Warnings- This story is DARK- it contains mentioning and explicit descriptions of violence and child abuse. I would not advise reading if you have any triggers related to these topics. I will post a warning if anymore potentially triggering things are added. Hope you enjoy!

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Note: This is book one of what looks like an eight book series at the moment and they are all fairly lengthy.

The Awakening of One

Book One in the Twisted Magic Series

Chapter 1- Through the Looking Glass

There is something strangely unsettling about looking through a one way mirror. One can't help but compare it to a muggle TV show, peering into a person's life without their knowledge. Yet unlike the people behind the screen the person behind the glass is real.

Severus Snape studied the specimen through the glass, a strange ache in his chest as he thought over the charges.

Threatening the law of secrecy. Destruction of property. Arson of a magical origin. Use of deadly magic on muggles. Use of deadly magic on a minor. First degree murder on three accounts.

And the boy was only ten.

Suddenly, as if he could hear Snape's line of thought the boy's head snapped to the mirror, giving Snape the first real look at his face.

It was splattered with long dried blood, his hair sticking up in wild tufts. Snape inhaled sharply- he really was the splitting image of his father.

Except for his eyes. He had Lily's eyes and the bright green orbs were now peering straight at Severus, as if it wasn't such a one way mirror at all.

A chill ran down Snape's back as he read the expression in them. There was no fear held in the eyes of the boy who had just brutally murdered three people. In fact, his eyes held no hint of any of the negative emotions that must surely be swirling through him- instead a crushing sense of relief seemed to fill them.

The official interrogation had not started yet, but Snape saw no harm in doing a little preemptive work- finding out what was really going on in the Potter boy's mind.

"Legilemens," Snape muttered under his breath, locking eye contact with the boy.

Snape felt himself drifting into his mind but before he could make sense of any of the contorted images around him he was hit with a mental block so hard that he was blown across the room. He hit the wall with a thud that he didn't even register as his head burned in agony.

He lay there writhing with pain as commotion erupted on the other side of the glass.

The green eyed boy was straining desperately in his chains, screaming incoherently as aurors flooded into the room. Shouts filled the air as the aurors desperately tried to calm Harry.

Then one made the mistake of touching him.

With a flash of red light and a bang that resonated through the entire Ministry the man was thrown away from the child, hitting the bullet proof glass of the one way mirror so hard that it shattered around him.

This is what snapped Snape back into focus. He leapt to his feet, his vision still black around the edges from the incessant throbbing in his head.

With his wand out he cautiously approached the room that had fallen into dead silence. His ears were filled with a faint ringing. His mouth went dry as his eyes fell on the mangled bodies of the aurors who had been in the room at the time of the blast. Snape had no doubt they were all dead, or close to it.

The eerie silence was broken by a terrified whimper from the boy who stood in the middle of it, the only one completely unharmed by the incident. He was staring with wide eyes at the scene around him, trembling violently.

His gaze focused on Snape, now showing him the panicked and horrified look he would expect to see in the eyes of a child murderer. Harry backed rapidly away from the man until his back hit the wall, looking like a cornered beast.

"Harry," Snape said softly, his wand gripped so tightly that his knuckles had gone white. "Can you just take a deep breathe..."

As soon as Severus saw the look in his eyes he knew what Harry was going to do. Without even thinking he leapt forward to grab hold of Harry's arm just as he was pulled away.

For what felt like minutes Snape was pulled through tight tubes, the boy desperately trying to shake him off in the apparation. Every attempt by Harry to free himself only resulted in Snape tightening his grip, nearly screaming out in pain.

Finally the solid ground reappeared under Severus and he collapsed in a heap, landing face first into thick mud. His grip inadvertently loosened enough from shock to let the boy break free. Severus found he could barely lift his head to watch Harry run off, much less chase him.

A sudden exhaustion filled Snape and his eyes drooped as he drifted into unconsciousness.