demascus shortly, so in the meantime feel free to make yourselves comfortable. I must get back to prepping the ship, we'll speak again soon." Captain Vega's avatar disappeared as the holo pad turned off. Ditzy looked over to Susie, giving a small tilt of her head. "Wait, we're not going into cryo sleep?" Said Ditzy in a surprised tone. "How far is Demascus anyway?" Axel asked. Susie turned to Axel before placing a hand on her hip. "A few months journey." She answered. Crossing his arms Axel looked down and shook his head in disappointment. "You've gotta be kidding me..." He exclaimed as Susie let out a small sigh. "That's good for us." She said. "That means we'll have time to train here as a team. With me now taking over as commander and the arrival of Number One, we need to rethink our strategies and this will give us the perfect opportunity to learn how to coordinate as a team again...after Brian I mean...Alright Blitzkrieg, let's get to it." Axel felt a hard slap on the back of his head by Ditzy which caused him to stumble over. Luckily Axel caught himself from falling over before looking back at Ditzy unamused who then gave him a sadistic chuckle. "You're starting to act like a child Axel. I better not hear you asking are we there yet through the trip." "Me acting like a child?! Look who's talking!" Axel yelled as he rubbed the back of his head.

Meanwhile as this was happening, Number One watched silently as the two supposedly professional highly skilled super soldiers who had fought through countless engagements against the insurrection began to bicker and fight all the while in expensive top secret prototype power armor. This was his new team, the men and women he would have to work with, sleep with, and fight along side with. Oh boy. A half an hour later the Olympus's thrusters lit up a bright blue as the ship pulled out from the space docks before calculating the trajectory of their jump to slipstream space or slipspace for short. The ships Shaw-Fujikawa tanslight engine which allowed them to enter slipspace powered up before a large blue glowing ripple formed in front of the Olympus which entered the alternate dimension and disappeared as the blue ripple closed shut.

Halo: Harvest