Probability, Chapter Ten: Planar Universes

The universes exist on separate planes, parallel but forever separate. But sometimes- if the probability chains intersect just right- the fabric of space-time may bend...and bring them together...

Thalia blinked. The room wavered back and forth, dizzily.

That's funny, she thought, Lord Elrond is spinning...

There was a pause.

Moments later, a snore that would have put the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to shame filled the room.


"Is she all right?" Estel asked, looking worriedly at his foster father.

Elrond frowned. "I am unsure. She still suffers from the blow to her head..."

"Has she awakened yet?"

The elf-lord shrugged. "I gave her a draught that should speed the recovery, but I do not know how well she will take it...she is like none of the Children of Men I have tended to- weaker, somehow..."

Estel nodded, his brow still knit. "Will she die?" he asked, his troubled face still full of the innocence of youth.

"I do not think so, my son."


Just dream...

Dream, and see-

a sunny day, blue skies...a house...the leaves turn to autumn, and- a girl...

small, dark-skinned...she laughs- smiles-

what happens? something-

something- stars appear-

they seem to bend...

the girl-


"Rrrrgh..." Thalia muttered. She felt as though a crowd of cleat-wearing soccer players had mistaken her head for the field. "Ow."

"You're awake," Estel said.

"Oh-" she sat up, quickly- much too quickly. "Ow..."

"Are you all right?" he asked, concerned.

"Muhhhh," Thalia groaned, clutching her aching head. "Who are you?"


"Estel claims that she has no memory at all," Elladan told his father, sounding concerned. He had grown rather fond of the strange girl in the weeks she had inhabited Rivendell. Admittedly, she had spent much of the time unconscious and emitting various noises and toxins, but she seemed sweet enough.

Lord Elrond frowned. "I have heard of this before...I fear she may never regain it."

Elladan gasped. "Never? But-"

"Oh, I have seen it happen that their memories return after a few months," his father reassured him. "Still, there are some who never do..."


"Thalia," Thalia repeated. "So that's my name?"

Estel nodded.

"I can't remember..." she put a hand to her head distractedly. "Anything."


"Nothing past an hour ago, at any rate. I...woke up, and you were there. You- Estel," she said, looking at him for confirmation of this. He nodded encouragingly, attempting a smile. " left, and- now you're back."

His face fell. "That's it?"

"Well, other than this goddamn headache, yeah, that's it."

Everything else was completely, terrifyingly blank.

"Estel," came a voice from the door. Lord Elrond, looking tired, was standing in the doorway. "You had best come with me, and leave Thalia to her rest. If I'm not mistaken, she has a terrible headache."

Estel nodded, and, casting a last worried glance at Thalia, went to join his foster father.

Lord Elrond nodded courteously to her; she looked uncomprehendingly at him, obviously having no idea who he was. With a swirl of robes, he left, shutting the door behind him.

"You'll come back, right?" Thalia called, after a pause. "Right?"

She sighed, slumping back on the pillows. A dagger of pain stabbed through her head. "Whoever you are..."

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